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i'm not. trying to live desh the dawn of islam as i'm an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. this is you know the news live from berlin the right thing to do british prime minister theresa may defends her decision to launch strikes on syria may also accuses syria and russia of trying to conceal an alleged chemical attack in that country but britain's opposition says the court made its strikes on syria may have broken laws were live in london for analysis also coming up. as the world reacts world leaders react in the wake of this weekend's military strikes on syria that be is keen to switch the focus back to diplomacy with
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a new concerted push to bring russia back into the fold plus cairo is ranked the worst metropolis in the world to be a woman we'll hear how an attack changed one woman's life and what happened to the man throwing the punches in this video. and in the going to think i shall get endorsements squared off in germany's biggest derby amounts had more than just local pride at stake both teams are in the hunt to qualify for champions league soccer. hello i'm layla herat thank you so much for your company british prime minister to resign may is facing questions in parliament over her decision to authorize this past weekend's airstrikes in syria all this after britain joined france and the united. basin bombing three alleged chemical weapon sites in syria following
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a suspected poison gas attack in the town of duma opposition m.p.'s said make should have consulted them before carrying out the bombing and labor party leaders suggest that the strikes may have been illegal but syria and its ally russia have denied carrying out the alleged chemical attack on april seventh that left dozens dead but may says that it's cut it contradicted by it is contradicted by the intelligence she has seen and she defended her government's decision to take part in the strikes this was not about intervening in a civil war and it was not about regime change it was about a limited targeted and effective strike that sought to alleviate the humanitarian suffering of the syrian people by degrading the syrian regime's chemical weapons capability and deterring that use and we have published the legal basis for this action. prime minister theresa may is speaking there
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a little earlier well let's take you now straight to london to our correspondent bear get mass who's standing by of beer good weaver her theresa may there talking about degrading and deterring syria's chemical weapons capabilities what else has she said to defend the strikes. well she said basically that she did not have time to aides to you of course knows that parliament like to have approved these strikes but she said there was an immediate risk that the regime would use more of these chemical weapons and that there would be an even bigger humanitarian crisis and that she could not wait neither for an official investigation to be concluded nor for politicians approval and that she had to act and she read it to come across here and has come and decisively that she said parliament will help me to account but it's a decision that i am taking in the time of threats it was she deals with all sorts
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of criticism from all sides here in the u.k. she's really trying to come across and i think to manage to come across in a statement and of commons as somebody who really makes a decision in this in this crisis all right and as you're reporting berger we're seeing live pictures of the prime minister theresa may addressing lawmakers in the house of commons she has had to face many vocal critics since the airstrikes what are they particularly unhappy about. well really expect here in front of. some protestors stop the coalition to these are people who are basically since the iraq war have been very very vocal see there is a great city vittie here in the u.k. poor for britain to get involved in anything that looks like regime change through them has been very careful to point out that this is not in this case was a deterrent or not to send a message that generally the use of weapons is nothing that can be allies with of
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course to the. chemical attacks in the u.k. of the next russian spike so that it was another one of the opposition is really troubling to say jeremy who've been trying to say the lead the labor party leader of the of position he's saying that the diplomatic route in this case was not and yet and that's a reason they should have waited she should have exhausted the diplomatic route more should have freely consulted element all right so for the u.k. for understand correctly this was a one off the u.s. as you know we're quoting a u.n. ambassador nikki haley says you know it's keeping the door open they're locked and loaded to act again is a present on board with that. the fact that syriza may. have been criticised on the point of. the party and having not consulted part
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been on the actual strikes i think due to the fact that she really has but that this is something that's targeted we haven't seen say we're rhetoric in britain as we have seen in the us but of course this sure of unity between the u.k. the u.s. and france are also something that's reason they stressed she has spoken to other european leaders for example also the chancellor merkel pledge she has this international support but of course the show if you pity slightly take it by the reception here in parliament and by criticism that she does have to face domestically co-write must reporting from london thank you. well the u.s. and france have also claimed they have proof the syrian regime was behind the suspected gas attack on duma and they say the airstrikes were necessary to send a clear message to damascus well now e.u. foreign ministers are meeting in luxembourg say they're supportive of all measures to prevent further chemical attacks including the recent air strikes in
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a statement they call the strikes specific measures taken with the goal of preventing future chemical attacks but they reiterated there can be no military solution to the syrian conflict. all right let's explore more with that exactly means marcus crime is a political scientist and international security alice we're so happy to have you here with us mr khan were in the eighth year of this very protracted brutal war in syria and the e.u. is exploring a diplomatic channels or trying to revive diplomatic channels getting the warring parties to sit at the same table i don't want to take any away from diplomacy efforts but at this stage are they just naive or have they just run out of options there's no leg off diplomatic channels i mean with the official. be official negotiations between the syrian opposition and the government in geneva and of the auspices of the united nations we have this so-called. turkey around and.
