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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump fires off a warning to russia over syria he tweets get ready russia the missiles will be coming. out to strike syrian military targets after an alleged poison gas attack last weekend. also coming up the death toll climbs to two hundred fifty seven in
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a military plane crash in algeria one of the deadliest disasters in aviation history the nation begins three days of mourning and caught in the crossfire of bodies of civilians laid outside the u.n. mission in the central african republic they died in the latest firefight between united nations peacekeepers and local gangs composed have a special report plus facebook's boss faces day two of a grilling over his company's misuse of private data mark zuckerberg tells a committee of the house of representatives that facebook has not seen any activity by russia on china or china attempting to collect data. and one of the greatest comeback victories in champions league history roma defeated the program powerhouse barcelona to make the semifinals will they need the bundesliga speier munich will have expert analysis.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has blasted off a warning to russia over syria he has threatened to military action after an alleged poison gas attack last weekend now trump tweeted russia vows to shoot down missiles fired at syria get ready russia because they will be coming you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it now reports suggest that pro-government forces in syria are clearing equipment and troops from main airports and military bases ahead of a possible u.s. attack rival proposals by the u.s. and russia to investigate the alleged poison gas attack have floundered as accusations fly over what actually happened. these images have shocked the world the young survivors of an alleged chemical weapons attack in duma
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eastern ghouta on saturday. what happened here sent tension between russia and the west soaring to new heights. as so often during the syrian war the united nations security council is where division and then tag unism have played out on the one side the u.s. and its allies. on the other russia supporting syrian president bashar al assad each side vetoed the others resolutions and each blamed the of a for the deadlock. the u.s. delegation is again trying to mislead the international community. taking a further step toward confrontation. russia is already on the ground in duma this amateur video purportedly shows russian police investigating the the site of the attack moscow says and the regime are ready to allow probe which shouldn't assign blame the u.s. says that's
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a cover up. history will record that on this day russia chose protecting a monster over the lives of the syrian people while the u.s. and its allies say russia's position is a smokescreen they want an independent inquiry to begin soon while they still evidence of what happened on the way canned like this gas canister said to have been discovered two days ago. and while diplomats argue over how best to respond the ledge to attack is already shifted syria's battle lines hiya displaced people from duma arrive in syria's rebel held north resistance collapsed in eastern guta after the attack the refugees are reminded of the brutal intensity of this war which the international community has so far remained powerless to stop. and we have the view from the u.s. and russia our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena standing by and in
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moscow correspondent yury of a shadow welcome to you both and alexander i'd like to begin with you how credible is this threat by president trump could we indeed see a u.s. strike against russia in syria. i don't think that we are going to see an u.s. strike against russian forces in syria what presence trump was talking about on twitter was a possible strike against syrian forces in syria and that could indeed happen and you know if that doesn't happen that the president could lose his credibility and look weak after threatening such an attack and so we don't know yet what is going to happen but what's we do know is that he has been talking to his senior military advisers according to you as secretary of defense met this
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the president was provided will all possible options all options are on the table at the same time the pentagon is still and says seeing what's really happened in syria so we have to wait and see what action is going to be taken by the u.s. however we have to add that so we can see you that whatever happens the russians on the ground in syria are going to be warned because the u.s. military wants to avoid and the confrontation with the russian forces that could lead to a force scale escalation in syria and in the meantime russia for its part i mean they are continuing to move right yuri because we've just had news and from russia that apparently the military police they're going to enter juma on thursday this is the area of this alleged chemical attack the implications of that could be huge right. oh yes absolutely sara potential american attack and doom at an
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alleged chemical weapons factory could lead to a disaster alexander said that already therefore russia is taking too strong warnings russian foreign ministry spokes spokeswoman that he is one hundred percent for example that small to missiles should be aimed at the terrorists of the rather than the legitimate government of syria so the answer to your question question is yes indeed the implications could be huge if the americans actually attack juma that's why the calculation or at least the hope for the russians could be exactly that they sent russian soldiers to do muscle that the americans do not bomb there. and in the meantime we've also had another tweet from u.s. president donald trump let's just bring those bring that up so our viewers can see it it says the following our relationship with russia is worse now than it has ever been and that includes the cold war there is no reason for this russia needs us to help with their economy something that would be very easy to do and we need all
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nations to work together stop the arms race so alexandra what does trump want from russia. so apparently president trump was referring in this treaty to an announcement made by lovingly putin a couple of weeks ago he said that that russia has developed a new line of nuclear capable weapons and that is something that the pentagon is of course concerned about that that could lead to a new arms race but generally speaking president trump says that he wants russia to change its behavior in syria and in ukraine and then if it happens he would still be interested in improving the u.s. relationship with russia russia for its part they have already outlined how they would respond in the event of a u.s.
