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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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the c.w. news live from berlin seeking the truth about the alleged gassing of civilians in syria officials with the global weapons watchdog accuse russia and syria of delaying an investigation into what happened to these people and do not the key question were they attacked with chemical weapons. after this weekend's military strikes on syria which is the focus to diplomacy and a new push to bring russia back into the fold. also coming out in the. squared off in germany's biggest derby. former f.b.i.
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director james comey condemns president donald trump the man who fired him last year i think is morally wrong for the president talks about and treats women like they're pieces of meat he lives still above matters big and small and since the american people believe that commies comments come just ahead of the release of his book a detail and surrounding his firing. cairo is ranked the worst big city in the world to be a woman we'll hear how an attack changed one woman's life and what happened to the man throwing the punches in this video. good to have you with us the global chemical weapons watchdog is holding an emergency talks in the hague on the suspected poison gas attack in syria earlier this month. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or o.p.c.
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w is holding the closed door session as inspectors from the watchdog wait to visit sites in duma western countries accuse syria's ally russia of blocking access to the sites that is something moscow denies the o.p.c. w. inspectors are in the syria to determine whether banned chemicals were used in the attack on a full seventh dozens of people including children were killed allegedly with a poison gas. journals i'm told or is following the latest developments for us in syria from neighboring lebanon good to see you know chemical weapons experts are due to inspect the site of the alleged attack now russia is denying claims that the inspectors are being denied access from entering duma what do you hearing. well essentially what the sitting regime officially saying to their state media is that several rounds of talks between the syrian officials and the o.p.c. w.n.
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damascus have been held and then they are absolutely ready to take their o.p.c. w. inspectors to the law and that that would happen now that's their official stand and of course russia. supposedly denying any such allegations that they're being held back the fact of the matter though is that the team has been there for three days and they're still waiting they still haven't managed to go to the law and according to the chief of the team there at the store the swedish delegation that the syrians and russians according security concerns not in a way this was expected to happen because if you remember the syrians and the russian the syrian regime i mean had said that they would let you go or then we saw the strikes so now these are sort of these could be dealing tactics. by the regime and by the russians because they perhaps to not see what benefit could be in our driver of the c.w. going that they must just be sort of dealing the o.p.c. the beauty that is something that we can direct the conclusion we can derive that
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there are not backs in a way to a certain whether they are being delayed because the regime doesn't want them to go all because there are a general security concerns on the ground so much of what is the regime's perspective here do they trust the inspectors. well that's a very interesting question in the past year obviously w. has been to blame for two major chemical attacks in syria are on the regime one was in two thousand and thirteen in the booth are after this president obama to the chemical attacks the red line and then one was lost in two thousand and seventeen and it's live be or know that donald trump had ordered the first american strike after the attack in consequent live so presumably when given the mandate has been specific and has been the blame on the regime once it has also been the blame on the terrorist organization isis for using mustard gas do they think that will be state abuse relevant in this case perhaps they thought it would be even live and because iraq had been on our side already and was accused of cleaning up and
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perhaps of hollywood a better position to control the damage and because the mandate of the o p c w is limited that is what russia has been criticized for that my limits will be see the abuse mandate why should the c.w. only be talking are whether a chemical attack has been conducted or not and not also in the limb as to where these chemical weapons came from what do we know about the targets that these u.s. led airstrikes hit over the weekend. well you don't want there do in homes and one is in damascus another one in a mask is the dominant one and i've spoken to people on the ground and they see that the a deal it and driving around it and it was just an area for chemical research where pharmaceuticals were pharmaceutical research was done and medicines were made this is what people on the ground are saying that the in their evidence or said that they have a military intelligence which proves that these were essentially the site where
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chemical weapons were both manufactured and store given benefaction in damascus and stored in homes now this evidence whatever evidence that the u.s. says it has has not been checked with the world it has not to be in good deeds and i think it's sort of the that's the criticism. western allies of the french the british and the americans that whatever evidence they have that they have to check people on the ground are saying something else and americans assert that these essentially weren't a chemical weapon sites of a chemical weapons were pulled benefaction and stored well my journals and salvor are covering this story for us thank you very much. now the u.s. u.k. and france have decided to strike those targets in syria without waiting for the results of the inspectors investigation they say they do have proof essential is just saying that the syrian regime was behind the attack on july and that their courtenay that strikes targeted chemical weapons facilities now even foreign ministers have been meeting in luxembourg to discuss how to proceed further topping
