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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2018 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the u.s. says all options are on the table in response to a suspected chemical attack in syria but the white house also says there is no timetable for any military action this after president trump launches a tweet taunting russia promising to fire missiles at syria also coming up.
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facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says regulation of social media may be inevitable during his last day in washington but congress could not pin him down on how he plans to protect private data. on the number of executions carried out last year around the world fell compared to the year before that according to a new amnesty international report on capital punishment. and italy has been without a government since an indecisive election last month a new push to form a coalition kicks off today a reporter went to rome to ask politicians why it is so hard to find any agreement . with. brian thomas thanks so much for being with us the trumpet ministration says all options are on the table but that no final decision has been made on. military
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action in syria president trump took to twitter yesterday telling russia to quote get ready and that missiles will be coming fueling expectations that a strike on syria is imminent now in a moment we'll be crossing live to our correspondents for the very latest on the international dispute over the alleged chemical attack near damascus first we have this report. i mean. a rare moment of celebration for syrians at least government supporters they took to the streets of duma after rebels who had controlled the city left yet the victorious military action included a suspected poison gas attack the attack for which u.s. president donald trump has vowed retaliation but the white house later appeared to roll back on his threat to launch missiles. the president has not laid out a timetable and still leaving a number of other options on the table and we're still considering a number of those and a final decision on that front hasn't been made. that's in contrast to the
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president's earlier incendiary tweets including russia vows to shoot down missiles fired at syria get ready russia because they will be coming you should be partners with a gas killing an animal who kills his people and enjoys it u.s. warships left port on wednesday to move within striking range of syria. russia said it's keeping a close eye on the fleet and the kremlin hit out a trump's handling of the situation. we do not participate in twitter diplomacy we support a serious approach we still believe that it is important not to take any steps that may harm the already fragile situation in syria we are also still convinced that the excuse regarding the use of chemical weapons in duma is made up and cannot be used as an argument for military action. russia has moved fast to establish itself in duma this amateur video purportedly shows russian police investigating near the
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site of the alleged chemical attack moscow says it and the regime are ready to allow a probe but only one which shouldn't assign blame. our correspondents claire richardson standing by in washington and in moscow our bureau chief good morning to both of you. if we could start with you russia is saying the alleged chemical attack is a fake and cannot be used as a reason for any kind of attack and it's also on the well russia has been constantly denying any chemical attack took place moscow has invited investigators from the organization for that prohibit of chemical weapons to probe the scene where that attack allegedly took place in syria over the last week and to moscow also had to send its own investigators who found it bolted leonor that ends for any use of chemical weapons since yesterday russian military police military police is acting on the ground in the syrian city of what we just
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seed seen it in the report where the alleged chemical attack took place russian ministry of defense insists the situation in duma remains stabilized for the last few five days allegedly if there are there to guarantee along all day however we see a clear attempt by the russians to downplay the situation as much as possible by the way even russian state run broadcasters since yesterday reduced to the antti west and rhetoric significantly ok in this new information that we have russian personnel on the ground in duma certainly is a new and important factor right now a close go to you know the white house spokeswoman sara huckabee sanders is saying there's no tying table right now for action in syria is the white house backing off of its previous comments. well her comments are quite troubling given trump's earlier tweets promising military strikes on syria and the fact that the
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white house is now saying that all options remain on the table suggest that trump was on twitter promising military action before anything had actually been decided now it's unclear not only what his long term plan is for syria but even in the short term what he really sees as a solution in the region if you remember it was just earlier this month that he was saying he would like to withdraw all two thousand u.s. troops who are in syria that was against the advice of his military advisers who are wary of another situation like afghanistan or iraq who want to stay there and make sure that the islamic state can knock out another foothold in the region before backing out but this directly contradicts what he was saying earlier this month and so it's unclear from his words alone and from what the white house is saying what kind of action we're going to see. you were mentioning there that moscow's dialing back the rhetoric how might russia though respond to any possible american military action. well brian russian law make us
