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bialik guest. managed by for. this is g.w. news live from berlin starbucks coffee tonight a tall order of damage control following protests over the treatment of two black men at a cafe last week the coffee giant says it will close all of its eight thousand u.s. stores for one afternoon for staff to receive raise show by training also coming out and if the people if we want to have
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a peaceful solution in syria we need to talk to russia germany's chancellor angela merkel announces plans to meet with russian president vladimir putin can she bridge the growing divide between moscow and the west and hopes of progress on north korea the u.s. president tells his japanese counterpart that washington and pyongyang are communicating directly at very high levels. i bring coffee it's good to have you with the american. coffee giant starbucks has announced plans to close down all of its eight thousand stores in the united states for one afternoon the purpose so that its employees can attend training to prevent racial discrimination the company which operates thousands of stores worldwide is
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scrambling to prevent a boycott triggered when two black men were arrested at a starbucks in philadelphia last week the c.e.o. has already issued a full personal apology the two men had not purchased coffee but were minding their own business last week when a starbucks employee called the police to throw them out. images of the arrest spread over social media prompting starbucks c.e.o. to issue an unconditional apology and promised to make things right what happened in the way that incident escalated and the outcome was nothing but reprehensible and i'm sorry i want to apologize to the community in philadelphia and to all my starbucks hard this is not who we are and it's not who we're going to be. starbucks overwhelming presence and aggressive growth in high traffic urban areas is part of the reason it has become the world's largest coffee company though the
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company will now specially trained employees to be more sensitive at this store in philadelphia people are reminding the company that the streets belong to them. that is. the. well u.s. president donald trump is hosting the japanese prime minister for two days of talks at his mar-a lago club in palm beach florida trade is high on the agenda as fears of a global trade war with china grows as expected to push to provide japan with exemptions from steel and aluminum terrorists as he has done for other or most other key u.s. allies but international efforts to denuclearize north korea are likely to dominate that comes with the u.s. president planning to hold a summit in the next two months with kim jong un we have not picked this site yet
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but we'd be five states where attention we going to be will let you know fairly. let's see what happens either have a very good meeting or we're going to have a good meeting and maybe we won't even have a meeting at all depending on what's going in but i think that this is a great. world this is not a problem that is it's not a problem for. any other country it's a problem for the world are that was u.s. president donald trump there we want to go now to washington d.c. our correspondent claire richardson is standing by good evening to you clear are we expecting any major developments on north korea to come out of this meeting with. hi branch well we can generally expect to see trump trying to offer some kind of assurances to japan that they're not going to be left out of the loop when it comes to negotiations with north korea that's been the issue that's really been hanging
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over this meeting are they and trump of had a pretty good relationship today ahead of this particular meeting trumbull calls ave a quote truly fine gentleman but this is clearly the elephant in the room and if trump does have this sit down at meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un it would be the first of its kind the first time you would see a sitting u.s. president holding a face to face meeting with a north korean leader he's already said in his meeting with a that the u.s. is considering a five possible locations for such a meeting that could be a neutral third country in europe it could be islands off of south korea it could even be in the united states and he also had his bets by saying that that meeting could take place in early june it could take place sooner or it could not take place at all and what about these reports clear of the u.s. president saying that direct talks between washington and pyongyang have already taken place what he calls an extremely high i mean what more do we know about that
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. it's not exactly clear what he means by these talks taking place at an extremely high level the press are down with him at the moment in mar a lago at the golf resort in florida that he calls his winter white house when he made these comments we can guess that they probably don't include the secretary of state because he is still facing his confirmation hearings at cia director mike on peo going to be coming up against some drilling in the senate so it's unclear what trump means by high level talks with north korea and who is taking part in the carriage so a lot of clarity if you will concerning north korea what else can we expect from this meeting with mr. well it's not just north korea that's going to be. a sore point today but also the issue of trade as we've seen earlier or as we heard earlier try heidi has given exemptions it's you
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it eases steel and aluminum tariffs to most of the united states key allies to countries like canada and mexico and to the european union and so japan is also going to be seeking some kind of waiver for itself they could also be talking about trade in more of the long term either some kind of bilateral agreement or to see whether the whether you get united states could it really join the trans-pacific partnership that's the agreement that donald trump pulled out of early on in his presidency but has recently said he'd be willing to rejoin alright a corresponding player richardson on the story boards in washington player thank you very much now to some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world one passenger has been killed several others injured after a southwest airlines jet engine exploded in mid-flight the boeing seven thirty seven blew its left engine shortly after it took off from new york sitting out shrapnel that smashed a window that you see right there the plane made an emergency landing in
