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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2018 5:02am-5:15am CEST

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washington unveils sanctions on russian businessmen close to vladimir putin as well as companies and government officials the united states says it's to punish moscow for a range of activities including meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections also coming up u.s. jobs growth slows and margin adds to a volatile week for investors washington insists the u.s. economy remains healthy but employers ready to hire are having trouble finding qualified workers. and maybe this could be the solution to get those qualified workers more and more u.s. companies are adopting germany's apprenticeship model it combines hands on training with regular classes or go to georgia to see how it works. it's time for business on the w. and how you know to get us it's good to have you with us we start off with yes collating diplomatic standoff between russia and the west the u.s. has struck at russian president vladimir putin's inner circle imposing the trump
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administration's toughest sanctions yet on a number of officials and all of washington said in the move that it was a response to what it calls russia's meline activity around the world. one of the most striking editions to america's sanctions list is blood in the putin son in law korea. he's vice president of russia's biggest petro chemical company c bore and worth an estimated one point four billion dollars another noteworthy addition as alexei miller he has russia's state owned energy giant gazprom and is a close friend of law. and then there's i have been included in other lists before and despite this we continue our active international work. i think we're working effectively visit many countries. the u.s. has also had a twelve companies to it sanctions list one of the targeted businesses the group
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which makes commercial vehicles it is partly owned by the top oligarch all the pasta who also faces personal sanctions. the west's firm stance off of the poisoning of a former russian spy in england is likely to have triggered to new sanctions. however the u.s. government has been under pressure to react following russia's the last interference in the last us presidential election it's the warfare and its military activity in ukraine and syria. we stay in the us where the latest job figures show that the economy only added one hundred three thousand jobs in march that's down sharply from the previous month the numbers are important as they show us just how strong the u.s. economy is despite the weaker jobs growth companies are eager to hire new employees the problem is they're struggling to find qualified workers. at all was say last month's modest draw games may indicate that some u.s.
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employers are struggling to find and retain workers with the skills they need a u.s. bank survey showed sixty one percent of business owners were experiencing extreme or moderate difficulty finding qualified employees to expand their business the federal reserve notes labor shortages could be slowing down growth in the manufacturing transportation and construction sectors u.s. politicians are trying to pass legislation to create more vocational training opportunities. in the united states alone we have over by the year two thousand and twenty sesame to over six million jobs that are going to be open and available that we cannot find qualified train workers for after the tax cuts and reform legislation that we passed into law just just a couple months ago we've seen the growth of new job opportunities now and will be for nothing if we don't have these pathways for individuals to be qualified and trained if american businesses are not able to soon find sufficient workers to fill
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their needs consumers could see food price increases with workers in short supply and have to wait longer for manufactured products and services. and those products and services could also get more expensive best china has now called on the european union for a joint response to the threat of punitive tariffs by the u.s. amounting to one hundred billion u.s. dollars beijing announced counter measures and has accused the us of arrogance and blatant offenses to the international trade law the chinese trade minister said on friday that if the u.s. continues down the path of trade protectionism china is ready to go all the way for more let's now bring in our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange sophie who has been following these developments very closely so few whiffs seen a crazy week on wall street with ups and downs until now i have the impression that investors don't really want to believe that these terrorists will harm the u.s. economy that that somehow changed today. yeah i think investors are really
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starting to get nervous looking at all the back and forth and trade policy there our politicians taking yet another stance on the possibility of a trade war almost every day and the market seems to be caught up in this without being able to really stand on top of all this with a clear vision friday's losses wiped out again for the weekend that out jones saying backed into a correction territory so it does seem like this is taking a toll on investors here and if you think back it was actually amazing how calm the markets reacted to trade to our concerns in the beginning of the year they simply frak them off but eventually investors are not immune to the daily back and forth between china and the united states which by the way seems to be sounding more and more aggressively over time so it's just moved some investors just a little too much to stay in the market it seems and adding to the voices is no
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other than chairman jerome powell making some bold statements today what did he have to say well all in all on her own power has an optimistic sounding speech and highlighted the strength of the united states economy and its recovery and he also answered questions about the potential of a trade war he said it was too early to say how tariffs imposed by the united states and china might affect growth and inflation but he also stated a potential trade route would have no immediate effect on the fed's plans to continue gradually raising interest rates is here so fishermans he will keep following those developments with you thank you very much from the new york stock exchange. now the u.s. might be seeking a trade war but international cooperation is still up and running take the german american skills initiative for example the program is trying to introduce germany's
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well established system of dual education to the united states the concept combines classroom learning with hands on vocational training the german american chambres of commerce started the cooperation with the u.s. and german governments three years ago and as our correspondent reports from the southern us state of georgia the initiative is becoming increasingly popular. it's seven in the morning and colin mckeon is already at work the seventeen year old is training as an industrial mechanic at e.g. oh it's an american tech from union you had lent producing components for household appliances coats three year apprenticeship is based on the german educational model and he even gets paid enough in the us where apprenticeships are often unpaid provide only basic training and have a bad reputation but cold believes this program is a gateway to success to stephanie just me a jump start you know getting ahead of the ball and everybody else because i'll be
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having an associate degree the same time as people just have a high school diploma e.g. o. is only one of twenty eight businesses and join john that have joined forces to create their own pool of highly skilled workers for them embracing the job an apprenticeship model means addressing one of the biggest problems in u.s. manufacturing we cannot find workers out there that have the basic skills as an industrial mechanic a machinist electrician any of the true vocational trades that we used to create in america forty fifty years ago the german system is is a really good example one model to follow the apprenticeship you have in germany one hundred years old gives us exactly the programs that we need to create that work for. the german system combines hands on training and classroom learning same here colin mckeon spends half of his day at union center education center which brings together schools colleges and companies we're seeing
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a tremendous growth in the skill set of these young people we hear it from our employers we're seeing growth in our employers they're getting trained mentors who have a skill set that perhaps they didn't have before to teach young people how to get ready for the jobs of the future in the. three supports comes from the german american chamber of commerce in atlanta which certifies that all trainings are implemented according to german standards those standards are tough but the month is still high there's great interest from companies here in the united states but also other foreign companies and the united states the german company is always on the forefront advocating these programmes and then the others fall the importance of skilled labor has also been recognised in the world of politics georgia's legislature even changed a number of laws to accommodate the german model pushed forward by the state's
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lieutenant governor. i want to be able to expand this all. and i also want to expand it in terms of not just simply in more locations but also being able to expand in different different types of degree programs back in you know in codes long day is coming to and it's parents are happy with their son's career choice i love the opportunity they have gave him to get ahead on his career and job and they have the chance to work and learn everything that he's able to learn and actually still be and have the same time i think that it's a great opportunity for kids and if all goes according to plan called mckeon is looking at a bright future. that was a business thank you for watching we'll see you next time or whenever you want to buy.
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koofi. give starlight we get. we get i think raise other all extremely weak compared to the
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sunshine. so in a practical sense the sun is the only choice for long term energy supply. well surely more scientific discoveries and more engineering are required to enable the basic technologies to be cheap enough a lot of the electrical energy we produce is lost in the wire between the generator and the house so if we could make superconducting wires out that would be a wonderful way to transport energy from one place to another so let's make those investments now so that we all know things that we need to own when the time comes . for. flocks. top of islamism is bangladesh on the brink of civil war we are scared we are very
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scared we have to stay and it will be a good fight for this fight against it are. torn by domestic power struggles and the influence of islamist extremists. the country's democratic institutions now face a serious threat to the dom we call for the rule of law of islam and violence dominates the headlines if this continues of assured me it is not. bangladesh but of islam as a starting april twenty first on t w.


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