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the key question is how will it be e.u. and the united states can manage to get a foothold at the table at the astana talks. personally i have my doubts what could be the leverage to bring the e.u. and the united states into this game i mean the idea of an international content group or a group of friends or something like that is a familiar one which goes back to you with no more than nine hundred ninety s. and it has proven to be effective but my concern it's simply too late it's simply too little too late this is your finds itself in a bind especially because there's this growing sense of confrontation between russia and the west. i'd like you to talk to us about how the e.u. is dealing with it because the u.s. is now contemplating to impose more sanctions on russia because of its role in syria what is how is that you dealing with this challenge i mean europe is part of
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the west so we're not talking about some kind of equal distance but of the europeans between washington and russia on the other side we are part of the west when europe and to have imposed on the european union has has imposed a couple of sanctions a series of sanctions which has been extended and renewed every day for the next stage of crimea twenty fourteen and the destabilization of russia and the eastern part of the ukraine. on the other hand europe is in a different geographical position compared to them tonight you know the united states it has an immediate neighbor which is russia and therefore the europeans have to balance the discomfort and disagreements political disagreements with russia. and with some kind of models of the need some kind of. way to deal with the russians in economic terms and in political terms as well and that explains was some european you member states are more accommodating towards russia compared to the united states right now to some a we just heard or
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a little earlier said that the aim of these a coordinated strikes that occurred over the weekend was to deter and degrade syria's chemical weapons capability how effective will this action actually be in preventing something similar happening in the future again difficult to say i mean this the technical side still the question and the announcement of the strikes came clearly five days before the actual strikes two planes so even in the case there was some chemical weapons all part of the chemical weapons located them in these facilities and probably they have moved to a different place and the more political question. it's that's you know we have seen the same thank you same scenario after the tanks in the unfolding of the lead taken in april of last year everybody was have been expecting that the president will restrain himself in terms of the use of chemical weapons if that be the opposite happened we see on the increase of the use in the use of chemical weapons
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so i think it's simply not realistic to expect an improvement throughout the situation on the ground with the situation on the ground marcus kind political scientist and international security expert thank you thank you nic. all right want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world figure out former f.b.i. director james comey has called us president trump and morally unfit for office in a television interview komi said trump may have obstructed justice in his handling of a probe into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election all trump's firing of connies. last may elect to the appointment of a special counsel to oversee that investigation. and australia new south wales police suspect that a large bush fires threatening sydney may have been started deliberately authorities say it's miraculous that no houses have been damaged so far and no one
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has been injured a fire is close to the city's southwestern suburbs and is being fanned by strong winds. several pieces of jewelry and coins believed to have belonged to the danish king harald bluetooth have been discovered in germany's northern island the tenth century king is credited with unifying scandinavia and yes the wireless technology used in phones and laptops is named after him. anger is growing in the west african nation of togo over the president's refusal to step down after nearly thirteen years in power protesters clashed with police over the weekend they are demanding term limits be placed on the president but the government is refusing to back down. it was only two were has seen regular demonstrations since last august the opposition agreed to hold them for more than a month to give time to neighboring ghana to mediate between the two sides but
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after talks stalled protesters again took to the streets the situation you're in loamy is quite tense the government bans all protests and the security forces both police and military are enforcing that order strictly. small groups of protesters try to block the streets. the police response with glee. dozens of demonstrators have been there arrested since last year and at least eleven people have lost their lives. this is barbaric. we have the right to protest in the constitution and the police are harassing people in arresting them we've had enough to go can't go on like this things need to change. the government argues that the president was elected democratically and says the ban on demonstrations is legal. he said this is you this is.
