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everyone has the right to. everyone has the right to say. this is deja vu news live from berlin a secret meeting between a superpower and a pariah us president donald trump confirms in senior officials met north korean leader kim jong il and the u.s. media say cia director mike pump you know travels the film yet what does this mean for peace on the korean peninsula also coming up the largest operation of its kind ever carried out by germany's federal police early morning raids nets more than one
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hundred suspects on sex trafficking charges. also coming up another delay reports of gunfire in duma appear to have blocked a team of international chemical weapons inspectors from entering the syrian city they have been tasked with analyzing the site of a suspected poison gas attack on love and days ago. and in sports fired continue their charge towards a competent travel the think a chance it overcame leverkusen in the german cup semifinals last night we have all eight goals coming up. soon so was going to have to have you with us we begin in the u.s. where it's being reported that cia director mike pompei o traveled to pyongyang and met north korean leader kim jong il and the secret meeting over easter was to lay the groundwork for the planned direct talks between u.s.
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president donald trump and kim now trump who is currently hosting japanese prime minister shinzo abi at his mar-a lago resort in florida said there had been talks at the highest level with north korea and he declined to confirm which u.s. officials had held these talks. let's get the very latest on the story with reuters correspondent josh smith who is standing by for us in seoul hi josh good to see you so if it is indeed my pump aoe who has met with kim jong un how significant would this be. well he would be the most senior u.s. official to have met with kim jong il and since he's taken power and this is quite a significant sign that the potential talks between trump and kim are getting quite serious to his trip there would be. an effort to try to on behalf of the united states to try to confirm what the south koreans reported
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about north korea's intentions and the fact that the united states appears to be going ahead with these talks does appear that they were that pump a was able to get some kind of information from the north korean regime that was in some way encouraging so can we take away from this that donald trump and kim jong un are going to meet this is definitely the most significant sign yet just last year donald trump was often disparaging negotiations as a waste of time and now he's sending one of his most trusted advisers to meet personally with kim and so now that the united states and north korea are meeting already a very senior level this does certainly seem to suggest that kim sumit summit is almost certain to happen josh this all comes as the leaders of north and south korea themselves are due to meet out later this month do you think we're going to see a peace treaty possibly. well there has been talk of that as
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south korea's not an actual signatory to the armistice that ended combat of the korean war what analysts are expecting something more along the lines of some kind of joint agreement that might set the stage for broader peace agreement that might include united states china and other players in the region and so while this summit between south korea and north korea has been somewhat overshadowed by trump kim rumors this certainly is significant because it will lay the groundwork for those later talks writer's correspondent josh smith in seoul thank you very much josh now to some other stories making news around the world one person was killed and several were injured after an engine on a u.s. passenger plane exploded in the southwest airlines flight was on route from new york to dallas when an engine cover broke loose and shattered
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a window passenger's folke of a woman being partially sucked out of the broken window. british prime minister theresa may has apologized to caribbean leaders for recent harsh treatment of commonwealth citizens the disputer up that after dozens of people from the wind rushed generation named after the first ship that took them to britain in the one nine hundred fifty s. when threatened with deportation the critics say it is a result of a hostile immigration policy. to syria now where there is doubt as to whether inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons will be able to start their investigation into the suspected poison gas attack today they're currently in damascus but reuters news agency is quoting a united nations sources saying they're not likely to go to do much today as expected there have been reports of gunfire there the inspection team will focus on the step will show whether a poison gas attack actually took place and if so what chemicals were used.
