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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from russia from the u.k. spy poisoning probe the kremlin calls for un security council talks on the nerve agent in which russia remains the main suspect. weapons watchdog cannot be part of the investigation also coming brazil's former president lula da
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silva could soon be behind bars the supreme court. has been used to delay a twelve. in golf tiger woods is back and raring to go after missing the last two masters through injury the former world number one returns to augusta for the first major of the year we take a look at his chances. i'm terry marchin thanks for joining us the search for truth in the u.k. poisoning case is far from over moscow failed in a bid to gain access to britain's investigation into the attack on sergei screwball and his daughter yulia now russia says it wants a united nations security council meeting on the nerve agent attack an attack in which moscow remains the chief suspect. wednesday's meeting of the organization for
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the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague did not leave moscow best pleased russia failed in its bid to become part of the investigation into the poisoning of the screen piles voted down by among others the u.k. . russia and common with other countries on the executive committee. has been sidelined from this investigation. we are told that we can only be informed about the result of the investigation done by experts of the c.p.w. in england if the british wish it. but knowing her british so-called partners have behaved. we cannot count on their goodwill. this is porton dion the british lab whose latest findings have been seized upon by moscow the labs head says they can't confirm the nerve agents are agent despite the
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british government's confidence it's our job to provide you know the scientific evidence that identifies what the particular nerve agent is where identified that it was from this family. military create their future but it's not our job to see where actually was manufactured some like u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn arguing that that statement seems to contradict what foreign secretary boris johnson told g.w. during a march interview room you argue that their source of farthest north edge and novacek is russia how did you manage to find that out so quickly that's driven by says samples of these look at the the evidence from the people from from porton down the the. they have the samples you do and they they they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no dogs johnson
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in the foreign office is stressing they see no contradiction between those statements and the latest results from british chemical weapons experts you e.s.p. pal is now reported to be recovering from the attack her father sergei is still in critical condition and relations between the west and russia and now at their lowest point since the cold war. russians forest russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said that london cannot ignore moscow's legitimate questions over the script all investigation which should i stress that we will continue to react adequately to unfriendly steps but at the same time we want to find the truth we insist on an objective responsible investigation in full accordance with the convention on the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons. or earlier i spoke with anthony glees he's director at the center for security and intelligence studies i asked him about the apparent discrepancy between the statements we heard from boris johnson and the porton down laboratory. i think people like me that is
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to say objective academic observers have got to be very focused on what the process needs to be in order to come to a firm conclusion with probability that borders on certainty that a particular country was responsible for the attack insoles free. months ago and the first thing that they pull out be said was that the nerve agent has got to be identified once that is identified we can then use intelligence and other means to discover who is the most likely country to have been behind this remember the people who did this wish it to be secret they do not wish to be implicated this is detective work now what porton doubt has said has not confirmed well the british foreign secretary bari johnson has said but it hasn't contradicted it they say that
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russia is the most likely source of novacek the because russia development of the chalk and ok chemical analysis is that this is not a chalk but that by itself would never prove that russia was actually behind the attack that's another matter quite well the u.k. government insists that it does have evidence linking the nerve agent attack to russia with their credibility now being questioned why doesn't the government make such evidence public. well it's a very good question and i think very short that you think u.k. government will have to make public the intelligence it gave not to the leader of britain localization fati jeremy goldman but gave to the german chancellor the french president the american president and so on and it is certainly clue could
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true that the language used by britain's foreign secretary or his johnson has fallen short of the language you would expect the senior diplomat of a country to use he has said overwhelmingly likely that president putin himself was behind the attack to raise a prime minister to be much more measured and said that it is likely that russia was behind the attack people will rightly say where did the foreign secretary get this information from we would like to see it now he says twenty eight other countries have followed the british fleet twenty eight foreign countries we're told what he said ok they definitely couldn't then the twenty eight countries might want to think again but i don't believe that's the case i think thank you so much less and frankly there director at the center for security and intelligence studies in oxford thanks for talking with us. now to some of the other stories making