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the agenda how to deal with damascus ally russia and how to revive the peace process in syria britain's foreign secretary boris johnson said the e.u. was clear that there could be no military solution to the syrian conflict. the action that was taken by lawrence by the u.k. by united states. calibrate to do proportionate to the strikes against assad's chemical weapons capabilities was entirely right it is very distressed it was not an attempt to change the target of the war in syria or to have the regime change or to get rid of bashar al assad i'm afraid the syrian border many ways to go on it's horrible miserable way probably was the world say that we've had enough of the use of chemical weapons the erosion of that to be. let's go right to luxembourg where did i mean scared much as is standing by for us hi garrick so foreign ministers are meeting there today to talk about how to proceed in syria what has
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come out of this meeting so far. so let's focus first on what has not come out of this meeting and that is no support for syria related sanctions. on russia something the u.s. called for also sanctions on iran which is heavily involved in syria remain only on the agenda no developments there we've heard from the german foreign minister who just left this meeting and then finally know full support for the airstrikes and there is a general statement that any movements move against the use of chemical weapons is welcomed by the european union so european countries a lot more cautious than nato are for instance the german chancellor who called the air strikes a necessary and appropriate care you mentioned the german foreign minister heikal masi did say earlier today that
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a window for dialogue with russia had opened up tell us more about that. you know the well that is an interesting point here there he says yes rock solid unity on the point of a political solution that he says there is unity in the european union all foreign ministers on the same page they call for a political solution and the tricky way will now be how to get there how to. get a fresh impetus if you want into the geneva talks which have been floundering in the past the hope is maybe to even bring in russia or to bring iran into these talks between the syrian regime and the syrian opposition that have been taking place in geneva under the your united nations he said everyone agreed here under the foreign ministers that the united nations has to be involved so that is the main outcome from this foreign ministers meeting here so they agree there has to be a political solution and that there should be dialogue with russia but at the same
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time some european powers are essentially accusing russia of being involved in a chemical weapons attack how is that going to affect the plummeting going forward . mr said the current movement there is that the e.u. should make take advantage of the the current movement in things and that is that is interesting to see because the argument here goes after these strikes there has been certain momentum the focus is now more on syria and the hope is that this will deliver the message to russia that the e.u. that the west in general is determined to be part of the solution that they will not just walk away also bearing in mind of course everybody here now is fully aware that basically russia and assad have practically won this war and now they also hope to be part of the solution something that could be attractive for the russians to bring in the europeans is of course money and that is why the foreign policy
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chief federica more greeny pointed to a donor conference coming up next week and spoke about the economic leverage when it comes to restructuring syria in the future. and here just briefly how do you think the outcome of the investigations that are going to take place in syria into this alleged chemical attack could affect what we see from the foreign ministers going forward. or some of your member states will take this as proof if if it is indeed a smoking gun that is to be found and they will say we were right to carry out these strikes that is france and the u.k. there's other member states who are more cautious and would say look even if there is proof there is no legal basis in the international system you would need a mandate from the. from the united nations in order to carry out these strikes so so black and white basically here from foreign ministers how to deal with with such
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a scenario to get these garrett matters reporting for us from luxembourg thank you garrick. now some other stories making news around the world in australia new south wales police suspect that a large bushfire threatening sydney may have been started deliberately authorities say it's miraculous that no houses have been damaged so far no one has been injured the fire is close to the city's southwestern suburbs and is being fanned by strong winds. several pieces of jewelry and coins believed to have belonged to the danish king harold bluetooth have been discovered in germany's northern league an island the tenth century king is credited with unifying scandinavia and yes the wireless technology used in phones and laptops is named after him. protesters at a starbucks coffee shop in the u.s. city of philadelphia demanded justice after two black men were arrested there the men said they were waiting for a friend before ordering but staff accused them of trespassing there were accusations of racial profiling and starbucks chief executive was forced to
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apologize. you're watching news still to come in the bundesliga shocker and dortmund squared up and germany's biggest derby will be showing all the highlights from that marquee encounter. of. the first news of a trade dispute between the u.s. and europe has taken on a new dimension monica i did tell you see me this time u.s. president donald trump is firing back commission plans to slap a big new taxes on u.s. tech giants the german business daily hondas blood claims that the united states is accusing the e.u. of violating w t o rules with its digital sales tax now that would apply to companies no matter where they're based on the tax could amount to between one and six percent of sales not profits and that means companies like amazon would not be able to avoid it by reporting low profits or using tax havens on the tax would be
