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clinton chemical program of syria plus the main research center of this program and to important production science has been struck through these targets we have here the capacity of syria to develop and to produce chemical weapons metal poor the. design machine siri get at don't. despite the strikes britain's prime minister made renewed calls for diplomacy. there is a wider question of the future political solution for syria and that is a matter that we will continue to pursue in diplomatic channels and diplomatic and political channels with our international partners and allies after the strikes some assad supporters hold noisy demonstrations of defiance in damascus meanwhile syria rebels fighting the assad regime in the western strikes were a fast as long as assad stayed in power. and german chancellor angela merkel
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has joined other western leaders in voicing her support for the strikes earlier today she said we support the fact that our u.s. british and french allies assume their responsibilities the military intervention was necessary and appropriate earlier this week the german government ruled out joining any military action against syria but today defense minister ursula dandelion echoed medical support for the strikes. thought the security council has obviously been deadlocked on this issue for days that is why it is right for the u.s. france and britain to have taken well considered measures were leaked i was notified last night by my american and french colleagues. on. that. i'm dizzy stepchild he lied to assad's horrific use of chemical weapons the
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steps taken by these three security council members against assad's chemical weapons programs proportionate necessary for. a problem i'm joined now by d.w. political correspondent simon young simon let's talk about the german position leading up to this germany has said they will not join britain france and the u.s. in military intervention what kind of advance warning that their eyes give them before they carried out this attack was the defense minister saying that she was told about the operation and you can also why did they do that given that they're not they said they weren't going to be militarily involved and i think the reason is because they want the political support the berlin has said is ready to give president microlight chancellor merkel have both said it's really important that europe shows unity on this issue so no military role for germany but full political support that quote there from
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a medical it's describing the action is necessary and appropriate she produced that statement just hours after the attack. some politicians indeed in berlin today have been saying it was unavoidable and they support the objective of sending that message that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated by the international community now sticking with that german foreign minister heiko moscow has been speaking in berlin he says germany will help lead a new diplomatic push to end the war let's take a listen. for that storm for united nations must lead and carry the peace negotiations it's a problem. but it needs our active engagement to give a new impetus to the negotiations. so we will work together with france to create an international format of influential nations to give the political process new clout. now simon what kind of role could germany be playing in this
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international format that he's talking about what i think they can do to support that political process i mean there's a recognition that the only thing that can end the war is a comprehensive diplomatic solution whatever happens militarily and the german government has said that it's supporting the un geneva process that of course has been going on for years and perhaps the germans are saying this is a turning point you know to bring about new and bring new and impetus into that diplomatic process but what does that mean it means bringing all the various players in this conflict around the table iran russia to the u.s. in military operations ok and big picture wise what does germany want to happen in syria i mean they obviously want a political diplomatic solution for the reason they're not joining in the military intervention as you just said that could actually help maybe their position as a broker yeah what do they want to see i think they're happy to see this message being sent to president assad that chemical weapons are completely unacceptable i
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think they want to avoid a further escalation of military conflicts particularly with a view to russia robes that we know you talk about the big picture we know that the tensions between europe and russia are at an all time high at the moment and beyond that as we've said a comprehensive peace deal that's going to be difficult to achieve but everybody is saying you know a few missiles won't end the war in syria it's got to be about talking rather than bombs d w political correspondent simon young thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a palestinian islam ist militant group says four of its members have been killed in a bomb explosion in the gaza strip the blast struck near the border with israel close to a palestinian protest camp it's not yet clear what or who caused the explosion the israeli military says it was unaware of any activity and the area. in ecuador
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president lennon moreno has confirmed that three journalists kidnapped by militants have been killed relatives have held daily protests over their capture the journalists were investigating a rise in drug fueled while and when they were seized by former fork rebels the leaders of colombia in ecuador are now promising a military crackdown in the border area. acclaimed film director mueller foreman has died he was renowned for movies such as amadeus and one flew over the cuckoo's nest which won several oscars form and moved to the u.s. in the late one nine hundred sixty s. as scaping a communist crackdown in what was then czechoslovakia he was eighty six south african anti-apartheid icon winnie mandela has been laid to rest and so wet oh tens of thousands of mourners from across the political spectrum attended her funeral ceremony a political activist died last week at the age of eighty one after