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a warrant already of the united states that moscow would concede to and asked dr take on syria as a war crime and that could trigger and direct a military clash between the three to form a call to walk countries like sikandar a senior russian lawmaker for example set russia would engage its washin in the mediterranean sea to protect russian assets in syria in addition to ground based air defense systems that russia has in the region the top russian military officer general stuff chief in the valley to get us in off war in the last month that russia would strike back against both missiles and their carriers three weeks ago i myself was embedded on one of the largest u.s. aircraft carriers on the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt there were more than five thousand people on board so kind of small town in the middle of the persian gulf if russians attack such an aircraft carrier americans can face huge implications. the stakes are very high right now
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are clear back to you the president has been linking the tensions with moscow to the probe into alleged russian meddling during the last presidential election what are they saying. that's right he's been blaming what he's been calling bad blood with russia on the russia investigation that's being led by special counsel robert muller and the thing that originally made trump's tweets about syria is so usual for the president the fact that he called aside an animal that he pin the blame squarely on russia is that he has been very reluctant to criticize putin himself directly this even as the u.s. administration has taken steps against russia and responds to a series of what it sees as missteps it's expelled russian diplomats that it suspects to be spies it's levied new sanctions on people who things are in putin's inner circle but donald trump himself has been criticized on both sides of the aisle for being largely quiet and this is a big departure for him to come out directly and criticize russia on something like
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this suspected chlorine gas attack clear richardson force in washington that you're a shuttle force in moscow thanks to both of you this war in iraq. and with us here now in the studio is mideast expert peter steinberg good morning to you donald trump is under incredible domestic pressure right now to launch some type of military action from both sides of the aisle republicans and democrats can he avoid this pressure is he in a corner right now and essentially being forced to act on syria well never predict donald trump i think that's a basic rule ever since he was elected into office i think because of the domestic pressure that he that he would consider a military strike but probably he tweeted this message. he has his counselor has told him about the dangers of what is happening that the
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situation is not like last year anymore the russians there are iranians there are shia militia in many syrian bases so the dangers are a lot higher. than in the past ok this is very important you just mentioned these shia militia the iranian assets on these air bases along with russians what would be the red line for the russians and for the rains that should be crossed by the united states their red line that they would take military action i think there is a difference between the russians and the iranians the iranians have been hit by israelis in recent days about seven revolutionary guards have been killed and we can expect them to retaliate against the israelis by some kind of terrorist activity worldwide the russians are different if you hit the russians militarily if you hit russian military there is also a difference between military and contractors but if you hit the military then the
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u.s. has a problem and it should expect some kind of reaction but i think that's part of the reason why the united states seems to hesitate right now simply because. mr trump is surrounded by professional soldiers they know about the dangers if you if you hit the russians in any place in syria ok the american planners are looking very closely at this no doubt where is that red line what strategic value would an american strike have in syria could it weaken assad's military assets or could we looking could we be looking at a strictly symbolic kind of struck it would be strictly a symbolic we have seen a similar attack last year in exactly the same. from which the chemical attack in honcho whom was was started and we have to be aware that the united states has no interest in weakening the assad regime that has been american policy ever since the
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days of barack obama ever since we know what the americans know the alternative namely isis in the north front nobody has an interest to topple the assad regime anymore and that is the main reason why we will only see symbolic strikes although perhaps a little bit broader than a pro two thousand and seventeen ok no when we look at the syrian forces on the ground they've they've just retaken duma that's one of the last rebel strongholds to fall islamic states back foot as well has syria has assad bush bush are basically won the war against the rebels and against islamic state yes it has but that doesn't mean that the war has ended and the main reason is the lack of personnel the syrian army has big problems to muster the people it needs to conquer all these areas and it will be quite an uphill battle for assad. to
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control all these areas that are no retaken especially the ones that have been dominated by rebels for three four or even even for. so we will see a continuation of violence in the country but not on the scale that we have seen until late two thousand and sixteen when the city in the eastern part of the city of aleppo was retaken by the government so it's not enough just to take the areas holding them as a whole different kind of strategic question it is right now bashar al assad has the support of the iranians especially shia militia from afghanistan from iraq and partly from lebanon if some of these these guys go the government will have huge problems to control especially the areas where i says was based but also areas like duma. another non jihadi organization wooed for about nearly five years later
