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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is the deputy news live from berlin and the right on the rise again a viewer of congress national prime minister viktor orban wins a landslide victory after a campaign that took a radically hardline on immigration he urges hunger ariens to defend their country . also coming up missile target a need for air base in syria at least fourteen soldiers are dead syria and russia say israel is to blame and after three years of losses germany's top lender deutsche bank has ousted its c.e.o.
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will the new man at the top be able to revive the bank's fortunes. i'm sorry kelli a very warm welcome to the program we begin in hungary where the nationalist prime minister viktor orban has won a decisive victory in the country's general election during his campaign orbán took a hard line on muslim immigration portraying migrants as a threat to hungry scritch and identity in his victory speech he said the results gave her the chance to defend themselves and their country. victory is written in his name. nationalist across hungry and europe are celebrating victory or bans reelection his anti immigrant campaign drew people out in record numbers but in the capital budapest where the opposition performed well the reaction was
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mixed. much as well the government has successfully implemented its hate campaign they planted hatred in people's hearts which is very sad. and this is what should have happened we are happy because we are not really interested in immigrants and that's what's at stake now. if you will. if this tendency continues then we won't be heading towards a liberal country in my view we will not represent european values and that makes me deeply sad. suspicious. despite being a human or hungary has refused to implement the block's migrant resettlement program or been has like an migration to rust and poison a threat which he said his win would stave off. there's a big battle behind us. we have won a crucial victory got a chance gave ourselves
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a chance to defend hungary. for bands reelection has energized right wing parties creating emancipation from the bloc several european politicians congratulated or ban including germany's conservative interior minister who also issued a warning to the e.u. . i would advise the european union to maintain sensible bilateral relationships with its member states but securely with smaller ones such as hungary when i've always considered it wrong to manifest arrogance on paternalism towards individual member states. for four hundred. party won almost half the votes which gives them the two thirds supermajority needed to introduce sweeping reforms and head of the election or ban promise to take what he called moral political and legal action against his opponents. and is funny if a char has been following the election in hungary she explained why she thought
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voters gave such a resoundingly very fitness is going to answer the hunger in parliament behind me once again with a super majority of supporters of course of the say that's exactly what hungary needs a strong leader and probably the victor all so why change was supporters of the opposition parties are very much disappointed because they have hope for a different turnout specially given the fact that there was such a massive high voter turnout that did not materialize so what's next the new parliament is going to convene probably and of april but already today the spokesperson of the fittest faction has said that the first bill fittest wants to pass through parliament is the stop short bill which basically in a nutshell means that the interior ministry could decide. organizations if they are found posing a security risk to hungary by sponsoring or supporting migrants from third
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countries coming from countries via other safe countries to hungary. char there in budapest let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world former south korean president lee myung bak has been charged with corruption he's accused of receiving some ten million u.s. dollars in bribes from groups including the country's own intelligence service was in office from two thousand and eight to twenty thirteen his indictment comes three days after his successor park good day was sentenced to twenty four years in prison for her part in a separate corruption scandal. at least five people have been injured in a strong earthquake that struck western japan on monday morning roads and some buildings were damaged in the hardest hit city of odessa the six point one magnitude tremor was felt across a wide area the water supply has been disrupted in that area and authorities have dispatched supply vehicles to help affected households. syria and its main ally
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russia are blaming israel for an overnight missile attack on a syrian air base which killed fourteen people the strike came as international alarm grows over an alleged chemical weapons attack on the former rebel stronghold of duma at the weekend the following report contains images that some viewers might find distressing. missiles flare in the dark hours of the morning according to russian and syrian military they were fired from two israeli fighter jets though israel has declined to comment the missiles found their target an air base in the province of holmes used by the syrian regime and its allies at least fourteen fighters were killed according to observers. days earlier bombs fell in the town of duma in eastern go to the last remaining rebel stronghold it's alleged they were carrying chemical weapons according to the white helmets volunteer rescue group at
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least forty people were aged by poison gas during the attack many of them children smelling strongly of chlorine. the regime continues the intense and violent shelling barrel bombs were dropped by helicopters carrying poisonous substances. until now paramedics haven't been able to enter because of the continuous shelling the regime is trying to wipe out this area syria denies its government forces launched any chemical assault nonetheless international condemnation has been swift and blunt. u.s. president donald trump took to twitter blaming russia and iran for supporting syria and describing its president bashar al assad as an animal in rome pope francis used his mass in some peter's square to denounce the attacks as unjustifiable.
