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the free voice of egypt starting april eighth on d w. this is the w. news live from berlin tonight dealt same double speak in london walker heads over the poisoning of a former russian spy today at a meeting of the world's chemical weapons watched all russia failed in a bid to gain access to britain's investigation into the attack despite its homemade and diplomatic wonders the u.k. is not budging from its position in says moscow remains the main suspect also
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coming up drawing up a blueprint for post worst syria where are the syrians today turkey russia and iran . the war torn countries future. and remembering martin luther king i go out three. zero eight zero three zero to any american dream. today marks the fifty years since the assassination of the american civil rights leader dr martin luther king in memphis tennessee we'll look at his legacy and the state of race relations in the u.s. today. i bring goff it's good to have you with us tonight the struggle to discover the truth between britain and russia. is far from over moscow failed today in
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a bid to gain access to the investigation into the poisoning of sergei script all and his daughter on british soil now that attempt came and then emergency meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or now russia says it wants a united nations security council meeting to take up the topic of the nerve agent attack and it's hacked in which russia remains the chief suspect reasoning of the script files full to done by among others the u.k. . russia in common with other countries on the executive committee. has been sidelined from this investigation. we are told that we can only be informed about the result of the investigation done by experts of the w n england if the british wish it. but knowing how british so-called partners have behaved. we cannot count on their
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good will. this is sports and in the british love his latest findings have been seized upon by moscow the labs head says they can't confirm the nerve agents origin despite the british government's confidence it's up to you know the scientific evidence that identifies the particular is. from this family. military. but it's not our job to see where that actually was manufactured some like yukio opposition leader jeremy carbon are arguing that that statement seems to contradict what foreign secretary boris johnson told the w during a march interview. you argue. their source of. shock is russia how did you manage to find that out so quickly that's very thin
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possess samples of the look at the evidence when the people from from porton down the the. have the samples do. they. asked the guy i said are you sure and he said. meanwhile johnson and the foreign office are stressing today that the see no contradiction between those statements and the latest results from british chemical weapons experts. yulia script is now reported to be recovering from the attack sergei her father is still in critical condition and relations between the west and russia are no at their lowest point since the cold war. russian president vladimir putin says it is down to britain to defuse the diplomatic spat by respecting international wall. we must stay within the boundaries of sound political process but one based on the fundamental norms of international law this will make the world
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a more stable and predictable place. is that. the leaders of russia turkey and iran say that they want a lasting cease fire in syria they are saying that after a summit was held in ungar or or the leaders discussed plans for post war cooperation now the three countries have sometimes had competing interests in syria's civil war but as other nations such as the us have vacillated in their ball that the trio have stolen a march on western efforts to define the conflicts engage in ankara iranian president hassan rouhani turkish president of everyone and russian president vladimir putin all agree that the conflict in syria needs a swift and peaceful resolution. how exactly that will happen was not revealed but the message was clear. we share the view that syria must be held
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together and this bloody conflict by a stand in order to secure the country's future best because the losers in this conflict are the citizens of syria. turkey also houses three million syrian refugees and would like them to return to their homeland. russia and iran are on the side of the syrian government while turkey supports the rebels as long as they're not kurdish forces the turkish military is advancing in syria to push out the kurdish military but he ran once turkey to eventually hand over the conquered territory back to the syrian army. another major challenge the syrian province of italy where many people including refugees and fighters from eastern guta have been moved to avoid the fighting however with more than one and a half million people there now it's turning into a humanitarian disaster the u.n. says that certain groups are preventing it from delivering supplies need to learn from the close. of. a school and. it
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lip can become a battle so. it's full of civilians and they. are displaced all this is happening as u.s. president donald trump announced on tuesday that he wants the u.s. to get out of the conflict currently there are two thousand american military personnel there. dorian jones was in on following the meeting between the russian turkish and iranian presidents and we asked him what was their key message. they claim that cooperation is helping to bring an end to the syrian civil war and place the cooperation in the coming months ahead. of safe havens deescalation zones in syria by syrian rebels and their families move to them helps to create stability in the country and will open the tool to the returning of syrian refugees are not a priority of the leaders here that's welcome news to the president to turkey