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steinberg thanks so much for your comments and for coming in this morning now for some of the other stories making the news around the world yemen's army says it has recaptured a key city from iran back to the rebels the army said it had completely liberated the city of middy which lies on him and for was saudi arabia the saudis are major bacchis of the yemeni government in a civil war with the who is these. while sandals prosecutors are reviewing a nine hundred ninety two sexual assault case against actor kevin spacey the oscar winner was fired from the series house of cards and are raised from a movie after he was first publicly to use of sexual misconduct last year that in the wake of the hash tag me to movement. and pope francis has admitted he made quote grave mistakes of handling the child abuse scandal in chile. in a letter to chilean bishops he said he was ashamed of comments earlier this year in
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which you cues victims of slander the pope's apology comes after victims testimonies were published he's inviting some of them to rome. one investigation is underway into what caused algeria's worst ever aviation disaster two hundred fifty seven people were killed when a military plane crashed outside of the capital algiers yesterday the aircraft was packed with soldiers and their families three days of national mourning have been announced rescuers pick through the rubble at the site of algeria's worst ever plane crash hundreds of people were killed when a military aircraft came down in a field years on board soldiers and their families. when my neighbor and i arrived we found piles of bodies it's a disaster an absolute disaster. this man escaped with his life
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and. the plane fell just after taking off from the base and fell first onto its wing and it caught fire after it hit the ground i just had enough time to say a prayer. but the body kind is inescapable the aircraft a soviet made model used by several countries armies to transport soldiers to remote locations. the plane had just taken off from its home base at the feyerick airport it was headed for morocco but it never got there. an investigation has been launched the cleanup has started until geria has begun three days of mourning for the hundreds of people who lost their lives. this is due to be news still to come on the show. in sports drama galore in the quarter finals of the champions league as a late red card and penalty cause of motions to boil over in madrid.
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it's here now on the speculation continues that the fed could be moving on interest rates that's right it's because minutes from the u.s. federal reserve's latest policy meeting in march were released last night and showed the country's central bank has in broad agreement stronger growth in the u.s. means the fed can and should raise rates more aggressively in the next three years two more increases are expected within this year making a total of three rises so far and markets are looking for clues that a fourth one may be on the cards but the fed has two big unknowns complicating policymaking the impact of domestic tax cuts and by how much the else growth plus the effect of ongoing trade tensions with china russia's ruble is falling fast against the u.s. dollar as tensions mount between the two countries washington's latest sanctions against russian businessmen and their companies along with sharply escalating diplomatic crisis in syria have seen the ruble plunged to just over fifteen u.s.
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cents that level was last seen eighteen months ago since news of the fresh sanctions emerged last friday russia's currency has plunged by about twelve percent . the sanctions washington announced on friday against russia are already beginning to be felt on the streets of moscow the ruble seems to be losing value by the hour the us said the sanctions are in response to charges of russian meddling in u.s. elections and other ongoing issues but the russian prime minister continues to say they are really designed to give the us an unfair advantage that. u.s. administration decision on sanctions is an attempt to fight us through unfair competition to limit our development to create tensions on the economy and the currency and fun markets. for the time being though the plummeting euro is a more acute problem that's because every day russians know that
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a weak ruble means trouble is just around the corner because. the sanctions will have negative consequences and the growing exchange rate of the dollar and the euro is a first indication that our economy will experience a drop in the president in the week which is and as the rhetoric heats up over the conflict in syria where russia and the u.s. support opposite sides the ruble continues to slide. beijing has pledged to further open its financial sector to foreign investors the people's bank of china. chinese companies to compete in areas like financial leasing and consumer finance in the coming months but i'm sure whether officials are just paying lip service to washington on to settle in the pending trade or. the linking of stock exchanges in shanghai and london will allow investors in both markets to directly acquire shares in the other also foreign investors will now be allowed to take my
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jordi shareholdings in companies in the securities fund management and insurance sectors the initiatives were announced by china's central bank governor egon at the bar while forum for asia taking place in china but he suggested chinese regulators would be keeping a close watch. by you specially. opening up a venue make the market more competitive it should strengthen the regulation and make of the level of full playing field being. more fair and allow and. domestic and every institution to compete with china has a long record of promising to eventually open financial markets but these changes are scheduled for the end of the year the moves could take the wind out of the sails of u.s.