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headlines around the world today italy's president said joe has begun crisis talks with political party leaders hoping to break political deadlock inconclusive elections were held one month ago antiestablishment five star movement made large gains in the poll its leader we due to my zero said during the campaign he would not share power. and in sierra leone opposition candidate julie is model has won the runoff election to become the country's next prez he received nearly fifty two percent of the vote defeated candidate and former foreign minister kamara says the poll was marred by fraud and he plans to challenge the result. facebook says eighty seven million people may have had their data access to in the privacy breach involving cambridge analytic that's tens of millions more than previously admitted the company says it will restrict the sort of user data outside
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parties can access. we're still former president luisa nazi alluded to silva could soon be behind bars the nation's top court has narrowly denied his request to remain free pending an appeal for a bribery conviction he faces more than a decade in prison decision has split the nation is the biggest name yet to be toppled by prosecutors in a massive anti corruption investigation. after a marathon televised debate brazil's supreme court was deadlocked chief justice carmen lucci of then cast the deciding vote rejecting luis in the us you distilled his bid for freedom while his conviction is appealed. last year lula was found guilty of taking bribes and sentenced to twelve years in prison outside the court brazilians are equally divided in opinion. in prison
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enough impunity in this country enough lou of the thief is not above the law. for. others were upset by the ruling. almost as dumb as we are really worried for the future of our democracy in our fragile country. by one we think history of institutional coups and impeachment. he only knew our democracy is weak if you have sadness. under lou let's presidency from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten brazil saw its largest period of economic growth in three decades millions were lifted out of poverty not after he left office a corruption investigation allege that top level politicians including lula and then president rousseff had received bribes in exchange for awarding state contracts. lula has claimed the charges are an attempt to thwart his bid for
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president in october. i am a victim of the largest to ridicule that a president or brazilian politician has ever faced. despite the corruption allegations latest opinion polls show that lula would win the election by a wide margin but after the supreme court's ruling and facing the start of a prison term a political comeback seems unlikely. sports in champions league at liverpool stunned manchester city three nil in the all english quarter final clash the hosts scored all three of their goals in a frantic first half midfielder. chamberlain was among those who starred for you're going to top side travel to manchester next week knowing a single goal will leave city needing to score far but both coaches believe the ties are from over. a real challenge and now we have three men up that's by them
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being three no one of the present but it's not a decision everybody knows that as well we go to manchester city and they want to. strike back they didn't play bad tonight go on we didn't create the norm the usual number of chances i think in this room these nobody except the guys was talking to you belief but we're going to go through tomorrow and we're going to try to convince ourselves in this week to try in six days. to try to lower games ninety minutes more we want to try. nights other quarterfinal parcel around out easy for one winners over roma own goal either side of half time made life comfortable for the hosts before she added a third struck back late on but luis suarez put the game to bed with his first champions league goal this season travel to rome for the second leg next tuesday.
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the first goal for major of the year starts on thursday in the masters is always a special event but this year there's an added buzz in the air at augusta tiger woods is back and after performing well in recent tournaments he is one of the favorites to win the title but the field is wide open and many believe this could be the best masters in years the biggest name in golf is back after four back surgeries in four years tiger woods is fully fit and roaring to go tiger has described himself as a walking miracle but he's keen to tame the tiger mania i have four rounds to play this slow down. i got to go play. let the chips fall where they may and hopefully. lot of work to do between now and then. with all the focus on tiger rory mcilroy is flying under the radar a bit this year mcelroy is aiming to join the most elite club in golf a masters victory would give him the career grand slam only five players in history
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have achieved the feat of winning gold for majors. jordan spaeth is another one of the favorites and augusta the twenty four year old won here in twenty fifteen and knows that the key to victory is mastering augusta's notoriously tricky greens see these greens my first thought isn't where's this go my first thought is was the speed it's needed. and it a lot of times there's just only either this place or maybe you know a very small handful of others in the world that make you think that way sergio garcia certainly knows how to handle augusta screens he won here last year in a playoff against another of this year's favorites justin rose and with world number one dustin johnson back in form this year's masters field really is wide open. there for go just reminder the top story we're following for you today russia has failed to gain access to the investigation into the poisoning of ex
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spies sergei screwball and his daughter yulia. called on the u.n. to hold a security council meeting the nerve agent attack. we have at the top of the next hour kelly will be with you then of course you'll find all our stories on our web site that's called thanks for watching. we make up oh but we want to have all of. the two types of the civil service i. want to shape the continents future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa majority.


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