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this is we don't use live from berlin times between russia and the west take another turn for the worse the u.s. targets vladimir putin's entourage with sanctions oligarchy and officials have their assets frozen in response to what washington calls a grazing pattern of malign activity also coming up showdown at the gaza border israeli troops again use live fire on alister new protestors reports say at least two people have been killed and catalonia separatist leader walks free from a german jail a court refuses to extradite carlos put your mom on rebellion charges and releases him on bail. and dancing through the darkness.
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for news the green hope to sell sudanese refugees revisit a concert for peace and a sprawling camp in uganda. you so much for your company everyone all right we're going to start off with the escalating diplomatic standoff between russia and the west the u.s. has struck at the very heart of russian president vladimir putin's inner circle imposing some of its strongest sanctions yet on seven of russia's most influential oligarchy washington is also singled out a number of senior russian companies and government officials accusing them of malign activity around the world while the sanctions target most notably three very close allies of president putin foremost his son and. shamble off that you see
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right here behind me is married to president putin's youngest daughter catarina is also the vice president of russia's biggest petro chemical company cyber and is believed to be worth an estimated one point four billion dollars next up alexei miller some of you may know him as the head of russia's state owned energy giant gas problem and is a very close friend to vladimir putin and then there is sulaiman caramel whose family controls russia's largest gold producer with a net worth of six point four billion dollars he was ranked by forbes magazine as russia's twentieth wealthiest businessman all right to join us now joining us now on this breaking development out of washington is alexander fun and nominee alexander very good to see you are these measures intended to punish russia for its meddling in the u.s. election. well the officials who briefed us on
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this saying sions told us that they believe that that's the best way to punish putin's aggressive behavior around the world and they explicitly mentioned russia's annexation of crimea and the situation in eastern ukraine russia's support of the regime and russia's cyber activities meaning russia's alleged meddling in you as election but this meddling is apparently not the only reason and the you asked officials told us that they think that it's the best way to get put in attention to go after people close to him as you mentioned his son in law got very wealthy after marrying into the family and all the parson who. has very close ties to the government alexander is president donald trump on board
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with the sanctions have we heard from. well he is the president so he approved this saying sions but he right that he has been a lot of pressure growing pressure and the last month for you know not taking a tough stance on russia he was always very pose a tooth talking about the russian president even you know in conversations with the russian president in their last phone call. congratulated putin to the results of the presidential election and that's why he was a lot of criticism here all right now the timing of this is really interesting because these sanctions go all the way to the top and they come just at the moment as the on go where no muller investigation into possible collusion with russia
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started questioning russian oligarchs yes that's true actually the same sions grew out of legislation passed by congress overwhelmingly last year and. within this law there was a measure requiring that have been used to target russian oligarchs so the question is actually why it happens today and months ago current alexander phenomena reporting from washington thank you very much. i want to head out now to our next top story officials in gaza city israeli fire has killed at least two palestinians during border protests today on dozens more have been wounded israeli soldiers are firing tear gas and live ammunition to try to prevent demonstrators from approaching the border fence while today's march is the second in several weeks of planned protests against
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a decades long israeli blockade of the gaza strip israel and the palestinians using the protests as a cover for attacking the border israeli troops opened fire at mass protests last friday leaving more than twenty palestinians dead the u.n. says it has seen indications that israeli soldiers used excessive force against the palestinians last week and is urging israel to show restraint. in policing the green line fence israeli security forces are required by international human rights law to respect the rights to peaceful assembly and expression and to use to the extent possible nonviolent means to discharge their duties. all right now cramer is in gaza and joins us live now from one of the flashpoints of today's a process protests we have been receiving reports earlier of more people being killed and more injuries tell us what's happening around you. what the
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latest conclusion figures from the published in ministry of health in gaza saying that three people were killed but their reports of more casualties now coming in and also over two hundred people who have been. protests held in private different locations. along the fence and the border area with israel now what we've been seeing yet all day since noon time people have been i mean you probably see behind me is a sunday. way down to the tennis area a lot of people coming and going and people of all walks of life you see a lot of families. susan walking down there but there also has been tear gas being fired at the protesters there protesters have a tie is to shield them as they say from possible israeli sniper fire that have