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policymakers they're calling for higher import taxes on chinese goods unless beijing does more to open its markets to american companies. well if you don't know or where to invest why not have a look at the latest rage among wealthy collect is dinosaur bones the auction house in paris is selling to fossilize skeletons focus to bring in a combined one point four million dollars turns out prehistoric skeletons have become trendy interior decorations for people who probably have too much money the auction house is targeting private collectors because they typically pay more than museums specimens for allosaurus and dip lock daucus and if you don't know what that is just honestly it's. mark zuckerberg spent hours as defined be vocal this week and still failed to answer the most important question and that most important question to her is not about to deploy doris but
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about something completely else how much data does facebook collect on users and non-users it is a question asked in both the senate and the house yesterday but the work sidestepped a direct answer he did though acknowledge facebook does collect data from users even when they're not on facebook that a collection is at the center of facebook's business model the company took in forty billion dollars annually in advertising revenue his congressional testimony has raised calls for government regulation. for a second day mark zuckerberg faced the cameras and sat through hours of questioning from u.s. lawmakers. accused of compromising the private data of tens of millions of facebook users he repeated his apology from a day earlier or it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and that goes for fake news foreign interference
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in elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy it was my mistake and i'm sorry. zuckerberg gave repeated assurances that he would allocate more facebook staff to help improve data protection but he appeared evasive in response to committee members questions is yes or no if you could will you make the commitment to change all the user to changing all the user default settings to minimize to the greatest extent possible the collection and use of users that congressman this is a complex issue that i think is deserves more than a one word and what i again that's disappointing to me because i think you should make that commitment. while making numerous promises on improving data security sucker brook still managed to remain vague on specifics. football and all four slots of the champions league semifinals are now takin one of
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them by byron munich johnson crane of deed of the sports year talk about that morning to you jonathan before we get to byron let's talk about that remarkable match up between last year's finalist real madrid and you ventus how did eventis come from so far down and then lose in the waning moments i think your friends will be asking themselves that question also as we're here the referee incredible drama i think this is probably one of the most exciting champions league rounds in recent history every second night in a row we nearly had a spanish side. throwing away a three go advances from italian side off the rim is incredible comeback the night before. really hans and i want to start with this one but let's count from the beginning because merriam on. events off to a fly two goals for him they were to know up at half time then placing treaty that made it serenely levelling that's high on aggregate and as it stood then the match is going to go to extra time then the drama round reward it's what some would say
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was a controversial penalty john rechy before the captain sends off without an abusive language then who else but chris john ever now they stepped up with the penalty schools for a while so that made it for three and they went through the day he was given a yellow card sorry he was a great loss working great always around me know that he was given a yellow coffin taking the shots off for showing off his muscles of course but also the great all the talk was about that red card instead and the penalty g.g. before probably as a last effort champions league appearance let's hear what he had to say about it obviously disappointed. i could have said anything to the referee and he should have had the sensibility to forgive me. because what he did is to commit a crime against sportsmanship. and that's why i said the woods i had to say money. just quickly at the front office also said michael if i had a rubbish bin for
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a ha and instead of being referee should've been in the stands eating crist's what about a video replay technology and all of this inevitably this has now come up again as a topic because v.a. isn't used in the champions league instantly like the bonus league it was there has been used in syria this season as part of the trials now events as president after the game came out and said they should be used in the champions league or they depending on which way that goes your side you can argue the invest because the mass media earlier in the season had expressed doubts and so you're always going to find arguments for and against when it suits you know i'm not sure in this case they all would have helped because any that for obvious mistakes and this one was so tight the video referee wouldn't have been able to intervene so it all just comes on to subjectivity and what the referee thinks if you take away the emotion and when it happened in the game and i think you have to say it probably was a penalty but that obviously doesn't help your fantasy distances doesn't ryall