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philadelphia a hundred forty nine people were on board mourners in pakistan have held a funeral for a six year old girl whose alleged rape and murder has shocked the country no the girl identified only as robbia went missing two days ago in western kharaj and her body was recovered on monday sparking violent protests are being accused of negligence in the case. the european union says it wants to launch formal membership talks with macedonia and albania it's part of a push to revive enthusiasm for the e.u. which is facing the departure of britain next year concerns over russian influence in eastern europe have added renewed urgency to expansion efforts. ari to the conflict in syria now and tonight the u.s. state department is rejecting reports that international chemical weapons inspectors have entered the town of duma where a poison gas attack allegedly took place earlier this month syrian state media say
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that the team has been allowed access to the site and western powers believe the syrian government struck the town of duma with poison gas killing dozens of people know that triggered airstrikes by the u.s. and britain and france last friday night to those countries now accusing syria and its ally russia of attempting to cover up evidence of the alleged attack. earlier i spoke to journalist stefan borg he is the forward correspondent for t.v. for sweden he just returned from a trip to duma i asked him what type of situation the international weapons inspectors will face in do. they it's eleven days since the attack happened which means that a lot of the evidence could be destroyed or may be removed of course and. the longer you wait to hear witnesses that. you don't have the quality that you would have if you do it shortly after and. so these it's really troublesome to i
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think if they lost enough the good opportunity to could do is a good job if they would have been there earlier. are there was defiant born there speaking about the situation in duma. or the german chancellor angela merkel has launched a new initiative to reach out to moscow merkel may just be the only western leader who can bridge an ever widening council between russia and the rest of the western world today merkel spoke by phone with russian president vladimir putin afterwards as she announced that the two of them had agreed to meet in quote the foreseeable future. free trade was expected to top the agenda during the prime minister of new zealand's visit to berlin but the talks between just cinda ardan and the german chancellor have been sidelined by a recent incidents in syria. at the weekend france great britain and the united
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states attacked syrian military targets raising questions about the effectiveness of germany's policy in the region on tuesday chancellor angela merkel reached out to russian president vladimir putin in a bid to mediate. bananas. if we want to have a peaceful solution in syria we need to talk to russia russia is going to be a factor if we want to bring peace to this situation the german government sees itself as playing the role of intermediary between the western allies and russia foreign minister of us used harsh tones against russia at first now he's calling for a diplomatic offensive posts for our goal is to make sure that germany is becoming a perceptible part of the peace process in syria but we also would like to discuss the same questions as we did today in other conflicts such as in ukraine where
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developers foreign audiences are. you know you know of. germany wants to make sure that the tensions between the united states and russia don't escalate further using diplomacy to diffuse the conflict over syria but experts are skeptical. the russian turkish and iranian presidents have met several times including just last week in ankara and they have made clear that americans and europeans no longer have any say in what is going on in syria i cannot see how u.s. or european diplomacy could be in any way successful and he deployed. germany would like to see a fresh start in syria and chancellor merkel wants to convince the russian that this can only be done without syrian dictator assad but for now there is no date set for the meeting that was announced with the russian president. what should the
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european union look like in the future in a landmark speech french president today pitched his vision for the e.u. of speaking to lawmakers in the european parliament in strasbourg he made an impassioned case against the rise of populism in europe urging europeans to defend their democracy. said the e.u. was failing to address the fears and concerns of its citizens and that changes long overdue. you just don't do that it's doubts in a number of european countries and month after month these doubts seeing school our foundations into question. seems to be a sort of european civil war national selfishness and isn't a taking precedence over what unites us. it was french president emanuel speaking earlier today sports news now and on tuesday night in the first german cup semifinal game by your munich demolished host laver who is in by
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a score of six to the man of the match thomas miller who scored first in the fifty second minute then in the sixty fourth minute and once again in the seventy eighth a goal fest that stands by into the cup final against the winner of wednesday night's clash between show. frankfurt. reminder the top stories that we're following for you u.s. coffee says it will close all of its eight thousand stores in the u.s. for one afternoon next month to allow would staff to take part in racial training the move follows some of the arrest of two black men at a starbucks cafe in philadelphia last week syrian state media say that international weapons inspectors have entered the town of duma the sites of an alleged chemical weapons attack the u.s. accuses syria of delaying inspectors access to the site so that they removed those. more news coming up at the top of the hour
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