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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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you're watching the news live from berlin after airstrikes an american threat of further action to syria's leadership i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is locked and loaded u.s. ambassador nikki haley with a clear message to the united nations as the security council grid jackson a russian resolution to condemn the western missile attack on alleged chemical weapons facilities in syria we'll get analysis on the aftermath of that attack.
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and india in shock after another child is brutally raped and murdered this after days of protests demanding justice for victims of sexual crimes we'll go live to delhi for the latest. and i'm going to sleep for a newly crowned champs byron munich show no mercy again but sure glad. and happy and welcome to the program the u.s. and its allies have said they have no further plans for missile strikes on syria but the white house has warned the united states is locked and loaded to act again if damascus carries out more gas attacks syria's president assad has said the western air strikes were based on a campaign of lies in the u. . and security council
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a bid there by russia his regimes main backer to condemn the strikes has failed. to saturday's u.s. led strikes on syria it was a war of words between russia and the united states in the united nations. a sign of cynical this day in a group of western countries decided to take military action without waiting for the results of the investigation russia condemns in the strongest possible terms of attack against syria through its actions the united states makes an already catastrophic humanitarian situation in syria even worse i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again the united states is a lot and loaded. when our president draws a red line our president and forces the red line. but the bickering isn't just
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about whether the strikes were just to find the u.s. france and the u.k. maintain that they bombed only chemical weapons facilities yet russia says the missiles targeted several airfields as well and they say syrian defenses destroyed seventy one of the some one hundred missiles fired that's a claim the pentagon disputes and i want to say that to the best of our ability to determine at this time no syrian weapon had any effect on anything that we did the pentagon showed off satellite images of the destruction saying the strikes completely destroyed two targets and seriously damaged another one in damascus was reduced to rubble but there's still no independent confirmation of what the science we're actually used for the face off over syria continues. i'm joined now by d.w. chief political correspondent melinda crane well and it's good to see you now there was a major fear that this american led attack would potentially put at heads with russia is this still a threat or possibility no i think the threat has been significantly mitigated and
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you know you heard that u.n. debate it was pointed but the fact is the rhetoric since the attacks has been a lot less blustery and escalate torie than the rhetoric that we heard before and i think that has everything to do with the very clear messaging from the three western partners that this was not aimed at russia nor was any russian target hit and you could almost sense the relief when you heard the statements out of moscow afterward that in fact russian targets had not been at the center of this they couldn't get out there fast enough to say no russian planes were hit we our bases were not affected and so on now the fact is the subtext of that is they're not going to need to save face with further escalation and they actually don't want to be in that position we know that one of the overall aims of russian policy in syria is to restore russia to a world as to a role as a major player on the world stage they very much like to see
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a summit between vladimir putin and donald trump to confirm that and they don't want a course of events that would stand in the way of such a summit so i think in fact the two sides now are standing down somewhat in terms of that kind of escalation and you mention the clear message from the three actors and this is solved we actually have a clip from the british foreign minister boris johnson he was speaking earlier let's have a listen to what he had to say we in the u.k. do not see an escalation absolutely that was what was so important to get all message over to russia over to everybody involved that our response is limited to say no to chemical weapons. so melinda limited to just saying no to chemical weapons how has this if anything in any way changed how the parties are impacted in iran syria not very much i think the fact is what causes people to change their behavior they change their behavior when they have the sense that business as usual
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is going to be costlier for them then whatever changes they've been reluctant to make is that the case here we've heard again and again this was a limited strike this was a one off strike it has not for example i think affected push oil south calculus about whether he's willing to use conventional weapons against his own population nor would it appear to have given a really strong message to either of his supporters iran or russia the fact is their leverage is one of the only things that can really force a change in damascus and i don't see any particular wedge that's been driven here between for example russia and and syria so no i don't think i think this was a symbolic gesture it may have some symbolic consequences but i don't see a real consequences that could really change the situation on the ground so it's symbolic and perhaps not real but could this potentially help a political solution the german french foreign ministers have said that their goal but perhaps the political solution has always been
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a goal hasn't it absolutely it has there been six years of negotiations under u.n. auspices the geneva process largely stalled there's a second protract the astonishing to go she action sponsors of that are russia iran and turkey neither the us nor the e.u. has been involved in pushing those negotiations forward in fact foreign ministers couldn't even be bothered for the past year to hold a meeting about syria they did do so in this february but that was the first time in the year that they had really spoken about it so suddenly they have rediscovered diplomacy the fact is diplomacy has been going on it's terribly terribly complex the one lever. that might be somewhat useful here would be pressure on russia maybe that's something germany could exercise but in fact there's a lot of work to be done to get that diplomatic track moving chief political correspondent melinda crane thank you for your insight to india now where another