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due on all activities that explored use the data hitting facebook and google the u.s. says that is unfair because the rules are decide specifically to tax huge american corporations it only affects companies with at least seven hundred fifty million euros in worldwide sales of the facebook scandal has strengthened the u.s. prepares to introduce new data protection laws so it might find itself in a stronger position to face down washington let's talk a little bit more about that with our brussels correspondent teri schultz terry tell me how strong is the position. well monika at this point it's important to point out that this is a european commission proposal and not yet an e.u. law and some of the problems with it besides simply inflaming the transatlantic trade relationship even further is that there are many european union governments who themselves are not interested in passing attacks like this they don't like the idea of having companies taxed on revenues instead of on profits it may create
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problems with companies wanting to tax them to base themselves in european union countries so there are many problems with these proposed the e.u. business community isn't too happy about the proposal either why is that that's right i spoke with. chief economist of business europe james watson today and he said that besides the fact that these proposals probably don't violate any w t o rules they do go against we called o.e.c.d. principles and he said many european union governments are simply not going to be supportive of that he said that there will be there are the most that is likely going to happen from this is that some governments those governments in favor of it can go ahead with this tax but there will be many governments the irish government the dutch government the luxembourg government is some of the smaller countries who simply will not go along with it so it sounds like there's just a lot of talk but it's highly unlikely that we will see the e.u.
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walk the talk or is there any chance. that remains to be seen and perhaps it will be watered down i mean it takes a long time for a european commission proposal to become an e.u. law but we may be hearing more about that even later today in washington business europe where economist james watson is based and the u.s. chamber of commerce are holding a summit in washington today and this is going to be one of the chief items on their agenda for sure brussels correspondent teri schultz the bring us up to speed on the proposal on a digital tax thank you so much. turkey's economy seems to be ticking along nicely it grew by more than seven percent last year that stronger than china's but some economic indicators seem to contradict this success story and that's the turkish currency the lira it's been on a continuous downward spiral so what's going on. turkey is cheaper than ever for foreign tourists the turkish lira continues to hit new lows against
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major currencies. it's lost nearly half its value against the euro for examples twenty fifteen. but although that might be great for foreign visitors it's a huge problem for the country because it has to import commodities like oil and gas the country's central bank could apply the brakes by raising interest rates but president rhetoric tired out of want has hamstrung that idea he's betting on a looser monetary policy that wants to retain low interest rates to help drive economic growth and he accuses those who aren't of the same opinion as being tools of western powers that are want to tributes the fall of the leader to turkey's enemies. turkish companies are suffering the country's largest manufacturer of food products isn't to the tune of billions in hard currencies but in its home market
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sales are in the falling but it has already warned that it will soon be unable to meet its obligations all told turkish companies zero creditors around three hundred billion dollars some economists now believe turkey could be the flash point that sets off a new financial crisis. turkey's role on the international stage that is something that's looking into now more closely that's right monica all nato secretary general of guard has defended this past weekend's airstrikes against alleged chemical weapons facilities in syria he said there were needed to uphold an international ban on chemical warfare now he spoke after meeting turkish foreign minister met in ankara he said the u.s. france and britain had no other alternative then you're right in syria and accused russia of blocking an international probe into the. alleged chemical attack shola said that the strikes had not driven
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a wedge between nato ally turkey and russia. and relations between turkey and russia have been tested previously by differences over the war in syria but russian president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart to one have forged an increasingly close alliance and recent months support for turkey's president remains high on his home turf in istanbul where some backers show his willingness to stand up to the west. look that was two thousand and two i always had some photos of him here in the shop this was taken just after he became prime minister. yeah sure i hung could talk about the president for hours when we were kids their families were friends later became a barber and dredge a tire barrow on one of the world's most well known politicians but they never forgot each other even today the president sometimes comes in for a haircut. when he visits we see huge crowds traffic jams even get
