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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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and i. can click desh the dawn of islam this of an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. business t w news coming to you live from berlin a secret meeting between a superpower and a pariah u.s. president donald trump confirms senior officials met north korean leader kim jong il on u.s. media say cia director michael pay a travel to pyongyang what does this mean for peace for the korean peninsula. also coming up another delay in reports of gunfire in do look could block
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a team of international chemical weapons inspectors from entering the syrian city they've been tasked with analyzing the site of a suspected poison gas attack a love of days ago. that the largest ballboy ration of its kind ever carried out by germany's federal police early morning raids net more than one hundred suspects on sex trafficking charges. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us we begin in the u.s. where it's being reported that cia director mike pump aoe traveled to pyongyang and met north korean leader kim jong un the secret meeting over easter was to lay the groundwork for the planned direct talks between u.s. president donald trump and kim trump who is currently hosting japanese prime
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minister shinzo they had his mar-a lago resort in florida said there had been talks at the highest level with north korea but he declined to comment firm which u.s. officials have had these talks. well for more now let's cross over to reuters correspondent joss smith who's in seoul south korea josh if it is indeed mike pompei a who is met with kim jong un how significant would this be. well it certainly is quite significant he would be the highest ranking american official to have ever met with kim jong un and it of course represents a major shift in tone from last year when both sides were issuing major threats towards each other this is perhaps the strongest sign yet that both trump and kim are serious about making some kind of meeting work between the two leaders in the coming months what does this development suggest that it that that meeting
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between trump and the korean leader will indeed happen after all there's been so much speculation about. it doesn't there obviously after trump kind of studly accepted the invitation from kim there remains a lot of unanswered questions most of what we understood about the invitation from kim and proposals for a summit came through third parties like the south koreans now were you know it seems clear that the united states and north korea are talking to each other at high levels directly and this does seem to indicate that they're quite serious about these talks and whether you know whether something can be worked out though remains to be seen as you've been strong. you know seem to be quite cautious about their expectations now the leaders of north korea and south korea are due to meet later this month what can we expect to come out of that meeting. well
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what we know of the agenda so far is that both the koreas will discuss the future of north korea's nuclear program this is been the major point of contention obviously for everyone but it's also been a condition for both the south koreans and the americans before they met with the north koreans said they would discuss the nuclear program each side will also likely discuss general into korean reconciliation ways that the two koreas can lower tensions this might include. opening more lines of communication conducting more cultural events and other things like that what won't be on the table. as south korea officials have said are issues like human rights that's unlikely to come up as well as any kind of joint economic efforts that might fall foul of continued sanctions on north korea josh thanks so much for talking with us
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reuters correspondent josh smith there in exile south korea to syria now where there is doubt as to whether inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons will be able to start their investigation into the suspected poison gas attack eleven days ago now they're currently in damascus but reuters news agency is quoting a united nations source is quoting united nations sources as saying they're not likely to go to do it today as expected they've been there's been reports of gunfire their inspection team will focus on establishing whether a poison gas attack actually took place and if so what chemicals were used. before news broke today that the chemical weapons inspectors' visit to duma might be delayed we spoke to journalists stuff on board from t.v. for sweden he visited them on monday and talked to people there about the alleged
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poison gas attack. well those that i talked to some of us said that they didn't know anything about it others didn't want to talk about it and those somehow did opinions. most of them that they thought the rebel side was there was also going through it although you have to have their mind that in syria you cannot express your you know what you actually think sleep because there is always a risk that you might get into trouble so i would put too much. weight on both people. now western powers are saying that evidence concerning the attack may have been tampered with by syrian or russian soldiers do you think that is a real possibility given what you have seen in. well we went we entered the building it was no see it most in any way that was the building and it also survived and anybody could just walk in and out and do whatever they wanted to so the resort risk that if it has been destroyed or items it will do so what it is
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course it's much more difficult so so many days after the the actual event. to find good samples there's so much international scrutiny on this particular story what's the view in damascus the syrian regime itself where you are on this investigation is taking place by the o.p.c. did. they emphasize that they actually invited me to see. this investigation although. they were also knocked out there before it's a day. or two missiles so it is going to be interesting to see what they can actually be slight there and what how much that evidence is worth whatever they can there is another development going on now also this last night we saw and heard
