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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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people are dead and fourteen others are injured after a bus crash in girls a scotch one province near the town of tos dale a truck hit the bus carrying a junior ice hockey team the teen has put out a statement calling the incident an incredible tragedy but the funeral has been held for a palestinian journalist killed while covering mass protests on the border between gaza and israel the camera man was shot despite wearing a press jacket he is one of more than twenty killed this week after being fired upon by by israeli security forces there. and a monitoring group says that syria's military is gaining territory around the last opposition holdout in eastern guta near the capital damascus reports say that government airstrikes have killed dozens of civilians since a truce collapsed on friday moscow has promised a tough response to new u.s. sanctions imposed on several russian officials washington has frozen the assets of companies and oligarchs close to russian president vladimir putin the u.s.
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says that it was responding to what it called russia's malign activity around the world. elsewhere former catalan president carlos push demand says that he plans to live in berlin while the courts consider a spanish extradition request against him he was speaking at a news conference here in the german capital a day after being freed on bail from a prison in northern germany a state court there refused to send him back to spain to face charges of rebellion but the court may greta extradite him on the lesser charge of misuse of funds. and correspondent charlotte charleston pill was at the press conference in berlin and have this to say. use the press conference to say very clearly that he respects the gemini legal process he said that he plans to stay in gemini as is legally required but specifically he plans to stay in lynn while the legal process
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here plays out he said off that he plans to return to belgium where he's been in exile since late last year now he said he wants to use his time here and by then to do what he's been doing up until now which is defend what he says is a legitimate independence movement let's have a have a quick listen. do you think the rest of the german or no other country made me believe that we would do is to return to belgium where the case i started once last year there were by the orders of the old blues fans like you to see that it was lucky just. to show. you some of the consequences of the breach but you. travel around europe to explain what's happening what's going on i want you to speak. how he plans on defending the rights of the catalans that he says that he is representing is as yet unclear he said in that press
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conference that he has no immediate plans to meet german politicians but i think one thing is fact he said and this is not the last time that we'll see him on in a media event here and by then and that was charlotte hill a short while ago in berlin meantime let's get you the very latest on our breaking news this hour a driver has plowed into a crowd of people in the german city of one star the interior ministry says that the death toll is now four people including the driver who killed himself after the collision the number of injured stands at twenty police are investigating at the scene and have told the public to stay away while they do so. so here's what we know so far about the incident we know that four people at this hour are dead after this van plunged into a crowd in the north west german city of munster this afternoon around twenty people injured in the incident it happened in the historic center of the city authorities have confirmed that the driver is also dead have been taking his own
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life and a spokesperson for the local police share the details on the investigation and the possible suspects as the soil witnesses and clues have indicated that further suspects possibly fled from the vehicle the investigation is ongoing but there is no concrete evidence for. and for more let's bring in gary hart and hans brandt who are joining us here in the studio for more on that and that's quite interesting what we just heard there from the police spokesperson hans because you know as we've been talking about it so far it has seen as if there was only one suspect but now we might be talking about more people there has been some room. since the incident happened for the last couple of hours or so. and this is the first time that the police have actually confirmed that they are investigating such witness reports it's very difficult to say you have to imagine that this is a situation where drives into a number of people sitting outside
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a restaurant everyone jumps up presumably and tries to get in or get to safety and if some witnesses then have the impression that some of the people running around might have ended up at the scene inside the van might be fleeing from the van it's very difficult to to have an overview of such a situation in such a panic panic case so i think we have to be careful with this this kind of contradicts recent reports from various media sources that seem to suggest that the perpetrator was is a person of german origin who is mentally disturbed if that is the case it's not very doesn't seem very likely that he have had associates that committed such an attack together with him but obviously we are on in an area of speculation here we have to be very careful about taking any of this for fact until it has officially confirmed absolutely especially if it's officially confirmed by the authorities
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we're looking at a scene there you see you see some of the police there and once are we can see that they have cordoned off the area as we mentioned earlier they've also released on social media that they do not want people to go to that area that they're you know investigation is currently underway there and they're also asking people not to post anything online out of respect for. you know the potential victims here and people who might be injured out of respect for their privacy so you know we have two very big questions here you know was this an accident or was it intentional i mean that really goes to to the motive behind this individual or individuals you know and was this person alone and care for tell us a little bit more about you know this area in particular when you think about this area what do you think about well it's a piece for this story part of the city of men's munster actually over there here in the studio when we come back to the studio we have a scene. of
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a picture of how it would have looked today that particular restaurant where people would be sitting in the sun. milling about but what you said earlier. on with hans here that it doesn't there might be eyewitnesses who described maybe people running away from the scene that could have been people who actually fled to the scene and not necessarily be. part of the time so. be very careful right now about that theory i think that the reports that are coming in about a single german psychologically disturbed man who's behind this attack is the most credible that we have so far and yeah i think that. we'll have to just wait to find it's not fact until it's fact ultimately and we've seen before in the case of incidents like this you know rumors swirl and the police have