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strike and there are also major regional implications during walk us through that well russia some boss of the taliban on mr sippin the warrant in case of an attack moscow would shoot down any u.s. missiles fired at syria that means not just of the missiles the fired russian soldiers but any american or western missiles fired at the syrian government forces as well even more russia would obviously target to the launch sites of the missiles which means u.s. military bases or aircraft carriers in the persian gulf for example three weeks ago i myself was on the largest u.s. carrier of the world on the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt from beach missiles attack targets in syria and iraq so it may well be that from their missiles right now launch to attack president assad's armed forces on the ground the u.s. as to the rules of world which i visited is one of the largest wash in the world with more than the five thousand marines and us living officers on board if the russians attack such an aircraft carrier carrier then americans can face great
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danger unless the missile defense system prevent of its year of a shadow in moscow and alexander phenomena in washington thank you. q. and german chancellor angela merkel has been commenting on the tensions over syria she said that she regretted the failure of the un security council to agree on how to investigate the incident. it would have been good to have an investigation on the ground as the american resolution suggested there are strong indications that point towards the syrian regime we will continue our assessments on that basis in any case we actually condemn the use of such weapons and that the german chancellor making those comments that mess of our power is outside of berlin where she took her top ministers on a retreat they hammered out the details of the government's agenda for the coming months among the most pressing issues were drafting
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a new budget and reforming germany's migration policy the chancellor wanted to forge a team spirit among her divided cabinet and the chief political editor there has been covering the story for us she gave us this assessment of how it went. to count here in ms about just an hour's drive outside chancellor angela merkel made quite clear that a lot of work that lay ahead of her new cabinet would be determined by the more global context and the many conflicts there syria was not mentioned in name but when asked german chancellor angela merkel didn't take a clear position or what the german government felt about the potential for a u.s. air strike in response to the alleged chemical attacks in syria domestically german chancellor angela merkel said she was upbeat and hoped for that she was building a team and that those toggle and says we saw amongst minister leading up to this
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gathering here after all were also just part of the normal work of a cabinet and part of the public's debate. now there and by land now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world saudi forces have intercepted several ballistic missiles fired by the rebels in yemen earlier witnesses reported hearing a number of blasts in the capital riyadh saudis have been posting a video on social media showing smoke in the sky there were no reports of casualties or damage. in the united states the republican house speaker paul ryan says that he will not run for re-election when his term expires in january ryan's decision is seen as another blow to the republican party as a tries to retain its majority in the house of representatives elections later this year. and the un court has overturned the acquittal of vojislav
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session on finding the serbian ultranationalist guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the one thousand nine hundred balkans conflict he was sentenced to ten years in jail but will not return to custody as he has spent eleven years in pretrial detention. in a public memorial service has been held in south africa for the late winnie. mandela the anti-apartheid activist and former wife nelson mandela passed away last week after a long illness she was eighty one. the boss of facebook mark zuckerberg has been answering more questions from u.s. lawmakers about data privacy zuckerberg is testifying following revelations that millions of people and their facebook data misused by the political consulting firm down a little. as he did yesterday's october began by apologizing to lawmakers over the scandal which has so far affected some eighty seven million users and during
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questioning zuckerberg told a democratic lawmaker that he was among those whose data was improperly shared have a list of. but with your data included in the data sold to the malicious third parties your personal data yes it was are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy or snowmen we have made and are continuing to make changes to reduce the amount you know are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy. congresswoman i'm not sure what that means and earlier i spoke to max. for land based editor in chief of vises media platform motherboard he had this analysis of zucker burke's response when lawmakers asked him if facebook was a tech company a media company or a financial institution. he thinks facebook needs to take responsibility for the
