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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2018 12:30am-1:00am CEST

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some things turned out to. marriage genital mutilation humiliation. so i know well so now we rebalance. the written word to stand up for women's rights . now while inside our we force a future starting. w. o n a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven now right wing populist are setting the agenda in many european countries there and see migration and see islam and and see you one of the leaders is viktor orbán the garion prime minister has been on the campaign trail for parliamentary elections but he's faced more resistance than expected from an opposition that wants to keep hungary in the
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european union and that accuses all band of corruption nepotism and abuse of office . but one thing is certain hungary is a bitterly divided society and to find out just how divided our reporter paul taught sec visited the controversial fence along the country's southern border with serbia including two small hungary and villages located there are the two communities are only thirty kilometers away from each other but as we find out now they're worlds apart. barbed wire as far as the eye can see this is cool because i'm on the hungary and the serbian border mayor robot manara wants to show us how the so-called anti migrant fence has affected his community but the border police don't want us here. why do you have permission to film you know but we do have press freedom.
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the border guard wants to check our papers. but don't get too close it's got military current. finally they let us film. the market that way and i mean what i don't want to live in a country that allows things like this because of that i don't want that for my children are going nowhere that we may end up as refugees ourselves one day short freedom of the press is under attack that the entire system is corrupt. the fifteen hundred people who live in molnar spillage can sense that. most of the residents are farmers or craftsman. the village gets hardly any financial support from the government the mayor says that last year that support amounted to a whopping four europe's. still that hasn't stopped
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molnar from criticizing the country's far right populist government e.u. flags fly prominently in the village as a sign of protest. still going on with that operation i think it's essential for him great to be part of europe when you shouldn't play one side against the other i think it's disgraceful that people are creating negative stereotypes and trying to turn that into political capital or you were lucky allan a. mall nar is referring to a fellow mayor thirty kilometers up the road in the town of morata lawn. there are a number of newly renovated monuments here and lots of new construction including the city hall building but we don't see any edu flags here. mayor zoltan no grotty is a member of prime minister viktor orban feeder's party no ground he supports the
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government and he and his town have certainly done well because of it. you know the little communities that don't get government support should take a long hard look at ourselves it's all about reciprocity if a mayor gives the government a hard time for the government will do the same to him. here's something that the nationalists in budapest certainly like it's the many hungry park which features architectural highlights from the old astro hungary and empire in miniature. as i. did not like that or so this shows greater hungary that the only buildings that you see here are those that once stood in this historic region and i mean why that was that was that then. quote that. the town's efforts to glorify hungary's past have brought in a lot of government funding. that includes money for new street light the
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contract went to a company called illegals which just happens to belong to the prime minister's son in law the european anti fraud office found a number of irregularities in contracts that were awarded to any us. does that go their way into the application process was carried out through the proper channels if the contract was awarded to any of us i didn't take a look at the details to cater to here. but robert monarch is not at all surprised by the allegations of contract irregularities and what your court might have on the what the hug area where government deals with people in a three way that they buy them off. why they smear them at the planet and they will like it or they'll shut them up in your neck or lock it. that evening monarch returns to the border he believes that this fence is not only dividing hungary from
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europe it is dividing hungry itself. well it's an open secret in montenegro gender tests on unborn children are widespread in the small balkan republic the reason is that girls are often unwanted in a society that still believes that a man is not a man until he has a son as a result many women come under massive pressure to have abortions if they're expecting a daughter focus on europe met up with a local journalist who's been reporting on this disturbing story. journalists that linus levy of has spent months searching for this woman she convinced her to tell her story publicly even if it meant not showing her face it's about a tradition in montenegro they like to keep quiet the abortion of female fetuses.