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madrid through the seventies now so as a buyer in munich how did buying look against. they got the job done i think that was that was the main thing they did the hard work in a veil off week they came back to munich with a she one advantage of the most important thing for them was not to concede a goal we know binds attacking progress they really had to dig deeper and defend because sylvia had some chances by and had some chances to probably the least interesting game of the whole course of final round but they got the job done as i said i first time actually in twenty two champions league games they haven't managed to score so severe can take some credit for that but it wasn't enough for them so the trouble still on for behind and ok thanks so much jonathan crane for bringing us up to date on all the latest here thanks very much this is day to be news still to come on the show italian president starts another attempt to end the political deadlock and. the country's fractious parties towards forming
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a new government will go live from the latest on that story. we're going to a short break this is the interview news live from. built to last an eternity. the walls of wrong. oh what a clock makes them so durable and can we use this construction technology in the future. experts have studied the composition of these materials and they discovered a substance from them as remarkable property to go to harlem to get the
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sixty minutes going to go home go. climate change. waist length pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it is up to us to make a difference let's inspire shut. the clinton trick on the environment magazine. on d w. laws world will survive it's like tiger i don't. have to stay down you know for me to fight for this fight against it or bangladesh. what does the true face of the country look like freedom independence
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a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and islamist extremists sparking more democracy and the rule of law on shaky ground but due to the downfall of the truth. and it is. not. bangladesh the dawn of islam is a an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. welcome back your interview news our top stories at this hour the u.s. says all options are on the table in response to the alleged chemical attack in syria but the white house says there's no timetable for action an apparent walk back on president trumps public comments that are fueled speculation of an imminent strike. facebook c.e.o.
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mark zuckerberg says regulation of social media may be inevitable during his last day of testimony before a congressional panel but u.s. lawmakers failed to get a direct answer from zaka berg on how he's going to protect user data. well the human rights organization amnesty international says the number of reported judicial executions around the world fell during twenty seventeen agnes he also says the trend around the world leans towards abolishing the death penalty but the group also warns that the true number of people put to death is actually concealed some countries treat execution numbers as a state secret china for example we're talking to amnesties regional director for east asia shortly first we have this report. iran responsible for carrying out its more than half of the world's known executions last year that's according to amnesty international's latest figures in dozens of those cases that
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meant public execution in iran drug trafficking and blasphemy are among those crimes punishable by death at least five people were executed in iran for acts committed when they were still under eighteen. just four countries responsible for eighty four percent of all recorded executions last year iran saudi arabia iraq and pakistan but the country suspected of being the world's leading executioner is china. it's thought to have put thousands to death last year more than the rest of the world put together the because data on the death penalty that is a state secrets exactly how many is a matter of speculation. but not counting china twenty seven thousand so the total number of executions worldwide fall by four percent from the previous year. m misty international says that reaffirms the
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global trend towards a pollution of the death penalty last year a further two countries guinea and mongolia join the one hundred four who have now abolished capital punishment for a second year in a row the u.s. did not feature among the top five global execution is slipping from positions seven to eight this is due in part to ongoing legal challenges of the use of lethal injection. but as litigation in several states progress is that because the executions regime. let's bring in now amnesties nicholas back when his regional director for east asia joins us from hong kong this morning good morning to you nicholas thanks for being with us your report includes no figures for china because china the world's leading executioner what's behind that claim. well simply the fact that china considers all figures related to the death penalty as
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state secrets it does not follow any independent reporting on executions it does not publish comprehensive figures about people that are sentence or executed. and therefore we think that it is better to have an estimate that we based on a number of things including. executions that are reported in the media. and court judgments we go through tens of thousands of court judgments in china to find. records of death sentences and public executions but we think it's really for china to come clean and disclose. the number rather than for us to try to make the best possible get a look at we are doing that the executions are in the town but the exact number
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remains. secret ok it's a lot to expect china to come clean on those numbers isn't it why would why would china execute more people than any other country in the world. well i think there are many reasons for this the first one is. there is a very large number of crimes that can lead to an execution including nonviolent crimes such as corruption or economy crimes the second is that. right some to defense in china are extremely. low and the defendants don't get very often a fair trial actually most people. don't go to trial. that's risking to definitely do not even have a lawyer and i think the last factor really is that china's judicial system is