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even released a statement on social media earlier on twitter saying you know cautioning people not to believe anything until they hear it directly from the authorities so hence you know speaking of those authorities because as we can see there right now in munster the sun just beginning to set it was such a lovely day here in germany this sun shining bright. what are these authorities now looking at well at the moment obviously the first thing to do in such a situation is to make sure that nobody else is in danger so a crime scene or the scene of this incident gets evacuated as quickly as possible and then they will investigate the van itself they're in fact have said that they found some sort of suspicious object in this valley and possibly something i imagine that could be explosive or in some other sense dangerous poisonous food. so they have made a very large perimeter of a security zone around the actual incident and these kind of investigations do take
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time even as a policeman you cannot just go up to such a truck and. go around with things to put it to you. as simple in a simple manner you have to be very careful about what you do there you also have to be careful not to destroy possible evidence that might be in such a truck things like fingerprints or d.n.a. salsas or whatever so it's something that does take time so we simply have to wait while the police investigate and try to. refrain from speculating too far going too far away from what the police has confirmed but this is something that the authorities presumably have been preparing for because of course this brings up memories here in germany very much top of mind is the incident you know back in twenty sixteen the christmas market attack and right plots here in berlin where we do know that that was indeed intentional we do not know that yet about this incident but but surely the authorities would have been preparing for something but
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i think you can say in this incident it was intentional but i think you cannot say that there was a political motive behind it i think they are talking the police are talking about a paper tiger who has taken his own life after doing this so i think you can be certain that it was intentional what the motivation behind it was we do not get. as far as a bright situation was concerned chris. this time two thousand and sixteen about a year and a few months ago in that situation too there were a number of strange news that came out immediately after the incident in that case it was a very large forty ton truck that was driven. into a christmas market crowded with people there were lots of stores set up there were lots of people enjoying some sort of christmas fad in there or doing a little bit of christmas shopping it was a very very serious incident the worst that germany has seen in many many years and then at the initially there was speculation that the perpetrator had been caught
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there were very. credible reports that the police in fact had a rest of the suspect it turned out that in fact they had arrested somebody that this was an. incorrect a race that the person that was arrested was not the perpetrator so it's very very difficult in a developing situation like that to know what is true and what is not and what the import of certain news that might even be true is in the situation i also remember there was an incident earlier in two thousand and sixteen in munich where somebody ran amok in munich and started shooting people there too for many many hours after the incident there were confirmed rumors by the police that two other perpetrators were looked for the two other people who were possibly. and on the streets that turned out to be incorrect so we have to be very careful about what exactly is unconfirmed and what is confirmed. ok and we have i understand now from from my
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producer my director i believe that we have a resident of munster to talk with us a little bit more about you know the city the scene in the city today joining us on the phone and sara if you can hear me where phoning you now from from berlin perhaps you can tell us a little bit about what it was like today in there in the city. yes good evening my name is peter i'm calling from inside living a little bit outside of the central. city was about three hundred thousand people here and very very old tall and fifty thousand students and it was the first day of the year when it was really really good weather so it was about twenty three twenty four degrees in the afternoon. many many people were in the city and so this place where this all happened directly in the old town let's
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say it's a really really busy place. tell us a little bit more about this area peter if you will you know where this alleged attack took place. well you must it must be that there is a lot of. the little inner ring. around the old tone where it's just a few meters to the city center and a lot of old churches coffees and many people are making that point because it's. too famous restaurant for all the tourists and. it's really a lovely place and exactly that happens. can you tell us what you've heard about the incident and how you got that information. well the garden as i told. them is the north and the suburbs let's say and. we heard the helicopter flying and
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police. marching horns and lot of traffic coming up and then it was in the news with the internet on the radio and the broadcast of that something had happened. and then it came prepared piece with what executed so that we got if you peter we we've been talking a lot with our correspondent you know here about the memories of the bright child tat attack in twenty sixteen in berlin you know where a vehicle was weaponized and used to kill people and we're just wondering you know there in munster are there generally any security measures in place in the center of the city where this happened and has that changed over you know the past years. well i mean in this specific day i don't really think so when there are big. city parties. and things like this they are placing trucks in front of all
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of the drive ins to make sure that non-us the no big trucks can hold because can enter but basically this is the. street where supply is that there are many many shops which we need to get reached every day so you cannot you cannot secure ever see because it's a public road and good for that to support is it the type of road where a vehicle could have picked up a bit of speed there. not really because it did it going from the from the north of little bit down here that says to some very narrow couple of stone streets which is was a small road let's say you of course can speed up and drive there was it was with speed in yes of course you can't but not this fast but you can drive fast yes of course peter did you ever imagine that some.


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