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content that is posted on the platform and that is clearly never done that before you have never done that before exactly that's quite a shift and that is exactly the distinction you made before which is quite important because it touches on the topic of regulation if facebook is not just an infrastructure provider not just say a cable company that provides the internet to your home but a media company like your t.v. station then it can be held accountable to what it actually broadcasts and that means quite other regulations than they have faced in the past they have fought this very very strongly in the past they are fighting this in a way you're in germany actually when it comes to net diggy so it would be interesting to see if ace book will actually follow what dr brooks said yesterday that they are willing to accept some sort of regulation what kind of regulation look like you think that's a tough question and i think the hearing really showed that the public is not sure about that lawmakers are not sure about that they don't even seem to understand
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some of the basic concepts of the internet some of them didn't some of them did quite well but that we are at a stage where. there is a lot of discomfort with the power that this company that a lot of people used and. not that much is known about what it's about it's in workings. and about how it can be held accountable where it is states where there's a lot of discomfort with that situation and those hearings go to show that the showed the the how much attention was paid to the hearings just show that how the regulation can look well that's a couple of things on the different topics so terrorism there's actually quite a lot of regulation there already when it comes to hate speech was seeing an interesting experiment in germany where we're seeing that just trying to regulate facebook does not mean that it's going to get better it's actually a lot of criticism from all sides of the political spectrum on its diggy which i find quite funded so i think that law needs to be adopted. and when it comes to
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election interference they are doing some some things and they will be doing more which that book referred to in the hearings but we as the public need to hold them hold them accountable to if those tools that they're providing know will actually work and one of the things that was perhaps shocking for users for people to sort of survey the situation is that you know the case of the cambridge analytical data breach facebook knew about it they knew about it for a while they didn't inform their users do you think that mark zuckerberg one backs of that trust today and yesterday. as a that's a tough question and i think still an open question if you asked the financial markets then yes you did. the stock markets have had a positive response for him if you public response i don't think he did i'm seeing a lot of people questioning the tracking mechanisms of facebook and actually making use of the tools that facebook is providing no revising their privacy settings so
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that's what i'm seeing across the social networks and i think people only starting to realize now how much facebook actually knows about them but also how much control facebook does give them to a certain extent of what they share with the network but there will be a lot of more discussion going forward on this i guess that based editor in chief of vises multimedia tech or motherboard we appreciate it thanks for having me. algeria has announced three days of mourning after two hundred fifty seven people were killed in a military plane crash the aircraft was packed with soldiers and their families when it crashed soon after take off near the capital of fears the death toll makes it one of the deadliest plane crashes ever. in the fields outside algiers what looked like a brush fire which turned out to be something much worse. a military transport aircraft burning uncontrollably it crashed just after takeoff the plane's cargo
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dozens of soldiers and their families now many of them are dead. first responders hastily dragged their bodies out of the wreckage and lined them up a neat rows the crush is grim told all too apparent. the plane was a russian made elysian seventy six it's used by several countries armies to transport soldiers to remote locations the aircraft had just taken off from blue fariq airport the home base for the planes it was headed for the country so towards the moroccan border but it barely made it off the ground hundreds of first responders soon rushed to the scene trying to rescue anyone they could from the wreckage the government has already ordered an investigation this isn't the algerian air force was first crash but it's the country's worst ever making the search for answers urgent indeed.
