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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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women first starting may third on t w. this is. major decisions over the next twenty four to forty eight hours. responsible for the. killed at least forty people also.
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union. bank. c.e.o. . good to have you with us tonight u.s. president is promising action after yet another chemical weapons attack in syria he says the next twenty four hours how to respond to what he calls a heinous attack which claimed forty including those of children on saturday meanwhile in a separate development syria and. are blaming israel for an overnight missile
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attack on a syrian air. at least fourteen people were killed in that incident. missiles flare in the dark hours of the morning according to russian and syrian military they were fired from two israeli fighter jets although israel has declined to comment the missiles found their target an air base in the province of holmes used by the syrian regime and its allies at least fourteen fighters were killed according to observers days earlier bombs fell on the town of duma the last remaining rebel stronghold in eastern it's alleged they were carrying poison gas according to observers at least forty people were killed and hundreds wounded in the attack many of the victims were children said to be smelling strongly of chlorine leading a wave of international condemnation the u.s. president donald trump insists the syrian government will pay
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a big price for using the gas and he says action is imminent like to begin by condemning the here's a tack on innocence. with chemical weapons it was trophies of course. it was horrible i mean with our military and everybody else. insulated decisions over the next twenty four to forty eight hours civilians in eastern guta have endured weeks of pump out mint as the syrian government tries to root out opposition many have now given up evacuating the region in bus convoys to territory still under rebel control syria denies its government forces launched a chemical assault it says its troops are dancing on duma without any need for poison gas. but the chorus of shock and anger at the attack is likely only to grow louder. well the u.n.
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security council is currently holding an emergency session on the situation in syria i asked our washington correspondent alexander phenomena about the chances of a u.n. resolution condemning the chemical weapons attack the united states is urging the security council to adopt a resolution that would condemn the continuous use of chemical weapons in syria and that would reestablish and u.n. investigative body to determine whether a chemical weapons were used this time however it's not clear at the moment where there will be a vote on this resolution and if yes russia will try to use its veto power to block and the measures threatening the syrian offensive against rebels in order to protect the syrian government and alexander it was just a few days ago when the u.s. president told cheering supporters that he was going to hold the u.s.
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out of syria very soon now he says he wants to take major decisions within the next twenty four to forty eight hours so is there a strategy a coherent strategy on syria coming out of the white house. the trump in its mission doesn't seem to have a coherent strategy on syria as you said president trump has been talking to his aides for months now that he would like to pull out of syria and now he threatens the use of force in response to this reported chemical attack in syria and many here say that he put himself in a very difficult situation because no not taking action would be a moral a strategic fiasco and then many experts say that if he doesn't follow through
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he is going to look weak in the eyes of russia and iran is speaking of russia. mr trump was pressed on russia's role in this alleged chemical weapons attack and the u.s. president said that the russian president mr putin may bear responsibility what do you make of that. i think that it is quite significant because it was the first time that the president's trump has personally criticized the russian president he's administration has taken lately tough stance on russia criticizing the russian government for its role in ukraine and syria but presidents one was always very positive talking about bloody me of poutine as showing that he is very interested in having a good personal relationship with vladimir putin and is now this criticism so some coming teachers here are all of the you mean that poutine bromance might
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be coming to an end yeah and we've heard it many times before as well our washington bureau chief always under phenomena at the white house tonight alexander thank you very much. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the f.b.i. has raided the offices of u.s. president donald trump's personal lawyer michael cohen the new york times is reporting that the agents seized records related to several topics including payments to the adult film actress stormy daniels the search warrant was allegedly based on information from special counsel robert. a topless femen activists caused a stir after getting within metres of us comedian bill cosby on monday and she wasn't laughing he was on his way to court for a retrial on charges of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home back in twenty four last year jurors failed to reach
