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this is d.w. news live from berlin a call to arms by french president and michael mccall in a speech to the european parliament mcconnell urges europeans to reject authoritarianism and defend their model of democracy deal so calls for a critical debate on the future of the new. also coming up he's known as astro alex chancellor merkel her first title german ambassador to space now astronaut alexander gas is preparing his next big step as commander of the international space station. and crime unit have already toasted one trophy celebration but can
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they make it two or even three they face a stern task that labor crews in tonight in the german cup semifinals with their champions league looming looming. i'm sorry someone's got to go to have you with us france's president among them mccoll says the eurozone the european currency bloc is an urgent need of reform not call has been addressing the european parliament in strasburg for the first time setting out his vision for the future of europe he wants big changes but there is growing skepticism about the european project and across acknowledge the situation at the start of his speech when he lamented the divisions that are straining the e.u. . you can see should we don't think there is doubt in a number of european countries and month after month these doubts seeing others call our foundation this into question the fundamental seems to be
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a sort of european civil war national selfishness and egotism taking precedence over what unites us focus accusingly. hoffmann has been following in my speech for us in a strong very high max good to see you a sort of european civil war those are pretty strong words that seem to be directed at the eastern member states what did you make of that yeah i had that impression to subi although he did not name the toll on and hungry for example he talked about liberal democracy versus authoritarian democracy and that's usually how countries like on greek are described under the rule of the. prime minister so civil war might be a little strong but he recalled an old phenomenon that leaders in the european union tend to attribute everything that's good in the european union to themselves saying look what i did and then attributing everything that's bad in the european
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union in brussels or here to the parliament in strasburg and say look what they did not really taking responsibility for their own decisions and that's something that michael talked about max the speech was touted as the french president's vision for the future of europe what is that vision. the vision wasn't very clear there's still some fog in that vision because the outlines you know not very precise the details not very precise maybe that's on purpose that's per design you don't really put down the nitty gritty details of your policy or the european parliament in a speech like that but generally speaking it was a strong defense for the case of the european union saying that i thought that was probably one of the strongest quotes by mccraw i don't want to be a generation of sleepwalkers i want to be in a generation that fights for democracy hard that's one of the sentences that ra's the most or many of those parliamentarians here as well and he said we need
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a new debate we need a new debate all across the european union to define what unites us and what divides us and have a new project for the european union and he said we also need to get on with the reform of the eurozone ok all these things are more or less clear how he counts really putting them into effect is not clear at the moment one of the reasons for that is germany that's not necessarily in agreement with his plans for the reform of the euro zone yet max pursuit up specifically on the euro zone reform what that road map look like just briefly if you can and how much a support as they have generally among its european partners. you know the short answer to that is i don't know and mark all probably doesn't know either yet because he needs to have a plan together at least with germany but also with other countries and they need to talk about that specifically probably in berlin on thursday when my call visits are going to america with german chancellor we do know though that there's not a whole lot of time because next year we have the european elections that will also contribute of course of the parliament here and then maybe we have a whole different ballgame that's the window. max hoffman reporting for us from
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strasburg max thank you very much. now this year's human rights award from amnesty international germany has been presented to an egyptian nonprofit organization the cairo based center was recognized for twenty years of work helping victims of torture in the politically volatile country since president abdel fattah el-sisi took office in two thousand and fourteen authorities have imprisoned tens of thousands of people and building dozens of new prisons to how's the growing number of detainees. has carried out this crackdown in the name of fighting terrorism but organizations like the report widespread human rights abuses egyptian authorities shut down the najib centers clinic in february but they have continued to work without it. to her mokhtari as a human rights defender who worked for than a deep center until two thousand and sixteen the founders are not allowed to leave
