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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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forget you can always get the news on the go down litter out from google play or from the app store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also used to send us your photos and your videos. and we have your business headlines in just a minute so with. my first boss i was a sewing machine. icon for all women our bones by the social tools even something as simple as learning how to write them by side those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home but it took me years to learn my. finally the game bob and
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mental by me on my side but returns people sewing machines sewing i suppose was more apt procreates cargoes than rising unbiased. knowledge i want to meet those women back home who are bones by them duties and social homes and inform them of all deadbeats and writes my name is the amount of people who and i work at some need to. be. a diesel gauge reloaded the scandal was over think again police writes a porsche and today proved the biggest industry scandal a job in post-war history is anything but over. tracking free trade in the face of protectionism the e.u. on bale's plans to push for a quick deal with japan. and singapore. and the thousands of medical tourists who
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come from afar just to get a piece of germany's health system. a big fizzle and let's do business german police have raided properties linked to three top executives at sports car maker porsche it's part of a fraud probe linked to the diesel emissions scandal investigators search ten sites linked to one porsche board member another member of management and a third person who no longer works for the company resigned by fox five which twenty fifteen admitted to using cheating software and diesel engines to possibly sions tests let's go straight over to frankfurt where our financial correspondent dan to cope is standing by daniel did they find what they were looking for but we don't know exactly what they were looking for but this razor was happening this morning at around ten am is different to other raids that we have seen in the past it seems that for the first time management board members that are still actually
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in office could be still part of this ongoing investigation in many cases before investigators were always looking for questioning board members not anymore working for the company we have not learned who they were exactly looking for porsche has seven active board members but it seems to be the case that the c.e.o. of porsche all of a blue mark was not among the ones they were looking for this was a big investigation more than one hundred sixty police officers and more than thirty federal prosecutors were part of the raid which was happening at different locations and bavaria and also in the federal state and back daniel when's this going to end when am i going to come into work and not see the word diesel gate you know run down. well i think there's yeah that's a big question here while investors here already used to rather bad news from the auto my the industry about this topic they finally once again good news from the company's headlines like this are extremely negative but they're also telling me
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that they don't think that this is going to be the last rate it will be talking about ok well daniel here's a related story for you that i want to ask you about last month so a drop in car sales across europe the first since twenty four team that has some economists worried you car purchases are an indicator of economic health the european comic his association says just under one point eight million cars were sold it's a full of over five percent compared to last year's strong sales but it might not be a weakening economy that's responsible many by the holding of purchases following the diesel gate scandal and the industry's new focus on the mobility daniel i want to ask you how much of a spanish emo bill again these are great of throwing into the works well immobility in these again are certainly big topics mostly in the mobility sector german and european carmakers are again way behind the latest numbers show that once again has mostly china is ahead when it comes to produce cars the only country that's
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interesting in europe with very strong e-commerce sales numbers is norway in the first quarter more than one hundred and forty thousand new cars were sold at plas of one hundred and fifty four percent just looking at the general numbers for car sales the u.k. has been hit hard why's that. yes i think the biggest car sales that we have are dropping and we have to say that we have been seeing was in the u.k. they went down by more than sixteen percent there are a couple of issues that you need to take into consideration breck's it is certainly a key factor here but they are also other ones another one can be blamed on the extreme winter weather that's what investors are saying and an increase in the vehicle tax that took effect in two thousand and seventeen and let us fade off purchases last month and also very interesting the credit card company these that is reporting that today that the consumer spending in britain has also been declining in february and march but certainly bret's that is
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a big topic there is lots of uncertainty holbrooke's of at the end is going to affect the economy which then makes customers more reluctant for big investments and a car is certainly a very big investment that you go first in frankfurt thank you the european union wants to fuss track two major asian free trade deals the pact with the land of the rising sun japan to create the biggest bilateral agreement the block is negotiated axing a billion euros in tax on e.u. exports it's known as the cause for cheese deal japanese automakers have had to pay duties of tempus it on cars exported to the block the free trade deal would actually do away with that so the deal would make japanese cars cheaper for european customers in return japan would scrap duties of fifteen percent on european wines making vintage from say france italy or portugal more affordable for japanese going to suits and cheese made in the would no longer be subject to tariffs of thirty percent when exported to japan
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a great combo to wine and cheese so the e.u. has a similar deal in the works with singapore the packs both need approval by all three e.u. winston to sions european commission the council of the e.u. and the european parliament as well. along that singapore deal let's bring in hang and talk about the japan one as well analysts are calling both breakthroughs just how momentous they andrea well these are really huge deals both in terms in size and impact and they're hoping to push this through before britain at all socially leaves the e.u. in only twenty nineteen so together the e.u. and japan moving on to that do you this what they want together they will make up more than more than six hundred million people in terms of population and that's the walls a lodges economic area easily the deal with singapore meanwhile is seen as
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a stepping stone or in gateway to some piece asia is it we're talking about massive markets here what about the signal that it sends say china and the u.s. to a lot in a trade war i'm sure a european officials will want to make some mileage out of this well it's more than just a signal bend it is hard reality for both china and the u.s. and perhaps even a good showing to the rest of the world that cooperation rather than applying tariffs and protectionist schemes. the effective methods for tackling global trade problems. and this is a showing that both countries perhaps could take off to admit this treat well that there have been between the two of them not to delve too much into the technicalities but what about the infamous investment protection clauses in these types of deals that have had consumers right across europe up in arms. well
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thankfully ben p.c. e.t.a. saga that we all saw back in twenty sixteen was a heart the lesson for everyone in which to deal include that this clause which nearly did real talks between canada and the e.u. thankfully this deal that depend does not have that clause the one however that the criticism that came from that was that the e.u. commission seems to be giving better advantage to multinationals and national governments the deal was sealed or however will have these clauses and they will be discussed as a separate agreement yet to be ratified by all tinian member states ok you heard it from andrea hang in singapore for us thank you germany's health care system is often hailed as top class so it's no surprise that hordes of tourists come here every year just to see noise but also to get a nose job or some sort of other medical treatment one hundred thousand medical
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tourists in total that earns the health care system an extra twelve billion yours. mohammed a hobby from kuwait is doing just fine but his mother who doesn't want to appear on t.v. needs back surgery to travel to germany to get treatment. we get progressive medicine professionalism and special treatment some complicated surgery can only be done here the doctors are also better qualified. harvey and his mother and no exception up to twelve thousand so-called medical tourists from arab speaking countries get treated in germany every year your religious doctor your sees about two hundred of them his employers the biggest hospital operator in berlin and it's owned by the city but it also caters to patients from the gulf states offering translators or hollow food for example.
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patients naturally pay their bills here. and the money they pay for treatment stays of course here in the clinic where it is reinvested and benefits every patient who comes here. with. rich patients from the gulf states that's good business for german health care providers the german air of health takes place annually in berlin with the idea of cross promoting resources in the field of medical care. in the. u.a.e. sent it to five thousand and six thousand patients every year to germany for medical treatment the total costs over four hundred million euros. but the number of medical tourists in germany from arab countries this already stagnating and will probably drop sharply the emirates health care market for example is expected to grow by sixty percent over the next five years meaning that
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soon patients might opt against the long journey and foreign doctors and instead to seek treatment back home. noticing that people from the gulf states are putting a lot of thought into priorities for the financial resources when so naturally they're considering whether it's necessary to send patients to germany or whether they can be treated at home and save the expenses for the trip one hundred or. oh hubby will have to stay in berlin for three more months for some of his treatment and he says he would recommend the experience of being a medical tourist in germany. during business from.
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