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so busy he comes here every three to four years in this area practically everyone my age and up knows him personally when it was time for him to be serious he was serious when it's time to joke he would joke he's still the same yes and change that all. i huns barbershop is in cousin pasha the conservative neighborhood of istanbul this is where i add one group day the local stadium is named after him and most of the people here are loyal supporters of the soccer club and the president. cares very much about the people. we're very satisfied he's decent and charitable we love him got to be serious on sixteen in the piece the only politician in the history of our public who stands up to the west. is lucky to be in a good long room on the blue is going to when a politician uses academic language the message does not come through. but he knows
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how to speak to the masses and that's why people vote for him. busiek enormous urges. many turkish people are proud that add one has turned their country into an important player in the region politically as well as economically mega projects like the new istanbul underground railway or the gigantic boss' purse bridge have earned him the reputation of a visionary a man of action. after all good i once supported adams policies as well. for several years he was a minister in one of his cabinets but in twenty thirteen they parted after a dispute the president has changed a lot says he would only hear. turkey was taking big steps towards conforming to e.u. standards and having a pluralist democracy. but after the third election we started to see more of his
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ego. he didn't listen to others anymore and this is the heir to one the world knows now. so on the part of their one though. the world might soon also get to know they spilled in the president's new favorite project a mega mosque intended to outshine all the others in turkey. many people say the president is building a monument to himself. the mosque is so huge one can spot it from many places in the. journalist most of the horses the project shows just how much focus is on symbols of power and now the president has become less and less tolerant of criticism horses and he knew what he's talking about his book about alderaan has earned him several lawsuits. no one has
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a single plan he does not want to lose the election no matter what he wants to remain in power this is only goal. he likes to see himself as a big boss who runs the country like a patriarch. but heir to one will never become a big boss who controls all of turkey he's only the big boss of his followers and supporters. in cousin pressure the president's old neighborhood to most of the people do not share such criticism if it were up to us on the barber. would govern for another fifteen years but he could stop by more often for haircut. soccer now environmental will be without the services of injured midfielder for tomorrow's german cup the semifinal against leverkusen that's according to a baron coaching the chilean international has been
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a mainstay for bahrain in the campaign to win a trouble of trophies including the just one title but turned a knee in practice on sunday and indicated his recovery may also keep him out of next week's champions league semifinal clash against real madrid. shock and dortmund met in germany's ruhr derby on sunday with just one point separating the two teams in the bundesliga table in their last meeting shaka managed a stunning comeback from four goals down to earn a draw this time another in fraulein match up was in store. dorman and shaka fans were looking to secure the bragging rights in the latest installment of germany's most famous dobby it was a first rodolphe for peter and the first half at all the passion and excitement you'd expect. but there was little in the way of quality throughout a scrappy fast car shop as alessandro shows like places in the fifth minute but roman baccy tonight in. dortmund only threaten shocker
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a set piece is marked by reuters testing ground salmon. no no the free. but early in the second half the deadlock was broken down you caligiuri said you haven't come up play young and the ukraine bring a scored his third goal of the season. dortmund would step further shaka pressure and were desperate for a foothold in the game and were pushing but not enough. and sharper of benchley got their rewards afraid it was laid off and now that he thrust the boeheim from distance merely passing the net and raising the bring in kelson captain. dortmund champions league hopes and now risk but joyous shaka a robot that. lights a travel to bremen in the late game on sunday hoping to take advantage of dortmund slip up a welcome back star team of ghana to the starting line up with champions league qualification firmly in their sights. ralph pozen who was criticised for leaving
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team a vendor out of the laci side that lost to masai in the road to lead on thursday and the twenty two year old was back in the starting line up against braman. the only chance is now belongs to the hosts zach veach came close with a dangerous free kick in the sixty minutes and when matched through this shot wraps and of the box which means it's lights out nicholas moyes sunda road to rebound how the defender was the first to react in the books like the keeper peter kalash he was left scrambling and braman in front. just five minutes after the break the lights equalized when twenty year old adam owed the new man stick around to check losing the frame and penalty area and fly it into the roof of the net then i had a late chance to clinch the three points but the keeper gerry commentary. with just three minutes to go it was the hosts time to break a strong start like you lashley and desperate missed one more sign that meant that
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this one stayed square. missed chances at both ends i mean that neither side will be particularly pleased with the point. you're watching david but you knew still to come on the program he was fired by down now former f.b.i. director james comey is attacking the president in a new book and in a closely watched t.v. interview. caught on camera an act of violence against a woman in egypt how did the country's capital become the worst place in the world to be think. we'll have those stories and much more coming up in the next in.
