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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is. from berlin hitting close to home the u.s. unleashes sanctions on vladimir putin's onto wrong she oligarchy in officials have their assets frozen in response to what washington calls a brazen pattern of low lying activity times between russia and the west taking another nosedive also coming up showdown at the gaza border israeli troops again use live fire on how it was to me in protesters killing at least seven people and injuring hundreds more. also catalonia has a separatist leader walks free from
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a german prison a court refusing to extradite karla's puts them all on rebellion charges and releasing him on bail. was a deadline looms over and anxious brazil federal police wait for their ex-president to turn himself in but lula da silva appears to be holed up with the union members in defiance of a court order will he be given his prison term for corruption peaceful. i'm gone off it's good to have you with us we start off with the escalating diplomatic standoff. between russia and the west in the
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latest twist the u.s. has now struck at the very heart of russian president vladimir putin's inner circle imposing some of its strongest sanctions yet to own seven of russia's most influential all of washington has also singled out a number of senior russian companies accusing them of the activity around the world the same sions target most notably three very close allies of putin his sudden wall as you are going to see right now could i have the scripts please thank you it's live t.v. folks who are we've got some technical problems here if we're going to do the wall or not but can my producer give me a heads up one of the most striking editions to america's sanctions list is not i'm a putin son in law korea. he's vice president of russia's biggest petro chemical
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company c bore and worth an estimated one point four billion dollars another noteworthy addition as alexei miller he has russia's state owned energy giant gazprom and is a close friend of the team and putin and then there's suliman karimov whose family controls russia's largest gold mining company the us has also had a twelve companies to its sanctions list one of the targeted businesses this is the group which makes commercial vehicles it is partly owned by the top oligarch all that very pasta who also faces personal sanctions. the west's firm stance off the poisoning of a former russian spy in england is likely to have triggered the new sanctions. however the us government has been under pressure to react following russia's alleged interference in the last us presidential election cycle warfare and its
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military activity in ukraine and syria have a fantastic relationship with china but we have to get this straight we have to have. are these think shoes going all the way to the top one of the sturdiest actions yet by washington we're going to take you know that our correspondent claire richardson clare it's very hard to make sense these days of the u.s. policy towards russia i mean what are we seeing now have these sanctions been imposed because of the poisoning kings of the u.k. or because of the alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election well brant top u.s. officials have said that these sanctions are not in response to any one particular issue but rather in response to why the u.s. sees as a pattern of bad behavior by russia they're upset about things like russia's support for syrian president bashar assad for its backing of separatist rebels in eastern
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ukraine for cyber hacking attacks of course for its alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen elections but i think it is fair to say that the issue that's garnered the strongest response from the white house under trump's administration has been this case of the poisoning of a russian spy on british soil and remember we saw the united states and mounts that it would expel diplomats as well as impose other sanctions early last week now we understand twenty four russian tycoons and officials are being targeted by these sanctions let's have a listen to what one of them had to say. but i have been in the u.s. many times regarding the fact that they have introduced sanctions it doesn't mean we will not communicate with them there are other countries where disposable to communicate and work to resolve these questions. so clear one of the men of affected by these sanctions is not being concerned at all should he be.