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egypt so he accepted the award on behalf of the winners yesterday in berlin tired thank you very much for joining us on our program thank you for that these and i want to start with a question about yourself you were detained in egypt but you were not turned tortured is that correct yes i was the source of the month since i was just beaten for once but i was lucky that are you living. in a systematic way like what is happening with other victims and people in prison for example i was in britain was our own. thirty better than twenty eight of them were subjected to torture and we are lucky too were subjected to other forms of torture like you could very like hanged in four days what is happening nobody was in prison in egypt you have been very critical of the conditions that are facing prisoners in egypt to tell us more about those conditions. in their duty to medical conditions
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in detention places. it was a commune that. did it citing be able to are subject to me to technically be able are subjected to this because of this it and they've been in detention places and when i was in britain myself i threw this condition and i know this is a general way of treating people in detention places. that it is in egypt seeing everybody in britain not only the people who are in prison for british reasons but other imprisonment they see them they are devoted devoid of old zero rights but the egyptian government denies that it uses torture in prison and why is that if this proof is so consistent. using this. system in a systematic way to get information from be able to intimidate people in the in custody the use this in of it is not really systematic way and they also are subject to my defender themselves do this through more rights violations and
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usually but there are proceedings in court in egypt right to look into torture cases in prison. not actually actually what is happening that when a victim is going through the roof to cute or to be interrelated or investigated and doing be brought in. when a victim of seeing that he is subject to potential brutha cooter will deny this and will avoid to send him to forensic medicine to prove what happened to him they are . denying what is happening and in some cases may be me. and if even if there is a judgment against the bullets this did you think this is also an individual gave which is not true this is very systematic no egyptian officials do admit that some progress needs to be made in terms of human rights in egypt but they say that they have come a long way so far do you agree with us no i'm not agree with that and they are just
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trying to deny that not to about and they are trying to block media outlets do moderate defenders are speaking about this they are just trying to change the narrative but by another out of a nation's of human rights if you have hope that things will change i hope i hope it will take some time but with this regime i don't have a lot of jobs in this tire look tired human rights defender you worked with the najib center thank you very much for joining us in our studio today thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world russia has denied a u.s. claim that it is trying to remove evidence of the alleged poison gas attack in the syrian city of duma the u.s. says moscow may be involved in a cover up before chemical weapons inspectors arrive at the site on wednesday. japanese prime minister shinzo abbate has said he wants to find common ground with
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u.s. president donald trump on how to deal with north korea's nuclear challenge tokyo fears trump might make too many concessions in his planned meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un next month. eighteen men are set to go on trial in india for the rape and murder of an eight year old girl but now the supreme court has ordered protection for the victim's family and their lawyer the case has stirred controversy in india and the lawyer said she had been threatened for taking up the case. european space agency astronaut alexander gast is holding his final conference news. since today ahead of his next trip to the international space station in june gas is heading to the ice s with u.s. astronaut syria now on your own chancellor and russian cosmonaut surrogate yes he'll be the first german commander of the station as we report will be accompanied by an unusual robot this was the view of earth from space that greeted guest on his last mission four years ago he's about to embark on his second trip to
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the international space station or. it's a bit like coming home i spent half a year of my life out there and i have very nice memories are terribly happy to relive this. on his new mission called horizons gas to be the first german commander of the i s.s. chancellor merkel calls him the german ambassador to space guest uses the nickname astro alex on his last mission he conducted over one hundred scientific experiments and a space walk which is one of the greatest challenges for an astronaut. bicycle is mistaken with his friends and you know there's risk involved certainly a bit more than taking a train not just flying for fun doing research for the greater good of humanity and for that i'm willing to take a slightly higher risk for me. one
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of the experiments guest and his colleagues will conduct involves a so-called flying brain a robot with artificial intelligence and a measure of humor. i'm r two d two just kidding my name is simon and i will support you. on this parabolic flight the robot is being tested in zero gravity as the first fully automatic robot with artificial intelligence simon is unique. the robot will support alexander guest on his space mission by fulfilling routine tasks such as documenting experiments. the first subject of those experiments will be the robot itself life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it. that turns out to be a useful model for gast as he prepares for weightlessness in space.