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football news now and he joins us from sports desk with the very latest on to european clubs who sealed their place in the semifinals of the champions league last night tell us more so rome of course the big knock out knocking boss alona out and i have to take back what i said yesterday because i gave roll by the italian side no chance against boston though now but you know i was i know i was wrong but i know i'm not alone and in all fairness i mean comebacks of this magnitude you know they don't happen very often in football but never stop believing they made it very difficult for us i don't have to play a game and i think they are a lot better than people give them credit for i think they've been going under the radar but i think now teams are going to start paying attention it seems as if you can they were surprised. and they will be certainly celebrating afterwards because you know this is the first time that they've made the semi since one thousand nine hundred eighty four that's quite a lot of years yeah so their president president james pallotta he was so
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overcome with joy sara the goal is not to look at those scenes i mean he jumped into the city's neptune fountain the but i guess you have to i mean when you. you have to cool off you know as we have to cool off but i mean you know but from my experience i mean usually throw coins into these fountains for good luck so i don't know if you get lucky about throwing yourself in but i guess we have to wait and see you know how far roma go because if this works out i'm making a trip to rome and i'm taking the plunge into that neptune fountain. ok meantime what happened in last night's other story out of as a mentor is the city that had a good start they got the early gold but like i said how do you stop liverpool from getting on the scoresheet you simply can't and you know if all the talk about pep who wanted his team to be more clinical it was actually liverpool that were the much more efficient. although you know they were all chawed but and there you go that picture's a sum that all up club pep guardiola very very frustrated at the end he was even
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send off the field but coach ewen top of course very happy with his team and here is what he had to say about it all two games i really think we all deserve a next robbie scored five goals against man city we conceded one that's absolutely the not these numbers are usually not possible and the boys did it so i'm happy. now we have to talk about of course byron munich because they were just crowned bundesliga champions right and for looking ahead we know that tonight they have a shot of the semifinals where they do that against serbia but key for buy a new nick of course is to avoid any sense of complacency if. into the fencing your own training grown to keep up prying eyes to see unmistakable sign with the freshly crumbling this league it champions are preparing for a crucial match but the return leg of the champions league quarter final against sylvio looks almost easy enough to buy in some way when in spain stew complacency
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is not an option so i guess i was rich given it to one away when in the champions league it's a great result but it is not over yet two one is good but they played an outstanding mention mention they still are very good and dangerous teams in football and seen can happen. they see video produced a surprise result of the last train can see grown by winning at old trafford and subsequently ousting mencia so united so c.v.s. unfazed by it circumstance despite facing a deficit from the first leg. of the tennis it was always depends on your own confidence the playing level of your rival of course plays a role too so we suddenly have to fight a lot and work colleagues which end with a bit tough luck. they don't believe it is short at all and of course barring i'm
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being bargains i love winning even more than just playing these kind of games nobody is saying it out loud just yet but there is no dog xampp plan is to reach then when the champions league final with the same coach and a big chunk of the squads that won it all in twenty thirty. so that is the plan but can they really weigh in the champions league obama look it's not going to be easy and save you of course you know they have nothing to lose they going to throw everything at by an ache and i you know i have a four one comeback as possible sivia must be thinking hey a two one turning around a two one deficit must be a piece of cake so they will be looking to roma points per ration and let's not also forget that in the first leg it was a. i mean they were at times moments in the game where even looked like the bed aside and one of those goals was also it was even a save your own gold so that you know let's just leave it at this is football it's fair and i think everything can happen that just leave it it's wide open and i'm
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not making any predictions anymore absolutely and i think i think probably a lot of people are going to be jumping in fountains as we mentioned if that works out we're going to lock. them to thank you for filling out the doping scandal that rocked the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi is spilling over from russia to austria and norway the headquarters of the international biathlon union in salzburg was raided on tuesday evening by austrian police a search warrant alleges a cover up of doping cases during the sochi games by the sport's governing body at the center of the investigation the president of the federation since one thousand nine hundred two no region anders bessemer. well most people can't imagine climbing mount everest even once in their lifetime here's a man who reaches the world's highest summit almost every year and now this nepalese sherpa is about to make a record breaking ascent. cammy rita is on firm footing as he
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prepares to climb the mighty mt everest. he stalks up on new gear but he's an old hand at age forty eight he aims to be the first person to reach the summit twenty two times. i have already scale everest twenty one times my last climb was last year in two thousand and seventeen this year i'm going to attempt to scale everest for the twenty second time to break the record. all my family and friends are very supportive and told me i should not stop climbing and should continue. when i can. reach a first conquered the world's highest mountain at age twenty four and he's been back almost every year since now he owns a comfortable living guiding others up the world's most famous peaks. rita is at home amongst mountainy is his father was one of the first professional
