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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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bangladesh. islam is starting to be twenty first t.w. . this is the only news line from berlin out on bail callow youth separatist leader walks free from a german jail is a conditional release for a cross which marks the court refuses to extradite him back to spain for rebellion could still hand him over to madrid on a lesser charge also on the program showdown at the gaza border israeli troops again use live fire on palestinian protesters reports say at least two people have
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been killed. and the music greenhow to the south sudanese refugees revisit a concert for peace and a sprawling campaign in uganda. on way of iraq thank you very much for your company everyone caroline separatist leader crowe's project montana's been released from a german jail prosecutors ordered he be set free after he met a bail feel of seventy five thousand euros for drugs i was held on a european arrest warrant issued by spain which called for his extradition on charges of rebellion and misuse of public funds well yesterday your german court ruled out extraditing which want on rebellion charges so now he. out on bail
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pending a court decision on whether to extradite him on the second lesser charge well across which one had a defiant message for spain the moment he was released he called for dialogue between madrid and separatist leaders and urged spain to abandon its attempts to prosecute them let's take a listen. for the immediate release for all of my colleagues still in the spanish reasons each a shame for europe who have well let me go prisoners. i always throw in european democracy based on the will of the people suppression of powers peace and human rights does kind of you mock recy using recently spain. are i tentatively spoke of correspondent thomas sparrow joins us now to break down what this all means thomas jail certainly hasn't dampened his a fighting spirit so where does he go from here not very far at least on the short
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term he has already announced that he's on his way to lane but the fact that he was released on bail also comes with certain conditions there that he's not allowed to leave germany for instance he has to report on various occasions to the different or thora he so he will certainly be in germany while the case still proceeds because it's important to stress that although the court announced that the rebellion charges were not continued the other charge that lesser charge of misuse of public funds that still continues on the court still has to decide whether mr ford i'm on will be extradited on that second case so for now he will not be going very far ok so free but not entirely free at the moment. that's correct that's that's exactly the case he will obviously now have a much bigger role and now that he's left prison we expect that to be to be the case to explain what his proposals will be again and what his criticisms are so he
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will suddenly become much more public if you will but for now he will certainly remain in germany that's a decision that the court announced all right what does this politically mean for britain because spain has been hoping to see burling carry out its extradition request if your politicians here in berlin they will probably say that that's for the courts to decide that the german government has basically followed spain's madrid's stalin saying that the situation in cuts alone is to be decided under the spanish constitution and legal frame that's been what we've heard on various time from germany's government but we can say for sure that although this is a legal case it is also a political problem for thora he is here in in berlin on one where they will have to be very careful because there was obviously be interested in trying to maintain a good relationship between germany and spain so a very delicate balancing act there that they have to perform how have the calends
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reacted to this real ruling and however spanish authorities responded very differently over say for many in catalonia this is being good news we've heard several comments from catalonia specifically regarding dot rebellion situation saying that that was unfounded but it's obviously a bitter pill to swallow for the spanish authorities who are obviously interested in indot rebellion charge and we listen to what many people in madrid have said this could also change the whole strategy of the spanish government towards the castle an independent this movement that's something that we will still have to see but for them it is certainly a bitter pill to swallow all right thomas farah reporting thank you. all right next we have to brazil where that country's former president we see now see the silver has just hours left to turn himself into police or face forcible arrest sources from his party say he does not plan to surrender voluntarily is currently hold up with his supporters in
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a south paolo suburb the supreme court has ordered him to begin serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption even though the appeals process is not yet complete is currently the front runner in the presidential elections scheduled to take place in october and going to prison would likely put him out of the race. officials in gaza see israeli fire has killed at least two palestinians during border protests today on dozens more have been wounded israeli soldiers are firing tear gas and live ammunition to try to prevent demonstrators from approaching the border fence on today's march is the second in several weeks of planned protests against a decade long israeli blockade of the gaza strip israel the palestinians are using the protests at all the un meanwhile says it has seen indications israeli soldiers used excessive force against the palestinians last week and is urging israel to
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show restraint in policing the green line fence israeli security forces are required by international human rights to respect the rights to peaceful assembly and expression and to use to the extent possible nonviolent means to discharge the duties. all right and our very own a tiny kramer is in gaza and joins us now live from one of the flashpoints of today's protests tanya we've been getting reports that to two people have been killed and lots more have been injured what's happening where you are you get the sense that the violence is escalating at this moment. while at the moment here what we can say still a lot of people are still coming and going they're going a bit further down a couple of hundred meters where the fence area is a lot of people are coming down i'm my impression is you know people are just sitting there standing there but you can also the ambulances are going back and forth and we did have some lights in the past two hours or so being fired to that
