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i think you're smart t.v. smarter d.w. or smart. what you want what you want it to do extraordinary. to decide what's. more the com score. higher want to welcome to another edition of the show i'm your host meghan li from villas in the sun to playing on air drums we have a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. artist utopia a place dedicated to creativity and happiness. under the sun a dream home on the italian island of sicily. and in the
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mix the north german distillery and its fine gender card. it claims to be the smallest republican the world's the lithuanian artist for public use your piece it's only about a half kilometer in size and its slogan is everyone has the right to be happy. well it all started in the one nine hundred ninety s. when lithuania broke from the soviet union and became a democratic state now artists went one step further and they established their own utopia within the country just celebrated its independence day and we went there to see how life operates in this artist paradise. this is a tiny self declared independent republic this artist's colony covers just zero point six square kilometers and lies entirely within the lithuanian capitol
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building yes the mr pieties is the minister of foreign affairs a pilot and author of his one of the republic's founding fathers. forty three. quarters dream that some. we also heard the driver was there for the first two three which are all. many of the fathers of the cup and to which we saw whole change the world. this foolish dream has become the fantastical republic of peace founded in one thousand nine hundred seven its run by artists. behind these walls lies the heart of this micro nation the been a cafe it's both a series of government owned a meeting place for local artists to babies meets for business discussion with the
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so-called minister for justice and the head of the republic's own t.v. network it all started in the early one nine hundred ninety s. after the collapse of the soviet union. people moved to lose district officials. there was thirty. last year. because nobody wanted to really feel they've all here are different from the people of. it's all visitors but from the other shore the little river of the. library they were beating they were logging the were you know more doing her thing but they're all alive or for life. on this street constitution is written on missile plaques in various languages the first article reads everyone has the right to live by the river vilna and there is a villain and a has the right to fly by everyone. nine bridges connect to the rest
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of. opening them is the symbolic duty of the minister of foreign affairs. so i draw all that on bridges or ships. ok think of all the help or care. i have to press. what began with squatters is twenty years on and officially subsidized project to support young artists the incubator helps batting ceramic artists painters writers musicians fashion designers and graphic designers it's the first project of its kind in the baltic states. yes i was born here manages the incubator and not only that. we also ran this national museum
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on our premises and this republic post office where tourists from all over the world get their passports stamped with this republic. so we have all elements of independent republic. tell us to parties has issued invitations to the fifth world conference of peace republic ambassadors and consuls here a silver clove of garlic is awarded for services rendered it's the job of the ambassadors to make the mock republic known in their home countries from justin is among those being on it. as a name i take it very seriously it's like coming home it is like a family gathering and that's the nicest thing about being an ambassador meeting he told us i did mention to having fun is one of the basic principles of the constitution republics and currency used on independence day is a case in point still this is the usual p.r.
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euro which is always tied to the price of beer. you can pay with it and the euro is always worth as much as one beer now it just is and that changes every year. every year the beer changes in value and it's the most important currency here. and the angel represents freed. to fly here. and to the angel is most important celebration is held on independence day it starts with an artistic parade and the arrival of the ambassadors the republic's official flag is also on display it depicts a hand with the whole event and some allies the impossibility of holding on to things. it's taken on a special meaning at a time in which more and more wealthy the through a new and russians are turning into billion trendiest and most expensive residential district. this is how our live in new people are coming
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but who are these new people the problem is to keep the spirit. tell must have pieties will fight to protect the spirits of his small republic he has to after all as you please doesn't have any friends minister. moving on now to a brief look at some other culture news and in the netherlands officials in one province have come up with a novel way to control speeding with music plus a spanish opera legend celebrates a milestone birthday but a more coming up in today's express. spanish opera singer among certain celebrates her eighty fifth birthday and first time during a career spanning six decades she has performed fountains of times and sang more than ninety roles. with queen lead singer freddie mercury for the nine hundred ninety two summer olympics remains unforgotten.