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a unanimous verdict. at least six people have been killed and at least nine others wounded in an attack in western afghanistan many of the victims were children officials say explosives were planted there in mosques in herat province no one has claimed responsibility. nigeria's president mohamed do bihari has ended months of speculation. and confirmed his intention to run in next year's elections the seventy five year old has spent months in the hospital out of the country after suffering repeated bouts of ill health and. now to hungary where the nationalist prime minister viktor orbán has won a decisive victory in the general election his right wing party has once again taken more than two thirds of parliamentary seats after a campaign that took a hard line on muslim immigration portraying migrants as a threat to hungary's christian identity in his victory speech or by him said that
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the result gave him gary and the chance to defend themselves and their country. victory is written in his name. nationalist across hungry and europe are celebrating victory or bans reelection his anti immigrant campaign drew people out in record numbers but in the capital budapest where the opposition performed well the reaction was mixed. much well the government has successfully implemented its hate campaign they planted hatred in people's hearts which is very sad. this is what should have happened we are happy because we are not really interested in immigrants and that's what's at stake now. if you will. if this tendency continues then we won't be heading towards a liberal country in my view we will not represent european values and that makes me deeply sad. just measures. despite being in
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a new member hungary has refused to implement the blocs migrant resettlement program or been has like an migration to rust and poison a threat which he said his win would stave off. there's a big battle behind us. we have won a crucial victory got a chance gave ourselves a chance to defend hungary. or bans reelection has energized right wing parties craving emancipation from the bloc several european politicians congratulated or ban including germany's conservative interior minister who also issued a warning to the e.u. . i would advise the european union to maintain sensible bilateral relationships with its member states but secularly with smaller ones such as hungry i've always considered it wrong to manifest arrogance on paternalism towards
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individual member states. fearful. or bands feet as party one almost half the vote which gives them the two thirds supermajority needed to introduce sweeping reforms and head of the election or ban promise to take what he called moral political and legal action against his opponents. germany's biggest lender georgia bank just got a new c.e.o. his name is christiane sewing and he's been with georgia for years now that will make his task of a ripping up finances easier though and he knows that in a letter published this monday sowing says there is no time to relax shares of george bank have gone up but investors want to see revenues rise soon christian saving knows deutsche bank from the inside out the new c.e.o. has spent nearly thirty years there rising from an apprentice to the head of auditing to board member so he knows what he's getting into saving replaces john
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cryan who took over three years ago the englishman was able to settle numerous legal disputes he downsized the bank's underperforming investment banking division cutting jobs but years of fines and penalties dragged business down. deutsche bank is in a permanent state of crisis under cry and ten year the bank struggled to contain its losses cutting those losses is christian savings top priority and that means he'll have to untangle his predecessor's mistakes most experts think that means deutsche bank will be returning to its roots in the traditional banking sector are you didn't monday night's bundesliga match leipzig locked horns with labor who isn't only separated by a point in the standings both clubs currently qualify for europe but both are keen to climb to the top of it the champions league next season it was a four goal thriller the last time these two faced off let's see if tonight's clash
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was just as exciting. leipzig drew first blood with their fearsome attack marcel beats or firing in a rocket in the seventeenth minutes. leverkusen keeper banjul a no no match for this one. but just before half time laver cousins chi habits netted a beauty of his own to level the score at one all leon bailey with the assist and a fine finish from have it. and soon after the restart leverkusen struck again you only have branch out maneuvering his marker in the box and slotting home to make it to one. of. the flood gates were open just five minutes later some pinball in front of goal and panos red sauce drilled in his first ever bundesliga goal three one for laver. and they weren't done yet
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this time branch turned provider for kevin father who made no mistake. with sloppy defending like this it's no wonder leipzig were getting shellacked for one the final score. laver couzens fans were overjoyed their team moves up to fourth in the table on track for that coveted final champions league spot. well the series of ice breaking detonations created spectacular scenes along the highway river in northeastern china on sunday they controlled blasts were. jams which could pose a risk of flooding to residents further upstream the river is an important shipping route which marks the border between china and russia. is a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you he was president. of u.s.
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response to the suspected chemical attack in syria he's vowing to find out who was responsible for the attack that is reported to have killed at least forty people and hungary's nationals prime minister viktor orban has won a third consecutive term in the national election campaign. immigration. you're up to date with the. top of the hour with more. with. every journey begins with the first step and every language for the first word which can he. is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free. learning course he calls for german meetings. climate change. waste.
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