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let's speak to journalists stefan born from t.v. for sweden he was in dumas on monday and joins us on the line from damascus i stefan there are reports that the weapons inspectors will not go to do my today and that there's been some crossfire any news on when and if they'll actually be able to access the site what we know about this incident obviously it's happened already yesterday while the u.s. curiosity was there to look at the site and see if it was possible to work to safely and then there was some gun firing we don't know much about that if it was just up in the air and what was written was and did something one other piece of information says that there was some protest by local people demanding aid from the u.n. but that's about all we know so far but it seems like here it's very uncertain yet when what exactly the inspectors will be able to stop where the foreign journalists
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were allowed in to do law on monday you also visited there what are people there saying about the alleged chemical attack. was some don't want to talk about it some people are claiming that it's actually the rebel side that is responsible for that attack and so all dose of their started turning in this building got this but you have to have in mind that he will hear to syria don't attempt it cannot speak freely about what they think and so big event almost everywhere if this country just bothers you government control they are your rebel controlled area so you have to to it wait that what what people are saying actually it could be to war or not to think if they have some other reason to be careful what about where you are in damascus what are they saying over this investigation by the o.p.c. w. do they trust these investigators. well actually the syrian government
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invited to come here to investigate and when i spoke to them last time they they said that the the inspectors are welcome to come there any time but all the same day the o.p.c. w. said that no we're not allowed to go there for security reasons that was stopped by the syrians and russians so we have different versions of this and i guess we'll see a lot of different questions also about what's coming up in the next few days whether we'll be able to go there and do that as a print journalist on pork from t.v. for sweden thank you very much for that update. thank you. police here in germany have detained more than one hundred people and arrested seven others after a large scale operation against suspected sex traffickers thousands of officers raided more than sixty sites across the country in the early hours of this morning the properties targeted were brothels offices and homes the operation centers on a suspected sex trafficking ring set up to bring women and transsexuals from
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thailand to germany. and we can speak now to find a he's the director of the berlin based organization together against human trafficking is also a member of parliament with chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party mr hunt's thank you for joining us are the rates today a good sign for the fight against human trafficking here it's a good time and not a good sign now that we know that something like that happens. is showing us the reality so having having heard these news doesn't make my heart feel happy but it makes me happy that now the police is going after that and then they found out the first as i am saying as we are. members of this this group that goes after human trafficking that we now see that if we really follow that. then then we would find much more mr tell us more about this reality that you said
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there how widespread is human trafficking and how deep are these criminal networks . we would like to know that more for sure so that is the good sign of this this last night or this morning's what's happened and the police is showing we feel that the numbers are so high that we in germany really have to look better on that so what we think is that mafia structures are so deep involved in this business and you know just hearing some numbers some official numbers we don't have but some say there are four hundred thousand people working in this business up to this time full time and many of them police says after their structures and help organizations say i had to do ninety percent don't do that for free just liberally by their free will so we need to go deeper that in doubt and if there is a number of one point two million transactions in the six business in germany per
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day you can imagine how much involvement of mafia structures there might be so why have these structures been able to flourish and what can the government be doing to better protect the victims now we we knew that we advocated for that and the government the parliament has changed laws in the last two years and one is going into function the beginning of this year and this rate of tonight could be an outcome that the police is more more open and more clear in their duties what they need to be doing so that you know up to last year it was as easy to have a brothel as organizing a top up tupperware party and now we are and the politics have to go even more into that direction we need to clear more what is allowed what is not where is it liberal is war is it harming human rights why do you think it is so difficult to
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stop human traffickers doing their work here. now if that sort of black market if mafia is doing their structures from abroad as we saw this night and many women were involved in leadership of that to then it's a very complex situation and we are in a society that is very slight say blind or in their liberal thinking blind to that there is still a lot to be done and that's that's our problem from kind rich from the organization together against human trafficking also a member of parliament here in germany thank you so much for joining us on our program thank you very much. now in the u.s. former first lady barbara bush has died the ninety two year old had refused further medical treatment for her current health problems she was one of only two women in american history to bear the title of first lady and first mother. wife to one president mother to another barbara bush was a stoic silver has matriarch behind an american political dynasty she rose to
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prominence in the nineteen eighties when her husband george h.w. bush became vice president and later won the oval office the poll necklace she wore at his inauguration briefly turned into a fashion icon. just eight years after leaving the white house barbara bush watched as her son george w. moved in. place where i had trouble when i was married to the president and now to see that same fellow that i used to drive around in little league car pools and i used to see nell at to please pick up his room to see him as president is truly amazing the bushes have six children across seventy three years of marriage another son jeb became governor of florida. though never herself active in politics barbara bush raised millions of dollars for literacy programs president trump said one of her greatest achievements was recognizing the importance of literacy as
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a fundamental family value that requires nurturing and protection. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program this diver is getting a peek at the tons of plastic trash clogging the world's oceans but now scientists have made a discovery that could help tackle the problem. at first with their heads and new developments in the diesel emissions scandal as a porsche is in size of the investigators german police have raided properties linked to three top executives at the sports car maker it's part of a fraud prope resulting from the diesel emissions investigators said ten sides connected to one porsche board member another member of upper management and a third person who no longer works for the company bosses own path which in twenty fifteen admitted to using cheating devices on these legends to pass emissions tests . now is in the cross as let's get more on this developing story
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from our financial correspondent. in frankfurt done what can you tell us what are you hearing. well this is still a developing story we're also a closely monitoring from here what we know so far is that around ten am this morning premises and varia and bought and written back were searched by around one hundred sixty officer this has also been confirmed by the prosecutor's office in a stock out for the moment more information also about exact function positions or even names have not been released we have tried to contact porsha they have confirmed the search but they don't want to provide any further details even though also investors here on the trading floor think that most likely they're worse off that these a gate scandal is over it's still another topic that is overshadowing the entire industry earlier this year german prosecutors widen the approach of porsches sister brand which developed these little engine in about eighty thousand v.w.