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i. come again as one of the top opera singers of the twentieth century. a roads near the dutch town of layoff odds. can see. when drivers pass over it strips in the road they produce the regional anthem a friesian much to the chagrin of local residents. that we were in bed saturday night hearing the fusion anthem constantly it's psychological torture. and that is why the road will soon say no more the idea was aimed to slow down drivers and is just one feature of celebrations as a european capital of culture. and exhibition titles duchamp margreet revolutionary artist of the twentieth century open to the give you
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a palace in madrid on tuesday it features one hundred eighty works by famous thought on this and surrealists who revolutionized twentieth century art. the works are on loan from israel's national museum and to be seen in the spanish capital until july fifteenth. continuing now with our series on musical instruments and today we're taking a closer look at various forms of percussion normally drum sets are firmly planted on the floor but in this virtual day and age digital technology is allowing drummers to play their instruments and in their. field can you say we're drums with any any type of music you can play any style
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with the. first drums might remind you of an guitarist imitating his favorite musician but. actually predict when he swings his drum sticks in empty space drums is a virtual instrument. john move on from france is one of the inventors together with drama. he demonstrates the principle behind it the drumsticks have reflective tips and they're also reflective markers on the drama's feet high speed camera transposes the motions to the computer program. very high speed you have a very great understanding of the trajectory of those objects and when you. use your intent to. by stopping your mouth and sharply so.
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that. this comparison with an acoustic drum sound demonstrates the accuracy of the computer program. but the instrument does have limitations. the thing that i'm missing from this is the brushes you know playing with brushes. because you don't have a you know there's no surface. then you have the sweeping motion of the brushes. brush is a seldom used in pop music they are more typically used in jazz. came up with the idea for drums when he's now business partner richard lee left liverpool and his drum kit to go to college. in
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a student apartment in dublin wanted to keep drumming. the ball rolling the first time around drum centipede in twenty twelve. back in liverpool. already working on an improved version of their own drum. and when you play and you look around your kids it's i think because. that's the norm there with me see the old. arrow drums one spell the demise of acoustic drums but they might establish themselves as an instrument in the right. then there will be two kinds of because. dramas and arrow dramas. all this week we've been asking you if you
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play an instrument and if so which one now some of our viewers are shared these photos with and it seems like the guitar is the preferred instrument. and of course this last photo looks like a very relaxing way. to all of you who sent in those pictures and there is still time to take part in our contests just go to our website for all of the details are right moving on now to the italian island of sicily for a tour of a luxury home with sustainability and mind thick walls provide insulation and the windows are arranged in such a way that they function like air conditioning now rainwater. there is also reuse for various purposes the owner said he was inspired by north african architecture so let's have a look around. the
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sport those old lines beneath cicely's scorching sun. the house looks as if it was shaped by the wind welcome to my place. the building blends into its natural surroundings and has practically no corners. the first sound is lime based plaster the traditional building material in sicily. the flat rounded form of the house is influenced by traditional mediterranean architecture especially that from the islands around sicily north of africa and in particular that moves us. but the living and a little light and silence a city some traditional moroccan and. texture from i grew up. that's what inspired us. pretty shoes kitchen dining room is the focal point of the one hundred twenty square meter hops
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colorful accessories and are provided the only access to the stark plank to the interior. this is meant to be the heart of the house the warmth. from year on. we have the sun coming in the chimney right behind your shoulder the causing us of the place it's all here and all the activities supposed to start from here and the right gets the rest of the house. the other support oh spend several months of the year with his family. furnishings are practical but well designed. a freestanding bathtub helps residents cool in the summer. even when the mercury climbs to forty degrees. also you sit still cool indoors the windows are laid out so as to circulate cooling breezes within the house and insulate from the trees well. they will start to actually two and
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one is built perpendicular the other one is diagonal and leave in the middle so they create a space of a space over between the two walls which is supposed to isolate properly we don't even turn on the head condition action. outside an olive tree more than a century old provides more sherry. the further away you get from the house the wilder the surroundings we come. down for us down to it it was intentionally built some distance from the house. of representatives see. the passage the gradual passage down into civilization. from nature the passage of a gradual wilderness fading until you get to that alone which is all planned and finally civilization the businessman has realized a childhood dream in the garden he's built a tree house in a care of hideaway for young and old alike i thought it was also
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a possibility to isolate. from the crowd from the rest of the family and friends where you can come here and read and even see me. and so that's why i created it i decided to do. to prove terrorism's provide more space for relaxation and feature an added bonus of humans the neighboring nature reserve. of the mediterranean. interior design at its best check out our you tube channel detail you into. design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home to gratian will take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss
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out. on you tube. how do you like to tell time why i like a classic watch with a big face or actually actually see the time while others prefer digital versions but to invent terms from germany have gone in a completely different direction they've invented a clock that tells the time with words well at first it only existed in german but now they make their time pieces in twenty five languages we met the minds behind this invention. it's eleven thirty five these clocks have no hands and no digits the letters form words that light up from behind and change every five minutes. they were invented by marco begat and full the two friends have been coming up with new ideas since they were boys
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a beemer for video games for example. we built a wooden box and put in an old overhead projector and tilted mirrors so we could project images on the wall and that was the first beam ever to the of the modern scarf. maybe one of these projects became an early formative experience that taught us how important it is not just to have ideas but to put them into practice as well so how am i for. them as adults they discovered they could sell their ideas and make money they founded an advertising agency together at first the word clock was just a funny gimmick. and from. the first one for us because we liked the idea of the time and worth so much. we hung it up in our office and over and then come the earth and then our first customers and friends thought it was so appealing they said they wanted one too that really high now. but they had to
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overcome lots of technical problems before it was ready for production. eventually they sold their ad agency and devoted themselves full time to their invention. now their company in mint has forty five employees. especially sought after other clocks from their creators edition series made from un usual materials oxidized copper creatively rusted outer and or gold leaf. the word clock or clock two comes in seven sizes the biggest so far hands across from men's train station and measures five by for. meters smaller. the real challenge with the clock to w. was miniaturizing the works. and we kept making it smaller from the wall kong to the desk so the problems kept getting more and more difficult. to.
