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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is d. w. news live from berlin tonight an unexpected move by a german court it will not extradite catalona his former leader to spain to face treason charges karla's is free to leave prison on bail but this case is not over he could be sent back to spain on charges of misusing public funds. also coming up with a poison daughter of a russian a former russian spy speaks out in a statement via british police paul says that she's recovering well after the nerve
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agent attack on her and her father i'll ask our correspondents in london and moscow what her testimony could mean for the case that has sparked a diplomatic crisis. in . sierra leone swears in its new president if you will against him but his defeated opponent says he will challenge the election result is. it's good to have you with us it could be the last night in a german prison for former kind of one leader karl is poised to ma he's been in german custody since last month when he was arrested on a warrant issued by spain madrid wants him extradited to face charges including rebellion and corruption for his role in last year's independence referendum in
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catalonia. and now a german court has ruled wood that he cannot be extradited on rebellion charges the court said that he could be extradited on corruption charges but because the court does not consider him to be a flight risk he will be released on a seventy five thousand euros bill the pictures that you're looking at right there are live pictures of the prison in germany where mr preach to mind is being held and as we said he could as early as tonight or tomorrow be a free man or i want to pull in our correspondent now thomas sparrow he is on this story for us good evening to you tomas spain of course wants to see germany extradite weaved a mob does today's decision does it politicize this case or could it actually have the opposite effect. friend the case was already politicized since the very moment
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when mr put him on to was arrested in the northern german state of stress because there's no doubt about that in fact after he was arrested the case was described as a legal one but at the same time as a political problem or a political dilemma for german authorities and this is still the case now with this decision that we're talking about it just makes this situation perhaps clearer from a legal standpoint but certainly politically it's a very important and very challenging situation for german authorities and mr we know now that he is due for release on certain conditions what exactly or day one of them you already mentioned the seventy five thousand euro bail that's one of the key conditions but he also has to report once a week to german authorities he's not allowed to leave germany so those are certain conditions that have been announced by the german courts after that announcement that we are just talking about those are the conditions that will apply for mr push
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that in the next few hours in the next few days when also he announces what his next plans will be in terms of what more do we know about the chords reasoning in its decision today. the whole case hinges on whether charges in spain are in some way compatible to the charges in germany where there's a comparison between the two countries and specifically when we're talking about rebellion the court decided that that was not the case that in germany the comparable chachi would include violence which the court decided a would to court believed was not the case admission of mr put him on situation and that's why they decided that rebellion would not be pursued however on the other charge the mule mentioned already a misuse of public funds they still believe that that could be the case that they could be comparable charges in germany and spain and that's why the court has also indicated that it will continue its investigation to decide whether it will
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extradite mr push them on on this specific case now the court has also said that if they did that if they extradited mates to push them on on that specific charge of misuse of public funds then mr bush that month in space would not be able to be charged under rebellion so this is a very important development when it comes to the possible extradition of mr porter to months in deed a blow to the spanish prosecutor's attempts to get him extradited on those rebellion charges indeed our correspondent thomas barrow on the story for us tonight here in berlin thomas they q. the daughter of the ex russian spy sergei screwball has made her first statement since a nerve agent attack which left both her and her father in critical condition now via british police yulia scrip all said that she is recovering well but that she feels disoriented earlier russian state t.v. played a recording of her speaking to her cousin on the phone moscow tussling with london
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for control of the narrative here which british authorities say bears all the hallmarks of a russian assassination attempt. it is no more than a month since our guys and his daughter uli are were poisoned with a deadly chemical agent on british soil kicking off a diplomatic war of words descend from ation claims and counterclaims that is showing no sign of letting up. on. a russian broadcaster aired what it claimed was a telephone chat between you and talk cousin. but whether it was genuine or not. even the t.v. station would not say when it came from is another matter. victoria script hour later said she believed she was speaking with her cousin. it was not me who contacted her she phoned me herself when the phone rang i thought it was
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a call from a british number i thought it was a call from journalists who were. back in solsbury where this international poisoning scandal began police guarding the hospital beds of the former russian spy enters daughter issued a statement in her name. my strength is growing daily it said the entire episode is somewhat disorientating and i hope that you respect my privacy. at the same time raising concerns of his own russia's weary sounding ambassador. was on the offensive we have a lot of suspicions that britain you know if you take the. let's say last twenty years so many russian citizens. died here in the u.k. under very strange circumstances russia incest a new pox in this attack and has said it will accept the results of international investigations so long as the held in film view of the public.