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hosting over three million syrian refugees and who is a priority for the president it will be in the belt warning to the united states they all the leaders they committed to keeping foreign powers from interfering in the country. it was or you jones there reporting from on corrupt here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world facebook says that eighty seven million people may have had their data access in the privacy breach involving cambridge analytic that's tens of millions more than previously reported the company says it will restrict the sort of user data outside parties such as apps can access facebook has also been build a new privacy policy the woman who shot and injured three people at you tube headquarters in northern california before fatally shooting herself had reportedly visited gun ranges in the run up to the shooting. a vegan activist
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blogger was allegedly angry at you tube for apparently censoring her videos of already say she did not know the people she shot. an aircraft hangar has collapsed at an airport in the u.s. city of houston texas it came after strong winds swept through the region a spokes person at hobby airport said the collapse caused millions of dollars of damage to planes but there were no reports of injuries and commercial flights were not affected. well the u.s. is marking fifty years since the assassination of reverend dr martin luther king jr on that day april fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight a white supremacist fatally shot dr king in memphis tennessee or news of the assassination led to riots and unrest in a number of u.s. cities his death marked a key moment in the civil rights movement killed at the very peak of his influence dr king left an indelible mark on america.
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her defining moment in american history in one thousand nine hundred sixty three civil rights activist martin luther king led the march on washington and delivered a speech that remains iconic to this day are have a grain. but one thing wow. this measure will ride up. live out the true meaning of a korean was two hundred fifty thousand people converged on the nation's capital that day demanding freedom and equal rights for african-americans the following year the u.s. congress passed the civil rights act which ended segregation and outlawed discrimination based on race religion sex or national origin dr king was awarded
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the nobel peace prize and continued to organize nonviolent protests and inspire millions in one nine hundred sixty eight he traveled to memphis tennessee where he delivered what was to be his final speech. thank. god the next day from this window a man called james earl ray fired a single fatal shot at the activist as he stood on his hotel balcony dr martin luther king had been forever silenced. martin luther king was shot and was killed by god was. the painful events of that day are etched on his friends memorise. the. outlook.
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and that of his relatives speaking a head of the anniversary of his death his youngest daughter recalled what the world lost when her father died but also what it gained. he taught us. the importance of in bracing. it's not nearly as a tactic as a way of life. fifty years on and dr king's final speech still reverberates today. we want to go now to our correspondent alexandra phenomena she is in memphis tennessee to know i swear name people have gathered to discuss and to remember
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the man who was martin luther king alexanders good to see you admit it is a big day for the for the city tragically the place where dr martin luther king was killed set the scene force there. i'm standing in front of the former alain motel which now has national civil rights museum and right behind me you can see the real numbers three zero six did bocconi who were martin luther king jr was fatally shot fifty years ago so this is a very special place and the atmosphere here is very special thoughtful sometimes there we end motional particularly when the you see and listen to the civil rights leader who had fought with much luther king jr and who were inspired by him.
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all right our correspondent alexander phenomena is on the story force in memphis tennessee where events are underway to remember the life of martin luther king alexandra thank you very much. we asked some african-americans for their thoughts on the legacy of dr martin luther king jr and for their thoughts about race relations in the u.s. today. i feel like king would be very alarmed and i think that he might feel like many of your struggles were in vain because the masses of black people in america remain educationally politically. many ways in terms of this one franchise poverty is a significant problem in the united states for all poor americans but it disproportionately affects african-americans so that's an area where we haven't made progress we have to be concerned about losing rights that we have fought for with one of the rights leaders and he was saying that if my grandchildren have to
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fight the same fight that i had to fight why did why did i do what i. you're watching the news live from berlin for all of us in berlin thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour with more disks. what does a football loving country to reach its goals. we'll tell you germany's soccer made it back to the top. in our web special on dot com football made in germany. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.


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