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angry independence day ceremony in jerusalem. israel seventy years today. this is g.w. news live from berlin a secret meeting between a superpower and a chorion us president donald trump confirmed via twitter a meet up between cia director mike pompei oh and kim jong il and in north korea what does this mean for peace on the korean peninsula also coming up the biggest operation of its kind ever carried out by germany's federal police early morning
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raid that's more than one hundred suspects on sex trafficking charges. another delay reports of gunfire in dumas appear to have blocked a team of international chemical weapons inspectors from entering the syrian city they have been tasked with analyzing the site of a suspected poison gas attack eleven days ago. i'm sumi so much donna good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has confirmed that cia director mike pompei o travel to north korea and that leader kim jong un he tweeted that the secret trip went very smoothly the u.s. leader is currently at his mar-a lago resort in florida hosting another key stakeholder in the north korea nuclear arms race japanese prime minister shinzo abi . after welcoming shinzo abbé and his wife donald trump wasted no time in
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addressing one of the main issues on their agenda north korea the us president revealing a breakthrough in relations between washington and pyongyang we will see the story talking to north korea directly we have had direct talks at very high levels really high levels with north korea. and i really believe there's a lot of good will lot of good things are happening we'll see what happens as i always say we will see what out of a response has now confirmed that cia director and secretary of state nominee mike plan pale met with north korean leader kim jong il and last week. a stunning turnaround just three months ago trump and kim were engaged in a war of words sparked by p.r. yang's nuclear program and long range missile launches. but the new year marked a new direction for the isolated country there was a thaw in relations with south korea who allowed the north to participate in the
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winter olympics and during joint korean talks moved to end hostilities as well as talk of denuclearization. in early march kim offers to hold talks with washington to the shock of many observers trump accepts his administration's secret trip to pyongyang is further evidence that those talks will really go ahead five different locations are reportedly under discussion with trump adding that he's expecting to meet with kim late in may or early june. so just how significant is this meeting between cia director mike pompei o and korean leader kim jong un reuters correspondent josh smith and sole has been monitoring the flurry of diplomacy. well compare is the most senior u.s. official to have met personally with kim jong un and the fact that he met with kim personally does seem to indicate how serious this is both sides seem to be
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putting their most senior people directly on the issue which does seem to make all these talks more likely trump said that a good relationship was formed during pomp ayos visit there so whether that relationship turns into some kind of political breakthrough remains to be seen a political break that would be saying a meeting between donald trump and that kim jong un well we have did see that happen. this visit is perhaps the most significant confirmation that we've seen so far that that meeting is likely to happen. what up till now you've mostly been going off of what south koreans who met with kim have said about what his position is on the talks now that it's clear that the americans have met directly with kim and come away apparently encouraged does seem to indicate that it is very likely that trump and kim will. appoint
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a future meet just this is all commas or have been a lot of diplomatic movement on the korean peninsula itself the leaders of the north and south i do the later this month do you think we're going to see a peace treaty. well that's likely a longer term goal analysts we've talked to have noted that south korea is not actually an official signatory to the armistice that ended combat during the korean war of the one nine hundred fifty s. so this is the kind of thing that the two koreas will likely try to lay the groundwork for likely make some kind of perhaps a joint declaration that would then lead to broader agreements that would include players like the united states and possibly china. reuters correspondent josh smith speaking to us from seoul thank you josh. to syria now where there is doubt as to whether inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons
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will be able to start their investigation into the suspected poison gas attack they are currently in damascus but reuters news agency is quoting a united nations sources saying they're not likely to go to do much today as expected there have been reports of gunfire there the inspection team will focus on establishing whether a poison gas attack actually took place earlier this month and if so what chemicals were used we spoke to journalist stefan board from t.v. for sweden earlier he visited them on monday and talked to people there about the alleged poison gas attack. well some don't want to talk about it some people are claiming that it's actually the rebel side that is responsible for that attack and so on all doses of their started turning in this building that these days but you have to have in mind that people here in syria don't care it's general speech freely about what they think and so big event almost everywhere it is time to just