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we pray for all the dead for the wounded for the families who suffer. there is no good war and bad war. in mean and nothing nothing can justify the use of such instruments of violence against people and unarmed populations. the syrian army released pictures which it says shows troops moving towards duma the army dismissed claims of the gas attack as fabrications the military insists it's advancing rapidly and has no need for chemical weapons and for more let's bring in simon made bond lecturer on international relations at lancaster university welcome simon i'd like to begin first by talking about what france has said on monday saying that it would work closely with the united states on a response to this weekend's suspected chemical attack we also know that the u.n. security council is expected to meet what do you think that we could see. well i
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think you will probably hear a lot of very strong words a lot of vocal condemnation and criticism of the assad regime's brutal attacks of the assad regime's behavior over the past seven years and not be a great deal of criticism of russian support and iranian support for the regime of bashar assad from the u.s. the u.k. from france as well but i imagine nuts about all we'll see because as as we all know the u.n. security council is being designed in such a way that there are veto powers russia has a veto and so i can't imagine there will be any type of resolution passed on this so much like with the with all security council discussions on syria in the past seven years it will be a talking shock and on the red lines imposed by mr mccrone will turn out to be words and not deeds much like those put forward by mr obama in the past. time i
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want to turn to something else that has developed in syria because you know that russia and syria they are accusing israel of carrying out an airstrike attack on the homes air base no comment so far from israel on that what do you think that we are to make of it. well i think what we need to do to understand what's happening here is to place that this strike within the larger regional security complex so we know that syria has has become a quagmire from from the revolution to the conflict that we're seeing now it's drawn in a range of different activists from from the middle east and beyond the really got involved to try and further their own regional and geo political interests and once we see that then we can see that iran has bought another lebanese party of god supported by iran that both supporting the regime of president bashar al assad now the israelis have long held a great deal of suspicion about iranian intent to rein in involvement across the
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middle east and i think that there's a great deal of consternation amongst many israeli officials about what iran is trying to achieve and and if any possible proliferation of weapons or anything like not that mike end up in his bowlers hands because twelve years ago of course israel feels a war with hizbullah in the south of lebanon so there's always been a real degree of suspicion and uncertainty as to what will happen there are so many different dynamics at play on the ground there in syria asylum a band joining us from lancaster university helping us make sense of it all thank you silence thank you. well meantime details are beginning to emerge about the man who drove a van into a crowd in the german city of once or on saturday killing two people and injuring many more police say that he was wealthy but he had many run ins with the law he is also said to have expressed suicidal thoughts to a neighbor last week people in munster have attended
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a church service for the victims. the people of minster parked out the city's famous palace cathedral in owner of the victims of saturday's atrocity. earlier flowers were laid outside the popular pub in the old town where it happened two people were killed and dozens more injured when a forty eight year old german man crashed his van into the crowd the driver had mental problems and was known to police he shot and killed himself after the incident. fit to show him once i've lived in munster for forty years it's hardly seen a drop of blood because the people here are so nice it's such a beautiful city and you know one mention in does it start. i'm relieved i'm sirleaf but it wasn't a terror attack germany's interior minister called it to prove clint cowardly crime
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. should be devoted to i'm here today in munster to convey the solidarity and condolences of the entire government here especially the chancellor angela merkel in space on the promise councilors police said previous petty crime charges against the driver had all been dismissed. we can only tell you that at the moment we have no indications that there is a political background or that other perpetrators were involved says iman han he says well there's relief this wasn't a terrorist incident it's a painful reminder of how little the authorities can do to prevent vehicles being used as weapons. down a new south wales australia a group of scuba divers are using the currents to do what they call speed scuba diving and for one at least a person in particular who is physically chalis is a whole new way to sports and explore the underworld. bob staddon has
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led his wheelchair stop him from getting his feet wet the fifty eight year old is part of a crew of divers who chase. the strongest tides of the year in australia but most of the action is under water about twice a year the currents propel divers through the water. they compared to being shot out of a cannon. and it's a rush that staten might not quite experience on terra firma quite widespread monday morning with you might see the bison flowing on the water out of control. it's a very swanky out of control roller coaster using only their arms divers can reach speeds of up to thirteen kilometers an hour and for staten it's a chance to dance. you're watching news more to come on the program including deutsche bank has been called the most dangerous and bank in the world after three years of losses the company is now banking on a new c.e.o.
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can he turn the ship around convention. is going to be here with that and a whole lot more. that's coming up in just a few minutes you're watching. it's all happening. pretty. sure linked to news from africa and the world. your link to it simpson stories and discussions in the unwelcome student news anchor coming program tonight from born in germany from own use of museums and i would say de deputed comes to much africa to join us on facebook at t w africa.


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