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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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you're up to date now i'm going to be a news i'm sarah kelly and berlin thank you so much for joining us. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word emerged and you can. recoat is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free shots for d w z e learning course nico speak german made easy. unimpeded access to education and knowledge and the same opportunities for everyone. a central goal of the global
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community but what's the reality on the ground in education for all the w's multimedia special remakes personal stories and highlights extraordinary projects the world over fine don't more on the internet g.w. dot com education for all. the to do. so three years of lost is germany's top lead. on you tube will the new man at the top be able to revive the banks for cheap. meanwhile in london five traders from deutsche bank and barclays take to the stand in the photos of the euro board rigging trial. and rail strikes was human in france as the government warns it won't back down its plans to overhaul heavily indebted yes. animistic shrake we take
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a look at the cleantech german comic just have yet to get. your business update on helen on free in berlin glad you could join me deutsche bank is getting a new c.e.o. affective immediately custom saving is set to take over the helm of germany's biggest lender he's a doctor bank veteran he's worked there for almost thirty years most recently as the deputy c.e.o. that he takes over from john crime and he'll have an uphill climb ahead of him so yes the bank has been struggling to turn a profit. christiane's even knows deutsche bank from the inside out the new c.e.o. has spent thirty years there rising from financial adviser to board member so he knows what he's getting into. zeven replaces john cryan who took over three years ago the englishman was able to settle numerous legal disputes he downsized the
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bank's underperforming investment banking division cutting jobs but years of fines and penalties draining business down deutsche bank is in a permanent state of crisis under korean's tenure the banks struggle to contain its losses cutting those losses is kristan the savings top priority now and that means he'll have to untangle his predecessor's mistakes most experts think that means deutsche bank will be returning to its roots in the traditional banking sector. and we can bring in stephanie now from the frankfurt school of finance dr stephan deutsche bank a seen three top media ship appointments in six years amid pressure from investors to improve profitability reverse that share is saving the man for the job. i think saving is probably not the one who will continue with the strategy that the
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bank is currently following given that he has been basically at the head of the private and corporate bank he would probably mean that that he would shift the focus to some extent and tries to to bring back the bank to more profitable through higher profitability using that kind of strategy shift away then potentially from that investment bank business which didn't work out very well anyway what other changes does he need to make what is you really need to roll up his sleeves and get to work for the bank. i think one of the major issues is that really for particularly the investment banking part for each euro euro has to basically been spend so this is quite seems to be quite unprofitable and and i think people and also investors are particularly concerned about the extent of the investment business investment banking business in the u.s. so they are probably and also the big derivatives so there are
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a lot of things that need to change and what we've seen from the u.s. competitors basically they have made relatively quick and rustic changes its relative feed difficult to see whether we whether we would have to see the same was in dollars and what i would think is that probably we see a gradual shift and an increase in the in the relative importance of the retail banking pod but i don't see that you don't expect to see drastic changes in the investment banking business and. of course this is the top job at deutsche bank i'm not sure if it's very any of you go one bearing in mind that in twenty sixteen it was considered the most dangerous bank in the world off the i.m.f. found a potential collapse of don't you posed a risk to the global financial system is it still in such a tough position. i think it's still to some extent it's a set a dangerous bank i think the current levels of capital are relatively thin also given a given stock price that we have and
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a couple increases is not really possible these days so i think the bank is still in a very vulnerable position and needs to return back to profitability and prove its performance such that at some point in time of a possible. account for the rez might might might be on the horizon or isis in a risky bank within capital a big task ahead of the c.e.o. sasha steffen at the frankfurt school of finance thank you german exports have posted the biggest monthly drop since twenty fifteen or february that's despite expectations that actually increase with the economy in good shape the federal system is office here in germany says the seasonally adjusted exports fell by three point two percent on the month imports dropped why one point three percent a strong europe was thought to be behind the slump in exports some analysts say that we cannot keep this sign that growth in europe's biggest economy could be
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losing momentum. france's national rail operator since yes says that the ongoing workers' strike has already cost around twenty million euros a day after day marks the fourth day of industrial action the strikes are set to run until the end of june amid little sign of a climb down from either the government or the unions. the chaos on french train platform shows little signs of easing both the government and the unions are holding firm workers' rights is a cause notably close to french hearts but the broad consensus that protected france a state owned businesses from reform seems to be weakening as taxpayers face the costs. will get every worker a have the right to strike it's understandable but what about those who pay every day and every month for their trains to go and work for example i'm paid by the hour and if i lose one or two hours then i lose money it's not the s. and c. f. who will pay for the loss of the old this is all. the more they support the
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movement of the way away workers with all my heart because i think the public sector is really threatened today and that is why people don't do anything so this will go on and on. the so i support this movement even if i have to spend hours here waiting for my train just a few days for him to move moment chip us is if you see are going to try. france's lower house is debating the railway reform bill today that changes would see new hires deny guarantees of jobs for life and early retirement while the s.n.c.f. will turn into a private company with state owned shares the stakes are high on all sides but most especially for french president m. out of wedlock long the strikes have been the greatest challenge was presidency so far no french government has ever won a battle for reform in the face of massive industrial action. its. chairman called a kids have been turning their attentions to
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a bit at sea ever since diesel emissions scandal broke two years ago they've been looking at hybrid engines and calls powered by those large rechargeable batteries is another clean tech that they don't yet fuel cells and in places whether or not they are available like no way they're proving very popular and helping asian make his state of all only european rival. it's where lives and works and like many norwegians she loves german cars even her grandfather swore by the v.w. beetle. i've always been driving german cars. this so this is actually my first asian produced car and i never thought that i would ever drive a german car so i think my grandfather he would turn in this great. big
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it now drive so toyota me right a fuel cell vehicle that runs on hydrogen it's a type of car that no german auto maker currently offers fuel cells are very environmentally friendly that's why the norwegian government is promoting them there are no harmful exhaust emissions only water vapor but for berg in her family that's not the only reason for their decision to buy one of the hydrogen cars. you know drive in the in the bus lane so i can park for free in public spaces. and get around a bit quicker and cheaper. with. the other cars. the benefits already beginning in the showroom. dealer explains that there are hardly any taxes on a fuel cell car. unlike with a conventional engine the government doesn't charge or other fees that means.
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fifty thousand euros that's not a bargain but it's almost thirty thousand euros less than in germany. waiting for the germans to hydrogen. it would be good to have. it make it easier to make more stations if you. find a market in norway along with other forms of the mobility there is growing demand for fuel cells they produce the power that drives their electric motors from hydrogen and vats can be produced in an environmentally friendly manner. photovoltaics. the electricity that's needed for and. which then separates the
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hydrogen from water. hydrogen stations get the necessary energy from numerous hydroelectric plants. and would still like to drive a german car again in future but for now she's happy in her. and not just because of the environment. company. cut cut
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cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. live three and a half decades of german citizen luck fourteen million reconcile trans all live lives below next on reliable.
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