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it is one of the happiest countries in the world it has a fast growing economy. but large parts of the population remain very. tough the small human engine the. impact is globalization having on people's minds how do you think britney subject dish no money just seems with more. on top of the country in forty five minutes. they make a commitment they find solutions. they can stronger. africa on the moon. story of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent b.t.w.
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multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move. there's a lot of the waves are there it's like hi there i did this will. be up to state and you know people who fight for this fight against bangladesh what is the true face of the country to look like freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to get important but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and islam mystic stream messages again the influence democracy and the rule of law on shaky ground could get in and out of the should be. a pretty. enough picture. bangladesh the dawn of islamism and exclude. d.w.
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report starting april twenty first. welcome back you're watching the news our top story officials with the global chemical weapons watchdog say moscow and damascus are delaying access to investigators trying to visit the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria the claims come as the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons holds an emergency summit over the alleged attack. former f.b.i. director james comey says donald trump is morally unfit to be the president of the united states he was speaking in an interview on american television as part of a published in a campaign for his new book which is being released on tuesday at the t.v. interview trump blasted komi on twitter calling him a slimeball. it's all out war between the u.s. president and james komi. in a publicist he blitz for a searing tell all memoir the former f.b.i.
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boss launched an intensely personal attack on trump what was your impression he had impressively hair that looks to be all his i confess i stared at it pretty closely and my reaction was let's take a look at what time in the morning star was too long as it always is he looked slightly orange up close with small white. half moons under his eyes but message was serious trump poses a danger to the us system of government he calls the president a liar obsessed with spins going on i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president of the bits a feud between the two men started last year when comey confirmed that the f.b.i. was investigating russian links to the trump campaign weeks later komi was fired by trump the stakes between this clash of the titans are now sky high if trump isn't dices for trying to cover up the possible campaign collusion with the russians mr
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koizumi is likely to be a star witness and he says he cannot rule out that the russians have compromising material on trump approach to the more words i never thought i'd president states but it's possible and i wish i wasn't saying it but it's just it's the truth trumps response to k. means attack has been a vitriolic series of tweets branding komi a slimeball he describes him as always ending up badly and out of whack he's not smart and he will go down as the worst f.b.i. director in history by far last may trump fired komi triggering the rush for investigation nearly a year later the probe is getting ever closer to done with trump and now came his words to further wounded and increasingly beleaguered president he is morally unfit to be president. now china's version of twitter says it is reversing a decision to remove gay themed content from its pages the move follows a huge outcry on social media over the weekend after the censorship was announced
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and we have our social media editor call nasa with us here in studio to talk more about this carl what sort of measures are we talking about yemen this was over the weekend and way bo announced some new guidelines and many in china feared would really bring about a world wide scale censorship of the community there and this all comes from one post over the weekend and this is it right here is an official post from label they announce a three month clean up campaign targeting content related to pornography violence and almost actuality in order to quote create a harmonious community environment and to align with china's cyber security regulations in fact by the following day we're able had already taken down more than fifty thousand so-called violations they closed more than one hundred user accounts and that even included a popular. account called day voice so this was a fairly large crackdown that happened quickly and this is one of china's most popular online platforms so it was followed by protests what did they look like if
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this was a big outcry online in china tens of thousands of people taking to able using hashtags like i am gay and they even posted photos like this one along with some personal stories this comes from a gay rights activists in china you can see her there with her son and she writes along with these photos i am the mother of a gay son my son and i live a love our country but today i suddenly find that scene away bo is discriminating against and attacking this sexual minority the campaign went viral around three hundred million views and pretty quickly in fact way bo gave in take a look at this this was about a big victory for the activists there is another post from today from way below and they say that the cleanup would no longer target date content and we thank you for . your discussions and your suggestions so really a big win for china's gay community and that's a rare one i mean it is not easy to fight censorship and by china's censors there