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crowd as well as well as tear gas and also protesters from noon on had been thai is as they say to shield them from possible israeli sniper fire to make it more difficult to see what's going on on this side but we are seeing is just people coming and going the whole afternoon down to to the area depends where people are just standing and watching what is going on there and turning out what's driving these protests and who's taking part in them. well what we can see is us people really from all walks of life it was called the march of the great march of fraternity due to the plight of palestinian refugees from ninety four to eight so why doing that now one of the reasons i start so it will celebrate its creation seventy years on in april may the palestinians the commemorate on the fifteenth of
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may day what they called a cut test a fever when people had to leave the west fools to flee their lands now when i talk to people here they're saying you know this is one of the reasons but money people here in gaza saying and many young people i think know that ten years of siege of located gaza has been close to what it's about and ever since hamas took over here in gaza so they want the world to know you know what is going on the economy's down a lot of young people saying we don't find jobs we don't have a few take care and that's why you also see a lot of young people coming here to the protests now the protests it's been supported by all political factions you don't see any flags here factions of course it's also supported by hamas and this was saying that hamas is using those protests against their own for their own purpose but people are saying that they want this to be a peaceful protest and that's why they're coming here to the borders in five different
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locations at the moment in gaza and in conclusion if i may israel has come under heavy international criticism for its handling of this so i'm resting quoting from the united nations which is urging it to stop using live ammo how is israel justifying its current response. but he says says that the rules of engagement and a half not changed from what happened last week because israel sees anybody and they have warned protests this year they have all. and how mass is controlled in gaza and who comes close to the area of the fence saying that ever comes close to the border ever twice to reach the border is a stretch to israel and that is why they have they say they use a lot of the nation or other means of disperse the crowds is justified now they have come under criticism from human rights organizations from the un assistance
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but it was of engagement at the same right time kramer reporting from gaza thank you very much for your continued coverage. all right and i want to tell you about some of the other stories making news around the world. south korea's impeach president park geun hye has been sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption she was convicted on several counts of abuse of power and coersion park is the latest in a string of south korean political and business leaders to face jail a corruption scandal has divided south korea. the u.s. has struck at the heart of russian president vladimir putin's inner circle imposing sanctions on seven of russia's most influential oligarchy on this as a diplomatic standoff between russia and the west escalates washington also singled out a number of senior russian government officials accusing them of malign activity around
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the world. a south sudanese refugee in uganda is using music to preach peace moses will pay gives concerts to his fellow refugees and move beyond those rhino camp home to more than one hundred thousand people over one million south sudanese refugees have fled to uganda since fighting broke out in twenty thirteen. a moment of malaysia for salsa bunnies refugees in uganda. this discourse of us being organized by more this new park south sudan is musician who is also a refugio in uganda. the pi's using music to feel pretty happy to it's received decent psychological trauma having escaped violence park at home. i bet extremely happy because i know that the hope is already restored that despite the
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fact that i lot of things happen many things lost it when i see them smile i also smile because i see that hope is that is stored and i'm encouraging them to live positive through music and at. the rhino comes to torment you point continues to walk with fellow refugees through a charity organization. impose women through financial literacy classes and also gives them startup loans for small businesses. leverage there is one of them. how small restaurant stocks breakfast. to them and then when i look on the i can now pay school fees for all my children with assistance from a piano i've been able to buy him obama sheen that makes cakes i feel empowered and this makes me happy as i'm scolded you can book in an unwinnable is that look i
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founded the action for people in need organization in two thousand and sixteen. his goal is to improve the livelihood of fellow soldier then his refugees in uganda . when i come like this i feel i am really a home when i see women progressing and that's already a part of change you are looking for i feel happy when i see a community living in. how money that was part of what we're looking for i feel happy extremely happy and i believe that through music and able to create a peaceful and a healthy society. since two thousand and thirteen the conflict insults of done as lived thousands of people a day. according to the un refugee agency you when it c.r. over four million people have been forced to flee their homes. while these people long for peace the crises music can be a tool for we can see the issue and the coming stability to the world's youngest
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mission. from ever exist to the end of this edition of the news on my iraq and on behalf of the entire new sim thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us news continues at the company out. of. the people of the world over information. to the opinions they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us live.


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