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this is d.w. news live from burlington out on bail catalonia separatist leader walks free from a german jail it is a conditional release for carlos to push him on the court refuses to actual drive him back to spain for rebellion but could still hand him over two hundred on a lesser charge. also coming up a stiff punishment for south korea's former president carter could hang is sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption for a dramatic fall from grace has gripped the nation for months and showdown at the
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gaza border israeli troops use live fire on the house in the end protesters as more and more than a dozen are wounded it's another in a series of planned rallies against the territory of a decade old blockade. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program catalan separatist leader carlos pushed him on has walked out of a german jail pushed among posted bail and the public prosecutor ordered his immediate release a regional court in germany has pulled it will not extradite pushed him on on charges of rebellion but the court is considering a lesser charge of misusing funds for which he could still face extradition. and here is what carlos pushed him on said to reporters on release just
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a few minutes ago have a listen. i could force beat even if you had to really for all of my colleagues still in the span of three feet a shade for europe to have reason. to go through russia in europe young people to achieve faced off the few both fit nation of ours feast and human rights that kind of received easy and free speech. so for more on this let's bring in our correspondent simon young who has been following all of this from the very beginning so simon him saying they're in europe having political prisoners does he have a point what do you make of the speech that he just gave yeah a defiant his push the moment there is he appears before the world's media has been huge interest in this appearance today off the court decided to release him. and yet he's defiant he's saying there that you know there is concern around europe not
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just in spain he's claiming about the development of democracy he says people are worried about a wave of soft democracy crushing the union was what he went on to say he didn't take questions so we don't know exactly what he meant by that how far he wants to take this but he went on to say that now is the time for a dialogue so far he and his catalan separatists have only received violent and repressive responses from the madrid government he says it's time to do politics and to find a political solution to the to the struggle in there between catalans oh no it was for the separatist movement i think not according to his rhetoric there so he is now free but not entirely right he's free to you know go about his business but the court has said that you know in addition to the seventy five thousand euro bio that he's had to pay he also has to stay in germany and make
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himself available to the court if they want to speak to him again the court has thrown out the idea that calls posed not could be extradited to spain on the charge of rebellion because there is no similar charge they say under german law but that still leaves the lesser charge of this use of public funds that he used in order to hold that controversial referendum in catalonia as. and on that the code is still looking at the details and could still extradite him and as they look at the details i mean just a quick reminder because extradition is ultimately what spain wants and they've been dealt a bit of a blow to. you know that desire at the moment what has all of this done between relations between spain and germany well the german government has been saying that it hasn't affected those relations significantly the german government spokesman today saying well you know it's never been a question for the government is purely
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a matter for the justice system i think behind that you can see that you know there's a certain amount of relief in berlin you know the wheels of german justice have turned here have decided that you know there's no charge to answer a rebellion and the point is that that is key because even down down the line when push to more returns to spain as it surely he eventually will he can't at least under this. extradition warrant he cannot be tried for rebellion and that's really the big one that's the charge that could send him to jail for decades the court where he was just released as a slave because time and the north of germany do we know were pushed mungo's next year he's had to give the court an address where he's going to be contactable in germany as i say presumably in the north of germany so that he's available to police and to the court should they want to speak to him but that that address is not been released to us yet maybe we'll get more details in the coming hours
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salmiya thank you so much for. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world the trial of former south african president jacob zuma has been adjourned until june zuma facing charges of corruption relating to a two point five billion dollars arms deal the former leader was met by supporters as he left the durban courthouse where proceedings were being held. a brazilian judge has issued an arrest warrant for former president the east in the lead to silva the order gave twenty four hours to surrender to police and start a twelve year prison sentence for corruption on thursday the country's supreme court refused to bed by live to remain free and told all appeals against sentence were exhausted. twenty four years in prison a harsh sentence for south korea's impeached president park geun hey she was convicted on several counts of corruption park is the latest in
