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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CEST

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does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it to the top. you know web special double dot com. football made in germany. books congressional grilling gets personal the facebook founder manages to win over markets still can't keep appetizers on board after that massive data breach. a slippery business of crude oil the e.u. tries tapping results from authoritarian rule to azerbaijan to make it less dependent on unruly russia. and promises promises china val's to open its financial sector as a foreign investors will it actually happened. i made his will in place of business
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round one in the facebook face off between congress and c.e.o. mark zuckerberg it got personal at times as we'll hear in a moment that the markets leapt up facebook shares let's more than four percent to one hundred sixty five dollars during testimony on tuesday that's the biggest hike in almost two years all the same they're worth eleven percent less than before news broke last month that consulting firm cambridge analytical misuse the daughter of millions of facebook users for election targeting purposes in the u.s. zuckerberg is facing a backlash for not doing enough to protect account information shareholders tighter regulations i'll talk to our correspondent about that in a moment first let's listen in to my favorite part of the testimony which really sums up the whole point of these hearings mr circle burt would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night. you.
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know. i think that maybe with this is all about. your right to privacy the limits of your right to privacy and how much you give away in modern america in the name of connecting people around the world was a very long and uncomfortable pause you could tell me about was really giving out a thought now let's go over to down to cope to see what trade is think about all of this how's it being received the testimony from mr zucker book where you. well when i never saw him like that mark sock i wear the suit and tie the serious business man i'm sure our style guru elf would have left it new that his personal appearance would have a long lasting impact and he did he was able to assure the senate and even more important to the audience that the hearing we have to remember was watched by
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millions of people all around the world that facebook is taking all of this very serious and that he is taking full responsibility and that paid off on that stick that you mention it also cheapie morgan maintained its price target on a two hundred forty two dollars one maintaining an overwatch wage rating so investors for the moment are relieved them to suck looks the part but how this will go down with facebook advertisers well facebook at least said that all of this for the moment has not really hurt them we don't know if this is true by the end of the man's will be getting their user numbers and also how much time whose are spent in everett on the platform but yes all of this could have a much bigger impact for the entire industry because we have to face that the business model of facebook and google and twitter is still going to be our downtown but it from now on those privacy issues will be top priority it could mean that
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this really is going to affect companies specialize in individualized at first like i don't know telling us to buy a new tire or shoe or whatever we have maybe search early on google. also it is important thing here is that zuckerberg has promised to investigate tens of thousands of apps for potential data breaches that sounds like big knock on effects . yeah exactly it sounds like a big knock on effect the interesting thing now is if those actions are really going to follow those are big words he said also in front of the sound of that from now on that our security will have a much bigger importance than making money or the fear of possibly losing the us effort ties among companies because as said nor informs could mean big impacts for the entire industry the new pope in frankfurt thank you as a by john is going to the polls today and its author terry and linda is certain to be voted in again politically the country is a difficult and the less the european union is dependent on us by john economically
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because of the vast gas and oil reserves in the caspian sea pipelines are being constructed to europe the e.u. hopes this will make it less dependent on another very difficult part of the russia . drilling rigs as far as the eye can see azerbaijan's wells nice beneath the caspian sea in the form of oil and gas reserves foreign companies like b.p. own and total have invested billions here using technology and know how from around the world these german built cranes for example are used to construct further drilling platforms gas from the caspian sea is now set to make its way to europe via a stream and a half thousand kilometer long pipeline the pipeline will run through turkey to greece and italy and then northward toward central europe the bulk of the forty five billion dollar project is still under construction europe is keen to reduce its dependency on russian gas and yet azerbaijan is widely viewed as an autocracy
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president multimillionaire. owns assets in the oil business and his vice president is none other than his wife of clan loves buildings and clearly wants to appear cosmopolitan and western oriented azerbaijan's capital baku is modeled on dubai many of its new buildings were built by friends a few years ago one human rights organization voted most corrupt man of the year but he's not without supporters at the turn of the millennium fifty percent of azerbaijanis lived below the poverty line now only six percent do despite alleged corruption many see him as a guarantor of stability but those who dare to question his power all suggest the country might be better off without him commonly face imprisonment protests and
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open criticism a rare in this nation with its cult of personality a combination of oil based wealth and the whip swiftly eradicate any potential demands for greater democracy. beijing has pledged to further pry open its financial sector to foreign investors the people's bank of china says it will allow non chinese companies to compete in areas including financial leasing and consumer finance in the coming months analysts are unsure whether officials are just paying lip service to washington to settle an impending trade will the linking of stock exchanges in shanghai and london will allow investors in both markets to directly acquire shares in the other also foreign investors will now be allowed to take my jordi shareholdings in companies in the securities fund management and insurance sectors the initiatives were announced by china's central bank governor egon at the bar while forum for asia taking place in china but he suggested chinese regulators
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would be keeping a close watch on the way he specially. opening up a venue make the market more competitive it should strengthen the regulation and make of the level all full playing field being. more fair and allow and. domestic and every student to compete. in china has a long record of promising to eventually open financial markets but these changes are scheduled for the end of the year the moves could take the wind out of the sails of u.s. policymakers they're calling for higher import taxes on chinese goods and this beijing does more to open its markets to american companies. for ok now asia correspondent andrea hange who's in singapore and scant details about the plans and a schedule of types by the end of the year is this going to happen.
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the mystery of mysteries it looks like it will because in the announcement china did see that some of these planes are going to be implemented as as early. oh we just lost a line there. sorry i'm broken i interrupt for seconds we just lost the line what were you saying what the china say in that statement about the timing of all this yes china did see that some of these plans are going to be implemented as early as june and some of these plans include foreign allowing foreign firms to invest in financial companies as well as auto is consumer financing in some of these plans were unknowns and last year. doesn't look like the chinese as i mentioned before just paying lip service to the united states it might at first glance then but there is more than meets the eye in fact proper it's probably
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a fact that china is beginning to beginning to exceed through some of that u.s. pressure as it will have to at some point as well especially if it once. when she read a reasonable trade arena and maintain strong growth rates and just briefly when you look at china's track record foreign companies still say doing business with beijing is wonderful. exactly that although they may not be for long some of these regulations are going to be lifted for example is raising the ownership limit to fifty one percent by november this year and fully lifting it by entirely by. by three years' time all things considered analysts do say that a lot of this change is going to be not very significant for the long term especially since a lot of the state owned companies already kept
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a large chunk off the chinese market and praying for us in singapore thank you very much and sorry about the shaky fine. just briefly he was ski hiking close to the mad horn in the alps and has returned kala everyone hoped chief executive of german retail giant teddy went missing from a skiing region near the swiss a time border on the way get an extensive search is underway in a letter to employees house rather christiane made the following statement a family was of course prepared for such a situation and company business will continue in a calm and orderly fashion please keep everything crossed that we find my brother very soon. at least then the for. such a. cut
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. cut. cut cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut. restoration with time pressure. in recess. until the nuclear creates at the same time. a sprayer of a different kind removing does to make. next.
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