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and they viewed as i see the pressure put on our women every day i can't tolerate it anymore and i don't want to. it has to stop. and spread lana is a reporter for montenegrin t.v. and has been fighting what's known as female selective abortions for many years hardly anyone has been willing to speak about it on camera yes it's a little anecdote i was really scared about having a girl because the decision to have another child would only be out of hope for a boy otherwise i wouldn't want to have another child the example that's what it is that. this practice is also common in parts of asia where male children are valued over female but montenegro wants to become part of the e.u. these really e.u. values are small balkan country lines between croatia and albania on the adriatic sea its longstanding tradition has been on the rise again in rural areas it's
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a patriarchal society and a man without a son isn't considered a real man. portability it's a matter of tradition we montenegrins are a people of warriors who have to defend themselves against the turks. the families need a lot of men to protect them. in montenegro the greatest joy is having a son so he can carry on the name and be an heir to his father living there with. more sons equal more prestige as village is mainly muslim but the practice is just as common in christian orthodox areas there's enormous pressure on women it's considered normal am i would rather not say whether she has had an abortion. but i'm here to talk about i know dozens of women who test the sex of the embryo at the start of their pregnancy and if the third or fourth child is another girl they
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have an abortion sometimes up to five times. a few years ago i am a underwent an invasive procedure in which cells were extracted to determine the sex of the fetus but it caused damage some now nine years old has health problems and other reason we aren't allowed to film him. them talk. it was only after the birth that i found out many children of mothers who have this test are born with a pretty severe abnormality portaging to micah belongings pulang. abortion is completely legal up to the twelfth week in montenegro just like in most western european countries but the decision to abort embryos based on their sakes is considered an abuse of medical information spread lana takes us to the hospital and better on earth a small town in eastern montenegro and ecologists is often confronted with women
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who only want boys. i had a patient recently who already had four girls she was in tears telling me her husband had given her an ultimatum either she has a boy or he'd leave her. now officially there are one thousand five hundred abortions per year in montenegro but dr ballard says the real figure is much higher gas is closer to twenty thousand many of them happen illegally in private clinics and often because the parents are desperate for a boy reliable figures don't exist. getting on this now or it's now common for women to go to these private clinics they have a simple pain free test and then decide whether or not to abort just like they're at the market choosing whether to buy apples or pears almost completely without emotion like them over time these abortions cause shifts in the population structure in some villages in montenegro there's
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a surplus of men and the trend is likely to continue as a t.v. journalist with her daughter spread lana carries out educational work and there has been some success a congress of the ministry of health aims to better inform the country's rural doctors. as. the affected women can't address this problem in public because they would expose their families and that's why i have to do this. spread lana faces strong opposition doctors laboratories in private clinics earn good money testing the sex of embryos one test costs some to six hundred euro bad even poor families scrape it together says after all men are considered the only ones who can continue the family line. and i should add that women's organizations in montenegro have been stepping up the pressure on the government in their campaign against illegal prenatal gender tests and sex selective abortions
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well on a very different note it's less than a year away now brags it the official exit of the united kingdom from but european union some people though still believe that the withdrawal can be avoided but support for briggs it is largely holding up and it looks as if nothing less than a superhuman effort would be required to persuade the great british public to change course and that is where a pro european super hero comes in meet a new super go. self-proclaimed e.u. supergirl met lee mackay he is here to make some noise outside the houses of parliament in london arch enemy is breaks it breaks it was a non-issue for me i didn't think it was going to happen so when i woke up on the twenty fourth of june and i was like whoa how come so many people think this is a good idea. the shock was so great she decided to give up her studies now
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she's a full time activist for europe. the e.u. is about love and peace and tolerance and these are values that we should celebrate . even a sporting injury won't deter supergirl she thinks the future of her country is in danger we didn't know what breaks it means. you know there wasn't a manifesto and. until we get the final deal and we see what the reality of bracks is and how that matches up to what was promised people still don't know what they voted for post about the. we want to start back sir there are a lot of people that just don't. think we've got to make them care so i might go try graps. go to their account leave a new e.u. supporters than opponents but it's a narrow lead slight change not a big one because people haven't really been thinking about this but i think you
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know as we get closer when we get through the summer i get to tell you about people will be thinking about and seeing the risks yes of even us the country is divided but. most of the pro breaks it has are of the older generation. we could survive without the you. being a very expensive project had a failed was about to you think a second referendum is not really what we know you know you hate here it's like a football result you didn't like the result will turn the thing the people have made their vote not sure this is. think through it. but a supergirl doesn't give up so easily her message is well received by young people have they told your brother marching on the if we can make me big enough to be worth stopping if we can we want to stay on record saying that it's going to be terrible. madelene up wants a second referendum on britain's e.u.