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if they don't like it they can take us to the courts if a judge sides with them they can demonstrate again by the opposition hasn't done that yet they're just demonstrating that's not right we don't accept that we live in a country of laws is the key is it on purpose a fair doesn't it or the war on but accepted an alliance of fourteen opposition parties claims that it was just a system isn't independent and the government has no interest in solving the problem asking for the turn to constitution through voted for in one thousand nine hundred ninety two. and we want to it because a new constitution. would say lean meat to. the norm of a president can have and our current president is have indicated to him which is not conform to what was stated in the constitution presidential
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elections into our own plans until two thousand and twenty many observers fear that the situation here could escalate further if the government and the opposition fail to find common ground. cairo is the most dangerous much trouble us in the world for women that's according to a study by the thomas reuters foundation it says women there are seen as fair game for attacks and domestic violence is commonplace two thirds of men questioned admitted to committing sexual harassment the government has promised action but stamping out harassment and bringing justice to the victims is proving difficult. it began as an innocent counting to the shopping center but that short trip turned so my atomics life upside down a camera recorded what happened. i was coming out of that entrance
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the guy. stopped me i was like what are you what do you want what do you need are you ask about something are you laws he was like no i was waiting for you for the past hour and i want you to come home with me and you have no option you're coming home with me tonight like no this will never happen and if he is slap me twice in my face and he's started to hate lead then the security came to stop them they let him out she would doubt any thing without calling the police station for example. so maya took my her post so if she refused to let her attacker get away with it. i went to the police station i took good the video off the hallway happened to the police station i told him i don't know him but his face is clear in the video can you get does guy because he sexually harassed me and wanted to take me to his will by force and then slapped me. they made a totally joke out of me. so my as attacker was cooled and convicted he was fined
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less than four euro is a better experience and by no means a one off such as if you don't want to come on according to research on off on me. there's too many reasons but why is that is also because i think primarily for me is a growing social acceptance for for the practice it's ok people are seeing it bystanders are seeing a daily basis has become a normalized kind of behavior and it's not really call of condemned ethically. now they see my as reluctant to venture out onto the streets in cairo and that's not just because of the sexually charged atmosphere. somaya told reporters from egyptian television what happened in the shopping center and gave them some of her own private photos she wanted to cause a stir. but the channel gave the story a very different slant portraying the twenty five year old as a decadent woman the effect was devastating. they haven't called
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meanings industry they were running after me. they destroyed my car because. i'm not a good girl and follow in. religion as according to lifestyle. president r.c.c. publicly supports women's rights. in two thousand and fourteen he brought in stricter penalties for attacks on women in two thousand and fifteen he launched a program for tackling violence against women and he declared two thousand and seventeen to be egyptian women's year. the loads ists but the problem is not the low is the enforcement of below the procedures that woman has to go through and enjoy to be able to file a case thing in sexual harassment is really really tedious and sometimes humiliating that makes women shy away from doing it. helping women in the margin
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see is the idea behind a new option launched a few weeks ago. uses within a kilometer or notified if a woman sets off an alarm through the app. one hundred fifty emergency calls were made within the first month roughly one in five users have answered a positive sign. as the true essence of. every single spaces but it's very. physical whereas when it's bigger. and people do not report it there is a wave reporting it's really just a recording incidence and actually let people know magnitude of the problem and actually try to. somalia has twice been the target of sexual harassment the attacker from the shopping center struck again outside this pharmacy. these
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pictures were taken seconds before the assault. this time the man slashed her in the face with a knife she needed fifty stitches no one helped. today so maya is sad and basically disappointed. to lose my job my college my parents my friends even my own i had to move out to a completely different one. i lost three years of college because i'm not talking to my parents for the past two years because they're ashamed to talk to me. so maya trying to take her online for a few weeks ago. doctors managed to save her. she not visors women in egypt to put up with sexual assault and not to try to defend themselves it's a dismal outcome. and her testimony here from egypt now to door to bank which
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has to as are some unexpected questions from regulators in brussels monica was that all about another interesting story certainly from germany's biggest lender a lot of time to count the cost of a potential bank selloff the european central bank has asked germany's biggest lender to calculate the effect of winding down its investment arm it's part of a trend among global regulators to test how banks would handle selling off a big part of their business is vats to avoid a future financial crash at the e.c.b. east request comes towards the struggles to complete vital reforms it's the first euro zone bank to be asked to sketch out its own crisis plans in this way. a chief financial officer to reassure investors. talking of investors let's cross over to doggy bags hold turf namely frank coop is keeping an eye on the trading floor as
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dahlia why are regulators in brussels asking for numbers from deutsche bank all differences that make. your cousin this evening the c.e.o. of daughter bank is just one week in office and now already facing problems with the e.c.b. regulators why was all of this happening well we have to remember that daughter has been losing a lot of money lately in two thousand and seventeen again five hundred million euros and the investment banking division is one of the divisions with the biggest losses inside of the lender because of this many don't even consider daughter of bank among the global players in the banking world and there have been speculations always in the past that the lender in fact could decide to sell their investment banking division from the officials at the end of this has always been denied but it now seems that e.c. b. is also taking this into consideration now and we can clearly see behind you the dax curve is heading south. what other bad news could be there.
