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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news from berlin an axis granted in syria tonight international weapons inspectors have entered the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack after days of waiting and diplomatic wrangling inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons now have access to do much in syria amid accusations that evidence was removed and the site tampered with also coming up the future of the european union through the use of a manual micro-loan in an emotionally charged address to the european parliament
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the french president urges europeans to reject populism and to defend their democracy. plus he's known as astro alex german chancellor angela merkel she refers to him as the country's ambassador to space and now astronaut alexander guessed is preparing for his next big step as command of the international space station. i bring off it's good to have you with us tonight we can finally report that weapons inspectors are on the ground in syria where they say a chemical weapons attack may have taken place after days of delay and they geo political tug of war international weapons experts have entered the town of duma the site of that alleged poison attack now the inspectors arrived in damascus on
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saturday but were barred from the site until today that has prompted the u.s. to accuse syria and russia of trying to cover up evidence. the destroyed town of doom areas where syria's ill fated revolutionaries out now after seven years of fighting with the last of the rebels go on damascus is trying to win back its people meeting memorise the basic needs first. when the rebels left we found in the depo stuff that could satisfy dumas residents for a year they were not offering as anything but only hunger and starvation and. the media made it here before u.n. chemical weapons inspectors only on tuesday ten days after the alleged poison gas attack were they allowed to get near the site where dozens were reportedly killed a day earlier an emergency meeting of the international watchdog at the hague was cool to demand an explanation for the delay but ended with frustrations and
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hostilities running high this was also our opportunity to austin for allies to set a case in the organization that is designed to uphold the king. to make very very clear that the russians have blocked diplomatic channels for us. russia accuses the u.k. of faking these pictures of the alleged attacks which show you victims apparently suffering and struggling for breath. but britain says that is textbook russian fake news. well reuters has just reported in the last couple of minutes that the u.s. state department says that it cannot confirm that those weapons inspectors have indeed entered the site there in duma and again that is reuters reporting the u.s.
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state department saying it cannot confirm that any weapons inspectors are on site in syria well as has been the case before german chancellor angela merkel appears to be the only western leader who can bridge an ever widening chasm between moscow and the rest of the western world today merkel spoke by phone with russian president vladimir putin they reportedly agree that only a political process can end the conflict in syria but made it clear that a telephone conversation is not enough to begin repairing what is diplomatically very broken up. i had a fine russian president that any person you. think will meet sometime soon but we did today. i think that the number of issues that we have from ukraine and gas supplies to the big issue of syria require
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estimate face to face in the foreseeable future. it was toast and it was the german chancellor they are going very well speaking earlier today here are some other stories now that are making headlines around the world the coffee giant starbucks has announced plans to close all of its eight thousand u.s. stores and corporate offices for an afternoon in order to conduct racial bias education that is comes as the company faces a storm of criticism following the unwarranted arrest of two black men one of its cafes over one hundred seventy five thousand employees will take part in the training which is set for may twenty ninth. mourners in pakistan have held a funeral for a six year old girl whose alleged rape and murder has shocked the country the girl identified only as robbia went missing two days ago in western kharaj her body was recovered on monday sparking violent protests police have been accused of
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negligence in the case a u.s. commercial jet with one hundred forty eight people on board made an emergency landing after a piece of its left engine ripped off the plane was en route from new york to dallas when an engine cover broke loose and shattered a window as you see right there several passengers have reportedly been injured. the european union says it wants to launch formal membership talks with macedonia and albania it's part of a push to revive enthusiasm for the e.u. which is facing the departure of great britain next year concerns over russian influence in eastern europe have added renewed urgency to expansion efforts or what should the european union look like in the future today french president in mind will mccrone pitched his vision in a speech to the european parliament he compared the divisions in europe to a civil war with democracy on one side and nationalism on the other his speech was
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impassioned and at times even angry and so was the debate that followed. three hours of no taking discussion hashing out details it might have been a grueling session for another politician but not emmanuelle. he appealed to members of the european parliament to help make his vision a reality he entered the debate with athletic enthusiasm. thank you ladies and gentleman with you i can still carry out a real parliamentary debate that was my favorite exercise as a minister. but it won't be a mere exercise for long calm wants to speed up the e.u. stalled reform process or return to nationalist ideals he says is no solution instead europe can be sovereign while shouldering its own responsibility motion of . us from the site you know want to belong to a generation of sleep. i want to be part of
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a generation that stands for decision to defend democracy and know the default setting mclusky the cons backers are eager to engage with other europeans and to hear their hopes and fears. the on march party wants to reach out to people across the continent in the run up to european parliamentary elections next year. we need to be together speak about europe directly to people who want to meet citizens in the european union and everywhere. to build to rebuild europe. but michael's impetus has run into resistance conservatives in both berlin and strasbourg disapprove of his main objective a reformed euro zone with a separate budget and monetary fund much to the regret of social democrats but i'm no. then has already indicated how difficult it will be to
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reform the euro zone. and her colleagues will certainly not make mr macro any easier. in industrial chef need. the french president also wants an e.u. wide asylum law which european parliamentary members support but the green party finds my khans efforts at home less than credible. greedy and for your immigration and asylum laws the deportation and containment instead of welcoming people who are seeking refuge. but it was the european liberals who underscored how far off the goal of a new strong europe is especially in terms of defense. the recent military action in syria highlights that shortcoming they said because it was a french and british intervention not a european one b.n.