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that maybe doesn't sound so concerned there but russia has promised a tough response to these sanctions i remember these are meant to hit members of putin's inner circle some of the richest people and russia the question really will be how effective the sanctions can actually be do these people have significant assets in the united states or is there the possibility that they actually moved them off u.s. soil in anticipation of the introduction of these sanctions i think it's an open question to see whether russia actually needs to be worried about how big of an impact this is going to have a right of course on the claridge's and on the story for us in washington claire thank you very much. we're now we could be the moment of truth for brazil's former president luis inot c.e.o. desilva a deadline for him to turn himself into police voluntarily has just expired it is holed up at a union building in sao paolo crowds of his supporters have gathered outside the supreme court has ordered lulu to begin serving a prison sentence for corruption while he appeals the conviction is supporters say
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it's a ploy to stop him running in this year's presidential election where he is the clear front runner. are this get the lay of the way now from sao paolo joining us is journalist sam can't we see the deadline has just passed has defied the arrest warrant so what happens next. well that's a question it still could be that he decides to hand it to the federal police brought up out which is one of the theories flying around right now the other is that the federal police would have to come and collect him from this union and also has in. and out of the will and if that happens at this one it's going to be very difficult logistically because it's five o'clock here right now. very. very bad traffic also because that
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is right now surrounded by thousands of his supporters those could be quite a tense stand off if they do decide to come against him or so that was being discussed. as one of the might the police come and get him as it would be embarrassing to them and provide images that would suck in at around the quote you know that we might move our out to be more of a victim basically will be just as well that the police do have to come to get him i mean there are as you say these thousands of supporters around him i mean could things get out of control and become violent. well again it's a very difficult questions yes they probably could do the supporters of said that they will defend him to the aims or who remains it remains to be seen you know there's also the chance you know that little will so if it came to that he would walk free and he would he would he would freely go to the police and cool he
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supposes not to be violence but it's definitely a very very tense situation and i say that you stickly it's going to be very difficult for the police to come and get as it always maintained his innocence he says. the charges are politically motivated to keep him off the ballot shades and he supports the message as i was his defense. resilience are heading to the polls in october lou that is the front runner so what is this ruling it was for going to mean for the election. well that's it is the front runner but without him in the rice which he's already been convicted according to brazilian law means that he cannot public office the final decision comes down to be a that true cool which is separate from the criminal who are on the electric or would that make that decision. you know closer to the elections but still it looks unlikely it looks likely that he's out of the race the house of the rice there are about four or five competitive candidates second in the polls is
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a far right full army captain also nado who preaches a very tough lauren or the message well he also loses against more moderate candor candidates in the second round in the run off brazil's election so either way it's going to be a very soon an unpredictable election and is a very rocky road to go and yes it will those elections take place for a journalist sam calorie bring us the latest from self how low on the situation with with the so thank you sam thank you very much. israeli security forces have fired live rounds on palestinian protesters at the gaza border killing at least seven people and injuring dozens more this follows the deaths of more than twenty people who died after demonstrating last week palestinians are protesting against the decade old blockade of the gaza strip is really cute says the palestinians of using the protests as a cover for attacking the border. sending up smoke from burning mounds of time
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as the protesters hope but israeli soldiers count see they concert. the demonstrators the calling this the great much of return the demand the people forced from the lands during the one nine hundred forty eight war with israel be allowed to return the islamist hamas group was a key force in organizing the protests. that are there now we will never give up on any of our inalienable rights the land is one of them another is the holy sites to receive them the most sun the churches. israel says the protests are a challenge to its territory and it has the right to defend itself it accuses homines of using the protests as cover to carry out attacks on israeli border towns . is a travesty for the palestinian people that the hamas government is encouraging its people to attack israel is encouraging its people to commit acts of violence and
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encouraging them to actually storm into israel to try to destroy israel and kill as many people as possible but rights watch dogs have criticized israel for firing on protesters from its side of the border the united nations has urged restraint. we remind israel of its obligations to ensure that excessive force is not employed against protesters the unjustified unlawful recourse to firearms by law enforcement resulting in death may amount to a willful killing and grave breach of the fourth geneva convention. the protests along the volatile border are expected to culminate on the fifteenth of may the day following the seventieth anniversary of israel's declaration of independence. here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in syria opposition monitors say that government airstrikes have killed at least twenty seven people in the last rebel held area inside eastern ghouta state