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been some heard some sniper fire into the ground off to into the crowd into the afternoon and the israeli army says that some of the protests that at some points have been trying to come close to the fence and also. troops on the other side of the border now is that has warned that whoever comes close to the buffer zone and the fans would be seen as threats and they would respond to that tony and what is driving today's protests what's behind it. well i think many reasons for that i mean it has been called the great march return of rich in the last week was the first of such protests on so-called land day so it's the first to the issue of palestinian refugees many of those from nine to forty eight because this year israel is celebrating in april may its creation seventy years the foundation of the state of this palestinians commemorating the loss of their land seventy
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years ago and these marches go on until but they called the neck but they in the fifteen's of made a catastrophe but then when we were other people that we talked to people here most people will tell you that we are coming here we want to see a peaceful protest here especially young you because you don't see if you take gaza gaza has been closed off ever since hamas took power here in gaza it has been closed off by israel and egypt the economy is down specially young people it's a very young population in gaza confines they can't travel and so they don't see their future here all right now time as you know israel has come under international criticism for its handling of this unrest including from the u.n. now which is urging him to stop using live ammo how has israel justified its response. but he says says whoever comes close to the
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friends to this. day vote respond to it and they hold what they say hamas a responsible because hamas is ruling the gaza strip and they're also controlling who comes close from comes close to this an area so what they're saying the rules of engagement are whenever there's a stretch to their security they will. respond to that with their means that like an addition or other a crowd dispersed be led rubber bullets or tear gas what you see it today is time at cramer thank you so much for your continued coverage. i want to talk now about some of the other stories making news around the world. doctors in britain say the russian ex-pirate sergei screwball who was poisoned by a nerve agent last month is responding well to treatment the hospital says he is improving rapidly and is no longer in critical condition is daughter yulia gave a statement by u.k.
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police yesterday that she is getting stronger every day. the trial of former south african president jacob zuma has been adjourned until june so my faces charges of corruption relating to a two point five billion dollars arms deal the former leader of was met by supporters as he left the durban courthouse where proceedings were being held. brazil's former president luis enough for the silva has just hours left to turn himself into police he's currently hold up with supporters in sao paolo this supreme court has ordered him to begin serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption and sources from his party say he does not plan to surrender voluntarily. malaysia's prime minister has dissolved parliament ahead of elections expected to be held next month the polls are a major test for embattled prime minister named. stuck who's been tainted by a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal. garrett now in the state of the
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u.s. labor market that's right first because today show that the u.s. only added a modest one hundred and three thousand jobs in march after several months of robust gains but the u.s. government insists the labor market is fundamentally healthy unemployment remains at a seventeen year low for the six straight months of the your recovery remains on track and its ninth year and wages on the rise of the slowdown in hiring may have all the roots a lack of qualified workers for example. analysts say last month's disappointing jaw gain may indicate that some u.s. employers are struggling to find and retain workers with the skills they need a u.s. bank survey showed sixty one percent of business owners were experiencing extreme or moderate difficulty finding qualified employees to expand their business the federal reserve notes labor shortages could be slowing down growth in the
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manufacturing transportation and construction sectors u.s. politicians are trying to pass legislation to create more vocational training opportunities in the united states alone we have over by the year two thousand and twenty says made over six million jobs that are going to be open and available that we cannot find qualified train workers for after the the tax cuts and reform legislation that we passed into law just just a couple months ago we've seen the growth of new job opportunities now that will be for nothing if we don't have these pathways for individuals to be qualified and trained if american businesses are not able to soon find sufficient workers to fill their needs consumers could see food price increases with workers in short supply and have to wait longer for manufactured products and services. the threats about tariffs have subjected the markets to a roller coaster ride this week only bonsa standing by and finally how does
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a day's a u.s. jobs figures play into all that. well they contributed to a minor roller coaster ride if you look at the dax behind me but the figures themselves the numbers could be interpreted by the people here in the market and were as is almost ideal because they were low enough that they didn't put any additional pressure on the fed the federal reserve which sets interest rates to speed up hikes that's good for the market and they were high enough suggesting a healthy enough economy not to get worried but the trade conflict was clearly in the forefront here and the market while it recovered briefly from from losses from many of the losses in the united states and here in frankfurt when donald trump's top economic advisor larry kudlow suggested that the u.s. and china would start talking soon over trade. but it's been a volatile week so it's friday today let's have
