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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin tonight the u.s. unleashes saying sions on some of the richest men in russian president vladimir putin's inner circle oligarchy with money and influence a vote today to discover their assets frozen in response to what washington calls a breeze in pattern of malign activity including meddling in the twenty six u.s. election also coming up showdown at the gaza border israeli troops again fire at palestinian protesters killing at least seven people and injuring hundreds more.
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also catalonia separatist leader walks free from a german jail judges refusing to extradite karla's puts them all on rebellion charges and releasing him on. i bring golf it's good to have you with us add another blow to the already bad relationship between russia and the west the u.s. has struck at russian president vladimir putin's inner circle imposing the trump administration's toughest sanctions yet on seven of the richest. washington saying that the move is in response to what he calls russia's line activity around the world including its intervention in the twenty sixteen u.s. election. one of the most striking editions to america's sanctions list is not in
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the putin son in law korea. he's vice president of russia's biggest petro chemical company c bore and worth an estimated one point four billion dollars another noteworthy addition as aleksei miller he has russia's state owned energy giant gazprom and is a close friend of that image putin and then there's suliman karim off whose family controls russia's largest gold mining company the u.s. has also had a twelve companies to its sanctions list one of the targeted businesses is the group which makes commercial vehicles it is partly owned by the top oligarchy all the pasta who also faces personal sign jones. the west's firm stance off the poisoning of a former russian spy in england is likely to have triggered the new sanctions.
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however the us government has been under pressure to react following russia's alleged interference in the last us presidential election cycle warfare and its military activity in ukraine and syria. are these sanctions going all the way to the top russian president vladimir putin let's go to washington now to our correspondent there richard she's on the story for us good evening to you clear so help us understand here i mean there are there are so many reasons why the u.s. could slap sanctions on russia what's the reason behind these. hi brenda it is hard to imagine that it was only early last week that we were talking about sanctions against russia in response to the case of the poisoned russian spy but these in fact appear to be something a little bit different the united states has put these things sions on russia in its effort to punish what it sees as a range of bad behavior from moscow things like backing rebels in eastern ukraine
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support for bashar al assad's regime in syria and cyber hacking were on the list given by a senior white house administration official about why we're seeing these sanctions today. these sanctions of course being sanctioned by the trump white house do we know is president trump is he on board well the president has been rather reluctant to directly criticize russia and vladimir putin and these came from the white house he's a trump himself has been criticized from both sides of the aisle by republicans and democrats for his seemingly warm ties to russia and he's avoided criticizing putin directly he has in fact invited putin to a meeting that could even take place at the white house and of course this is happening just as special counsel robert muller is starting to question all of arcs in russia about their possible financial links to people within trump's circle and
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so it certainly looks as though this is a way for the white house to try and show that it's not afraid to take tough action on russia but as for trump himself we haven't seen anything of the sort we're still waiting i just burst tweets if we hear anything at all correspond to clear richardson on the story for striking washington clear thank you very much. israeli security forces have fired on palestinian protesters at the gaza border killing at least seven people and injuring dozens more now this follows the deaths of more than twenty people who died after demonstrating last week palestinians are. sending up smoke from burning mounds of time as the protesters hope what israeli soldiers count see they count shirt. the demonstrators are calling this the great much of return the demand the people forced from their lands during the one nine hundred forty eight war with israel be allowed to return to islamist hamas group
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was a key force in organizing the protests. that are there now as we will never give up on any of our inalienable rights the land is one of them another is the holy sites jerusalem the mall and the churches. israel says the protests are a challenge to its territory and it has the right to defend itself it accuses homines of using the protests as cover to carry out attacks on israeli border towns . is a travesty for the palestinian people that the hamas government is encouraging its people to attack israel is encouraging its people to commit acts of violence and encouraging them to actually storm into israel to try to destroy israel and kill as many people as possible but rights watchdogs have criticized israel for firing on protesters from its side of the border the united nations has urged restraint. we remind israel of its obligations to ensure that excessive force is not employed
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against protesters the unjustified and unlawful recourse to firearms by law enforcement resulting in death may amount to a willful killing and grave breach of the fourth geneva convention. the protests along the volatile border are expected to culminate on the fifteenth of may the day following the seventieth anniversary of israel's declaration of independence. were w.'s tanya kramer is reporting from gaza's borders all with israel earlier she told us more about what is driving the wave of protests. well i think many reasons for that i mean it has been called the great march return of rich in the last week was the first of such protests on so-called land day so it refers to the issue of palestinian refugees many of those from nine to forty eight because this year israel is celebrating in april may its creation seventy years the foundation of the