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in my macros ideas both inspiring and polarizing i'm bound to provoke debates but it remains questionable whether there is time enough for concrete steps in order to convince the voters but the reform agenda before the european elections next year there was catherine martin's there reporting speech today dream reaction here in berlin from a key ally of german chancellor angela merkel the chairman of the german parliament's foreign affairs committee spoke of the urgency for france and germany to work together on european unity. to underline that we are determined to achieve results on a range of issues that we see that there is a window of opportunity but this window is going to close the year because next year we will have european elections so we will have to come to results and that. in our times of our take globalization. unraveling of liberal
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everywhere partly within europe that it is really of an historical importance that france and germany come together and try to turn things to the better there was no bird right can speaking there while the international space station is about to get a new commander his name is alexander and he is arguably the most famous european space agency astronaut from germany here since held his final news conference today before his june blastoff to assume his new duties will be the first german to command the us and says that he aims to be a quote nice boss to his fellow astronauts cosmonauts and the rather strange. this was the view of earth from space
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that created alexander guest on his last mission four years ago. now he's looking forward to his second trip to the international space station. it's not just the one person project but a huge team project and seeing that makes me feel gives me a feeling of completion of ok this is going to work this point of the launch and then to the mission and everybody's ready seeing that is fascinating. on his new mission called horizons gast will be the first german commander of the iowa says chancellor angela merkel calls him the german ambassador to space guest uses the nickname astro alex on his last mission he conducted over one hundred scientific experiments and a space walk which is one of the greatest challenges for an astronaut. going out the door is something that is of course a little bit more dangerous but once in
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a while we have to do this to install new experiments on the outside to keep the space station running and if that happens so for c.s. runestone say no because it's of the amazing experience. one of the experiments gassed and his colleagues will conduct involves a so-called flying brain a robot with artificial intelligence. and a measure of humor. m r two d two just kidding my name is simon and i will support you. on this parabolic flight the robot is being tested in zero gravity as the first fully automatic robot with artificial intelligence simon is unique the robot will support alexander gas on his space mission by fulfilling routine tasks such as documenting experiments. the first subject of those experiments will be the robot itself.
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life is ten percent of what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it. that turns out to be a useful model for gas that he completes his intensive training. he'll be spending six months in space and gazing out the window whenever he's not carrying out assignments. when for missed it isn't on the in mind that when you start to mess this planets when you gaze at earth first it doesn't really matter where you look you get the feeling that's where we live you feel the humanity that's our home you have the stark realisation that we couldn't exist anywhere else on earth is all we've gone so you feel this really strong connection. alexander gets to live just turned forty two when he takes off so he'll have a chance to celebrate this connection in space. speaking of outer space nasa has just released this stunning
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a virtual tour of the moon popping for to be resolution based on data provided by the lunar reconnaissance orbiter spacecraft enjoy and come back at the top of the hour for more world news. we make up over three watches of profit and up at a price we ought to sever some of this and. they don't want to schieffer continence future. part of it and join our stores as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa chart.


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