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during. w.'s if you learn in course. maybe you see. the city give you news live from berlin the truth about the alleged gassing of civilians in syria a global watchdog is due to get to the bottom of what happened to these people and do much more the attack with chemical weapons. after this weekend's military strikes on syria the e.u. switches the focus to diplomacy and a new push to bring russia back into the fold. also coming up. in the bundesliga
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shall cut and dortmund squared off in germany biggest derby match up more than just local pride at stake both teams are in the hunting pile of fine for champions league. i'm semi so much gonda good to have you with us inspectors from the international chemical weapons what watchdogs are still trying to get access to the site of the suspected poison gas attack in syria they were supposed to start work on saturday but were delayed it is not clear why british officials have blamed russia and syria for the delay dozens of people including children were killed and injured supposedly by poison gas in the alleged attack on the seventh of april russia has said it was faked and did not really take place. alastair hay is a chemical weapons expert and a professor at leeds university in the u.k.
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i ask him to tell us more about the evidence the chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. debbie would be looking for in dubai. well if the inspectors get full access and there's been no interference with any of the evidence they have a very good chance of finding things they will be as you said earlier talking to victims witnesses doctors and collecting as much by way of environmental samples as they possibly can and if it the use so they know they didn't for example which might explain some of the casualties they have a very good evident a very good chance i should say of collecting this material because it will still be present alastair you touched on this but do you think there is a chance that evidence might have already been removed from the site. when it's possible but the inspectors of carried out many inspections before and they will know that things have been moved some of the video evidence i saw indicated that one of the munitions had been moved from where it had landed on the floor and
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placed on a bed but i think generally munitions which should still be in place if they have been moved the inspectors will be able to see this but it's not it's access to the munitions which are important because they can get samples from the munitions but obviously it's the effect of the munitions that the inspectors have digitally interested in and that other evidence they can get hold of and alister what about their ability to attribute who is responsible. well the o.p.c. job you will not be able to do this it will simply say who used to get a weapons of course if it's bombs there are only two countries if you like that have control of the airspace syria and the russians in syria so you know it doesn't take a nobel prize laureate to work out you know where it is so the bombs may have come from but the o.p.c. job he will simply establish what was there the mechanism for cheating blame no
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longer exists that process was stopped by the russians in two thousand and seventeen no french president khan has justified taking part in airstrikes saying that they have had proof of chemical weapons usage in the past how much evidence evidence is there that they are assad regime has indeed employed such weapons there is good evidence is security council set up a mechanism in two thousand and fifteen and a joint operation between p.c. w. and united nations this was a joint investigations mission and that produced several reports and they contain very good and compelling evidence that syria was to blame for the use of chlorine bombs and another gas attack last year and that information is out there and syria was said to be the perpetrator. or hey thank you for speaking with us now e.u. foreign ministers have been meeting in luxembourg to thrash out how to proceed in
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syria the meeting follows a series of coronated strikes by the u.s. u.k. and france on the chemical weapons facilities in syria topping the agenda is how to deal with russia a key ally of the syrian regime and reviving the peace process in the country. let's go to luxembourg. to standing by for us there hi gary good to see you foreign ministers are meeting there today what can we expect to come out of this. i expect that the foreign ministers here will formalize their support for these strikes conducted by two e.u. member states and the united states however they will also make clear that the sole purpose of these strikes was not rouge regime change was not change tipping the balance of power in this complex proxy war but it was to deter the syrian regime from using chemical weapons in the future that is a key message and then also look out for a political initiative that particularly france and germany are trying to hammer
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out at this meeting here in luxembourg germany's foreign minister heikal moscow said there is a quote window for dialogue that is open with syria's main backer russia let's listen to what he had to say today in luxembourg. it was fun but this conflict can't be solved without russia we have to find a way to achieve what we all want firstly a ceasefire access for humanitarian aid a transitional government in syria constitutional reform and in time elections. that need a solution that everyone in syria can accept. and as the back because of the acid regime the russians also need to understand that. so gary what role is germany playing here what kind of dialogue are we talking about. looks to me there is not a particularly big appetite i would say for syria related new sanctions something
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the u.s. has proposed here and so let me compare nevertheless the german position here to the german position on the sanctions we have for the act an extension of crimea and that is that these sanctions are always only can only be a mean not an end in themselves but a means to achieve a political dialogue so germany traditionally here is a country that is very keen to incorporate a russia into a future solution and that is where practically everybody is on the same page particularly france that says these strikes are not a one off their path of a strategy now that strategy is a little bit complex it's the idea behind it is to show russia determination that the west will be involved in a solution for syria seeing that this is basically one of the syrian regime and by russia but the europeans want to make clear they will be part of
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a solution and they want to show that determination if you want but guaranteed you have some european powers accusing russia openly of being involved in a chemical weapons attack surely that must be complicating efforts at diplomacy. it is of course working a diplomatic tightrope if you want on the one hand showing that particular determination on the other hand more provoking the russians too much and maybe that is the reason watch dave fredricka more greeny the foreign policy chief of the european union talked about the economic leverage that the european union has in this conflict there's a big donor conference coming up in brussels next week and she said look the european union is ready to put huge amounts of money ten billions have been put in the last couple of years already interest neighboring countries put huge amounts of money into rebuilding syria if russia is prepared to relaunch the u.n.