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still one that relies on confessions and fashion is the biggest evidence on a lot of the question expected and i'd like to i'd like to pick up on that are you concerned that as china grows in power and influence it will be export ing it's to dish will system abroad to other countries its approach to criminal justice and the death penalty. i think for in respect of the death penalty this is unlikely because china doesn't know that it's black sheep in the international community to execute secretly take the kids to many people probably carries out a lot of wrongful executions but in terms of criminal justice yes i think there is a concern that china is pushing forward a concept that it calls judicial so for n.t. which means basically that if the state writes on a piece of paper or something that looks like
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a low then nobody else has the right to criticize or scrutinize the decision made by do courts of course that please either lot of authoritarian countries and this is a risk that we should be watchful because they are international standards in terms of its ration of just nicholas paklin thank you so very much for joining us this morning a regional director for the stage or for amnesty thanks very much. ware turning to italy now where there is a last ditch bet underway to form a new government an inconclusive election last month a surge in support for far right and anti establishment parties but they're refusing to work together and if there's no breakthrough the country may have to resort to new elections. contentious politics in rome are as old as the piazza navona billed nearly two thousand years ago the visual splendor of this popular square gives no hint of italy's latest political
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crisis. more than a month after the country's parliament elections there's still no new government. behind me in. the presidential palace where currently the leaders of the three strongest parties are negotiating over at least future but the search for a new government has rarely been more difficult there are deep political divisions between all the different actors. but generally i go in the first time senator with a populist five star movement is keen on bridging that was divisions with five star topping the voted over thirty percent go in is ready to head a government but there is no coalition in sight. mind and our leader in the region to my your can only make offers to the other parties but he cannot answer or decide for them. i think the party took
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a democratic win and believe the other party should both justify why they don't want to sit down with us and help resolve italy's crisis. a coalition with the right wing populist legal party seemed likely after the election both party leaders are euro skeptics who want to clamp down on migration. but their relations have. gone cold legal politicians like john mark. are candid about their frustration. i think the leader of the five star party does not understand politics very well when he says he's willing to go either with us or with the democratic party it's clear he has no idea what our party stands for. this is like going to a football match and supporting both teams.
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the center left party to democratic or or democratic party was the election speak a loser and that's why one of its leaders under the. one remaining in the opposition he has no intention of helping form a new intelligent government. about the south. worried about the future at all these government. only. the zinc me program. to take the news out of the nation they receive a lot of votes they have their responsibility. for the future of the country. italy is facing a long political deadlock which could ultimately result in new elections however a scenario that none of the parties want at least that they can currently agree on
8:41 am
. so could it have to vote again let's bring in our own correspondent philip whelan for more philip good morning to you can the italian president sergio model releve broker a deal and avoid new elections. well question then to onset i think it's going to be difficult in this new round of consultations that . a clear result will emerge and there are number of questions that are still to be clarified that i am italian voters the democratic party hopes it congress later this month and who wins in a vote up for the secretary that will be influential for the future and there are also regional elections in the north and in the south and i think the parties want to wait and see who comes out on top from these regional elections because that
8:42 am
could provide a new signal for where the electorate wants the country to go ok when are those regional elections of. their regional elections in mali's in the south thing that's on the twenty second and only twenty ninth of april. early in the northeast and clearly yeah it's expected that the leak will do well in the north and the five star movement which is already swept out most of the south will do well in mali's a bit it does give the electorate a chance to have another say you know what they want for the future of their country ok now following those elections at the end of the month then is there a possibility that the any south south and five star movement would go into a government with the with the far right leader. i think that probably is on the
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cards in a sense the two parties are. the big winners in this latest election and they are compatible it ned many ways net there and establishment pro approach in a certain hostility to europe and the european union. and in the proposal of a radical shake up of italian politics so in a sense it would make it would make sense for these two parties to go together because they are the parties that were influenced by the electorate the terrorist. once tax cuts or businessman in the year well the north and the five star movement wants to. pay large amounts of public money to people in the impoverished south and that's