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membership but even her fellow brits and opponents on sure. defeat to say we're overturning right. these people who voted for pressure already have a genuine distrust in the system they don't believe it's working for them they're going to be angry anyway even if you know if it happens and they don't and they don't see an improvement in the quality of life i think there's going to be anger and resentment whatever. exhausted but happy with seventy signatures it's been a success. a lot of people social media will say to me you know like i give them hope and inspiration through my all my music and sort of gives them drives that they need to carry on. in a country that is so divided over bricks that magdalena k. might really need some kind of super power to make her dream of staying in the e.u.
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a reality. they just. believe they just. say hey nancy. now moscow generates mountains of urban waste and much of it some three hundred truckloads every day and up in a giant landfill some two hours' drive south of the russian capital in the small town of columb the locals say it's having a devastating impact on their environment and their health and they've decided to fight back in what's being called a trash uprising among the activists is a young barber called rena who's risking a prison sentence in her battle for fresh. from dawn till dusk since last autumn up to three hundred trucks a day arrive at this garbage dump in the city of colombia about one hundred kilometers southeast of moscow the snow covered piles of refuse contain street tar batteries paint cans and car tires. a lot of local residents say the situation is
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out of control and they're worried iran is american now has put together a group that's trying to limit the environmental damage. thank you mustn't your longer you quit if you come to. the floor by a good afternoon and hang out emergency architect as a flick to upload it beginning with the. uplifted in a thousand sort of anything is a by city hold a philosophy here good does not need imo an a for the. you have a disc that's off the bottom if only done it on civilian times the bottle it's the way the residents don't get much help from local politicians the garbage dump is a major source of pollution and poses a serious health threat but russians know that it's difficult to try to fight the authorities. irina and her family live in this two room
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apartment she hasn't had much time for her family recently because she's been working with her protest group. i remember mother helps out. i'm doing all this for my family and especially for my daughter we bought this apartment because there's a nice view of the fields and the air is clean. but now they're trying to take that away from us. this is just a loss but it was a valid figurine it is concerned that the garbage dump will keep growing it's easier for moscow to dump its refuse here than to deal with it there. these are the offices of the local officials the people of cologne are not allowed to choose their mayor the current administrator was appointed in twenty sixteen by the regional governor or put up with the garbage disposal issue has been exaggerated
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and politicized by a local group remembered what with their trying to influence the opinions of local residents in a negative way and we simply can't allow that in fact we won't allow it. from up with it in more than in europe of. a few days later more than a thousand people protested the expansion of the garbage dump. when you think of all your thirty's in moscow make the decisions we try to tell them about this matter but they won't listen. it's like you're sitting at home and one of your neighbors drops off a load of garbage and there's nothing you can do about it. and what you want to do is go yeah it there be a certain manner that you have to complain and write to them and say that we're not going to put up with this here the email addresses of all the city officials is so obsessive it artists and. i deliver we don't want moscow's garbage here. it's just what is the time going to be like in the summer it's just three
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kilometers away the garbage trucks come and go all day it's awful source material in the larger puzzle of the of the demonstration breaks up after about three hours a number of people had addressed the crowd some residents brought friends and family members including children. afterward the protest organizers meet relieved that the police didn't turn up to a rest of the demonstrators. in the order that there were a lot of people we collected signatures on a petition aimed at blocking the expansion of the garbage down the police even supported us i thought it all went quite well good of. the mayor has now agreed to meet with the arena and other members of the group but the activists promise they will continue their fight really. the fact is though the trash conflicts in colombia is far from resolved on the contrary our moscow correspondent told me that tensions are on the rise there and indeed all over