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they are always finding something to censor in china and this isn't the first time that homosexuality has been censored online is it right we saw the mid to late last year in china authorities banned audio and video content that contained any displays of homosexuality so it's a worrying trend really for the gay community in china in fact earlier today we spoke with a gay activist in china who says you know these social media platforms the internet is one of the few safe havens where you can really speak openly about your sexuality and say look here's what he told us. we do not have enough space to express ourselves in daily life. it's also difficult for us to start a public debate. the internet is not only provide space for people from the community to express themselves it's also a very important means for the public to understand homosexuality and to prevent discrimination against the l g b t community old. online censorship just growing
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tighter and tighter and shine a specially lately so it is impressive to see something like a hashtag campaign just this big outcry be successful it is kind of a rare success story right now in china all right way about reversing course there are social media editor carlos and thank you very much. now is the most dangerous metropolis in the world for women according to a study by the thomson reuters foundation it says women there are seen as fair game and domestic violence is commonplace two thirds of men questioned admitted to committing sexual harassment the government has promised action but stamping out harassment and bringing justice to the victims is proving difficult. it began as an innocent until to the shopping center but that short trip turns my atari life upside down a camera recorded what happened. i was coming out of that entrance the guy. stopped me. i was like what he what do you want what do you need sorry ask
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about something or you laws he was like no i was waiting for you for the past hour i want you to come home with me and you have no option you're coming home. like no this will never happen and. slap me twice in my face and he started to hate lead then the security came and stabbed the letter out with doubt in the thing without calling the police station for example. so my aunt took muster up herself she refused to let her attacker get away with it. i went to the police station i took good video you off the hallway happened to the police station i told them i don't know him but his face is clear in the video can you get dutch guy because he sexually harassed me and wanted to take me to his will by force and then slap me. they've made a complete joke out of me. so my as attacker was cool time convicted he was fined
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less than four euros a bitter experience and by no means a one off such as into common according to research almost for me. there is too many reasons but why is that is also because i think primarily for me is a growing social acceptance for for the practice it's ok people are seeing it bystanders are seeing a daily basis has become a normalized kind of behavior and it's not really kind of condemned ethically. now they see my as reluctant to venture out onto the streets in cairo and that's not just because of a sexually charged atmosphere. some are told reporters from egyptian television what happened in the shopping center and gave them some of her own private photos she wanted to cause a stir. but the channel going the story a very different slant portraying the twenty five year old as a decadent woman the effect was devastating. they haven't called
4:39 pm
meanings industry they were running after me. they destroyed my car because. not a good girl and the following. religion according to lifestyle. president r.c.c. publicly supports women's rights. in two thousand and fourteen he brought in stricter penalties for attacks on women in two thousand and fifteen he launched a program for tackling violence against women and he declared two thousand and seventeen to be egyptian women's year. the loads ists but the problem is not the low is the enforcement of below the procedures that woman has to go through and enjoy to be able to file a case thing in sexual harassment is really really tedious and sometimes humiliating that makes women shy away from doing it. helping women in the maginot
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see is the idea behind a new option launched a few weeks ago. uses within a kilometer or notified if a woman sets off an alarm through the app. one hundred fifty emergency calls were made within the first month roughly one in five users have answered a positive sign. as the true essence of beirut every single day this is where it's rebel where does it rest with this figure. and people do not see for it there is a way reporting it's really just a recording incidence and actually let people know magnitude of the problem and actually try to. somalia has twice been the target of sexual harassment the attacker from the shopping center struck again outside this pharmacy. these pictures were taken seconds before the assault. this time the man slashed her in
4:41 pm
the furnace with a knife she needed fifty stitches. no one helped. today so maya is sad and basically disappointed. i had to lose my job. my college my parents my friends even my o.e. i had to move out to a complete different one. i lost three years in college because it was i'm not talking to my parents for the past two years because they're ashamed to talk to me. so my aunt trying to take her own life a few weeks ago doctors managed to save her. she not by those women in egypt to put up with sexual assault i'm not trying to defend themselves it's a dismal outcome. raheem is from egypt and she is
