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dangerous times perhaps. this is the only news lifelong girl in on the defense british prime minister to recently prepares to face parliament in the wake of u.s. led air strikes in syria the parliamentary session is under way with the prime minister may due to speak shortly she has come under criticism by the opposition who suggest the strikes may have been illegal or live in london for analysis also coming up. as world leaders react in the wake of this weekend's military strikes on
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syria the e.u. keen to switch the focus back to diplomacy with a new concerted push to bring russia back into the fold. plus former f.b.i. director james comey doesn't mince his words blasting president donald trump the man who fired him last year i think is morally wrong for the president who talks about and treats women like they're pieces of meat who lives constantly about matters become small and then since the reagan people believe that. comments come just ahead of the release of his book detailing the events surrounding his firing. think you so much for your company british prime minister theresa may is facing questions in parliament over her decision to authorize this past weekend's airstrikes in syria all this after britain joined france and. the united states in
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the bombing and bombing three alleged chemical weapon sites in syria following a suspected poison gas attack in the town of duma opposition m.p.'s said may should have consulted them before carrying out the bombing and labor party leaders have suggested the strikes may have been illegal while both syria and its ally russia have denied carrying alkie alleged chemical attack on april seventh that left dozens dead. all right let's get you straight to london now where two were buried at mass who's standing by the prime minister facing a parliament that she didn't consult set the scene for us if you will what kind of reception is she expected to get. well first up we're expecting some antiwar protesters here in london in front of the parliament where i am just now inside however the food is i think it's more going to be on not having looked for parliament's of approval prior to
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a strike it was something that obviously was the cause before but the reason it's not go to parliament asked for permission if you like and this is something that a lot of m.p.'s a lot of opposition m.p.'s are really not happy with so they are trying to push for example for some sort of murder then unspoken the convention which it is at the moment was something that really sets in stone for the prime minister to actually if they do something like this to look for parliament's explicit approval before all right to formalize the whole process how has to recently been defending her decision to launch air strikes on the auspices of the u.s. . well of course one of the major points with reason may as well we've been to this deter president assad of ever doing something like this again but then another really important fact is that there was an alleged attack here in the u.k. the british government are holding russia responsible for using
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a chemical nerve agent here in the streets of south theory a u.k. city when they as britain says try to poison a former russian spy here in the u.k. and obviously this is something that is very high on britain's again agenda and that has played a part in this decision for sure all right now theresa may and the foreign secretary boris johnson have both underlined that this particular military action where they were involved is only meant to send a signal regarding the use of chemical weapons as a you have also been reporting so for the u.k. founder stan correctly this was a one off the u.s. meantime they're keeping the door open saying you know it's locked and loaded and ready to act again is britain on board with that. well we don't need here nearly the same we're aetheric here in the u.k. and i think the fact that that hasn't been at least from my understanding of huge
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outrage about the actual launches of these british attacks is to do with the fact that britain has always maintained it's something that's very specific and that it's a one off and that the real push should be for the peace negotiations for this process to start again and this is something that relates also to brussels so there the u.k. and the e.u. are on the same site they were in the peace process to start again burgard most reporting from london thank you. and you must giving us a very good segue there because the u.k. along with the u.s. and france are who took action in syria claiming they had proof the syrian regime was behind the attack on them whether coordinated strikes targeted chemical weapons facilities well now e.u. foreign ministers have been meeting in luxembourg to discuss how to proceed further topping the agenda is how to deal with damascus as an ally russia and how to revive
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the peace process in syria. well as the world leaders assess the fallout from the u.s. a lead air strikes the e.u. trying to ramp up efforts to get the policy back on track and this is in luxembourg where the european foreign ministers are gathered again what's come out of these talks. a lot of unity here on the point that foreign ministers agree that they want to use the momentum that comes from these airstrikes they want to take full advantage of that in order to achieve a political solution for the syrian crisis they fell short of good expressing full support like you seen that from nato for these airstrikes only saying that they welcome any sort of action against the use of chemical weapons and then the german foreign minister moussa made clear you once again he's very unhappy about the role that iran and russia play in the syrian conflict about again here in that
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case the european union states basically on the line they've had before these airstrikes and that is we will not see syria relate to sanctions for russia something the u.s. has been calling for now and we also won't see new sanctions regarding iran but the foreign minister said these sanctions at least remain on the agenda ok the sanctions remain on the agenda and the central european powers are openly accusing russia of involvement in a chemical weapons attacks doesn't that complicate the push for diplomacy. and that case the use a little bit split you have those countries who are really concerned about an escalation of the crisis for instance austria and not only regarding international relations but also really really think the situation in syria on the ground they do not want to escalate things on the other hand you have countries who are determined to show that there is a real determination on the part of european countries to route find a solution