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audi and porsche car that also was most likely equipped with manipulated software as well. please stay where you are for the moment we stay on the subject there's been a drop in car sales and munch across europe and it's the first one since twenty fourteen that has some economists worried because they look at new car purchases as an indicator of economic health the european comic association said just on the one point eight million cars were sold in march that's a fall of five point three percent compared to last year's surprise me strong sales growth is at its lowest point since twenty thirteen but it might not be a weakening economy that's responsible many buyers are holding off purchases following the diesel great scandal that we just heard about and the industry's new focus on the mobility. let's go back to down in trying to figure how did car companies as react to these fresh figures. yeah and this is it not like this news
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at all the german automobile industry is one of the most important ones here for the entire country diameter shares i want of the worst performers this morning at the blue chip index stocks but in general all the shares of the major car makers are down at the moment and yeah we heard car sales have been dropping actually by sixteen percent also in the united kingdom rex that is certainly a big topic there and the other part of that can be blamed on extreme winter weather and also an increase in the occult taxes that took effect in two thousand and seventeen and left to a state of purchases last month and also visa credit card company is reporting that the consumer spending and britain has been declining as well but certainly bret's it is a big topic there is lots of uncertainty what all of this is going to mean for that country which makes customers a little bit more reluctant for a big investment and a car certainly for many is a very big investment. in frankfurt thank you and
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the same in the international monetary fund is predicting a global slowdown in growth in the next few years that's due to aging populations lackluster productivity and protectionists trade policies let's have a look at those projections in the short term things are actually looking pretty rosy the lending agency predicts a worldwide growth of nearly four percent for this year and next that be the fastest pace since twenty eleven the u.s. economy is likely to benefit from president trumps tax cuts which likely to boost the country's economy through to twenty twenty growth is predicted to move up almost three percent however those tax cuts combined with increased spending could be damaging in a few years' time the eurozone meanwhile that's expected to benefit from continued low interest rates the i.m.f. for costs a gross of almost almost two percent for this year which might however slow down in the year after. now we've all heard of briggs's it has become.
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in the recent years but maybe we should get used to a new one what about checks it because the political situation in the czech republic is tilting more and more towards an exit from the e.u. even though the country has only been a member of the block for fourteen years business owners are increasingly worried about isolationist tendencies in the country fueled mainly by fear of uncontrolled immigration. czech company based machines and structures generates forty million euros a year revenues for the family owned companies high pressure storage tanks do especially well almost eighty percent of output goes to other e.u. countries the prospect of checks if the czech republic leaving the european union is a nightmare for c.e.o. frantisek school of ani is export oriented business model would collapse overnight . are integrated within the collaborative network.
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and. this is a lot of benefit far more benefits within the. but at the market place near the steel company's headquarters in benish of the mood could hardly be more different in rural areas as well as small provincial cities a lot of czech simply don't like the e.u. . here we are in it i don't know what it's worth we are in it ok maybe some fifty fifty but. i don't think it's good for us and it will be better for us to leave the european union. a survey by the german czech chamber of industry and commerce says that eighty three percent of foreign owned companies here under full two thirds of czech companies are worried about the current check to debate some foreign companies say they'd leave the country immediately if it were to exit the e.u. . as long as the czech republic doesn't have
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a new government which clearly stands by the new and reaffirms check membership this debate will drag on poison for the economy because it causes so much uncertainty for. research and populist parties in the czech parliament or even demanding a referendum on e.u. membership and there's no clear indication which way the vote would go. that's a full update for you in the next hour now to an important. could help. the problem is a plastic pollution of course you're going to see it right here in some video that was filmed off bali by a free diver juliet wheeler now scientists of britain and the u.s. are now saying that they have engineered plastic eating enzymes and they actually made that discovery by accident. the well just choking on mountains of plastic waste. one of the most
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popular plastics is p t used to make drinks bottles and synthetic fiber. it takes hundreds of years to degrade naturally. but now scientists have stumbled onto a mutant enzyme that's hungry for p.t. it's produced by bacteria discoveries enzymes amazing something that can eat plastic normally takes four hundred years to degrade the bacteria are starting to days we've done is. from the bacteria in grown up and i know we can actually digest p.t. with days much quicker in the environment for research as fast found an enzyme that had naturally evolved to slowly digest plastic and the japanese dumped two years ago. scientists called it the taste.