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guides on everest and his brother has made the ascent seventeen times only two others have equalled his record of twenty one climbs and both have now retired having said his prayers rita is returning to everest to try again in mid may when conditions are ideal hundreds of climbers flock here trying to reach the roof of the world but only rita can claim to have enjoyed the view so many times. you're watching news still to come on the program caught in the crossfire the bodies of civilians laid outside of the u.n. mission in the central african republic they died in the latest firefight between the united nations peacekeepers and local banks we'll have a special report and how a spoof press conference landed a dissident from azerbaijan in jail with the former soviet republic set to reelect its strongman president we will meet an exiled activist in berlin plus we go to the
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south of france where the inaugural can international series festival is drawing to a close let's take a look at the front runners in this fiercely competitive art form t.v. drama series. all that mark i see it a few minutes thanks for watching. it enhanced human perception and change the world. i had a wonderful experience but i have no idea where it came from living it with you know what i said to you in the chemist about both monday educators whose discovery to medicine but it quickly spun out of control as
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a party drug. no substance albert holds months of l.s.d. in forty five minutes till. they make a commitment. they find. in stronger. africa the moans. stories for both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. africa on the move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands v.w. is a new multimedia series from. d.w. dot com africa on the move. the dangerous battlefront images. five women. five exceptional stories from. a center i want to look in
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a. way to be nothing more to easy one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing street full moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. women more photographers starting may third on t.w. . welcome back you're with t w news i'm sarah kelly in berlin our top stories u.s. president donald trump as we did a warning to russia over syria he said get ready russia because missiles will be coming a suspected poison gas attack last weekend's near damascus has prompted trying to pledge a military response. and now we're joined by journalist. who is based
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in beirut and has many contacts with syria we thank you so much for joining us this afternoon because you know if indeed trump makes good on this promise and the u.s. does indeed strike what are the likely implications. well the implications are huge not just for the region but also for all of us i mean if you have russia and us involved in a feast of that of course that's a very dangerous situation some of the experts already saying that you're perhaps looking at a third world war now that may be exaggerated but the rhetoric is pretty sure from both sides you've read out to your viewers what the united states president dollar trump has said he's not just said that the missiles are coming he's also said that they would be smarter knew this time which means that it would be the same tomahawk messias of the u.s. use last year after the chemical attack in italy that was
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a limited air strike the russians were informed in advance which meant that they sort of contain the situation this time the rhetoric is pretty high and even though all of the rest of the several combinations that perhaps it will countries to try perhaps russia could let syrian sticker hit but the russian assets are not to damage in a russian soldiers not go though that is pretty unlikely because over the last two days syrians have moved out shifted their assets and emptied their military bases and moved everyone closer to where the russians are sort of make it more possible that a russian target is it's and that's sort of a situation we're looking at a russia and u.s. space of which as i said is a pretty difficult situation that we can all be and russia and us face off which which as you mentioned would really have also the power to drag in you know other or powers especially regionally speaking we have for example are ron reaffirming its support for syria israel also taking measures tell us
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a little bit more about how the power structure in the region will be affected. well it's more than iran reaffirming its support for city oh really a short while ago all of them if putin has spoken to benjamin netanyahu in israel and asked him to not attack civilian assets and not sort of attack syria we know that a day ago or to four airports and homes was attacked in the city and the team is saying the israelis are responsible in that attack seven iranians have been killed the iranians of dollars reviews that every crime put on court by israelis will go unpunished every to any crisis in the middle east some must see wherever it begins the sort of stops as the arab conflict with israelis and this is that of when i say out of any resistance to israel which is iranian the lebanese his blind levanon and bashar against the israeli so that is going to be pretty intense the iranians have been in a huddle for the last two days and their point of view is sooner or later iran
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which is strengthening its position in syria is going to attack them so why not take them head on so the situation is going to be pretty tense in that sort of situation you'll have with the syrians and of course america of of these moves we mentioned in the beginning but you have many contacts there in syria and we're just wondering you know that the citizens themselves in syria who are often just caught in the middle of all of this what are you hearing what do they make of all this tell us just briefly. yes well but i've been to syria and to be honest of the last seventy years syria is divided country is a civil war and there are people who support bashar assad aid because they're tired of the war be because the board into the narrative that it is assad west is the extremist for several reasons one of them yes there are extremists the other is assad's management people that it is these two options that they would be pretty upset but the others the rebels and those who feel that a sudden moscow would have some sort of four because they've been asking international community to intervene support them this would be a we are haps to get assad back on the table it's all very uncertain in the