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child rape case has shocked the nation police say they've discovered the body of an eleven year old girl in the western city of surat they believe she was abducted raped and then strangled to death this comes amid days of protests in many parts of the country over the gang rape and killing of eight year old the pub on oh the muslim girl's body was discovered earlier this week in a hindu dominated area demonstrators have been demanding justice for her and other victims of sexual crimes in india. correspondent joins us now from delhi as she is you were just at a rally held by people seeking justice for this young girl what kind of things were the telling you. ok we're just having some difficulties technical difficulties getting a hold of our correspondent in delhi will try to get him for you later in the show now to some of the other stories making news around the world hundreds of thousands
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have turned out in barcelona to protest the jailing of nine catalan separatist leaders on rebellion charges the march comes ten days after a german court dismissed an extradition request for catalonia as ex-president car last pushed him on spanish prosecutors have submitted new evidence hoping to persuade judges to hand put them on over to madrid. people in montenegro have been voting in today's presidential election approach six time former prime minister miller joe cabbage is expected to win he led the former yugoslav republic to join nato in two thousand and seventeen and is now planning its entry into the european union. to brazil now where thousands have turned out in rio de janeiro demanding answers in the slaying of city councilwoman mary allie franco she was shot dead a month ago after an event on empowering black women franco had been
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a fierce critic of police brutality racism and discrimination against the poor though her killing shut up waves through brazil there have been no arrests in the case so far. speaking out for the woman who can speak no more a month after mario franco was gunned down her supporters demand answers one particular detail of the investigation has spiked their suspicions officials say she was killed with police bullets they say were stolen. franco's death because especially close four to leary a patrol name they were close friends like franco patrol the leftist politician devoted to feminist causes and defending the poor and she too has received death threats. this is a political crime aimed at silencing everyone mattioli stood for the people of the slums blacks women and the community the state is behind this crime. since franco's
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murder patro doesn't go anywhere without bodyguards but she refuses to be intimidated. by it but we must now keep moving forward we will not give up we will continue money on these fight around the world to achieve democracy for those who never had it those living in the slums and the fringes of brazilian society. when you spread the way it is most people here believe this was a political assassination franco's case shocked the country and prompted an outpouring of protests especially in rio with the military recently assumed control of the state's public security many are critical of this move especially since franco's laying them across how about our democracy is under threat this worries me but at the same time it empowers me to take to the streets i just mark it because we're here because we want justice and we want to defend what little democracy we
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have in brazil through. the kill mariachis body but not her voice. telling me and the other demonstrators have no down that mariel's legacy is far more powerful than her killers could have ever imagined . daniel riccardo of red bull has won the chinese grand prix in shanghai the australian had started sixth on the grid but stormed ahead in the final twenty laps to win by almost nine seconds almost an eternity in formula one racing good enough to beat out second place valtteri bottas of mercedes overall season leaders the bash in fact all suffered a minor collision and it off in eight as ricardo sixth career win and his first in
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shanghai that all still needs lead to the standings rather and riccardo springs into a fourth. time for some german soccer now byron munich wrapped up above his league title last weekend so they decided to rest some stars for their game against gladbach but the match was still important because biron were bidding to stay in the groove with a trouble on the line on gladbach are gunning for europe. flatpack fans were hoping a weakened by and would give their side an easy ride. defender jerome bowen saying was among those handed a well earned breather by the bundesliga champions nicholas zillah came into the starting eleven and enjoyed a difficult start he lost out in this challenge of yours a german each one nil to clap back in the eight minutes he will spend oh i have no chance but despite big games on the horizon in the german cup and champions league by and pushed thomas millar close to an equaliser here. i
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am the thirty six minutes they did level miller impressive again as he sets up central wagner. robert leaven dusty's fill in almost missing. button were clearly the best at same and just before the break buckner headed home full blast but people young soma should have done better. in the second half it was more of the same with byron rampant some of them not as harshly but was then powerless to stop tiago making it three one in the fifty first minute. the recalled german title holders completed a staggering ninety five percent of their passes and it was soon for one thanks to david all of us cracker. observed to leaven dusty then made it five. his twenty seven league goal of the campaign. button are still hungry you're behind has to walk away with another treble if they
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continue to play like this in the crunch we said. you're watching to tell the news i'm out because boston will be back with more news at the top of the hour everyone here at the w thanks for watching. make your small t.v. even smaller clip douglas small. watching where you want to live up to date. extraordinary. steps. to sidelights on. sunday to double. click.


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