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russia now i'm sure you know the feeling you're looking for someone to mend your dripping tap to walk your dog or perhaps to clean your windows well in the french capital paris help might be near at hand that it's not so much about turning a profit it's creating a sense of community giving work to people in the neighborhood getting problem solved in the nicest possible way. sam powell is one of the oldest unlikeliest districts in paris here in the middle of the hours to credit market a quarter of new business concept was born it's a coordination center for ob jobs and you can make a booking at this kiosk the company's called lulu dar marvel or lulu on my street and the odd job is a cord loose. and that is most people need help with renovation work domestic chores moving transport anything that requires manual labor at the. south she is one of the lose he
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usually brings his weekly suitcase and always has his tools he makes a quick stop at the kiosk so he can discuss his appointments with the concierge lucio who works here six days a week so. i have to drop by the kiosk between jobs if i have a bit of time which doesn't happen often. i come to say hello to the concierge. this is searchers six job today he's actually a computer scientist but he can also do a lot more skilled handiwork electrical work drilling and carpentry being a lulu means he's an independent contractor and he makes good money. martin martin martin how are you is the first floor right ok they've got a trick it's not his first time here he's worked for martine we fall.
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i was looking for someone who could help me do renovation work all someone quick inexpensive and efficient. that share if you guess she's had good experiences with sash martine is retired and has to watch her pennies she wants to rent out there's room and sash is the one to fix it up. who did the electrical. work here. an electrician from this neighborhood. an electrician you sure something's definitely wrong here he says gets to work but martine is worried she's thinking about how much this will cost she pays thirty euros an hour reasonable by paris standards but quickly solves the problem and finishes the electrical work. well. you see but just the image of the set up of all the members. i did well for this year
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it turns me a good living it's a tricky also organizes the assignments and billing so i can just concentrate on doing the job because of it well i think. everyone seems to benefit from this concept students the unemployed the fully employed. lose who wash windows are in demand in the quarter. as i lose who walked off. the next day and the chaos cancer twenty one percent cut of what the loser that it was for that's the concierge's manager and coordinate the jobs. and are always available to take care of the situation if something goes wrong. i'm sad you mean only that yeah well that does happen but we're there if things don't work out we try to make things right if
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you. don't think is wrong. everyone's invited to drop by the chaos case chilly evening for drinks and snacks people meets can get to know each other. but really i know this place well you know i'm a luke and have been from the start. but i just became a little it didn't take long to go. of all sunni areas starts to fill up. so you're surrounded by good people lou it's like a family for us. the place is how they celebrate together once a month the company now has three hundred fifty lose in the city the business concept is continuing to grow and not just here in the heart of paris. the print all of that reminds me of my model functioning oh how i wish we had
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something like luke in my street. thanks very much for joining us but until next time it's five by. the but. the but. the been. playing. the game play. the.
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odds because of. the be. in the heart of europe. turned into an agricultural wasteland. biodiversity is being replaced by monoculture. shallow yemeni. remains responsible and can't be stopped.
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the big news on this message is let's see the unsub the british kind. side by the body. mum let me play put big dreams on the big screen the b magazine on the. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. googling to tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like deals the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. interactive content to inspire people to take action google audience the series of global three thousand on t.w. and online.
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stuff i'm still going to read. which one for you also. sits in before. it's in. one room and it's also an. escape out of the war. two steamy. most. going. for. in common. i even. tried to be on it seems also.
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to. visit. night saddles on a still means that stacy as after a van driver plowed into a crowd of men stirred killing two people and injuring dozens more he took his own life shortly after the attack using local media to speculate about his mental health officials say there was no instruments mostly of involved.


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