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a problem. coordinating and making a coherent economic policy out of those two approaches ok so we'll have to wait for the end of this month to know where this is all headed philip well and for us in rome thanks very much a south sudanese refugee in uganda is using music to preach peace moses the pike gives concerts to fellow refugees and northern uganda as rhino campus home to more than one hundred thousand people some one million south sudanese refugees have fled to uganda since fighting broke out in two thousand and thirteen. a moment of pleasure for south sudanese refugees in uganda. this peace concert has been organized by more this new park south sudan his musician who is also a refugee in uganda. the pi's using music to help rehabilitate receive
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jesus with psychological trauma having escaped violence market home. i very very extremely happy because i know that the hope is already restored that despite the fact that i lot of things happen many things resources were lost it when i see them smile i also smile because i see that hope is the restored and i'm encouraging them to live positive through music and at. the rhino comes to torment you point continues to walk with fellow refugees through a charity organization. impose women through financial literacy classes and also gives them startup loans for small businesses. leverage there is one of them. how small restaurant stocks breakfast. i think and then i look at my little of the i can now pay school fees for all my
8:46 am
children with assistance from a piano i've been able to buy him obama sheen that bakes cakes i feel empowered and this makes me happy because i'm schooled you can book in an unwinnable is it look i founded the action for people in need organization in two thousand and sixteen. his goal is to improve the livelihood of fellow sultans refugees in uganda. when i come like this i feel i am really at home when i see women progressing and that's already a part of change you are looking for i feel happy when i see community living you know how many. that is part of what you and looking for i feel happy extremely happy and i believe that through music and to ever to create a peaceful and a healthy society. since two thousand and thirteen the conflict in south sudan has lived thousands of people a day. according to the un refugee agency you when it's. over four million
8:47 am
people have been forced to flee their homes. while these people long for peace the pisces music can be it cool forward conciliation at a time to bring stability to the wilds the youngest mission. specialist. while most of the migrants reaching europe's southern shores arrived in italy via the coast of libya last year but as steps taken to shut down that route are expanding people seeking safety and jobs in europe are returning to another tried route the number of migrants crossing from morocco to spain passed twenty thousand last year knots twice the figure of the previous year another big rise is predicted for this year the large numbers of people crossing the hazardous strait of gibraltar is testing the limits of spanish mergence reserves. to refill in southern spain the gateway to europe. the coast guard is on another risky
8:48 am
mission. a call has just come in that a small dingy has been spotted in the middle of the strait of gibraltar. no time to lose for the coast guard and their colleagues at the rescue center. last year instead of having to rescue seventeen hundred we had to rescue seventy six hundred people that that number pushes us to the very limit of our capabilities for a fourth on this at the ball and then. the strait of gibraltar is a special area here the worlds of africa and europe a separated by just thirteen kilometers strong winds attract water sports enthusiasts here from all over and increasingly migrants choose the strait as their entrance to europe like the occupants of this damaged risk you just in time by the spanish coast guard despite the dangers people continue to take the gamble. and.
8:49 am
the wind is very strong here on top of that there are strong currents that can also lead to bigger swells added to that there is marine traffic freight chips and container ships create waves that could cause boats to capsize. in a moment missions like these put a further strain on rescue services on route to assure the services tried unsuccessfully to give c.p.r. to one of the migrants the european border and coastguard agency or from texas says for many years it had been quiet in the strait spain had worked out partnership agreements with african countries in order to combat the causes of migration now it seems they no longer work. already attempted to come to europe through libya but not for. those who do survive the voyage if they're lucky
8:50 am
arrive here it's the workshop with the aid organization in caddies for a maximum of three months migrants can take language courses and listen handicrafts but that still won't get them a child. i mean really doesn't that put you there in a precarious position they don't have any papers they came illegally into the country and have no chance to look for a job like a citizen would tell you that. you that i don't less still bad prospects seem to have stopped a few from at least trying to make it to europe. is to south africa now residents of cape town have been living with severe restrictions on water use as that region suffers record drought consumption is now limited to fifty liters per person per day non-essential use like washing your car for example draws a stiff fine but many cape town businesses rely heavily on water they've been
8:51 am
