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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news to live from berlin and the right thing to do british prime minister to resign may defend her decision to launch strikes on syria may also accuses the country's government as moscow of trying to cover up the alleged chemical attack in duma but britain's opposition says that may's approval of airstrikes may have broken long we'll have the latest from london also coming up russia says inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog will now be allowed access to the site of the suspected force an attack near damascus on
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wednesday so why the delay we'll ask our moscow correspondent plus the protesters in togo drawing a furious response from the country soldiers demonstrators are violating a ban on protesters you say that they want togo's president to leave office but the government is not backing down. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program british prime minister to resign may has faced questions in parliament over her decision to authorize this past weekend's airstrikes in syria this after britain joined france and the united states in bombing three alleged chemical weapon sites in syria following a suspected poison gas attack in the town of duma opposition m.p.'s have said that may should have consulted them before carrying. the bombing and labor party leaders
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have suggested the strikes may have been illegal both syria and its ally of russia have denied carrying out alleged chemical attacks on april seventh that is believed to have left dozens dead but may says that is contradicted by the intelligence that she has seen and she defended her government's decision to take part and the strikes this was most of our dreams of being in a civil war and it was not about regime change it was about a limited and effective strike that sought to alleviate the humanitarian suffering of the syrian people by degrading the syrian regime's chemical weapons capability and deterring the use and we have published the legal basis for this action. and here in europe foreign ministers from all twenty eight e.u. member states have met in luxembourg to coordinate their response to the recent events in syria the block's chief foreign policy chief. said that progress is
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slow speaking after those talks that a solution to the conflict seems to be more far away than ever. in a show of unity the ministers said that they are backing all measures to prevent further chemical attacks including the recent western airstrikes but they reiterated that there can be no military solution to the conflict. for now let's bring in our london correspondent standing by with the very latest so bear get the u.k. and france they appear to have had broad backing from the e.u. for these airstrikes but theresa may is facing some opposition at home so how important to may is this support coming from the european union really when it comes down to domestic politics. well it was something that she definitely stressed when she here in the house of parliament gave a statement basically defending and explaining what she did and she did say she
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stressed that she did speak to other european leaders that she. could to do not too soon also justin trudeau from canada that she had this international backing because she wants to be seen as somebody who doesn't just acts alone but to actually act on the consensus it was a chance for her to come across as somebody who is just so he says she said parliament holds me to a country this but the decision is my decision alone. and the prime minister and i have decided that this was necessary to further humanitarian catastrophe and i think she made a fairly strong statement in parliament today absolutely many strong statements there she talked about the grading and deterring syria's chemical weapons capable. but she had to defend charges that the u.k. wasn't acting on the behest of the u.s. president donald trump what did she say in that regard.
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well she was as a fairly provocative question you know at what point did you the donald trump tell you that you needed to do this and then she said in a very strong words that he did not and that this was how decision alone but of course here in the u.k. people are sensitive they don't want britain to be the u.s. is poodle as they did cues tony blair at the time of the iraq war of being george w. bush's poodle so it's it's something that you know that's still a very large even the in the british psyche so she was very strong to say no this is something that i decided because i wanted to make sure that it's not normal to use chemical weapons not in syria and also not here on the streets of london as we have seen recently were in this group all case were former russian spy was attacked with a nerve agent and britain assaulting russia to account for that. we've been talking a lot about the politicians what they make of us how they have been how they've
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been framing it but when it comes to the british people what they think was it right to take part in the airstrikes. well it was quite interesting that before the strikes happened there was of course speculation that something might happen so there were opinion polls and the majority of british people at this time said no and i think many of them if that wasn't right and i think many of them still had the iraq war in the mines which is something that really has. you know it has really bred itself in the british psyche but now retrospectively another opinion poll says the majority of they said that it was actually right to do this and i think the reason mase coming across to say. it's really something that's targeted it's something that's a one off it's not something that try to get regime change and try to make the complicated situation in this region region even more complicated i think this is