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a string of south korean policy political and business leaders to face jail and disgrace the corruption scandal has divided the nation. after four years in power twenty four years in prison the judge said park had shown no remorse for her crimes including multiple charges of coercion bribery and abuse of power. south koreans watched the sentence handed down on live television for some it wasn't punishment enough. and it was over and i had hoped that former president park would attend the hearing it's a shame she was sentenced to twenty four years in jail but i was expecting more and i think she deserves thirty years in jail. to disgraced former president of voided court claiming illness but chose to remain in the detention center where she's being held she has always denied the charges against her. it's been over a year since park was forced from office under
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a wave of massive protests the daughter of a former military dictator park was impeached and convicted for coercing major companies including samsung into giving tens of millions of dollars to charities controlled by a close friend and confidant she was also found to have shared state secrets and misused her position to exact revenge on opponents. today hundreds of supporters rallied in front of the course protesting against what they see as a politically motivated verdict. talk now has a week to appeal her imprisonment lawyers say they expect an appeals court will deliver a more lenient sentence. we had to israel now and the number of protesters reported wounded at a gaza protest is rising at least forty palestinians have been shot and wounded by israeli forces in clashes at the border israeli soldiers fired tear gas and live
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ammunition to try and prevent demonstrators from approaching the border fence it is the second such protest in just over a week last friday more than a dozen palestinians were killed when israeli soldiers opened fire to the international community as. a correspondent on a crime where is standing by with the latest from gaza she joins us actually live at the scene there and tell you we know that protesters have gathered in a number of different locations along the border fence what's happening where you are. well we could see over the past couple of those protests started to burn tire is that is because they think that could see them from possible sniper fire from the israeli side so there is huge smoke always coming we saw also some you know cars coming the new toys being transported down to the border area at the same time you could see some bolts of cannons trying to put out the fire so it doesn't spread on the other side and
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a lot of people are coming no actually off to noon prayers you see a lot of people now coming to us to go to areas where all kind of people are there women and. men and especially young men are all down in the border area now. what is their mood tanya because we know that a at a protest just like the one that you're referring to sixteen people were killed last week is there a sense of fear or defiance. well i think it's i mean it depends who you talk to because i have been talking to a lot of people and of course people saying i don't want my son or my teenage son going down there parents saying that you can see the people coming here and they're quite defiant and you see that all week you know people like us being down in order to see what's going on today the second day of protests and a lot of the young people i talked to they said you know we have nothing to lose and now the world just looking at us and want to say. you know gaza has been closed
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for the ten years say they don't really another choice but coming here to protest and that's why we're seeing the people here so i think you have a sense of both here and with the world looking at them as you mentioned what does israel have to say for itself. well it's a has been very clear they have warned that any protester coming close to the fence is some kind of buffer zone as well and trying to harm the security infrastructure as they put it they would be met by force they're seen as a security threat that spike you seen last week the use of. the tavi seen a lot of tear gas also being fired. and what they are saying is basically that hamas is using was also hold for demonstrations but there are also other political faction calling for it that they're using this demonstration and sending down people they're putting them in danger and they're putting the blame on hamas if
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everything. goes wrong and that they would use those demonstrations against israel tanya kramer live from gaza into the polls this weekend in a closely watched national election prime minister viktor orbán is seeking a fourth term in power opinion polls show that his party has a comfortable lead but hungary's complex electoral system makes the outcome difficult to protect all our correspondent funny from char is in hungary to cover sunday's parliamentary election for us she sent us this report from the capital budapest hungary for hungary once the slogan mirrors to feeling so many feet is boutros the governing party won't be perfect country to billboards like this. it's been two and a half years now since the station behind me the kelty train station looks like this it was packed with stranded refugees although hardly any has been granted asylum here in hungary since then it remains the main topic of the governing
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fitness party. its leader prime minister the two or beyond talks of an invasion by muslims he's campaigning with a message hungry first. i want to know are refugees to biggest concern of hungary and voters out of the elections when you go is a game i care about the health care system for example it's in ruins that means that migrants wouldn't want to settle down here what's important to me is to make sure fi does doesn't win this election and i feel this thing at the end. made actual quote migrants there are very aggressive especially with women. we won't let that happen for you. we meet a young journalist who has another concern. so i thought most media are controlled by fishes there's lots of propaganda everywhere opposing liberal democratic voices received less space. to be