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for the russian angle on this story we want to go now to our moscow bureau chief for shadow he's on the story for us there good evening to you yuri we know that this story has moved to new york to the united nations we understand that a session of the u.n. security council is convening at this hour i think we've got live pictures there that we can show you this is a meeting that russia has called for after the idea of a joint russian british investigation was rejected yesterday what are the russians trying to achieve at the u.n. . we went to brant oil as a russian ambassador to the u.k. and it sounded like oh then could we just saw him in the polls sans the moscow would accept the results of international investigations and but only if the process was transparent and if other countries involved he said he wanted to know
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which exports involved in the testing of the nuff agent moscow probably now tries to get as much information as possible about what's really going on with the investigation and it's doing this on the highest possible political stage of the un security council russia is obviously going to demand transparency and evidence holland clear evidence no assumptions not because ations but evidence moscow feel it's being pushed against the wall and insists it's absolutely no sense when we've had a couple of things happen today a couple things said today that are rather bewildering if you will let's go through those the russian ambassador to the u.k. today talked of russian citizens who apparently died under very strange circumstances in the u.k. in the last decade. what does this tell us in this central getting out of hand.
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why would say brand of the latest developments even place into the hands of the russians from the very beginning crush a has a complaint that it had been completely lucked out both from the investigation and from access to the two poisoned russian citizens all of those speaking in the name of russia when happy at least publicly that russia wasn't even informed about and his daughter when doing some even assume to that they to what not to poison russia now seems to be trying hard to beat everything to get any attention and to be accepted not as a bad criminal who doesn't deserve a fair investigation but as an equal partner. a very good point there's also that telephone conversation allegedly with you'll use cripple and her cousin which was broadcast on russian state television today we're going to be looking at that tonight in the day our moscow bureau chief yuri rashad on the story for us tonight yuri thank you very much. here are some of the other stories now that are making
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headlines around the world bollywood superstar soundman cohen has been sentenced to five years in prison for killing endangered indian animals a coup or convicted selman khan of illegally poaching black books while filming back in one thousand nine hundred eight selling khan who has always denied the charges is among the top ten high use paid actors worldwide italy's president said geo. says that two days of crisis talks have produced no breakthrough in efforts to form a new government more talks are planned for next week the deadlock that follows inconclusive elections the anti-establishment five star movement and the far right league party won the most votes but have refused to work together. israel has more that it will not change its rules on troops opening fire as fears grow of more violence breaking out on the gaza border eighteen palestinians were killed last week after groups threw stones and burning tires at soldiers another round of mass palestinian
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protests is expected on friday. for the defeated opponent of sierra leone's new president uli is b.-o. say that they will challenge his election victory you know was sworn in on thursday after a narrow win he secured fifty one point eighty one percent of ballots in the final count and he's a former soldier who once led a military junta but he says he's changed his ways and is ready to lead sierra leone to a better future. sweeping out the old voters in sierra leone have voted for change in the country's presidential election. the former opposition leader julius mudd below narrowly won a second round vote and was quickly sworn into office. continued action. tonight.
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did you meet your new. during the campaign motto criticize chinese infrastructure projects are not delivering economic benefit. he promised to review mining agreements and introduce free schooling. is not an unfamiliar face in sierra leone two decades ago he took part in a coup and ruled the country's military junta for several months. voters seem to have accepted his apologies for the current describes. looking for a good governance under proper charge this is why we were both in for much of you and i will be over to do but it's misunderstood because i'm i'm doing what part of the. international observers have said they were satisfied with the election outcome but losing candidate some more a commodity from the former ruling party a.p.c. says he will challenge the result alleging fraud. was formed in the view.
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that those reserves do not suggest that many conservatives really is better but i want to must see a bunch of stuff you all that would seem fraudulent put that reduces an order that's ready to let it says. it was the country's first presidential election since thousands were killed in a devastating a bola outbreak and a deadly mudslide in the capital freetown many in sierra leone are hoping that a change in power brings a change in fortunes. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you a german court has refused to extradite former catalog leader carlist voyage tomorrow to face rebellion charges judges said they would release forged him on bail for now he could still be sent home to face lesser charges of misusing. public fog. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i
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hope to see you again. germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something henderson says we must overcome it and. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for mines.


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