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something that the british people have have trusted her and that they that she has she really was able to bring a point across absolutely and you know in the meantime we know that the e.u. that is calling for russia to join in on the efforts to revive the political process in syria but of course you know there are there are a lot of tensions not only when it comes to big you versus moscow but in particular when it comes to london versus moscow right. well yes for sure i mean this is really an absolute low point in the u.k. russia relations which has to do of course with the attack on surrogate screwball that i mentioned before i was recently in the in the russian embassy and really such strong words against against the u.k. and vice versa the temperature's the russian embassy in the u.k. has some point three to it at the moment with the temperature between the two countries and minus twenty. a bit slack has stick but at the same time it's
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probably true. better get mass in london thank you. and russia has said that investigators with the global chemical weapons watchdog will on wednesday be able to visit the site of a suspected poison gas attack in syria this after western officials accused moscow and damascus of delaying access to the town of duma where the alleged attack took place earlier this month the o.p.c. w. held a closed door session today as its inspectors wait to visit sites and duma the watchdogs inspectors are in syria to determine whether banned chemicals were used in the attack on april seventh dozens of people including children were reported killed in the formally rebel held town. and earlier we spoke with our correspondent your shadow in moscow and asked him how moscow is reacting to charges that it's been blocking the investigation into the alleged gas attack in duma and if investigators
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travel to the site on wednesday it will be four days later and eventually intended . russia's simplify is back at its critics as always as so often in recent months the russian deputy foreign minister said a get up call here in moscow denied that russia was blocking the c.w. fact finding mission into not saying that the investigators hadn't been allowed in because they lack the necessary and permission as for russia's reaction after the air strikes a mixed offer a leaf and prevail here relief because no russian soldiers were hit in the attack angle and disapproval because of the fact because of the fact that the west had gone into military action generally even though many understood that the military strikes were first at all symbolic as far as potential retaliating after the upcoming or potential upcoming use us actions look russians do not have many or almost no options left no matter what they do against the u.s.
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economy they would find themselves financially up against the wall the air strikes didn't change the fundamental attitude of russia to work syria to part is struggling here for influence over president putin and his syria policy liberal politicians seeking negotiations with the west they fear that the economic situation in russia could get divorced because of the syria policy other politicians who are essentially close to the military and to the secret service for them the recent s trikes and addition and additional evidence for the aggressive western attitude towards russia they fear that putin could cut military spending if russia somehow agrees with the west on the syrian issue but all and all russia count really retaliate appropriately that was your overshadow earlier and moscow anger is growing in the west african nation of togo over the president's refusal to step down after nearly thirteen years in power protesters clashed with police over the weekend they are demanding term limits be placed on the president but the
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government is refusing to back down. it was only a handful of two girlies who together in front of the headquarters of an opposition party but that was enough to prompt a response from soldiers. who were has seen regular demonstrations since last august the opposition agreed to hold them for more than a month to give time to neighboring ghana to mediate between the two sides but after talks stalled protesters again took to the streets the situation year loamy is quite tense the government bans all protests and the security forces both police and military are enforcing that order strictly. small groups of protesters try to block the streets. the police response with glee. dozens of demonstrators have been there arrested since last year and at least
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eleven people have lost their lives. this is barbaric. we have the right to protest in the constitution and the police are harassing people in arresting them we've had enough to go can't go on like this things need to change. the government argues that the president was elected democratically and says the ban on demonstrations is legal. he said this is you this is what you if they don't like it they can take us through the courts if a judge sides with them they can demonstrate again by the opposition hasn't done that yet they're just demonstrating that it's not right we don't accept that we live in a country of laws is the key. to persevere doesn't it or the. an alliance of fourteen opposition parties claims that it was just a system isn't independent and says the government has no interest in solving the problem asking for the turn to constitution through voted for him.
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ninety ninety two. and we want to because a new constitution. would say limits to the norm of a president. and our current president. have been deterred we choose not conform to what was. presidential elections into our plans until two thousand and twenty when you observers fear that the situation here could escalate further if the government and the opposition fail to find common ground. to tennis now and novak djokovic has shown signs of returning to form in the first round of the monte carlo masters the former world number one has struggled since undergoing elbow surgery but made quick work a fellow serbian dusan lodge of it in the french open warm up tournament djokovic
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has won the monaco title twice before and looked assured as he started his clay court season with an easy six one six of his next play is on wednesday. and out to some spectacular flying and bouncing even by trampolines it was the european trampoline championships in baku obvious or by shot on sunday where participants wow with a tightly choreographed quick twist while catching a big air check this out this is ross most steffensen of denmark a silver medal winner. not too bad there that was the tumbling competition there and this was the double mini trampoline.


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