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well i think as an astronaut if you fly to space you always have a lot of projects here and there and and you never have the time to finish and so i'm looking forward to maybe catching even more photos over sketching even more moments in weightlessness doing more science and friend bring it back to earth for the benefit of us all. alexander guest will have just turned forty two when he takes off so he'll have plenty to celebrate in space. and the figure about he is attending alexander last press conference before going on his mission haifa how are the preparations going. the preparations are fantastic i mean i've examined couldn't put it plainer himself he said i'm going to use the the the not rude version it just got real he's finished his training in houston he's back here in cologne at the european astronaut center for a week he's getting to know some of the instrumentation you just heard about simon
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there the artificial intelligence he's learning how that works he's been told how the columbus lab is all prepared for his mission the horizons mission and he's just been speaking behind here in the presence of some very great astral to if you can see him over here so it's all on so artificial intelligence simon as you mentioned is going to be one really interesting aspect of this mission what else is on the agenda. well there is so much on going to start with alex first of all one of the experiments is my oh my oh turns is basically going to look at how microgravity affects the muscular system in this really important because we shoot things up into space all the time that we really don't know how space affects humans in space think about all the colonies we want to build we don't know how space is going to affect us if we procreate there's no not much experimentation going into evolutionary biology so that's going to be really important there's also icarus it's an experiment that's going to track birds with
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a little sensors in the isis will still pop the data as they fly past the i assess perhaps allow scientists to track things like avian influenza and even need there's so much though on the on the school things that people scientists can't do on earth but they can do a micro gravity's fascinating stuff so a lot on the agenda for them and alexander garrus is going to be the first german commander of the i assess how important is that for germany. well you know this is in hugely important a german he is one of the largest contributors to the european space agency it's got the d.l.r. here this mission the horizons mission is going to be controlled partly in germany but also via houston and moscow this is just a really big deal for germany but you know i was on i guess for an astronaut he couldn't be more on the ground you know have his feet on the ground because he did make the point that it's not only about the astronaut going to space it is about all the teams all the scientists all the universities in europe that are involved in this what three hundred experiments going to take place only i assess and of
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course this is a his mission this arises mission is just one of many that are ongoing missions so you know it is important for germany but it's also important for europe and sorry there i say be so naive for the world let's all come together hey in space all right exciting stuff there's a figure out thank you very much for reporting for us there. you're watching d.w. news still to come a video referee cole thirteen back onto the pitch from their dressing room another technology moment in germany's top tier footballing they were to think. the first diplomatic tensions between russia and the west are heating up and this time you heard it's about industrial espionage and sabotage is very unpleasant in a joint declaration the us britain and australia hughes russia of preparing cyber attacks on computer networks that could be used to sabotage critical infrastructure in the west's statement says moscow is also using the internet for political and
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economic espionage russia denies the allegations but western security security experts are warning the new cold war in cyberspace is in full swing. the hacking accusations against russia came at a rare joint statement. the british and u.s. cyber agency said russia could be laying the foundation for future offensive cyber attacks they warned that hackers backed by the russian government were targeting government and private computer networks the hackers aim to compromise key hardware like routers and fire walls that would give them virtual control of data flows allowing them to steal critical data and plant the ability to carry out cyber warfare. the attacks weren't limited to the two countries australia also accused kremlin backed hackers of targeting hundreds of companies. the. the point.
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is that. the announcements come at a time of growing concern about russia's cyber activities last year the u.s. ordered civilian government agencies to remove casper ski antivirus software from their networks amid concerns the company was sharing data with the kremlin casper's key denied the accusations and in february germany said russian hackers had breached key government networks the ongoing cyber assault raises new questions about russia's intentions a country the agency is described as their most capable hostile adversary in cyber space. fears of a trade war with the u.s. haven't dented china's growth official figures out today show gross gross domestic product beat expectations in the first quarter the world's second largest economy
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expanded by six point eight percent in the first three months compared to the same period a year earlier that was down only slightly from last year's overall growth figure of six point nine percent the government says china's economy come with stands threatened u.s. tariffs of up to one hundred fifty billion dollars on its goods but economists say efforts to rein in china's notorious small could take their toll on growth later in the year as beijing idols factories and steel plants to cut pollutions let's go over to frank for where my colleague daniel cope is standing by strong figures from china that usually makes investors all over the world happy. yes they are happy here as well we're seeing a quite a plus here as a blue chip index that's a plus right now off about one per cent six point eight g.d.p. growth for china usually whatever china publishes their g.d.p.