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something of which is that the last that and late. thirty's consoled by the rebels actually it's i sees the islamic state that is in this area and we can see an artillery being fired at that direction. so the conflict in syria is very much ongoing stuff on board there from t.v. for sweden talking to us from damascus thank you so much. thank you. making headlines around the world today french president manuel warned that europe is fighting a civil war between liberal democracy and populist nationalism made the remarks in a speech to the e.u. parliament calling for democratic renewal on. the far right to win the french presidency in an election last year. british prime minister theresa may has apologized to caribbean leaders for recent harsh treatment of commonwealth citizens the dispute erupted after dozens of people from the wind rushed generation named
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after the first ship that took them to britain in the one nine hundred fifty s. were threatened with deportation critics say it's the result of a hostile immigration policy and one person was killed and several injured after an engine on a u.s. passenger plane exploded southwest airlines flight was on route from new york to dallas when an engine cover broke loose and shattered a window passenger's spoke of a woman being partially sucked out of the broken window. and staying in the united states for a first lady barbara bush has died the ninety two year old had refused further medical treatment for recurrent health problems she was one of the only two women in american history to bear the title of first lady and first mother. wife to one president mother to another barbara bush was
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a stoic silva has matriarch behind in the american political dynasty she rose to prominence in the one nine hundred eighty s. when george h.w. bush became vice president and later won the oval office the poem necklace she wore at his inauguration briefly turned into a fashion icon. just eight years after leaving the white house barbara bush watched as her son george w. moved in. i had trouble when i was married to the president and now to see that same fellow that i used to drive around in little league car pools and i used to yell at to please pick up his room to see him as president is truly amazing the bushes have six children across seventy three years of marriage another son jeb became governor of florida. there never has so active in politics barbara bush raised millions of dollars for literacy programs president trump said one of her greatest achievements was recognizing the importance of literacy as
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a fundamental family value that requires nurturing and protection. police here in germany have detained more than one hundred people and arrested seven others after a large scale operation against suspected sex traffickers thousands of officers raided more than sixty sites across the country in the early hours of this morning the properties targeted were brothels offices and homes the operation centers on a suspected sex trafficking ring set up to bring women and transsexuals from thailand to germany. well joining us now for more is g.w. political correspondent thomas sparrow told us what more can you tell us about these raids well terry this has been described as the biggest operation of this type in the german federal police's history it is certainly a very big operation we're talking here of over one thousand five hundred officers
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involved in twelve federal states here in germany the most important federal state of those where many of the operations took place was no dry and was failure in the western part of the country and as you mentioned as well around sixty places including brothels and apartments were were searched it is certainly one that has also generated plenty of reactions including reactions from germany's interior minister and there will be a press conference in frankfurt at the public prosecutor's office as well where more details will be known regarding this very big and very important series of operations by the german federal police with such a huge operation tomas' police must have been preparing this for quite a while what are officials saying about the background so far indeed it has been reported that they had been preparing this for a year now that the talk here about a group of people who have used forged these us to bring women from
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thailand to germany who then worked forcibly in prostitution and who were moved to then from one brothel to the next in all these different parts of germany so it's an operation that took place today but that has been planned for quite some time and the reaction by the german interior minister horst as a whole he was talking about an unprecedented operation regarding this criminal organization thomas thank you so much g.w. is thomas sparrow there reporting live here in berlin. now some sports for even by munich are on track for the treble after battering labor coups in six two in the german football cup semifinal on tuesday night despite the impressive scoreline the bundesliga champs needed to focus keep their focus against laver coups and the hosts have been onus hot streak of late and have
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a fearsome attack. byron came out with all guns blazing thomas malays shot saved by grandly no but then how did martinez hit the target. in the three minutes. six minutes later funky bailey's cross found robert levin dosti who made it to mit . but they because in struck back a free kick from you liam bronson and captain last bender made it to one in the sixteen minutes. in the second half by an dominated giago with a great pass and thomas millis said thank you very much everyone and against the hapless me because in defense tiago added a fourth with just over an hour work on. ryan's attack was unstoppable. making it five one less than minutes later. they are bailey had a real eye catcher of a break here but it was too late for laver guzman and then the completed his hat trick six to the final score i am before we go just
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on the w. news u.s. media reporting that cia director mike pompei of travel to pyongyang and met with north korean leader kim jong il in last month's trip was reportedly to lay the groundwork for a planned talks between u.s. president told trump and the north korean leader. so he's for now sumi is up next of top of the next hour thanks for watching. germany is a strong country. we have achieved so much we can do this and do something henderson says we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters g.w. made for mines.


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