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covering the story for us thank you for joining us in our studio how well known is this case in egypt this is an extremely high profile case it's a case that's been in the news for almost two years now when my aunt was first assaulted in twenty fifteen she tried to report. the case but no one really paid any to her complete until the video surfaced and it was really when the video surfaced and went viral online that this case became very very well known some is actually not known by her name in egypt she's simply known as the mall girl that's how known the case is and if you walk down the street and if you tell someone the mall girl case they'll know what you're talking about of course this became the notoriety of this case was exacerbated by her appearance on this one talk show where they actually took private pictures from her phone and sure didn't seem to to shimmer so this divided public support for her case people were then saying well if she's the kind of girl that has these pictures on her phone then maybe she deserves what what happened to her and then the case then resurfaced in october of twenty
4:43 pm
seventeen just last year when her attacker then. came back for this second revenge attack and she tried to very she tried to. commit suicide in december of twenty seventeen and even posted a message on facebook before it was she said i cannot look at myself anymore on any screen even if it is my own phone screen i have to say goodbye i'm very sick of everyone telling me that my life will get better things are not getting better so clearly a case that's been in the public eye for two years and has taken a very clear personal toll toll on this victim at the very center of such a troubling story not her attacker the first time he accosted her got a small fine what about the after the second time was much more violent attack well i mean. his case is still on trial so he the general prosecutor has referred to as to what they call sort of. urgent criminal trial on charges of harassment and putting the woman in public so these. are the two charges that he's facing but i
4:44 pm
think the real question is like why did it have to come to this why did it why did he have to take this woman's face he's left her with the scar that is with her every single morning for him to face a criminal trial where he will actually be locked up possibly locked up why isn't the egyptian state putting people in prison for her for harassment in the first place and not to wait for something like this to them happen how common is this kind of behavior quite common i mean. in twenty thirteen the u.n. came up with a. survey that says that nine out of ten egyptian women have been subjected to some sort of sexual violence this this ranges from cut calling on the street all the way up to rape a more recent survey said that almost sixty percent of men. say that they have themselves harassed someone at some point in their lives but it seems to me at least that everyone knows that sexual harassment happens in egypt but the cases only get a lot of attention when there is a video that that surfaces like the case of some i had there was another there was
4:45 pm
another more recent case in february of this year of a woman in upper egypt a more conservative part of egypt not the metropolis who beat her harasser and it was only when the video surfaced that her that her harasser was then tried and put in jail for three years but actually she had been harassed her arrest in august of twenty seventeen and since then she had been trying to bring her case to justice but nothing really happened for this woman until there was a video that came out or one of the women interviewed in the report that we saw said it seems like social acceptance for this type of behavior for abuse and harassment is actually growing why is that i think. it has to do with the way that men view women in the society and the way that women in the society also view them's you know when a woman when a woman wins and when something then this happens when the first thing she has to think about is when i go to report this. what are people going to think of me for example seventy percent. a rejection men believe that women have should keep up
4:46 pm
with violence from their spouse and seventy percent of men also support female genital mutilation this is a horrible practice that still being practiced against many girls in egypt so it has to do with the the perception of women in society by men but also their perception of themselves. for him following this story for us thank you very much for sharing your insights with us. you're watching the news still to come on the program american photographer underage groups whose work focuses on people living in the aftermath of war has won this year's prestigious oniony greenhouse courage in photojournalism award. but first french president madame across facing increasing resistance against his economic reform plans monica it was to be expected of course michael himself told everybody so last year before his election and it's been one year actually since
4:47 pm
a french president call came to office on a promise to reform the economy and he said that he expects to face stiff resistance when it comes to reforming state enterprises and challenging and trenched interest groups and he was right the country's powerful railway unions are out in force. me the chaos of france's railway station spilled over into the weekend two thirds of all high speed trains were canceled along with many regional trains and it's been going on for two weeks with fears the french economy could suffer. see the impact has been limited we cannot quantify it now but we can already see in certain sectors of the economy in hotel reservations travel tourism that it is starting to have an effect and that's why the sooner it's all over it the better. rail reform is just part of
4:48 pm
a broader campaign it pits workers and unions anxious about losing their benefits like civil servant status and early retirement against the young president who says only thorough reform can put france back on the right track you're on since emanuel mccollum took office unemployment has been falling rapidly growth is higher than it has been for a long time and economic sentiment has improved significantly that's one reason why there hasn't been a broad show of solidarity with the railway workers and there are a majority of the french side with their president but the battle has not yet been won nerves will be tested again with another two day strike later this week. well donald trump's protectionist policy and looming a trade war have brought japan and china closer together relations between the two powerhouses have been strained for decades in the face of u.s.