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situation of the moment is very dangerous we don't knows at the end what would happen it's not going to be good news for syrians and it's highly unlikely assad under pressure will be brought on the table an independent journalist and pay for thank you. one hour we're going to head to the central african republic where nineteen people have died in clashes involving united nations peacekeepers u.n. troops were attempting to disarm a militant group. in bangui the capital of the war torn nation but their actions provokes protests and a four hour exchange of gunfire some of the deaths took place inside a mosque for poking further anger and the diamond rich c.a.r. has been in crisis since late two thousand and twelve when violence broke out between muslim and christian rebel groups after a period of calm and twenty sixteen violence has searched. caught in the crossfire . the bodies of civilians laid outside the united nations mission headquarters in
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the capital city people killed in the latest firefight between united nations peacekeepers and local gangs it happened when un soldiers went on an anti gang operation that turned deadly. their outsider thrust into a sectarian conflict patrolling a muslim neighborhood in a majority christian city. demonstrators gathered to protest the violence and they say un peacekeepers opened fire on them. i mean don't understand anything anymore is this mission about shooting at civilians or something else we want an explanation and that is why we are here we brought the bodies to show to the national and international audience so they can see what happened and explain that to us. the central african republic is one of the world's most unstable countries in two thousand and thirteen the president was ousted after
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a coup by a mainly muslim alliance of rebels two years later a new president was elected. but despite international help his government only controls about one fifth of the country un peacekeepers have come under fire in the countryside. even in the heavily protected capital with its international peacekeeping presence armed groups have taken over neighborhoods the u.n. says the gangs are recruiting local youths by force. vows to retake control. as we demand that these groups lay down their arms now to release the youths who want to leave these armed groups and if this does not happen we the government and the un mission will take the necessary measures. but tensions remain high and another initiative the african union has hosted exploratory talks between the government and militias but those talks wrapped up just before this week's violence
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kicked off. it is all but certain that azerbaijani strongmen elim will rule the oil rich country for another seven years following a snap presidential election that's been denounced as a sham exit polls show that the incumbent president comfortably won a fourth consecutive term with more than eighty percent of the vote he has ruled azerbaijan from taking over from his father back in two thousand and three an obvious issue parties have accused authorities of rigging the vote and boycott of the polls. and in azerbaijan the president is on track to win a fourth term in an election boycotted by major opposition parties that have accused him of authoritarian rule and suppressing political dissent so these dissenting voices they are absent from the media and critical journalists risk arrest and jail we're back a reader's spoke with an opposition member here in berlin. lynn it's now
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home for this activist in exile the dissident journalist from as a vision has paid a high price for refusing to talk to the government line even milly's been forced to cut ties with his family and is no longer welcome in his home country largely due to the donor funded news channel he runs online. made on t.v. is giving fact checked information. about azerbaijan about politics and people needed people need independent media. this spoof video of a donkey holding a press conference led to milly being thrown in prison in two thousand and eleven it was meant to poke fun at the sky high price the government paid for two german donkeys but the authorities were not amused and merely served sixteen months behind bars. that made on t.v. millie's news team along with a network of reporters on the ground work to fact check the government's message
8:40 pm
and investigate dodgy practices. a few takes until they get their message right. media in azerbaijan is tightly state controlled but from here they can produce stories that don't pass through government census. nearly eighty percent of people in azerbaijan have access to the internet making social media a very important platform for activists videos like the ones being produced here in berlin will be broadcast to hundreds of thousands via facebook offering an alternative voice to that of the state sponsored made. milly and his colleagues say they have routinely targeted even here in berlin he says they've received death threats. we don't enjoy the suffering but if we don't take this risk we personally what children in our society will never have a chance to become free. really knows that he alone can change the future of as a vision but he's determined to give it his best shot. and of course there were
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major economic factors in this election in azerbaijan haveour get us more on that thank you very much there indeed of course that defines not only perhaps the outcome of the election or the popularity of the president but also many of the ways in which the e.u. looks at azerbaijan right now the e.u. is actually dependent on azerbaijan because of the vast gas and oil reserves in the caspian sea both sides are trying to make it easier to get to goods into the e.u.'s quickly and easily as possible with a good reason and direct link offers an alternative to russia and its old oil and gas. drilling rigs as far as the eye can see azerbaijan's well flies beneath the caspian sea in the form of oil and gas reserves foreign companies like b.p. own and total have invested billions here using technology and know how from around the world these german built cranes for example are used to construct further
