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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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hey dad up banning shot to global fame back in twenty fifteen after surviving a shark attack while competing and he won the world championship three times during his twenty year long career. you're watching news still to come on the program eighty seven million facebook users had their data misused the company admits that it hasn't done enough to protect them and now c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has to answer some tough questions next week all that and more with my colleague after just a few minutes. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they instructor. for
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go home alone. stories of both people making a difference being their nation played on their continent for a job on the move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series. d w dot com or go on the move. at. the big facebook data breach just got bigger is the social media giant all about building a community all stowing away a treasure trove of sold off to the highest bidder. and an outstanding rebound in european financial markets as the white house tries talking down the rhetoric over a trade war between the u.s. and china. i'm going forward let's do business and network of in transparency
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that's how the german justice minister describes facebook the social media platform is under fire for a massive data breach involving even more users than first thought it does says eighty seven million people may have been exposed to the cambridge analytical privacy scandal the british use the information without users consent to help us president donald trump's twenty sixteen election campaign. it is potentially the worst privacy scandal involving any social network and facebook has admitted its role on its corporate blog in a post the social media giant revealed changes to its privacy policy it also released figures about where users affected by the cambridge analytical privacy gundel came from the us was the most affected but millions elsewhere are among those whose data may have been improperly shared after the u.s. uses in the philippines indonesia the u.k. and mexico are among the most affected. focus enough on preventing it and thinking
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through how people could use these tools to do harm as well and that is foreign interference election. in addition to developers and data private. what our responsibility and i would say it was it was my view. and the stake that mark second burger will have to answer for in front of leading lawmakers in the us on april ten and eleven the social media giants will be testifying before the u.s. congress he will likely talk about how facebook uses and protects user data and its plans to limit user data accessible to other companies. let's talk about this case of ethics falling victim to big business with my colleague mike all the month explain the numbers first of all how did these huge numbers get even bigger well initially it was only fifty million that's what we all heard right that's what was
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reported but now facebook said this morning that they have crunched the numbers again they've reanalyzed all the data and now this could be up to eighty seventy million facebook user profiles that cambridge on the other cheek i got from facebook how did you get the data it was a small personality quiz up and even if you sign up for this app and we have friends on facebook it would have would have also gotten my data so it's crawled through friends not work so people thing is i'm not on facebook you are i have a whole lot of people have deleted their facebook profiles do we know how many well the last take the only really the only one who really knows is facebook mark zuckerberg this morning said it had no meaningful impact. marketing from that monitors user numbers has even seen an increase since the scandal broke. so it seems people don't really care of course there was the big delete facebook hash tag it seems people are angry but the numbers seem not to be affected at the moment bill is no where else to go is that there is no so you obviously haven't deleted
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your what do you think of facebook. i've gotten more careful over the years in the beginning i did these kind of quizzes all the time i was very free to share data you've got time to do those sorts of quizzes i did when i was at university today ok not unknown. now i mainly use facebook to see what my friends up to i don't really post a lot myself. what's going to change with facebook as far as its features go because it has promised to say exactly what's going to be really interesting for everyone who is on facebook next monday you can go to facebook and see if your daughter has been has been stolen by cambridge analytic up next monday also faded and. i don't know maybe maybe we could try i don't know what's going to at least i hope it's at least you know where your daughter is then also facebook will restrict the access for external apps to some of the profile information and also it won't be as easy to look for uses which was now possible by telephone numbers or email
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addresses they're also getting rid of that function is that going to be enough and i mean according to the europeans they want to see big change the german justice minister said that facebook lives off the trust of its uses but it's gambled away that trust exactly filled facebook is built on trust obviously the need our data for their business model and now it's obviously became clear that they have and protected our dates and enough it was easily accessible for from the cambridge analytics so i guess we'll have to see how use this behave in the future or facebook has to massively change how they see business what's also been really interesting is the huge swings as far as facebook's stock market price gougers and that's going to be really interesting next week when the c.e.o. mark zuckerberg faces congress what's going to happen there he's certainly going to get a grilling he certainly is going to be two congressional hearings and he'll have to answer how exactly all this private and personal use information got into the hands of a third party what's really interesting i think is that facebook so far has been very