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letters you know government controlled area rebel controlled areas so you have to see to it wait what what's people are saying actually it could lead to war or not if they if they have some other reason to be careful but what about where you are in damascus what are they saying over this investigation by the o.p.c. w. do they trust these investigators. well actually the syrian government you know invited to come here to investigate and when i spoke to them last time they they said that the u.s. specters are welcome to come there any time but all the same day the o.p.c. w. said that no we're not allowed to go there for security reasons they were stopped by the syrians and russians so we have different questions of this and i guess we'll see a lot of different questions also about what's coming up in the next few days whether we'll be able to go there to do that as a print journalist on board from t.v. for sweden thank you very much for that update. now to some other stories making
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news around the world british prime minister theresa may has apologized to gregory and leaders for recent harsh treatment of commonwealth citizens the hour rapid after dozens of people from the wind rushed generation named after the first ship that took them to britain in the one nine hundred fifty s. were threatened with deportation critics say it is the result of a hostile immigration policy. one person was killed and several were injured after an engine on a u.s. passenger plane exploded the southwest airlines flight was on route from new york to dallas when an engine cover broke loose and shattered a window passenger spoke of a woman being partially sucked out of the broken window. and the former first lady of the united states barbara bush has died at the age of ninety two she had recently refused further medical treatment for recurrent health problems she was one of only two women in american history to have been both the wife and the mother of a president. here in germany federal police have conducted their largest operation
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ever to take down a sex trafficking ring more than a thousand officers raided brothels offices and homes across the country now those targeted are suspected of bringing women and transsexuals from thailand to germany and forcing them into prostitution the investigation took over a year but early this morning federal police struck a raid in the red light world of the sex trade several dozen special forces were involved here in southwestern germany the nationwide operation involved over fifteen hundred officers the alleged offenses human trafficking and sexual exploitation scientists in carolina to watch we're dealing with is a group of perpetrators from the seventeen people who smuggled women and transsexuals from thailand to germany with illegal visas they were then forced to work as prostitutes. that's once prostitutes or knock in. more than sixty apartments and business premises were searched in four different states
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across germany. police have detained over one hundred people seven arrest warrants were issued and copious boxes of evidence were filled. my hope is that the main suspects or a fifty nine year old thai woman and her sixty two year old partner. together they created a national network to bring women and transsexuals to germany. became tired and cold in. public the couple were arrested in their house they will be held in custody to the trial takes place. and we can speak now to find he's the director of the berlin based organization together against human trafficking is also a member of parliament with chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party mr hinds thank you for joining us are the rates today a good sign for the fight against human trafficking here it's a good time and not
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a good sign now that we know that something like that happens. is showing us the reality so having having heard these news doesn't make my heart feel happy but it makes me happy that now the police is going after that and then they found out the first as i am saying as we are. members of this this group that goes after human trafficking that we now see that if we really follow that then then we would find much more mr hundred tell us more about this reality that you said there how widespread is human trafficking and how deep are these criminal networks. we would like to know that more for sure so that is the good sign of this this last night or this morning's what's happened and the police is showing we feel that the numbers are so high that we in germany really have to look better on that so what we think is that mafia structures are so deep involved in
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this business and you know just hearing some numbers some official numbers we don't have but some say there are four hundred thousand people working in this business up to this whole time full time and many of them police is after their structures and help organization say i t two ninety percent don't do that for free just liberally by their free will so we need to go deeper that in doubt and if there is a number of one point two million transactions in the six business in germany per day you can imagine how much involvement of mafia structures there might be so why have these structures been able to flourish and what can the government be doing to better protect the victims now we we knew that we advocated for that and the government the parliament has changed laws in the last two years and one is going
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into function the beginning of this year and this rate of tonight could be an outcome that the police is more more open and more clear in their duties what they need to be doing so that you know up to last year it was as easy to have a brothel as organizing a top up tupperware party and now we are and the politics have to go even more into that direction we need to clear more what is allowed what is not where is it liberal it war is it harming human rights why do you think it is so difficult to stop human traffickers doing their work here. now if that sort of black market if mafia is doing their structures from abroad as we saw this night and many women were involved in leadership of that to then it's a very complex situation and we are in a society that is very says let's say blind or in their liberal thinking blind to that there is still
