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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin choked to death as they cowered in basements rebels in duma in eastern guta say more than forty people have been killed in a chemical attack syria and its allies claim is a fabrication but the u.s. warns damascus there will be a quote big price to pay. police in the german city of munster scramble to understand why a man drove a van into a crowd killing two people authorities say there's no evidence of an islamist connection but they're investigating all other possibilities. and only
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closes in hungary's general election prime minister viktor or palin is expected to secure a third term after running a populist anti migration campaign we'll go live to budapest for the latest. on michelle henery welcome to the show u.s. president donald trump has said syrian president bashar al assad will have a big price to pay for launching a deadly chemical weapons attack on civilians trumps comments on twitter come after rebels in medics alleged that dozens of people died in a suspected chemical attack in eastern guta aid organizations say at least one bomb filled with poisonous chemicals was dropped on to him on the last major rebel stronghold near the capital. mask the syrian regime and its ally russia so the
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allegations are fabrication. let's bring in middle east correspondent on channel bora who is standing by in beirut high on shaul what more can you tell us about the situation in duma. well what i've just heard there for short while ago on the ground there were connected to that level of if not more . dominant that some sort of an agreement but i have now come about we don't want to have to wait for a definite final confirmation which may come tonight all come tomorrow but just a short while ago i'm getting the money. and that reminded me that i have a van that you finally just stumbled on in the rebel. north of here they are having some effect on from their statement at the mouth of the record at the law but it may also think that that. and the touching on donald
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trump's statement saying that syrian president bashar al assad will have a quote big price to pay that and the french government has also threatened a response i think we may have we may have lost on show on the line we hope to come back to her later u.s. president donald trump threatens a big price in response to this alleged chemical weapons attack we asked washington correspondent claire purchase and what that could possibly mean. it's possible trump could pursue military strikes to try and punish the outside regime. like he did about a year ago when he carried out military strikes on an airbase that followed a another chemical weapons attack by the syrian government and so that was the united states first in direct military action against syria and we could very well see him do that again or you could do nothing beyond criticizing the government as we've seen so the white house homeland security adviser said this week that all
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options aren't are on the table nothing should be taken off so this point i think it seems that anything is possible. police in the german city of munster are trying to establish the reason why a man crashed his van into a crowd outside a busy restaurant in the historic center of the city two people were killed and dozens more injured germany's interior minister has called the attack a cowardly and brutal crime. people pay their respects to the did and injured on the streets of munster. yeah it's still incomprehensible i'm very glad that nothing happened to a daughter who is very close to where it happened. it's been slow i'm relieved i'm sirleaf that it wasn't a terror attack and i'm saying this with a clear conscience in such a situation one could never say that it is good or bad but i'm relieved it was something different because. jim an interior minister a host z.
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holds for a visit to the scientists sunday. should be annoyed to. minister to convey the sort of dirty and condolences of the entire government especially that of the german chancellor angela merkel. in space on the consulate. the moment carnage hit the historic heart of the city a forty eight year old plowed a van into a group of diners sitting outside a popular restaurant a fifty one year old woman and a sixty five year old man were killed and around twenty others were injured in a incident the driver of the van shot and killed himself shortly afterwards local media said the driver was a german man suffering from mental problems he was also known to police. is the perpetrator was known to police we have had three criminal proceedings against him in minster and one in nearby and back.
