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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is it every news live from berlin mixed messages a british military lab says it cannot prove the nerve agent used to attack former double agent screwball and his daughter came from russia on that undermines the u.k. foreign minister who told the w. news last month the evidence was indisputable they were upset because to go cool or else to go west so i said are you sure and he said as they dug all asked what the discrepancy means as the international chemical weapons watchdog meets to discuss the attack also coming up with the drawing up
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a blueprint for post-war syria turkey russia and iran discussed the war torn countries future. and a tragic anniversary. that i know you are doing. it is very unfair order everywhere america. today marks fifty years since the assassination of american civil rights icon dr mark martin luther king in memphis tennessee a look at his legacy and the state of race relations in the u.s. today. thanks for your company everyone. the global chemical weapons watchdog has been holding a special meeting to discuss the poison attack on a former russian double agents in britain moscow has demanded it join the investigation into the attack a move that britain has announced as. perverse in
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a recent interview with the w. news. british foreign secretary boris johnson said there was no doubt in his mind that russia is to blame you argue that their source of north edge and choke is russia how did you manage to find that out so quickly that was driven by says samples of the case when i look at the evidence we the people from from porton down the. they have the samples you do and they they they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy why so i said are you sure and he said as they don't. there you have it the foreign office is no contradiction between those statements we just heard and the latest results from british chemical weapons experts well the lab task whether down to fighting the nerve agent used in the attack and stopped short of saying it could identify where the poison came from this is porton down the lab in britain at the center of the investigation into the
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poisoning of this. despite the british government's confidence the head of the lab says they cannot confirm the nerve agents origin it's our job to provide a you know the scientific evidence that identifies support the particular narrow feature is where identify that it was from this family and that is military create an air feature but it's not our job and see where actually was manufactured the russians meanwhile called for a meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague to address the u.k.'s accusations moscow continues to deny involvement and has claimed officials in the west may have staged the poisoning. got this to me even in the script poll case a grotesque provocation crudely concocted by u.s. and british security services some european governments are not following london and washington blindly. but they are instead choosing to carefully make sense of
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what happened. it was about solutions germany is not one of those european governments they are standing by britain's version of events or analysis remains the same great britain is explain to us in great detail why russia's responsibility is very probable and why there is no plausible alternative explanation and we agree with great britain's assessment yulia screen is now reported to be recovering from the attack sergei her father is still in critical condition and relations between the west and russia are now at their lowest point since the cold war all right in other news now the leaders of iran turkey and russia have met for a summit on finding a political solution to the syria conflict presidents a rich of tired to watch a host of russian leader vladimir putin and iranian counterpart hasan rowhani for talks in the turkish capital ankara all the three nations have emerged as the power
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brokers of syria's seven year long civil war and addition to peace they are looking to bolster their influence in the country all three nations have large but also competing interests in the outcome of the syria conflict. syria early twenty eight hundred. seven years of civil war and still no end in sight there are too many interests involved this war goes beyond the assad regime fighting rebel groups. major foreign doctors are playing their part too. these are the main ones they regularly supply weaponry and personnel to those they believe can help to meet their own geo political ends russian president vladimir putin is one of president assad's closest allies russia has provided military support to assad since twenty fifteen since then the syrian government has managed to recover lost territory with the aid of russian airstrikes putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence
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in the region reduce american influence and keep radical islamists out of power the russian air station near latakia is now a permanent fixture on the tarsus marine base russia's only such base in the mediterranean is being enlarged. president hassan rouhani of iran is another supporter after all iran has no intention of losing one of its closest allies in the arab world from day one on a support to damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return grants around a much needed route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. this man on the other hand would like to see us out of power in turkey a supporter of various rebel groups from the start and since january has had its own troops in syria one of president early ones goals is to push back groups to gain influence in parts of syria by supporting u.s.
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operations against the so-called islamic state. you know we use a dorian jones is an encore covering the trial lateral summit dorian phyllis and what's come out of this meeting. well the message coming from the three leaders even though they're all opposing sides in the syrian civil war is a corporation who works on that corporation will continue to deepen the claim that success in the creation of these the conflict zones in syria which is where syrian rebels and their families are being slowly moved to they say that this has been successful and it will continue throughout syria they also said that this will provide service ability in the country allowed the return of syrian refugees are not a priority the leaders said is out of this meeting and that will be particularly welcomed by turkey which hosts around three million syrian refugees and there is specially growing unease among the turkish public over that presence beyond that there was a message to the u.s. they say made it clear that they don't believe the u.s.