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a long term solution for for this conflict and now the real leverage the european union here has is economical and the real incentive they have for it to give the russians any reason to agree to a un let peace talks for instance in the geneva format something the e.u. envisages now and hopes that these these airstrikes will now give an impetus to these political political solution is the fact that the european union is prepared to take part in the rebuilding of syria once the civil war ends. this reporting from luxembourg thank you. all meanwhile in the hague the global chemical weapons watchdog the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has been holding emergency talks on suspected poison gas attack in syria earlier this month the o.p.c. w. is holding a closed door session as there inspectors wait to visit sites in duma an official
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claim that russia has blocked the teams access to the site something moscow vehemently denies the watchdogs inspectors are in syria to determine whether banned chemicals were used in the attack on april seventh dozens of people including children were killed allegedly with a poison gas. our i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. on a visit to turkey a nato chief u.n. stoltenberg has sent the u.s. led strikes on syria will reduce the regimes ability to carry out new chemical attacks will stop berg also said the strikes were a clear message to syria russia and iran that chemical weapons are not acceptable. several pieces of jewelry and coins believed to have belonged to the danish king harald bluetooth have been discovered in germany's northern rueben island the tenth century king is credited with unifying scandinavia and yes the wireless technology
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used in phones and laptops is named after him. in australia new south wales police suspect that a large bushfire threatening sydney may have been started deliberately authorities say it's miraculous that no houses have been damaged so far no one has been injured the fire is close to the city's southwestern suburbs and is being fanned by strong winds. protesters at a starbucks coffee shop in the u.s. city of philadelphia demanded justice after two black men were arrested there the men said they were waiting for a friend before ordering but staff accuse them of trespassing there were accusations of racial profiling and starbucks chief executive was forced to apologize. all right next to an explosive interview in a new television appearance fired f.b.i. director james comey called u.s.
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president donald trump a serial liar who is morally unfit to serve are currently on a book tour promoting the release of his new memoir cold music store nary portrayal of america's leader provoked trump to unload on the x. f.b.i. chief the president went after comi on twitter calling him a slimeball. it's all out war between the u.s. president and james komi. in a publicist he blitz for a searing tell all memoir the former f.b.i. boss launched an intensely personal attack on trump what was your impression he had impressively hair that looks to be all his i confess i stared at it pretty closely and my reaction was just take it one time in the morning star was too long as it always is he looked slightly orange up close with a small white. half under his eyes but message was serious trump poses a danger to the us system of government he calls the president
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a liar obsessed with spins going on i don't think he's medically unfit to be president i think is morally unfit to be president the bit a feud between the two men started last year when komi confirmed that the f.b.i. was investigating russian links to the trump campaign weeks later komi was fired by trump the stakes between this clash of the titans are now sky high if trump isn't dices for trying to cover up the possible campaign collusion with the russians mr komi is likely to be a star witness and he says he cannot rule out that the russians have compromising material on trump the more words i never thought i better president but it's possible and i wish i wasn't saying it but it's just it's the truth trumps response to k. means attack has been a vitriolic series of tweets branding komi a slimeball he describes him as always ending up badly and out of whack he's not smart and he will go down as the worst f.b.i. director in history by far at last may trump fired komi triggering the rush for
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investigation nearly a year later the probe is getting ever closer to donald trump and now claim his words have further wounded an increasingly beleaguered president who is morally unfit to be president right now before i let you go want to leave you now with some soccer. you shall can dortmund's mess in germany's ruhr derby on sunday with just one point separating the two teams in the bundesliga table in their last meeting shaka managed a stunning comeback from four goals down to earn a draw this time a nother and throwing match up was in store. doman and shaka fans were looking to secure the bragging rights in the latest installment of germany's most famous darby it was a first rodolphe for peter in the first half how do the passion and excitement you'd expect. but there was little in the way of quality throughout a scruffy for. shoppers aleksandra show like places in the fifth minute of roman
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bucky tonight. dormant only fresh in shock for a set piece is mark i wrote is testing ralph salmon. no miller the far right. but only in the second half the deadlock was broken down you're kind of curious about you haven't come up the young and the ukraine when a school of his third goal of the season. dortmund would stood the shock of pressure and would desperate for a foothold in the guy who were pushing but not enough. and shocker eventually got their rewards a free it was laid off to now di he thrust the ball home from a distance merely passing the net and raising the bridge in chaos and captain. dortmund champions league hopes the now risk but joyous shaka a robot that. oh right before i let you go a reminder of the top story that we're following for you right now british lawmakers are due to grill prime minister theresa may shortly over her decision to
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launch airstrikes against suspected chemical weapon sites in syria the opposition has condemned the moves and suggested the strikes me has been illegal. we'll have more on that story in the next quarter for now thank you so much for spending part of the day with us. we make up a but we watch as all the and educated. we are the civil service and. they want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa in charge of.


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