4:49 pm
terrorists it's time for beijing and tokyo to mend fences. this handshake between japanese prime minister shinzo of and chinese foreign minister wang ye could mark a turning point the two nations knowing to resume talks that were put on ice eight years ago as doubt hangs over the future of international trade the regional rivals now want to show a more united front. the world is now full of uncertainty trade protectionism is rising and as a result the free trade framework is under threat the rise of unilateralist them is challenging fundamental international rules we have relative stability in our region and we need to appreciate that although donald trump's name was never mentioned during the talks his decisions have helped kick start the move towards better relations between asia's two largest economies the u.s. moved to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on both countries has angered decision
4:50 pm
makers there and china faces even more penalties for what the u.s. says is years of intellectual property piracy and theft now top politicians in china and japan plan to meet regularly economic conflict with america is giving the rivals a common cause. kill it surprise winner i need your house was considered one of the bravest photojournalists on the planet for decades she risked her life to tell the stories of people in conflict until two thousand and fourteen when she was shot dead by a police officer in afghanistan a day before presidential elections there her legacy of bravery lives on in her photos and in the onion needing house courage in photo journalism awards given out again this weekend. and our culture editor david leavitt is here with us to tell us
4:51 pm
more about this hi david what makes this award so different from others well in a sense this award is an award for double courage because it's an award for women photojournalists and photojournalism of course is a dangerous profession but it's also a highly male dominated one and that's one of the reasons that i needed a house was so inspiring to so many people now this year's prize was given to the american photographer andrea bruce she focuses on the aftermath of war and disaster and the jury said it particularly wanted to honor the intimacy and the dignity of her images such as this one of a syrian family and morning. now here's an image of from the failed revolution and rain this protester using onions to counter the effects of tear gas and this one i find particularly touching this iraqi widow widow lost her husband during the u.s. invasion and became a prostitute to support her kids and by the way the figure in the background as
4:52 pm
a customer. now india is another place that andrew burns has spent a lot of time this series is about the half a billion indians who don't have access to toilets and particularly for school girls that can be a problem because many of them actually drop out of school when they start menstruating because they don't have any privacy at school now i want to show a few more images of andrea bruce's work and lack of sanitation was also a big topic when she was on assignment in haiti we've got some pictures from haiti now this teenage boy getting treatment at a color a clinic after his parents carried him for six hours to get there now this is a different aspect of this story this church congregation is gathering on the foundations of their church that was blown away by hurricane matthew and another image of potential hope here to school schoolgirls studying on the ruined foundations of their home and this is just a spectacular image in my eyes it really is just an incredible perspective you can
4:53 pm
see through that lens this is a prize that comes along with twenty thousand u.s. dollars there were some honorable mentions us well tell us about that because to take a look at those one of them is british photographer rebecca conway who is based in the disputed kashmir region and her work shows the constant unrest there here we have a woman mourning for her killed nephew a young man being treated for pellet wounds he received leaving friday prayers at a mosque and conway also looks at mental health in the region this is actually an image of women attending an exorcism now the other honorable mention this year canadian photographer and her bracken she says closer to home she tells the stories of young aboriginal people in western canada and the us stories of traditional dancers hip hop dancers protesters against the keystone pipeline and even violent violence against sex workers so we have some very brave people here being documented by some very brave photographers this year as i need to think house
4:54 pm
courage and photo journalism award where the recipients there and we have more on this award on a website that you do that's d w dot com slash culture all right our culture editor david levitt thank you for bringing us that story thank you. a reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you here on d w officials with a global chemical weapons watchdog say moscow in damascus are delaying access to investigators trying to visit the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria the claims come as the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons holds an emergency so much over the alleged attack. the former f.b.i. director james comey says donald trump is morally unfit to be the president of the united states economy was speaking as part of a publicist a campaign to promote a new book about being fired by truck. you're watching you have you know you don't
4:55 pm
forget you can go to our web site you know we dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock for follow us on twitter our handle at d w needs will be here with an update on your headlines in just a few minutes. the
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this is you don't use lifelong girlie in on the defense british prime minister theresa may prepares to face parliament in the wake of u.s. led air strikes in syria the parliamentary session is under way with the prime minister may be due to speak shortly she has come under criticism by the opposition who suggest the strikes may have been illegal or live in london for analysis also.


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