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should be involved in syria they said they don't want foreign powers interfering in syria they play much of a conflict interference that is a thinly veiled reference to the u.s. and overall so a warning to turkey a serious large kurdish minority with this with them saying that they are all the leaders are committed to the syria's territorial integrity there is fear that because the syrian kurdish militia controlling a third of syria they could ultimately secede from the country all leaders have commit themselves to prevent our it well i want to pick up on that point so the three leaders asserting their support for syria sovereignty territorial integrity as you've just been reporting and the right of the syrian people to shape their own future yet these are three major stakeholders with boots on the ground planes in the air vying for influence in syria how do they square that circle. well known confronted them on that at the press conference and all the questions came from carefully selected journals from their countries but yes you're right
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there does appear to be a great deal of hypocrisy there but the fact is increasingly describing themselves as a government to moves to syria and that is a common statement coming from all of the leaders they believe because they have invested a large amount of treasure and soldiers on the ground and that they have these direct links to syria they claim that allows them to take this role and at the end of the day they say they believe because they are the main players they are involved in backing the key parties in this only they can bring peace and a solution to syria all right you referenced in your previous answer this role of the u.s. which has been condemned by these three leaders president trump was not part of this summit in ankara he made that surprise announcement yesterday that he wants any u.s. involvement to be diminished in syria has there been any reaction to that surprise announcement. well above the iranian president hassan rouhani the
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united states saying that they keep changing their minds over syria and if i was alluding to the point at this moment of wanting to withdraw from syria there were polls of the pentagon are increasing their military presence in syria by king a syrian kodesh militia but ultimately there is growing alliance between these key policies is seen in that america out of syria and not ultimately will be a major headache to washington and possibly brings a looming confrontation between american backed syrian kurdish militia and turkish military forces with the turkish president vowing to remove them all from syria dorian jones reporting from ancora on that trilateral summit thank you. want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. police and sweden are investigating a suspected arson attack at the portuguese embassy in stockholm after a large fire broke out there while the building also houses several other embassies a spokesman said fourteen people received minor injuries police arrested one man in
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connection with the investigation. italy's president said you're much better has launched a formal consultations aimed at creating a coalition government after last month's inconclusive elections the populist five star movement emerged as the largest single party while an alliance of center right and far right parties took the most seats in the group gained enough votes to govern alone. an aircraft hangar has collapsed at an airport in the us city of houston texas after strong wind swept through the region a spokesperson at hobby airports that the collapse caused millions of dollars worth of damage to planes but there were no reports of injuries and commercial flights were not affected. and we stay in the u.s. because that country is marking fifty years since the assassination of reverend dr martin luther king jr on that day april fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight a white supremacist fatally shot dr king in memphis tennessee news of the assassination
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led to riots and an arrest in a number of u.s. cities his death marked a key moment in the civil rights movement killed at the very peak of his influence dr king left an indelible mark on america. activist dissident trouble maker icon martin luther king jr is a towering figure in american history his life his work and his death forever changed the way the us review race civil rights and equality. king was born into an america where slavery was a recent memory segregation was the law of the land and poverty gripped most of the african-american community. on december first one hundred fifty five police arrested activist rosa parks for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man in montgomery alabama as was the law her actions spurred king to lead
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a boycott of public buses in the city which lasted for over a year. he continued to organize and lead marches for voting rights labor rights and desegregation across the u.s. championing nonviolent tactics inspired by mahatma gandhi in india. this culminated in august one thousand nine hundred eighty three when king led the famous march on washington and delivered his iconic i have a dream speech. the speech and the march propelled the civil rights movement forward in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the u.s. congress passed the civil rights act which outlawed discrimination based on race religion sex or national origin in the united states the same year king was awarded the nobel peace prize but he wasn't done yet. he continued to organize peaceful
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protests and marches which are often met with violence from authorities and prosecco geisha nests. in one nine hundred sixty eight king was helping organize sit ins against economic inequality when he was shot and killed in a hotel room in memphis tennessee he was only thirty nine years old. king's legacy still reigns over civil rights debates from the south african anti-apartheid movements to the modern day black lives matter and pro-gun control marches political change makers all over the world use king's teachings and writings as inspiration even fifty years after his death. right before i let you go when i remind you of our main headline this hour. britain has dismissed an appeal from russia to join its investigation into the poisoning of a double agent and his daughter and sells very chemical weapons experts have failed to back claims by the british government that the nerve agent used in the attack
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came from russia. you're watching that we use we still have a lot more to tell you about including beijing slaps tariffs on major american export goods including soybeans and cars the trade showdown between the economic superpowers is growing and our very own face will have a round up of financial markets reaction to this. spat thank you so much for watching. in fighting for the hate taking seriously in the world of what appears what's coming out women strolled. the studio superhero women more towards smart street image and break recently dangerous times for w. for my. street by street. colors.


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