forced to find new ways to cope as the water sources run dry. at this haslam in cape town these bottles now take center stage. customers coming in for a haircut have to bring their own water. not to drink but for washing my hair. colleen has learned to laugh about it really is very unusual but ask a timely and we cut we will survive we survive. the worry. neil recently received a letter from the city saying the salon's water supply would be cut off if it didn't make drastic reduction he had to decide whether to shut up shop or change the panicked looks for the stuff that's forty families imagine they don't have money because they conquered here what are do you know in the beginning with thought would never run out because we were a major city they couldn't let us run out but unfortunately it's getting to that
8:52 am
stage he is now offering his customers an unusual service they can take her in the water that is used for rinsing their hair even waste water has become a precious resource here. cape town is experiencing the worst drought in its history some of its water reservoirs have become part of the desert landscape. this says he is taking drastic measures each city resident may now only use fifty liters of water per day it's the only way to ensure the supply will last the city is also busy constructing numerous desalination plants for sea water we need the city's crisis manager at one of the building starts. this is probably the biggest crisis that the cape town has space before water is a different thing because it is so incredibly linked to all survival and realty to sustain ourselves and given that there is
8:53 am
a lot of uncertainty around whether we will receive adequate levels of rainfall go into the future further i think intensifies the impact all of the particular crisis . even tourists are limited to fifty liters a day. the owner of a small hotel shows new arrivals what that means in real terms. i just want to show you that because it's about tearing off of these per person in twenty four hours and i think that makes you realize just how little it is and how careful you have to be we have thomas in the bathroom now which is on the wall so are you ready to marry a minute on the beach or what ever you put the time on and do your best to beat it. colleen from the hassle on shows us how she saves her short hair and it's a strict routine. in the shower. and you stand there.
8:54 am
and we sit on which ourselves six off. of it needs to be done the body into the is in the water is used for the toilet. colleen's family then shows us a hidden motive source and the hills above cape town this water comes from one of the last mountain reservoir it's contaminated with bacteria like eco light but is nevertheless a treasured. resource city residents use it in this one post or to flush the toilets such water sources have become social gathering places in cape town. the rich we're all if it's water. girl. we always said that the source of cape town's wealthier residents are now experiencing a daily reality of the city's poor fetching water from public sources. throughout india or yeah i'm happy that it affects the rich now as well maybe that will wake the government up and make it finally tackle the water problem because they're
8:55 am
affected by it too. and yet again the crisis is hitting the townships hardest taps here have often been dry ever since the drop began. residents on the opposite side of the city are quite removed from this kind of scenario but their lifestyle has seen fundamental changes this was a crisis certainly is leaving deep marks on one of africa's most modern cities. let's get you reminder now of the top stories we're following for you today the u.s. says all options are on the table in response to the alleged chemical attack in syria but the white house says there's no timetable for action an apparent walk back on president trumps public comments there fueled expectations of an imminent strike. and facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says regulation of social media may be inevitable during his last
8:56 am
day of testimony before congressional panel but u.s. lawmakers failed to get a direct answer from zaka bird on how he'd better protect user data. this is the interview news live from berlin you can find out more on these and other stories at our website that's dot com for now though for me brian thomas in the entire news team thanks for being with us.
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built to last an eternity. the walls of all. but what makes them so durable and can we use this construction technology in the future. experts have studied the composition of these materials and they discovered a substance for this remarkable properties. to warm up to
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thirty mins i don't think. it's all happening to children any good. sure link to news from africa and the world of. your link to exception stories and discussions can you unload some student news after going program a night from for an insanity from the news of easy now i would say d. deputed close the traffic come join us on facebook t w africa. the dangerous battle for images. five women. five exceptional stories. a siren i want to go to the trunk to morrow morning it may be nothing more dizzying one calling more photography and dramatic
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pictures from the frontlines capturing three full moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. good women more photographers starting may third on g.w. . fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes the hair style takes up to two days it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spend at the salon i know good quality hair when i see ads and the good story when i hear it's my name is
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elizabeth chong and i work at studio. this is deja vu news live from berlin the u.s. says all options are on the table in response to the suspected chemical attack in syria but the white house says there is no timetable for military action this after president trump launches a tweet taunting russia promising to fire missiles at syria also coming up. major management changes at.


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