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a long illness. it was an epic farewell to an anti-apartheid heroine thousands packed into the stadium to celebrate the life of nelson mandela's former wife winnie singing cheering and crying along the way. the american city mo reminded of. their heroes here to post muster up on the day of the soul returned to him for what he has done for the victim of insult the you know your dogs he's polluted before that africa and today now i'm mourning the death of our mother we need to give that on monday and now we i am at orlando's that i am to celebrate then live to lend a hand to ease the last place so no one i can say and so much i read maybe didn't i see my dad supplied so i know my place how i am we need a magical that i'm
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a little. for more than thirty years she was at nelson mandela's site during her husband's long imprisonment she took up the struggle of black south africans occasionally calling for the use of violent means even so such as her in june ring legacy political leaders to pay tribute. march us this is a painful moment for us. we do not want to be denied. joy in reporting of the life of so wondrous a person. after five hours spent remembering the complex picture of winnie mandela's life and more than two weeks of mourning the heavens opened. to help us understand the significance of mrs mandela's life south african journalist and it's our fun times here on li she's obviously a very much
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a towering figure and in the country and we saw in the report that tens of thousands of people no matter where they stood on a political spectrum came out to show their last respects to her what does she need to the people of south africa i think she was obviously the person who kept the struggle in those years women didn't know was imprisoned she was the first you know from the moment he was imprisoned three my husband and there was no picture of him said that this last thing they can see but the other one is that she spoke truth to power this to the apartheid government and then to the a.n.c. government and she could never be put into any box and i think that people laugh at my and there's been a lot on social media in the last two weeks and people have rediscovered it in many ways and what sheikh seche did and the daughter today was also very strong to say you know long before anyone before it was fashionable to say free monday was saying free money. very strong woman and a very strong woman of course and what does she mean to the women and the country.
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that. she was strong in a very patriarchal society and she was a young woman when she started out and had to be completely. and i think in the last week you've suddenly seen she's become this symbol full the way women are still treated in south africa and she had to rule deal she had to a terrible rule deal both fists with a puppet government and then with a government and it was probably because she was a woman her daughter said well it's still measure. to standards for men and women indian country but everywhere in the world now in the report we mention that she played a very strong role in the anti-apartheid struggle she of course was trying to get her husband her then husband out of. prison at the time but it wasn't all so great for her she faced some difficult situation and perhaps because she was a woman as you mention yes but they also went for her they would sort of detain her
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they tortured her they never tortured monday and so she had to rough deal then and when all of that didn't work when they couldn't break they banished it to brentford death and with they started with a sort of what we know no in the last two weeks has been it does information campaign says she was told she was accused of being assaulting people and being a sort of. ordering mood is and in the last week it's come out both from the police and from former apartheid security people that that was it comes to campaign to discredit her. daughter today was very bitter and angry about it that the only come nol because some mothers who deal she said she was a state she said she and then defied and they will live spittle to ball that sort
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of anger is also coming out and people see it and that a lot of young people now say why did you treat her like that and also a sense of humor we should give women a chance and they also they were women sort of military people carrying her coffin today few times women were mentioned and if you just look at his sort of granddaughters and great granddaughters she has a great legacy there a great legacy of course the mandela legacy will live on but who else could be bear to pick up the baton briefly if you can i don't think in the mandela family itself they would be anyone but. presidents or all oppose a has certainly picked up that bet and he was also nelson mandela. so we sort of know moving again back into that type of man didn't. try and unify people instead of divisions and stuff on taint thank you very much for your insight . you're watching the w.
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news live from earl and i'm happy quite often more coming up at the top of the hour drive if you can thanks for watching. good shape so wondrous healing affects some of the brain in many cultures we call to see what medication that doesn't contain any active ingredients especially in pain treatment we know that placebos work at the patients is to believe. in good shape next on c w. i i need to try he was the voice of the nine hundred sixty eight generation. in our fighting to ensure there's no one as a last resort to arms. that he was
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a pioneer if you can we can treat a world that has never been seen before and the bush won society's worst nightmare . public enemy number one movie. in forty five minutes on d w. coach of british coffee going to. join linked to news from africa and the world the furor link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of easy town while website d w dot com smash the freak out join us on facebook at g.w. for cause. movement fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears was coming up. behind him and his top song d w code use the superhero on a mission to chapters funny smart women sunspots smart talks smart station
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a legend mission by no means missed out on a brain creasing lean dangerous times the fuck w. made for mind. coming up on in good shape for science planning a three d. scanner for sophisticated spinal surgery the first what to do in an emergency. and puzzling effects hopeless evos work. and here's your host dr carson top.


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