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a lot to be done and that's that's our problem frank kind rich from the organization together against human trafficking also a member of parliament here in germany thank you so much for joining us on our program thank you very much but you're watching give you news still to come this diver is getting a peek at the tons of plastic trash clogging the world's oceans but now scientists have made a discovery that could help tackle the problem. but first gary hart is here because there are new developments in the diesel emissions scandal yeah just as we all thought the diesel grade scandal was a thing of the past german police have raided properties links to three top executives at sports comic apportion it's part of a fraud probe linked to the diesel emissions investigators searched ten sides links to one portion of board member another member of upper management and a third person who no longer works for to come out the properties were properties were also targeted like audi is owned by false flag which in twenty fifteen
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admitted to using cheating devices on diesel engines to pass emissions tests well porsche now in the crosshairs let's get more on this developing story from our financial correspondent daniel cold in frankfurt daniel what are you hearing what can you tell us. well all we know so far is that around ten am this morning premises and varia and also baden's burton back for a search by around one hundred and sixty officer this has been confirmed by the prosecutor's office and struck out for the moment more information also about the extract functional even names have not been released but insiders have stated this is very interesting that the bust of porsche room is not part of the investigation but it's of course very interesting to know who are those very senior members maybe even from the management level that authorities both like to question earlier and earlier this year and you just mentioned german prosecutors also widen the profile
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for porsche sr brant audi which developed these an engine that was used in about eighty thousand volkswagen audi and partial models that was most likely also equipped with many manipulative software. where for the moment because we stay on the cost side there's been a drop in car sales in march across europe and it's the first some of the stronger since twenty fourteen that has come as some economists worried because they look at new compered is this as an indicator of economic health the european comic association said just under one point eight million cars were sold across europe in march that's a fall of five point three percent compared to a bit to last year's rather strong growth is at its lowest point since twenty said teen but it might not be a weakening economy that's responsible many by as a holding off but is this following the diesel gate scandal that we just heard
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about and the industry's new focus on the mobility so let's go back to daniel and friends who don't have these fresh figures out today influenced conscious today. yeah not an easy day for a car shares here at all because of different reasons first because of this ongoing investigation then dime the shares also one of the worst performers this afternoon this is happening because of a negative analyst cometary stating that they have been extremely slow regarding to the big issue of evil bill a t.v. talking get off sales numbers this is really affecting them as well mostly in britain car sales have been dropping by more than sixteen percent brecht's that's certainly a big topic many people in the united kingdom are still not sure what breakfast at the end is going to mean that's making them more reluctant and a little bit worried and scared to do a big investment of course a car is
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a very big investment. in france with that thank you very much now with all of bragg's it the departure of the united kingdom from european union breaks it has become a byword for the increasing unpredictability of the political landscape and maybe it will be replaced with a new one so what about checks it because the political situation in the czech republic is tilting more and more towards an exit from the e.u. business owners there are increasingly worried about isolationist tendencies in the country fueled mainly by fear of uncontrolled immigration. czech company based machines and structures generates forty million euros a year revenues for the family owned companies high pressure storage tanks to especially well almost eighty percent of the output goes to other e.u. countries the prospect of checks if the czech republic leaving the european union is a nightmare for c.e.o. french a shekel of army is export oriented business model would collapse overnight. integrated
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within the collaborative network. and. this is a lot of benefit far more benefits to stay within the. butt of the market place near the steel company's headquarters in benish of the mood could hardly be more different in rural areas as well as small provincial cities a lot of czech simply don't like the e.u. . last. year were in it i don't know what it's worth we are in it ok maybe some fifty fifty but. i don't think it's good for us but it will be better for us to leave the european union. a survey by the german czech chamber of industry and commerce says that eighty three percent of foreign owned companies here under full two thirds of czech companies are worried about the current check to debate some foreign companies say
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they'd leave the country immediately if it were to exit the e.u. . as long as the czech republic doesn't have a new government which clearly stands by the new and reaffirms check membership this debate will drag on poison for the economy because it causes so much uncertainty for the. resurgent populist parties in the czech parliament or even demanding a referendum on e.u. membership and there's no clear indication which way the vote would go. and that's business. in the next hour now to an important. that could help tackle one of the planet's biggest problems that problem get hard is plastic pollution and it's a situation that's especially dire in our waterways our oceans our rivers now you got to see it in a video filmed off bali by free drug free diver julia wheeler scientists of britain of the u.s. are now saying that they have engineered a plastic eating enzyme that actually made the discovery by accident.