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a look at the week ahead both the chinese president and the u.s. president will be appearing at international summits and thereby addressing world audiences what can we expect that. it could be just as turbulent next week because right on monday the chinese president xi jinping is appearing at the bows summit that's sort of the asian equivalent to that of those meeting and of course he will talk about trade that's a given he's supposed to talk about chinese performs though mung others for the financial sector and that's eagerly awaited by the market as well and is important for the world economy donald trump will be the big draw at the summit of the americas at the end of the week will be in lima peru where the american countries from canada in the north to argentina and chile in the south will meet and donald trump is sure to cause a stir there with any remark on trade and you can't not talk about trade next friday yes you can also talk not more talk about trade only votes that in frankfurt
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thank you very much. at their meeting in paris international donors to lebanon have pledged more than ten billion dollars in aid and development loans they are hoping to stave off an economic and humanitarian crisis in the country and there are fears of civil unrest after more than one million refugees poured over the border from the war in neighboring syria. more than forty countries sent representatives to the conference along with officials from international organizations like the world bank and i.m.f. . the french were the first to throw their hat into the ring pledging five hundred fifty million euros in loans and donations. you know you bought was on one hand lebanon means significant investment to bring its basic infrastructure up to par which at the moment does not allow it to provide all its citizens with essential public services. your dog on the other hand lebanon needs extensive
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reforms to its economy was a functional reforms and sectoral reforms if. saudi arabia agreed to ante up one billion dollars the world bank stepped in with four billion and the european bank for reconstruction and development pledged over one point three billion dollars projects include roads power generation capacity and public transportation . love it on cannot succeed alone it needs the support of the international community a clear and concrete indication of its support in the form of donations and concessional loans. that will go home so that the government's vision can be implemented. well hariri pledged to reform his country's economy reducing the budget deficit which stood at one hundred
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fifty percent of g.d.p. last year and rooting out corruption but the huge burden from the mass of syrian refugees has brought the economy nearly to a standstill those attending the conference agree that lebanon stability is critical for the entire region. that's all for me of for not of a full edition of the business for you coming up in one hour but it's back to layer one very relieved politicians for now at least a catalan separatist leader is pretty montana's been released from a german jail prosecutors ordered he be set free after he met a bail fee of seventy five thousand euros but you march was how on a european arrest warrant issued by spain which contrasts extradition on charges of rebellion and misuse of public funds yesterday a german court ruled out extraditing kuchma on rebellion charges so now he is out on bail pending a court decision on whether to extradite him on the second lesser charge all right here is where it took i was pretty young told reporters the moment it was released
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. for the immediate release for all of my colleagues still in the spanish reasons each ashamed for europe to have well let me go prisoners. i always thrust in european democracy based on the will of the people suppression of powerless peace and human rights that kind of you mock recy using recently spain our i tentatively spoke of correspondent thomas sparrow joins us now to break down what this all means thomas jail certainly hasn't dampened his a fighting spirit so where does he go from here. well not very far at least on the short term he has already announced that he's on his way to but the fact that he was released on bail also comes with certain conditions there that he's not allowed to leave germany for instance he has to report on various occasions to the
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different or thora he so he will certainly be in germany while the case is still proceeds because it's important to stress that old though the court announced that the rebellion charges were not continued the other charge the lesser charge of misuse of public funds that still continues and the court still has to decide whether mr ford on will be extradited on that second case so for now he will not be going very far ok so free but not entirely free at the moment that's correct that's that's exactly the case he will obviously now have a much bigger role and now that he's left prison we expect that to be to be the case to explain what his proposals will be again and what his criticisms are so he will suddenly become much more public if you will but for now he will certainly remain in germany that's a decision that the court announced all right what does this politically mean for britain because spain has been hoping to see burling carry out its extradition
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requests if you ask politicians here in berlin they will probably say that that's for the courts to decide that the german government has basically followed spain's madrid's stance saying that the situation in catalonia is to be decided under the spanish constitution and legal frame that's been what we've heard on various time from germany's government but we can say for sure that although this is a legal case it is also a political problem for thora he's here in in berlin on one where they will have to be very careful because there was obviously be interested in trying to maintain a good relationship between germany and spain so a very delicate balancing act there that they have to perform how have. callahan's reacted to this surreal ruling and however spanish authorities responded very differently of a safe hold many in catalonia this is being good news we've heard several comments from specifically regarding the rebellion situation saying that that was unfounded