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drilling platforms gas from the caspian sea is now set to make its way to europe via a stream and a half thousand kilometer long pipeline the pipeline will run through turkey to greece and italy and then northward toward central europe the bulk of the forty five billion dollar project is still under construction europe is keen to reduce its dependency on russian gas and yet as a by john is widely viewed as an autocracy its president multimillionaire. owns assets in the oil business and his vice president is none other than his wife the clan loves buildings and clearly wants to appear cosmopolitan and western oriented azerbaijan's capital baku is modeled on dubai many of its new buildings were built by friends a few years ago one human rights organization voted most corrupt man of the year but he's not without supporters at the turn of the millennium fifty percent of
8:43 pm
azerbaijanis lived below the poverty line now only six percent do despite alleged corruption many see him as a guarantor of stability but those who dare to question his power all suggest the country might be better off without him commonly face imprisonment protests and open criticism a read in this nation with its cult of personality a combination of oil based wealth and the whip swiftly eradicate any potential demands for greater democracy. a look at the financial world now in time between russia and the us are causing the russian ruble to drop fast against the u.s. dollars as new sanctions are hitting russian businessmen and their companies along with the sharply escalating diplomatic crisis in syria now the ruble has fallen to just over fifteen u.s. cents of that is a level that we have just seen eighteen months ago so since news of the sanctions
8:44 pm
last friday russia's currency has plunged about twelve percent. the sanctions washington announced on friday against russia are already beginning to be felt on the streets of moscow the ruble seems to be losing value by the hour the u.s. said the sanctions are in response to charges of russian meddling in u.s. elections and other ongoing issues but the russian prime minister continues to say they are really designed to give the u.s. an unfair advantage that. u.s. administration decision on sanctions is an attempt to fight us through unfair competition to limit our development to create tensions on the economy and the currency and fund markets. for the time being though the plummeting euro is a more acute problem that's because every day russians know that a weak ruble means trouble is just around the corner because. the sanctions will have negative consequences and the growing exchange rate of the dollar and the euro
8:45 pm
is a first indication that our economy will experience a drop in the president in the week which is and as the rhetoric heats up over the conflict in syria where russia and the u.s. support opposite sides the ruble continues to slide. shift the focus now and tourism is a huge and important industry around the world but travelers have so many choices that making your offer stand out requires a lot of creativity and uganda a young team is using social media to promote the country's attractions through travel blogging their experiences on the road have become popular and influential. joel jim is getting lit. he can't wait to visit should be for valley national park for the first time. this is a law that has been set about to deploy national park is beautiful and ten beauty lives in there and i would love to see these jump that is in africa in my country.
8:46 pm
and when he joins colleagues of the bloggers the five hundred kilometer journey north of the capital kampala begins. there is no professional travel writer. anyone can blog or take a photograph you put up this picture. is quite is sarge of interest coming from like your followers or your friends. very very surprised by how beautiful it is here it's unknown and yet we leave here. uganda is known for its endangered mountain gorillas. the country owns over one point three billion dollars from tourism a new early. but it wants to double that income by twenty twenty.
8:47 pm
once your gardens themselves to meet the star get by visiting local attractions most of the sixth or which already employs more than six hundred thousand people. so when you know what it's like like that is out people come and ask us in the creative project and tell us how to get to this place help me get to this place even guys will nigeria and stars and email us and telling us how we got to uganda how do we get to this particular point if we want to visit and know about this place. since twenty fifteen. published hundreds of photos on blogs over a million online users. in the same period some two worst sites have registered an increase in domestic tourists numbers adding to the one point two million foreign tourists that visit the country. and china wants the world to know that it's making things easier for foreign
8:48 pm
investors after strong criticism for unfair conditions the people's bank of china says it will allow non chinese companies to compete in areas including financial easing and consumer finance in the coming months but some analysts think this is just words and no actions to avoid a looming trade war with the us the linking of stock exchanges in shanghai and london will allow investors in both markets to directly acquire shares in the other also foreign investors will now be allowed to take majority shareholdings in companies in the securities fund management and insurance sectors the initiatives were announced by china's central bank governor egon at the ball while forum for asia taking place in china but he suggested chinese regulators would be keeping a close watch the. way he specially. opening up a venue make the market more competitive it should strengthen the
8:49 pm
regulation and make that the level playing field being. more fair and allow and. domestic and every institution to compete china has a long record of promising to eventually open financial markets but these changes are scheduled for the end of the year the moves could take the wind out of the sails of u.s. policymakers they're calling for higher import taxes on chinese goods on the beijing does more to open its markets to american companies. that's all for business now attention serious junkies because sarah has the culture. exactly as javier does mention this one is for all the junkies out there pictures now from the pain car bed now the red carpet the pink carpet at the first ever