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well there are a couple of issues that were on investors' mind today investors were relieved on the one hand that we did not see a major escalation happening in syria this weekend but at the same time the geopolitical tension worldwide is still a big topic here for investors some experts are now fearing that all of this of course he even have a bigger impact for the german but also for the worldwide economy of the very well respected hands foundation came out with a nora portrait day and they're staging because of the latest political tension about syria russia and also possible a trade war the possible recession index has been gone up it in march it was still at the level of six point two percent now it went up to more than thirty percent or nativity a big issue of the political and certainly also the industrial production here in germany has been going down the right time to take a big breather there for investors at the front was that the exchange than your cold thank you so much. well talking of investors in the looming trade to
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a dollar trans protectionist policy and a looming trade war have brought japan and china closer together now relations between the two asian powerhouses have been strained for decades but in the face of u.s. terrace it's time for beijing and tokyo to mend fences this handshake between japanese prime minister shinzo and chinese foreign minister wang ye could mark a turning point the two nations knowing to resume talks that were put on eight years ago as doubt hangs over the future of international trade the regional rivals know want to show a more united front. the world is now full of uncertainty trade protectionism is rising and as a result the free trade framework is under threat the rise of unilateralists and is challenging fundamental international rules we have relative stability in our region and we need to appreciate that. although donald trump's name was never
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mentioned during the talks his decisions have helped kick start the move towards better relations between asia's two largest economies the u.s. moved to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on both countries has angered decision makers there and china faces even more penalties for what the u.s. says is years of intellectual property piracy and theft no top politicians in china and japan plan to meet regularly economic conflict with america is giving the rivals a common cause. it's time for some fun topics illness league with you so much has been a really really great game i'm going to talk to you about now shark endorsements met in germany's roar derby on sunday with just one point separating the two teams in the bundesliga table in their last meeting shellac a managed a stunning comeback from four goals down to earn a draw well this time another enthralling match up was in store. doman and shaka
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fans were looking to secure the bragging rights in the latest installment of germany's most famous dobby it was a first rodolphe for peter and the first half hour to the passion and excitement you'd expect. but there was little in the way of quality throughout a scruffy for. shoppers aleksandra show quite close in the fifth minute of roman bucky tonight. to a mentally crushing shocker set pieces marked by royce testing ground them and. know little of the bright. but early in the second half the deadlock was broken down your caligiuri set up you haven't hung up the young and the ukraine where his school his third goal of the season. dortmund with stood the shock of pressure and were desperate for a foothold in the guy. who were pushing but not enough. and shocker eventually got their rewards
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a free kick was laid off and now diver thrust the behind from distance merely passing the net and raising the bridge in chaos in captain. goldman's champions league hopes the now risk but joyous shaka a robot there. are before i leave i want to remind you of our main headline that we're following for you right now british prime minister to resign me as a senator moved to join courtney in the air strikes on syria in a speech to parliament she says the controversial strikes were in britain's interest she also accused moscow and damascus trying to conceal all let's chemical attack in syria. all right thank you so much for spending this part of the day with us this continues at the top of the hour.
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