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television says the government troops backed by russian forces are slowly closing in on the town of duma the attack in a ten day wall in fighting there doctors in britain say that the russian x. spy sergei script all he was poisoned by a nerve agent last month is responding well to treatment the hospital says that he's improving rapidly and is no longer in critical condition his daughter yulia gave a statement via u.k. police yesterday that she is getting stronger every day. south korea's impeached president park who has been sentenced to twenty four years in prison for corruption and she was convicted on several counts of abuse of power and coercion park is the latest in a string of south korean political and business leaders to face jail corruption scandal has divided south korea. the catalogue separatist leader karl has put him on has been released from a german prison prosecutors order that he be set free after he met
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a bill for give seventy five thousand euros which was held on a european arrest warrant issued by spain which called for his extradition on charges of rebellion and misuse of public funds yesterday a german court ruled out extraditing which tomorrow on these grounds the court is still considering whether or not to extradite him on the second lesser charge. oh after twelve nights behind bars collins posed him on savored his first steps of freedom taking a moment to acknowledge his supporters. but he knows it is a long road ahead for him and the other separatist leaders facing the glare of the spanish courts. for the immediate release for all of my colleagues still in the spanish reasons it's a shame for europe to have political prisoners. i always trust in
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european democracy based on the will of the people separation of power us peace and human rights and that's kind of the mark recy he's seen recently spain coach to man says he will fight the corruption charges still hanging over him and called for dialogue with spain. but the madrid government is in norman for talk a spokesman stressing that the charges were being brought by independent judges not politicians. which what is clear is that mr approached him on some of the actions of decisions system in german territory because he ran away from the spanish system so as not to have to face it it made it very clear that he was not being persecuted for political reasons but because he ran away from the justice system if you sense this former catalan president ended up in the clutches of the german justice system
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officials in berlin have been straining to keep their hands clean. nein say state college liberty is a motto for the courts. our hobby is here now the state of the u.s. labor market good or bad well rather good but not as good as it was before brandon the latest job figures show that the economy only added one hundred three thousand jobs in march that's down sharply from the previous month the numbers are important as they show us just how strong the u.s. economy is despite the weaker jobs growth companies are eager to hire new employees the problem is they're struggling to find qualified workers. atala say last month's modest drop gains may indicate that some u.s. employers are struggling to find and retain workers with the skills they need a u.s. bank survey showed sixty one percent of business owners were experiencing extreme or moderate difficulty finding qualified employees to expand their business the
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federal reserve notes labor shortages could be slowing down growth in the manufacturing transportation and construction sectors u.s. politicians are trying to pass legislation to create more vocational training opportunities in the united states alone we have over by the year two thousand and twenty sesame to over six million jobs that are going to be open and available that we cannot find qualified train workers for after the the tax cuts and reform legislation that we passed into law just just a couple months ago we've seen the growth of new job opportunities now that will be for nothing if we don't have these pathways for individuals to be qualified and trained if american businesses are not able to soon find sufficient workers to fill their needs consumers could see food price increases with workers in short supply and have to wait longer for manufactured products and services. and those could get more expensive to china has called on the european union for
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a joint response to the threat of punitive tariffs by the u.s. amounting to one. hundred billion u.s. dollars beijing announced counter-measures and has accused the us of arrogance and blatant offenses of international trade law the chinese trade minister said on friday that if the u.s. continues down the path of trade protectionism china is ready to go all the way. for more let's now bring in our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange so fishermans q has been following these developments very closely so if you we've seen a crazy week on wall street with ups and downs until now i have the impression that investors don't really want to believe that these terrorists will harm the u.s. economy that somehow change today yeah i think investors i really starting to get nervous looking at all the back and forth and trade policy there are politicians taking yet another stand on the possibility of a trade war almost every day and the market seems to be caught up in this without
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being able to really stand on top of all this with a clear vision friday's losses wiped out again for the week and the dow jones back into the correction territory so it does seem like this is taking a toll on investors here and if you think back it was actually amazing how calm the markets reacted to trade to our concerns in the beginning of the year they simply frak them off but eventually investors are not immune to the daily back and forth between china and the united states which by the way seems to be sounding more and more aggressively over time so it's just moved to come investors just a little too much to stay in the market and adding to the voices is no other than fed chairman jerome powell making some bold statements today what did he have to say. well all and all of your own power has an optimistic
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founding feature and highlighted the strength of the united states economy and its recovery and he also answered questions about the potential of a trade war he said it was too early to say how terrorist imposed by the united states and china might affect growth and inflation but he also stated a potential trade route would have no immediate effect on the fed's plans to continue gradually raising interest rates this year so he will keep following those developments with you thank you very much from the new york stock exchange. that's all from the business desk now expect a grant and one politician seems to be breathing a sigh of relief to try to help a year hungary goes to the polls this weekend in a national election prime minister viktor orban one of europe's loudest opponents of allowing in migrants is seeking a fourth term in power opinion polls show his party has a comfortable lead but hungary's complex electoral system makes the outcome