8:50 pm
canned international film festival which is drawing to a close on the coast as there are of course in the south of france so lovely there the festival it's the civically features t.v. series a part of the market that is booming like no other at the moment and robin merrill is here from our culture desk to explain all of us for i've never seen a pink carpet before robyn so what exactly is going on here because a lot has changed right yeah i mean it's all about market forces. can last year the film festival wouldn't allow streaming services like netflix and amazon and. put their films in the country in the competition for the palme d'or because they have to movies have to have their premier in a cinema so they said and of course streaming services of all the premier all know streaming services you know. compromise being made on both sides of the cannes film festival is in
8:51 pm
a month's time meanwhile can to get ahead of the game have started this kind t.v. series festival if you like which by the way is taking place alongside a t.v. fan but doesn't actually happen every year in cannes now let's have a look at three series that are creating quite a buzz at the festival. is a criminal interrogation officer who wanted to buy her daughter's disappearance. certainly. the typist looks at what happens when someone working for justice is personally affected and takes the law into your and hands to do things that in order. to do some of. this is with. the last may bite about as much mud as it is. brilliant m i five officer even meets her match when she becomes fixated with
8:52 pm
a villain now an assassin who's taking people out across europe. killing let the psychological battle begin because i just want to know everything. people are dead and it's all your fault. finding people tell my doctor i have to find her she wants to be a pointer. to know what tommy bunch i'm going to talk to her. to tell me what you want to know the result. please. it'll catch your torah the hunter. nine hundred ninety three a thirty year conflict between two mafia clans claims the lives of criminals as well as the innocent.
8:53 pm
that is until some very old bar owner you a young ambitious lawyer takes the stand school's controller cured of your daughter . based on an incredible true story once upon a time in sicily. ok has a whole lot of new stuff there the end of t.v. as we know it robin or well kind of mean i come from a. generation where you rushed home from work to watch your favorite t.v. program at seven o'clock or whenever it was now you can watch television whenever you like you can pull that you could do what you like so that's change and of course with these series you can binge on it you can watch sixty of the other a lot of people do that but actually. t.v. is changing but some people say it's a golden age of television right now and i kind of agree with them i mean it all began well it began with series like this from h.b.o.
8:54 pm
this is the the sopranos of course about italian american mobsters it ran for eighty six episodes then of course there's game of thrones we can't talk about this without game of thrones shown in one hundred streams one hundred seventy countries said to be the most popular t.v. series ever and then the crown which i began to watch rather reluctantly about queen elizabeth cohen but it's wonderful i got completely hooked and binged on it. and of course there's going to be it all the series of the crowd with new actors because of course the queen is getting older in each series what is all of this doing to the movie industry and i i mean it is changing it for instance here in germany the cinema ticket sales were down ten percent last year but they're they're not down in other countries you know i mean there's no shortage of work for actors for direct for all the other people who work in the industry because they're all starting to work on the series and this year these streaming services are going
8:55 pm
to send spend sixteen billion dollars on new material which is a lot of money you know and one example here is from germany. in the most expensive series ever made on german television sets in the weimar republic in nineteen twenty nine where this city it was a party city until of course the nazis came along and spoilt its all if you. there's a second series of that now in production i think i mean the change is people will always go to the movies for a night out but i think the real going to be a lot more couch potatoes are. a big favorite t.v. for i don't know why you're looking at me with that problem. the winners will be announced tonight that yeah it's actually good ceremonies taking place right now and we'll bring the winners to you online at d.w. dot com slash culture as they come in ok so everyone can go to our website than
8:56 pm
robin merrill with the latest on the pink carpet at the cannes film festival thank you. if you're watching t.v. it is a quick reminder of our top stories u.s. president donald trump has tweeted a warning to brush over syria he said missiles will be coming it's in response to an alleged poison gas attack in syria last week. and with that you're up to date i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching have to see you soon.
8:57 pm
it enhanced human perception and change the world. i had a wonderful experience but i have no idea where it came from. a chemist about off monday educated his discovery to medicine but it quickly spun out of control as a party from. the substance albert hall finds l.s.d.
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. the sistine g.w. . european stocks during performances led. to. play live concerts every weekend cut in concerts. lead. climate change. waste. pollution c. isn't it time for a good. go at africa people and projects that are changing no one fireman for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's split each other. he could plug
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environment magazine. on d w.
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this is. the trump tweet the u.s. president. missiles. strike syrian military. and alleged poison gas attack last week also. the death toll climbs to two hundred fifty seven in
9:01 pm
a military. one of the deadliest disaster in history the nation has.


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