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numbers investors never expect big surprises in this case it was a little bit different many a year on the trading floor are fearing that the latest geopolitical tension could also have a negative effect on the worldwide economy just yesterday the very well respected hands because our foundation here in germany came out with a new report there stating that because off the latest political situation a possible trade war the index for a possible recession here inside of the country has gone up in march it was at a level of six point two percent now it went up to more than thirty percent and since the chinese economy is always a very good indicator for the worldwide economy investors therefore are relieved at the moment cheers but of course those topics i just meant are still on the investor's mind even though today. hopes are up but the shares in german chemical giant also up at some stage two point five percent during this morning what's
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behind this. yeah a big class for the buy a shares this morning they even went up as you just said to two percent this is happening because of capital increase so over in wealth fund tim aside from singapore is investing three billion euros in the company of those capital increases are sometimes not very much appreciated in the case of buy it is because we have to remember that bio is taking over a monsanto for an amount of sixty two point five billion u.s. dollars even some what some investors are saying that this even could be a little bit too big for a company even a speaker aspire to eat some cash thank you very much. in front. the european union has filed documents with the world trade organization to protest u.s. tariffs on steel europe wants compensation saying we import duties aren't really based on national security as claimed but represents safeguard terrorists which are
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against w t o rules in march the us imposed duties of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on a limb in him although it quickly granted temporary exemptions to the e.u. and some other trading partners but those exemptions run out soon and talks on a more permanent solution have yet come to a conclusion. well jessica jones also carbon and the crown all those are netflix original series that have brought the streaming video company plenty of new customers over seven million of them just in the first quarter of this year to be exact profits at the u.s. base streaming service also rose by sixty percent compared to the same period last year up to two hundred ninety million dollars netflix says it's planning to plow plow a lot so that cash back into the production of original content serious films and documentaries. and who says good taste never goes out of style
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the two real auction house is putting thousands of items from paris legendary ritz hotel starting tomorrow up for auction reopened two years ago after extensive renovations it is now selling the treasure trove of beds furniture and interior decorations which are not anymore but if you want to sleep in the new and improved lap of luxury be prepared to fork out at least a thousand euros or not. i would mind that back to sue me now and football thank you gary hart and l.a. because they host the i need it tonight in a german cup semifinal match it's the next step on buyer's path to a trouble of season ending trophies the bundesliga champs need to keep their focus again without looking ahead to next week's even bigger champions league match with real madrid. with the bundesliga title sealed in april seventh by a doing a lot more than just staying alive. they rested players in saturday's league game
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with much of that back but still triumphed five one now they have laid the cuban in their sights with triple tall sweeping the club. we have. shown is from your pov because here we are relaxed so we we are very focused you know goes we have many many players that can play every game so we have equal to with that. sort of a dallas still injured but jerome bowen saying is expected to return against a later couzin side who have won their last two bundesliga matches for warm they both have the ray of attacking talent and could trouble buy on given it's a one leg semifinal and they are at home. later cusanus forward line is so stacked that stephan kissling hardly gets a game these days but he told the w. he is desperate to face by and before he's expected retirement in may. sure it's a semifinal against biron of all teams but we've beaten them in the german cup in
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the past and only last time penalty is to them a few seasons ago in the cup you write your own history and we have the tools to make our own bit of history and the largest. but that is exactly what by and coach you pinter's wants he's also retiring and a way of allay the cues in the keep him and buy on on course for a second treble in five years. in monday night's game ninth and five banks based off of what amounted to a dropzone six pointer minds for sitting in a relegation playoff spot on five for just three points above them the moment of the match though came when both teams in their dressing. mind set the lion's share of chances in the first half and threatened again here just before the break daniel brzezinski shot saved by alexander strolled off the referee though decided to check the video replay for handball because the whistle had blown fribourg had already
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left the pitch and sure enough mark all of a camp had handled the ball on its way to the keeper penalty pablo just lost his stepped up to the spot and hammered the ball in one meal for mines the first time in bundesliga history that a goal was scored after the half time whistle and minds weren't done yet in the seventy eighth minute shrugged off tried to clear the ball but it was intercepted by robin craze on belated on to to plazas to make it to neil with the help of the post a brace for their blossoms and that's how it ended two nil for months to grab three huge points in the battle to beat the drum. ok before we go we've got some beautiful images for you nasa has just released a stunning virtual tour of the moon in i pop in four k. resolution based on data provided by the lunar reconnaissance orbiter spacecraft here the images enjoy and come back for more news at the top of the hour.
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place. is because of my head to. the south american al qa qaa i think soft money. i think i have what it takes to become the internet telling.
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the and the business like glue to the transpose on the way to the champions league ok take. the risks. maybe it is impossible for ten tricks kevin phillips goes through times against global sixty six. takes the first place. with all the wonderful place to make the game so special. for all troops. to come. more than football online. the dangerous battle for images five women. five exceptional stories. one calling more
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photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing feet full moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. women born photographers starting research on g.w. . everyone welcome to another week of euro max i'm your host meghan lee from cuddly alpacas through tasty tapos we've got lots of interesting topics on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. street art images for target for barry crossed in captures the work of banksy. loving.


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