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eager to control what information is coming out and now mark like a book has to speak publicly and can be asked any type of questions so be interesting to see what's coming out of out ok they'll have to pull up his britches and watch out trouble could be coming his way mother thank you very much for coming in today for. now i haven't seen a rebound like this on european markets in a long time from what traders thought to be the onset of a trade war a huge slide yesterday for both equities and commodities and now an ecstatic line straight up as the dax and its friends shot for the moon gains of well above two percent and it's all because we're getting a very different message from the trump administration today it signaled possible wiggle room in the trade spat with china u.s. trade secretary will withdraw saying he'd like to reach a trade agreement with china soon and the president's economic advisor larry could low questioning whether the announced terrible ever take effect. critics consider
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the u.s. president and his protectionist policies a threat to global trade that would trump says he needs to impose barriers to lower his nation's huge trade deficit which he claims is hurting the american economy the u.s. has imported more goods than its exported for years deficit reaching almost eight hundred billion u.s. dollars last year trade flows with china really unbalanced the u.s. imported chinese goods with five hundred billion dollars but only sold them one hundred thirty billion back the u.s. trade deficit with the e.u. is around one hundred fifty billion dollars a lot fueled by germany's export heavy economy it's responsible for almost a quarter of all e.u. exports to the united states time to rope in our financial markets reporter only by standing by in frankfurt ali just tell me is there any other way of fighting such a big trade deficit than imposing tariffs. well you can
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devalue your currency what does that mean that means you make the dollar less valuable and thus everything you export becomes more attractive to people let's say in china or in europe because they can buy a cheaper the u.s. currency is cheaper for them so they buy more and. you can save jobs at home the chinese have been doing that for many years for many years now although it's slowly eased the control over their currency so the currency has revalued a bit it's gone up a bit but that has helped them tremendously the u.s. can't really do that anymore considering how they important they are internationally and because interest rates are going up in the united states any attention would put fizzle out anyways now as far as this potential trade war goes i mentioned the signals of wiggle room coming from the u.s. administration but who would have to be the first to back down to defuse the inside
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situation all and the dispute the u.s. or china. but i think if you were in the schoolyard you'd say donald trump you started it so he should. but that's not very well that's not very realistic in the schoolyard it always wasn't either is perhaps you experienced i certainly experienced but diplomatically you can make it seem as if both are backing down at the same time and coming in negotiations to mutually acceptable agreements you know slashing some tariffs that are important to them but and aiding the other and vice versa whether they actually come to that level we don't really know exactly if you want to talk about kids just briefly we've got two big personalities involved here the best u.s. president ever in his own was and also a president for life as we found out recently. that's right i think the chinese president is in a better position domestically and all in all because he's probably the most powerful he is that he's ever going to get he could afford to back the. first but
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he could use that power to put pressure on trump it will be hard for him thank you . and you just in the u.s. trade deficit widened even further in february the sixth month in a row get ready for an angry tweet from trump what scenes the nerves of hope produces though in the states who rely on the china. china has a huge appetite for pork that's why the country not only relies on its own meat but also imports it from other countries u.s. pork farmers are one of the suppliers the u.s. exports twenty six percent of its meat now china has added a new tariff on u.s. pork products china is a particularly important market last year we sent one point one billion dollars of pork to china that made it the second largest export market by volume so it's a it's a disappointment producers say that one hundred ten thousand jobs in rural america are directly tied to exports of pork a trade war could put some of these at risk if u.s.
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port gets too expensive for chinese clients it's in great demand around the world but right now because of. the uncertainty around the situation with china with other export markets like you know the situation with nafta in mexico and canada it has pork producers and others in agriculture nervous about investments to take advantage of what is great demand for our product right now the white house has proposed twenty five percent tariffs on some one thousand three hundred chinese products it only took china eleven hours to respond with a list of similar duties on american goods. i think business with a. lawyer
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. culture. a hair. superman. title i call it the letter was. a lifestyle choice.
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to nashville and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war where he was so sure and certain like all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child the only friend their homeland is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here don't need to nuke which is the. missile against global news that matters. d.w. made for mines my first by psycho was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bones by the social influence even something as simple as learning how to write them by psychos isn't. since i was in middle of god i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me as the months may have. finally they gave up
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in mental buying young minds like those but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt pro-create for those than writing i'm biased as knowledge i want to reach out to those women back home who had bones by then to teens and social norms and inform them of old dead babies and why. my name is dave out of the home and a war that's easy to. move. our view on welcome to the very special edition of your remarks full of weird and wonderful stories is what's coming up. heavens above.


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