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a reporter for the biggest left wing paper. but it was shut down in twenty sixteen officially for economic reasons but former staff says its demise was the work of the government to silence a critical voice. in why did i don't see any political party and hungry right now that could start and opposition parties are not working together. we come to the outskirts of would have passed to meet with fittest supporters hungry first resonates well here our. manager of an accountancy firm welcomes us his patriotism is clear for everyone to see he has three kids the family are devout christians i met them back in twenty fifteen when the migration crisis was at its peak what's changed since then. without them when there aren't that many migrants because the policies work to keep them out they're not a work force the culture does not fit with ours and having them here doesn't help
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public safety because mr sherman and your theory agree that the issues such as corruption are problems in politics but he says they are nothing new for him the positives of a fetus government outweigh the negatives. we benefit greatly as a big family and years ago utility costs started to decrease that's also good for us. opinion polls but if it is firmly in the lead some in the opposition would consider it a victory if they manage to deprive over two thirds majority in parliament all agree hungary is heading for a fateful election. the war of words over the poisoning of x. sergei scribble on his daughter is escalating at the united nations security council the russian and british ambassador is to the united nations faced off last night in a fiery exchange over the alleged nerve agent attack london is sticking to its accusation that moscow is the chief suspect russia denies any wrongdoing said
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gay and. for weeks the british government has accused russia of trying to kill them neither kremlin is using the u.n. to go on the offensive we're going to do is we're going to we're told operators colleagues you're playing with fire and you'll be sorry i don't think the british investigators are grateful to the british government for their hasty and unequivocal statements and conclusions. in a long and to play stirring speech moscow's envoy reached for alice in wonderland to argue that it was russia who were the victims of the sloppy rushed and dishonest blame game nor most of the samples first verdict afterwards britain's envoy dismissed him firing back with a passage of her own. that's not a very good quote from alice in wonderland this is sometimes i've believed as many
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as six impossible things before breakfast so i think that's the quote that suits my russian colleague best it is the latest in a diplomatic war of words this information claims and counterclaims that is showing no sign of letting up. early a russian broadcaster aired what it said was a telephone chat between you and her cousin in it she said she and her father were both recovering well. this was followed by news from seoul's brain where this international poisoning scandal began police guarding the hospital beds of the former russian spy and his daughter if you just statement in her name my strength is growing daily the entire episode is somewhat disorientating and i hope that you will respect my privacy. is not only a victim she is also
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a witness and her full recovery may yet prove vital in the search for the truth. chris tucker if here now with some bad news for some of germany's industrial companies that's right sara their output fell sharply in february showing the steepest decline in almost three years overall industrial output was down one point six percent compared to the month before the plunge was led by a decrease in manufacturing and construction analysts have actually predicted a slight increase the news comes just one day after germany's industrial orders also disappoint. more now with only bart standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange really what is behind this decline. well if you listen to the some of the experts i think the flu virus epidemic that we had here in germany was partly responsible and that's according to a bank economist at the german industry and trade association put the point to
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a lack of capacity in transportation and in skilled workers and indeed the skilled worker shortage in germany is one which is very serious and one which both big and small and medium size businesses are very worried about and claim that they do hinder them from doing their best and getting everything to order to pass and he won't let them do this one point six percent could be a very different figure next month depending on how trade war worries play out or for example how currency changes if and are in effect or also holiday schedules live arts in frankfurt thank you for now we'll come back to you in a moment european officials are increasingly concerned about the future of free global trade and a member of the board of the european central bank said on friday that the world economic output could fall as much as one percent per year if donald trump did in fact spark a trade war with u.s. partners that as the president has ordered u.s. officials to examine imposing an additional one hundred billion dollars worth of
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terrorist on chinese imports. u.s. president trump proposed the latest terrorist in response to china levying towers and u.s. cars and soybeans that was also in retaliation to an initial round of terrorist washings on put on chinese products critics warn that an all out trade war could hurt the u.s. farmers worried this is the one thing that keeping an eye on what's happening out of washington what's happening with the markets that directly affects our lifestyle directly affects our pocketbooks and the way we plan for the following years are we going to pay all the bills a share or are we going to buy a new piece of equipment. you know do you get your kids you know a couple new pairs of shoes more than half of us lojban exports go to china so for us farmers any escalation of this trade dispute means they'll while it's could be taking a direct hit but this is a spot that even the u.n. secretary general is watching closely. because of altered wars are always the