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talks in geneva to give you scared much as following the e.u. foreign ministers meeting for us in luxembourg today thank you carol now to some other stories making news around the world on a visit to turkey a nato chief has said the u.s. led strikes on syria will reduce the regimes ability to carry out new chemical attacks stoltenberg also said the strikes were a clear message to syria russia and iran that chemical weapons are not acceptable in australia new south wales police suspect that a large bushfire threatening sydney may have been started deliberately authorities say it's miraculous that no houses have been damaged so far and no one has been injured the fire is close to the city's southwestern suburbs are being fanned by strong winds several pieces of jewelry and coins believed to belong to the danish king harold bluetooth have been discovered in germany's northern island the tenth century king is credited with unifying scandinavia and yes the wireless technology using your phones in your laptops is named after him. former f.b.i.
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director james comey says donald trump is morally unfit to be the president of the united states he was speaking an interview on american television as part of a public campaign for his new book which is being released on tuesday ahead of the t.v. interview trump blasted komi on twitter calling him a slimeball. it's all out war between the u.s. president and james komi. in a publicist he blitz for a searing tell all memoir the former f.b.i. boss launched an intensely personal attack on trump who was your impression he had impressively hair that looks to be all his i confess i stared at it pretty closely and my reaction was let's take a look at what time in the morning star was too long as it always is he looked slightly orange up close with small white. half moons under his eyes but message was serious trump poses
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a danger to the us system of government he calls the president a liar obsessed with spins going on i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president of the bits a feud between the two men started last year when comey confirmed that the f.b.i. was investigating russian links to the trump campaign weeks later komi was fired by trump for the stakes between this clash of the titans and now sky high if trump isn't dices for trying to cover up a possible campaign collusion with the russians mr komi is likely to be a star witness and he says he cannot rule out that the russians have compromising material on trump these are more words i never thought i'd order about a president and states but it's possible and i wish i wasn't saying it but it's just it's the truth trumps response to kamins attack has been a vitriolic series of tweets branding komi a slimeball he describes him as always ending up badly and out of whack he's not smart and he will go down as the worst f.b.i.
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director in history by far last may trump fired komi triggering the rush for investigation nearly a year later the probe is getting ever closer to donald trump and now came his words to further wounded an increasingly beleaguered president he is morally unfit in but it's like a football shock and dortmund met in germany that were derby on sunday with just one point separating the two teams in the bundesliga table in the last meeting shall command is just stunning comeback from four goals down to earn a draw this time another in throwing match up was in store. dorman and shaka fans were looking to secure the bragging rights in the latest installment of germany's most famous dobby it was a first rodolphe for peter and the first half had all the passion and excitement you would expect. but there was little in the way of quality throughout a scruffy fast car shoppers aleksandra show quick closes in the fifth minute but roman baccy tonight in. dortmund only threatened shot for
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a set piece is mark i royce testing ralph salmon. no not at the parade. but early in the second half the deadline was broken down you kind of jury said you haven't come up the yankee and the ukraine bring a scored his third goal of the season. dortmund with stood the shock of pressure and with desperate for a foothold in the game were pushing but not enough. and sharper eventually got their rewards a free kick was laid off and now there he thrust the boeheim from a distance merely passing the net and raising the roof and ghassan khatib. dormant champions league hopes and now risk but joyous shaka a robot that. let's take a look at the bundesliga standings with one match left to play tonight on match day thirty biron is there at the top of the table having wrapped up the title shelter
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are four points clear in second place ahead of dortmund and labor cosen like six thousand i'm in frankfurt are fifth through seventh and at the bottom cologne and hamburg are both away closer to relegation. now the spectacular flying and bouncing aided by the springs of trampolines it was the european trampoline championships in baku on sunday where our participants wowed with tightly choreographed flips and catching air this is brusqueness steffensen of denmark a silver medal winner here. that was the tumbling competition and share this is the double mini trampoline where russia has vastly mccarthy to go from the. reminder in our top stories here on g.w. inspectors from the global chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. still trying to gain access to the site of the alleged poison gas attack in the
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syrian city of duma it is not clear why they haven't been able to go there yet. the e.u. plans to slap a tax on big u.s. tech companies and washington is hitting back monica has all the details coming right up and business. just long way to start right there and it's not a just. what is the true face of the country. freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be your.


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