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out of mind said the dr has run ins with the law with threats property damage fraud and leaving the scene of an accident but that all charges have been dismissed because mr in my view and from what we know so far and we need to stress again and again that we are at the beginning of our investigation we can only tell you that at the moment we have no indications that there is a political background or that other perpetrators were involved. he says police continue to investigate the man's motives the attack is a painful reminder of the deadly trend of vehicles being used as weapons. for more on the aftermath of this deadly crash did talk to you correspondent daniel cope joins us now from the city of munster daniel what's the latest on the investigation . yeah let me tell you actually just for
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a little moment where we are at the moment i'm standing in front of the church of the dome here where the church service will be taking place in about thirty minutes while we're waiting we are also getting now more details already earlier the police here and stated that they believe that what happened yesterday was in no way related to terror on also not politically motivated and now we are getting information that police authorities found a letter apparently ninety two pages long that was sent out to different people to relatives also to some friends but also just to random people here in the city and a letter the suspect described a very difficult life that he apparently had a very difficult child who had problems with his parents an operation that in the past didn't go well and we are also getting word this has not yet been confirmed
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that pull that the police authorities were already by the end of march looking for the suspect since there were thinking that he might be planning suicide. so he's expressed several grievances in this letter but we can see behind you that several people are heading into that church for the upcoming vigil that you mentioned can you tell us what is the atmosphere like today how the residents reacted. yeah let me just step away for a little moment you can see dozens hundreds of people at the moment here coming to the cathedral. i can really tell you that this is a city that is still really under shock i have been at this place pretty much all day where all this happened yesterday at three thirty pm i saw many people coming bringing flowers bringing cards some with tears in their eyes we also learned that
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the victim a man and a woman fifty nine and sixty one years old one of them from the states here of north rhine-westphalia the other from the state of lower saxony and at this point we also know that they are still people in the hospital right now fighting for their lives with still very serious conditions. so as the people of munster are trying to come to terms with this inexplicable violence can you tell us what the politicians there have been saying. yeah a little bit earlier today we had visits from the german interior minister aziz wolf and also hear from the president of the federal state of north rhine-westphalia they have both expressed their sorrow they are saying they were saying that they're praying for the victims in fact i have the feeling that mostly the president of the state here was really touched he said that there's going to be an in-depth investigation they really want to know what happened and yes there are
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still so many question marks because apparently that's also what we are learning police authorities found in the apartment off the suspect. gas bottles and also petrol also this machine gun that apparently did not work anymore but there is the question if maybe he was even thinking about something even bigger. koeppen one monster thank you for keeping us updated on this developing story. there's a sense of heightened security around germany today police in berlin have reportedly foiled a knife attack at berlin's half-marathon police confirmed they detained several men who may have been planning to attack spectators and participants in the race. now just some of the other stories making news around the world christian sewing is expected to take over as c.e.o.
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of germany's biggest lender deutsche bank so an already heads up gorgeous private and commercial divisions it's hoped will be able to reverse three years of losses the bank's current boss john cry and has been criticized for failing to revive the bank securities trading business. france's rail network is suffering major disruption once again a third of rail workers walked off the job on sunday in protest against the government's plan to overhaul of the state run rail system the strikes are part of an ongoing dispute set to last for three months. in new york one person died and four firefighters were injured in a blaze on the fiftieth floor of trump tower official said the fire in the us president's signature building was quickly put out the victim was a milk resident of the building who died after being taken to the hospital. polls have just closed in hungary's parliamentarian elections with gloom their results
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expected in the coming hours officials say that high turnout has meant long lines and anyone still waiting at polling stations will be allowed to vote the ballot is expected to give prime minister viktor orban a third term in power with his right wing fidesz party having polled strongly ahead of its rivals going into today's vote but experts say the high turnout could shake up hungary's political landscape and boost the country's opposition parties. now you're up to date. with what's happening in hungary and we hope to go live to the polls a bit later on but with the door upon likely to secure a third term in office let's take a look at the man who once called the most dangerous man in the e.u.
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. he's been called a strongman a bully and even a dictator his supporters see him as a defender against waves of invading migrants and meddling in you he may be divisive but viktor orbán is poised not only to win hungary's elections but to strengthen his power. born and raised in western hungary or of and was one of the founding members of fetus in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight a right wing party that staunchly opposed the communist regime party support remained low until nine hundred ninety eight when they formed a coalition with other right and center right parties that year he just won the parliamentary elections with forty two percent of the vote at age thirty five became the country's second youngest prime minister. he immediately set about centralizing control he replaced the heads of key institutions with partisan figures and tried to shut down the country's public broadcaster. at the same time
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he cut taxes the economy grew hungry also join nato despite. orbán fell out of power after she just lost seats in the two thousand and two elections through the next eight years he slowly built support back up becoming prime minister a first second time in two thousand and ten. cents coming back into office or about has swung even further to the right he now trumpets a populist an extremely conservative message and is often compared to the far right national front in france the authoritarian russia do one in turkey and russia's vladimir putin. well they exacerbated by this twenty fifteen migration crisis our bond has grown increasingly euro skeptic he's taken a hard line against immigrants and refugees even ordering hungary's borders closed and physical barriers erected school textbooks now trumpet his anti immigration policy hungary first and deporting migrants have become central messages of his
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campaign. thanks for watching to news. they make a commitment. they find solutions. are. for . stories for both people making a difference being the nation.


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