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best for those involved who did war and for the international we're going to be usable. we need to do in the international cooperation wherever there is a problem that must be that will that must be the season start in the way to overcome the problem so far there is no dialogue instead the tit for tat continues china's ministry of commerce has already announced counter measures saying it's ready to fight the u.s. at any cost. back to only parts and now frankfurt only tell us more about the concerns the european central bank is having here. board member ben walker spelled out the concerns and a speech that he gave and it's based on staff simulations of developments and it's based not just on a trade war of the united states with china but with other trading partners as well the euro area for example and you already quoted the one percent decline in world
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g.d.p. well the decline in world trade would be minus three percent according to ben walk career and his colleagues and he says that interestingly the worst effect of tariffs like this would be on the country initiating the tariffs that is the aggressor if you will he didn't use that word but he said the u.s. economy would tank by two and a half percent of g.d.p. in the first year after the tariffs were in place in the u.s. only bartz reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange only thank you so much. while the world is looking for solutions to the threat of climate change a dutch and our mental group has taken a more practical approach force few fossil fuel companies to stop drilling and shift towards renewable energies of the first target is their homeland global player royal dutch shell they want to take the company to court and that's just the beginning is it possible to force
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a big oil company like shell to steer away from fossil fuels. environmental group the minute you defense he's at least trying they've given the oil producer show eight weeks to step up its efforts in developing renewables if nothing happens in that time they're taking the giant corporation to court. shell knows already of global oil gas and coal reserves in the world that need to be kept on mind but still their c.e.o. told the world i'll mine everything i'm able to muddle open one of the. shell is among the world's ten biggest carbon emitters the environmental group claims the anglo dutch multinational has been responsible for two percent of carbon dioxide and methane emissions since the dawn of the petroleum era and yet it plans on investing only five percent in renewables. shell knows that carbon emissions
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need to be zero by twenty fifty but the company is only aiming to reduce current emissions by half the. show says it believes climate change should be driven by government policy not litigation taking legal action against large energy companies is becoming increasingly popular now in american milissa power these including new york city have sued fossil fuel companies they are seeking compensation for climate change damages. and respect to sarah and the latest on the golf masters absolutely they were heading to augusta georgia and out because during the speech he tops the masters leaderboard after day one the american took control with five consecutive birdies to complete the first round with a score of six under par compatriots tony for now and matt which are two shots back seconds says that his round bodes well for the rest of the tournament this golf course is
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a lot easier to play if you feel like you can just at the center greens and move from there and wait for your chances as easy to say that you should you know you kind of want to take that approach starting out but if you start well it's easier to stick to that game plan. it is being described as the largest charity sell off ever the auction of peggy and david rockefeller collection their collections is expected to raise over half a billion dollars for selected charities the artworks have been collected by generations of rockefeller's one of the wealthiest american families ever the rockefeller's made their fortune in oil and banking and now there are collection is on display in beverly hills ahead of the auction she used to adorn the walls of the late david rockefeller spry that library before that she'd only had one. collector and writes a go to it stein picasso's girl would flow about skits is perhaps the most famous
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artwork from the vast collection that will go under the hammer next month what's extraordinary is that this is the largest auction for charity in world history we think of it to bring more than five hundred million dollars and the recipients are visual arts charities philanthropies universities science and vironment all in conservation interest. water lilies in bloom by claude monet is another highlight the auction house estimates its value to fifty million dollars there are also works by paul gauguin. diego rivera. edward hopper. george o'keefe and many more we're looking at a fraction of the collection there are fifteen hundred pieces being sold half online so those pieces are two hundred dollars five hundred dollars one thousand dollars the collection is on display in los angeles following exhibitions in hong
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kong paris and london the works will go on auction at christie's in new york in may . quick reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you catalonia separatist leader carlos pushed amman has walks free from a german jail after posting bail the german court refused to actual guide him back to spain for rebellion but could still hand him over to me dred on a lesser charge. and with that you're up to date now on t.w. news i'm sarah kelly thanks for watching. played. on.
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the boom's conundrum residential area instead. you've got a real good name in case you tell them that. conventional fences are to protect the housing estates and kind of clues to courage for proving putin besides . effective without harming. the go ahead for next doubling the flame. her tricks are the envy of some of soccer's biggest star in the field the song is zero four time world champion. in scream style in football. the hungry arion shows off her coolest moves and spectacular skill moves. to.
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