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the clock to portray words in chinese arabic hebrew and its inventors own swabian dialect. now it's available in over fifty countries in twenty five languages and sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because we can hardly believe it's really true. this is. now the word clock has even been hung in the state museum alongside historical chronometers the greatest honor for it's to prevent. gin also known as a mother's ruin started as a type of medicine that was meant to help her get out and into gesture but over the centuries it's developed into a sophisticated top shelf liquor which even has boutique pubs dedicated to it now wonder still or has created a version which has been designated the number one german.
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long drinks and cocktails are getting more and more sophisticated and are more popular than ever in european cities. antennae to beat sea is a barkeeper in hendrix trendy huff and city districts. he has seen varieties appear in the markets that he could hardly have imagined ten years ago. just stop things are getting more sophisticated the ingredients are getting more exclusive and taste are being turned upside down everything we knew before is being refined. it's the same with the gen as with from our shops which is currently undergoing a revival. of the salsa live. here in the backwaters of the northern german state of chess because stein some of the finest spirits are distilled for the bass
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of the big cities. the dawn of a distillery oxen will take produces whiskey from fruit brandy's by hand. the engine so i think it is still a generous enough to use found care because that meets all the requirements of jim and if you steep elderberries in it for a day you've produced your very own jim. that's the theory and meets the e.u. regulations but in practice things can be very different. vic adds various herb's fruit skins berries and selected ingredients such as set front to the jet setter on the world's most expensive spice gives it a unique flavor the amounts a minuscule. zero point four great. his sometimes adds cranberries the best goes cardamon well the flowers. doesn't because these are actually just
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leftovers from ingredients called botanicals that we put in alcohol five days ago they stayed for five days and now we filter them out. the aromatics we want to left over and the rest is just waste and. now the gen is almost done the brew has already illegally and the designation gin but it all has to be distilled one more time. now alcohol with the botanical zinc strength is so warm that the alcohol water and flavors evaporates which we see here as a fine mist. now we can see the next distillation getting underway on the bottoms of the pots. spraying nicely and circulating. after a distillation process of several hours it's time to bottle the. heartache makes
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his own creations but also develops fine mixes for other produces every recipe is unique just as the client wants it. and with that we come to the end of the show now and just a quick reminder before we go don't forget to check out our facebook page which includes some behind the scenes photos from the hosts here or go to our website for more on the program for me and the rest of the crew here at euro max as always thanks for tuning in and walking into our. next time on your romance belgian folders on the down the officer travels alone making out on gaza arrangements that never signed onto a mattress for peace official forest to the belgium the bronx is magic for top fashion designers and function. meet daniel next time on your own max.
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but. you haven't paid your right to get. your child just received a bad grade. moskos monitoring its citizens with the government up. and a hundred sixty thousand surveillance cameras is russia misusing the smartphones conveniences to control its people. including making its own.
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g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming one day. now with us our innovations magazine for him to show up to us from every week and always looking to the future d.w. dot com science and research for asia. that's why the waves are there it's hard here i did. just state in the future to start focusing particularly bangladesh what is the true face of the country to look like freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and islamist extremists are gaining
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more influence of democracy and the rule of law on shaky ground but didn't love this should be. it pretty. not. the anglo desh the dawn of islam is a an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. frank food and. international gateway to the best connections self in the road and radio. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by for.
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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin president from devices warning on fifa the us media tweets a strike on syria could be very soon or not so soon a toy this a day after trying one missiles would be coming in reality television for an alleged poison gas attack in syria also coming up the number of executions carried down to the last year around the world fell compared to the year before that's according to a new amnesty international report on capital punishment.


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