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the well just choking on mountains of plastic waste. one of the most popular plastics is p t used to make drinks bottles and synthetic fiber. it takes hundreds of years to degrade naturally. but now scientists have stumbled onto a mutant enzyme that's hungry for p.t. it's produced by bacteria discoveries enzymes amazing something that can eat plastic that normally takes four hundred years to degrade the bacteria are starting to eat this in a matter of days we've done is. from the bacteria in grown up and i know we can actually digest p.t. with days much quicker in the environment research as fast found an enzyme that had naturally evolved to slowly digest plastic and
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a japanese dump two years ago. scientists called it tastes. professor mckee had on his team set out to investigate the crystal structure of. when they tweaked it they realized they accidentally created a far more powerful new version. we can actually see what a capable of doing in terms of the breaking down of the plastic itself. this is a microscopic view of the enzyme eating. away out a piece of plastic researches hope it can one day be used on an industrial scale. the discovery is already a made just step forward in dealing with the plastic bottles littering the world's land and oceans. football now in germany's all time record gold skipper miroslav klose is set to
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join byron minix coaching team for next season closer is currently part of the german national team's backroom staff but will return to munich to take charge of the club's under seventeen's team he spent four seasons of iron winning two league titles close of the world cup some record goalscorer netting sixteen goals and four turn. in munich are on track for the trouble after battering labor six to win the german cup semifinal on tuesday night despite the impressive scoreline the bundesliga champs needed to keep their focus against laver who isn't the hosts have been on a hot streak of late and have a fearsome attack. by and started with a bang tom a smallish shot saves but having martinez followed up with aplomb robert levin dusty with the final touch one nil in the third minutes six minutes later frank river is cross found love and dusty he made it to jail. but later couzin struck
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back a free kick for million bronx and captain love's bend and made it to one in the sixty minutes. in the second half by and dominated tiago with a defense splitting pass the finish the job three one and against the hapless late because in defense tiago added a full with just over an hour gone. by and said it was unstoppable making it five one less than five minutes later. lay on bailey started home an eye catching free kick but it was too late to lay the kids in and then completed his hat trick six to the final school. by munich's rival in the german cup final on may nineteenth is up for grabs with the second semifinal taking place tonight high flying shaka will host last year's runners up frankfurt a hard fought battle is expected between two hungry sides. footballing highs don't
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come much higher than a long awaited win in that regard. after four long years without a win over a sea of dortmund chunk of boss the boys in black and yellow in the big game on sunday. but blasting past their bitter rivals in the bundesliga will only help so much in what lies ahead. this is not to frighten them and it's great when you win a darby and have another big game a cup semifinal against a very strong team looking enormous talking on shaft i have. but we'll go into the game with more confidence and we'll still have to concentrate on what it'll be tricky the whole concentrate on tungsten that's keeping their concentration has been tricky for frankfurt the german media have swarmed around coach nico cove arch ever since word broke last week that he set to take over byron munich this summer. i'm trucked were thumped four one in the first game since the news came out about
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the coach's future but kovach preferred a reminder of the past in his pre-match remarks. the situation is a lot like last year nobody thought we stood a chance of winning our semifinal mentioned but we were the ones who made it to the final we know how nice it is to be there and we know how hard it will be in goals and creation lives on. frankford couldn't seal the deal in berlin last may falling in the final to dortmund going one better this year and lifting some silverware with frankfurt wouldn't be a bad dress rehearsal for kovach just next year. minder now of the top stories that we're following here. u.s. president has confirmed that cia chief mike has met with north korean leader kim jong il the secret trip was reportedly to lay the groundwork for plant talks
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between trump and kim a planned investigation of the syrian city of duma has been delayed reports of gunfire kept a team of international chemical weapons inspectors from entering the area it was the site of a suspected poison gas attack more than two weeks ago. but don't forget you can always. play well from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the data to send us your photos your videos. thanks for watching we're back at the top of the hour.
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