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professor mckee had on his team set out to investigate the crystal structure of p. taste when they tweaked it they realized they accidentally created a far more powerful new version. we are cannot see it capable of doing in terms of the breaking down of the plastic so. this is a microscopic view of the enzyme eating away at a piece of plastic. researchers hope it can one day be used on an industrial scale . the discovery is already a major step forward in dealing with the plastic bottles littering the world's land and oceans. to football now and by munich are on track for the travel after battering leverkusen six two in the german cup semifinal on tuesday night but it's a good chance needed to keep their focus against leverkusen and they did the hosts have been on a hot streak of late and have
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a fearsome attack by and came out with all guns blazing thomas miller's shot saved by band play no but then how do you martinez hit the target. in the third minute. six minutes later flunkie believes cross found robert the dusty he made it to me i but they because i'm struck back a free kick from you liam bronson and captain bender and maybe she won in the sixteenth minute. in the second half by an dominated tiago with a great pass and thomas miller said thank you very much everyone. and against the haplessly because in defense to go forward with just over an hour of. times attack was unstoppable making it five one less than five minutes later. they are basically had a real eye catcher of a free kick but it was too late for leverage and then completed his hat trick six
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two five and still. firing munich's rival in the german cup final on may nineteenth is up for grabs with the second semifinal taking place on wednesday night high flying shaka will host last year's runners up frankfurt a hard fought battle is expected. footballing highs don't come much higher than the long awaited been in there were just. after four long years without a win over brasil dortmund chelsea boss the boys in black and yellow in the big game on sunday. but blasting past their bitter rivals in the bundesliga will only help so much and what lies ahead. this is not to shouldn't come on it's great when you win a darby then have another big game a cup semifinal against a very strong team should be looking at a norm shocking one shaft i have will go into the game with more confidence and we'll still have to concentrate on what it'll be tricky hole constantly
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a constant that's keeping their concentration has been tricky for frankfurt the german media have swarmed around coach nico covert ever since word broke last week that he set to take over byron munich this summer. i'm trucked were thumped four one in the first game since the news came out about the coach's future but kovach preferred a reminder of the past in his pre-match remarks. the situation is a lot like last year nobody thought we stood a chance of winning our semifinal i mentioned but we were the ones who made it to the final we know how nice it is to be there and we know how hard it will be in goals and. lives on. frankford couldn't seal the deal in berlin last may falling in the final to dortmund going one better this year and lifting some silverware with frankfurt wouldn't be a bad dress rehearsal for kovach just next year. we just have time for
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a minder of our top stories here on t w u s media reporting that cia director mike brown pale travel. with north korean leader kim jong un to weeks ago the second trip was reportedly to lay the groundwork for a plan talks between u.s. president. and a planned investigation of the syrian city of has been delayed again reports of gunfire kept a team of international chemical weapons inspectors from entering the area it was the site of a suspected poison gas attack more than two weeks ago. thanks for watching that you can head to our web site for all the latest news and information we'll be back at the top of the hour.
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good. good. good. good. good v.j. movietone time same seems to be busting should also mention mention. one of the four announcing. the celebration thinking small moves relieving. the bristling old name and news that from personal experience. in their lives are
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like this. new romex. the be. its own broke. its creator. gets rich in natural beauty and. i've got big plans for it i want to discover as much as i can hear and read and. really explore the must see sights of this fabulous city on the album river. in sixty minutes on the d w. they're smart way to survive their lives and i just cried your head in. bangladesh what is the true face of the country looks like. freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades
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political infighting here has hindered progress and is one less to extremists are gaining more influence joe morrison and the rule of law are on shaky ground you just couldn't get over no love this should be moved. and i. thank all of the dawn of islamism and exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. ever want to our winter another edition of euro max i'm your host meghan li from nicknames for the british queen two honeymoons and we have lots in store here's a look at what's coming up.


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