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difficult to predict. corresponded for even char is in hungary to cover sunday's parliamentary election for us she sent us this report from the capital budapest. hungary for hungary once the slogan mirrors the feeling so many feet as villagers the governing party wallpapered their country to billboards like this. it's been two and a half years now since the station behind me the kelty train station looks like this it was packed to stranded refugees and although hardly any has been granted asylum here in hungary since then it remains the main topic of the governing fitness party. its leader a prime minister of the orbán talks of an invasion by muslims he's complaining that the message hungry first. i want to know are refugees to biggest concern of hungary and voters had of the elections when you was a game i care about the health care system for example it's in ruins i mean clash
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of many migrants wouldn't want to settle down here what's important to me is to make sure fi does doesn't win the selection. of feed their sneering at the end. migrants there are very aggressive especially with women we won't let that happen every hard look we need a young journalist who has another concern. so i thought again with nigeria's most media are controlled by foetus there's lots of propaganda everywhere opposing liberal democratic voices receive less space. choose to be a reporter for the biggest left wing paper. but it was shut down in twenty sixteen officially for economic reasons but former staff says its demise was the work of the government keen to silence a critical voice. in why did i don't see any political party in hungary right now that could start phidippus and opposition parties are not working together. we come
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to the outskirts of would have passed to meet with fittest supporters hungry first resonates well he our. manager of an accountancy firm welcomes us his patriotism is clear for everyone to see he has three kids the family are devout christians i met them back in twenty fifteen when the migration crisis was at its peak what's changed since then. without them when there aren't that many migrants because the policies work to keep them out they're not a work force the culture does not fit with ours and having them here doesn't help public safety because mr sherman and the c.e.o. of murray agree that the issues such as corruption are problems in politics but he says they are nothing new for him the positives of the fittest government outweigh the negatives. we benefit greatly as a big family and years ago utility costs started to decrease that's also good for
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us in. opinion polls but if it is firmly in the lead some in the opposition would consider it a victory if they manage to deprive over two thirds majority in parliament all agree hungary is heading for a fateful election for the speak to the author of that report to our very own for the char she is in hungary's capital budapest and i can even say you funny so mr orbán is strongly pushing an anti margaret message is this the most important issue to voters. brant according to recent polls and they are many of them during the last day have headed up to the actions it's about social issues that seem to matter the most to hungary and social issues the practical issues like a more competitive education system care in hospitals higher pensions or highest salaries but of course that perspective changes
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a little bit according to party preferences if you are likely to vote for the fittest center right government again for the fittest party you're most likely to say that immigration is the most important topic to you social issues coming in second what if you want to walk. left or other government you are most likely to say no it's about higher salaries less corruption and higher pensions for example so the population is very much divided when it comes to what matters most to them and or bun has been consistently ahead in the polls but it seems that the raise may now be tighter than expected so what's happened. it has to be the promise of a cold on himself possibly because he didn't deliver a very fierce speech on march fifteenth and hungary on national holy day where he was speaking about dealing with those people opposing him or dealing with those that are spreading hatred according to him he didn't name anybody is it going to be a critical media or what's left of critical media is it going to be
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a position polities supporters of opposition parties that he's going to deal with nobody really knows but certainly it does have enough fact that people who didn't really want to go on cast a ballot because they thought this is a done deal anyway for the fitness center right government are no more today to actually have to the ballots and cast their vote on sunday and there's a second event actually that's happened and the february that's an independent candidate was running for mayor in who would shout hey which is in the south of hungary i want a very important place full fitness that these candidates actually won and nobody thought that he could win against fetus and very briefly before we run out of time we know that orbán has been on a collision course with the european union what will his reelection or what would it mean for your briefly. not much is going to change brands hungary has been and is going to be on the course that fit us on the course
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do the different vision to change the european union according to most sovereignty for hungry but not just for hungry but also especially for the vision about states czech republic poland slovakia and hungary this is not going to change regardless if it wins by a two thirds majority or just by a simple majority it's all right for me to chair in budapest funny thank you. and after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day fasten your seat belts we'll be right back.
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take it sucking the food consumed. by the slave. people put big dreams on the big screen. playing the movie magazine funding. cripple and his daughter yulia a month ago a chemical weapon attack in britain almost claimed their lives today yulia is talking and her father is no longer in intensive care while they slowly get better the battle to own what happened to them is only getting worse i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. we panic.


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