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state of not palestinians commemorating the loss of their land seventy years ago and these marches go on and to what they called the neck but day in the fifteenth of may the contest but there are many more other reasons when you talk to people here most people will tell you that we have coming here we want to see a peaceful protest here especially young people because we don't see if you think gaza gaza has been closed off ever since hamas took power here in gaza it has been closed off by israel and egypt the economy is down specially young people into a very young population in gaza confines jobs they can't travel and so they don't see their future here. that was trying to clear the reporting from the gaza israel border here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world syrian troops have begun a ground offensive on the last rebel held town inside eastern ghouta opposition
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activists say at least thirty six people have been killed in government airstrikes today the latest fighting comes after a ten day truce collapsed over a disagreement regarding the evacuation of rebel fighters brazil's former president luis inot silda silva is facing a deadline to turn himself into police he's currently hold up with supporters in sao paolo the supreme court has ordered him to serve a prison sentence for watching crowds of supporters have gathered outside which could make it difficult for police to arrest him doctors in britain say the russian expiry script all he was poisoned by a nerve agent last month is responding well to treatment the hospital says that he is improving rapidly and is no longer in critical condition his daughter yulia gave a statement via u.k. police yesterday that she is getting stronger every day. south korea's impeached president park geun head has been sentenced to twenty four years in prison for
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option she was convicted on several counts of abuse of power and coercion park is the latest in a string of south korean political and business leaders to face prison time the corruption scandal has divided south korea the trial of former south african president jacob zuma has been adjourned until june zuma faces charges of corruption relating to a two point five billion dollar arms deal the former leader was met by supporters as he left the durban courthouse where proceedings were held. for the cattle on it separatist leader. has been released from a german jail he was set free after he met a bail fee of seventy five thousand euro. which tamal was held on a european arrest warrant that was issued by spain which called for his extradition on charges of rebellion and misuse of public funds yesterday german court ruled out extraditing porridge tomorrow on rebellion charges the court is still considering
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whether or not to extradite him on the second lesser charge. after twelve nights behind bars carlist posed him on savored his first steps of freedom. basking in the cheers of his supporters. but he knows it is a long road ahead for him and the other separatist leaders facing the glare of the spanish courts i climb for the immediate release for all of my colleagues still in the spanish reasons it's a shame for europe to have political prisoners. i always thrust into a feeling democracy based on the will of the people separation of power us peace and human rights and that's kind of the mark recy he's seen recently spain opposed to man says he will fight the corruption charges still hanging overhead and called
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for dialogue with spain. but the madrid government is enormous for talk a spokesman stressing that the charges were being brought by independent judges not politicians. which what is clear is that mr puts them on some of the actions of huge distance system in german territory because he ran away from the spanish system so it's not to have to face it you know they've made it very clear that he's not being persecuted for political reasons but because he ran away from the justice system. since this former cot salon president ended up in the jam and justice system officials in belen have been straining to keep their hands clean insisting that calmness whose demands liberty is a matter for the courts. were shortly after leaving prison which tomorrow put out a tweet this is what he had to say i have come out of prison and i am on my way to
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berlin now is the time to remember colleagues who are still unjustly imprisoned and we call for their freedom thank you to everyone new york police have charged a u.f.c. star karna mcgregor after a back stage melly ahead of the organization's biggest event of the year and he's being held on charges of assault and criminal mischief he allegedly smashed the window of a bus and containing other mixed martial arts fighters mcgregor was stripped of his you have seen what we built earlier this week due to inactivity a court hearing is set for him there to have downed david ferrer in straight sets to put the first point on the board for germany the davis cup is a best of five contest with four singles matches and a doubles match which. of the top stories that we're following for you the u.s. has imposed economic sanctions on. officials washington
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said the move was in response to move. around the world it's one of the sternest actions against. so far and at least seven people. after israeli forces fired. protesters at the gaza border it's a repeat of a heavily criticized situation last week in which israeli tactics left over twenty palestinians dead. has walked free from a german prison after posting the german court refused to extradite him back to spain for rebellion but he can still hand him over to madrid on the show. with more. follow up to see that.
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