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but it's obviously a bit of a pill to swallow for the spanish authorities who are obviously interested in indot rebellion chacha and we if we listen to what many people in madrid have said this could also change the whole strategy of the spanish government towards the cause an independent is movement that's something that we will still have to see but for them it is suddenly a bitter pill to swallow all right thomas farah reporting thank you. twenty four years in prison that's the have to sentence that to south korea's impeached president to par going hey received she was convicted on several counts of corruption and pork is the latest in a string of south korean political and business leaders to face jail and disgrace a corruption scandal has divided south korea. after four years in power twenty four years in prison the judge said they had shown no remorse for her crimes including multiple charges of coercion bribery and abuse of power. south
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koreans watched the sentence handed down on live television for some it wasn't punishment enough. and it's a little that i had hoped that former president park would attend the hearing it's a shame she was sentenced to twenty four years in jail but i was expecting more and i think she deserves thirty years in jail and. thanks to disgraced former president of voided court claiming illness but chose to remain in the detention center where she's being held she has always denied the charges against her. it's been over a year since park was forced from office under a wave of massive protests. the daughter of a former military dictator pock was impeached and convicted for coercing major companies including samsung into giving tens of millions of dollars to charities controlled by a close friend and confidant. she was also found to have shared state secrets and
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misused her position to exact revenge on opponents. president or this was handed down hundreds of poc supporters protested against what they see as a politically motivated conviction park can appeal against her imprisonment her lawyers say they expect an appeals court will deliver a more lenient sentence. a south sudanese refugee in uganda is using music to preach peace moses the guy gives concerts to his fellow refugees in northern uganda serrano camp the refugee camp is home to more than one hundred thousand people over one million south sudanese refugees have fled to uganda since fighting broke out back in two thousand and thirteen. a moment of malaysia for south sudanese refugees in uganda. this peace concert has been organized by more this new power it's also been his
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musician who is also a refugee in you got. the prize using music to hope we have deleted from the c.g.s. psychological trauma having escaped the violence mark at home. i have an extremely happy because i know that the hope is already restored despite the fact that a lot of things happen many things lost when i see them smile i also smile because i see that hope is that is stored and i'm encouraging them to live positive through music and at. the rhino camps atonement continues to walk with fellow refugees through a charity organization. impose women through financial literacy classes and also gives them startup loans for small businesses. leverage there is one of them. how small restaurant stocks breakfast.
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that are going on at logan i can now pay school fees for all my children with assistance from a piano i've been able to buy him obama sheen that bakes cakes i feel empowered and this makes me happy you can book in an unwinnable is it. i found the action for people in need organization in two thousand and sixteen. his goal is to improve the livelihood of fellow sox about his refugees in uganda. when i come like because i feel i am really at home when i see women progressing and that's already part of genuine looking i feel happy when i think community living you know how many that are part of what we're looking for i feel happy extremely happy and i believe that through music and were able to create a peaceful and a healthy society. since two thousand and thirteen the conflict in south sudan has lived thousands of people a day. according to the u.n. refugee agency u.n. it c.r.
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over four million people have been forced to flee their homes oh well these people long for peace the price is music can be a tool for we conciliation that can bring stability to the world's youngest nation . that actually. now to new york where police there have charged u.f.c. star connor mcgregor after a back stage from a layout of the organization's biggest event of the year the irishman's being held on charges of assault and criminal mischief he allegedly smashed the window of a bus containing.
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costs like. take football personally. i think. the best kicker here. and a lot of ducks those talks about her life was byron munich star robert. a celebrity's force coming up close and personal. next. month when it came as an e.u. supergirl the weapons are a guitar templates and question that. she's fighting against briggs for
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a second referendum. of all u.k. residents want britain to stay in the new show modeling is not about to quit she believes in miracles and superpowers. in sixty minutes. islamism is bangladeshi. brink of civil. we are scared we are very scared we have to stay in libya to fight for this fight against it are. torn by domestic power struggles and the influence of islamist extremists. the country's democratic institutions now face a serious threat to the saddam we call for the name of law of islam of violence dominates the headlines they have just continued down there should be it
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maybe not actually. bangladesh but of islam as a starting april twenty first along t w. please.


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