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tv   Doc Film - Nawal El Saadawi - The Free Voice of Egypt  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2018 5:15am-6:01am CEST

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look at the beginning there were no we didn't seventy years ago no it's only going to be like that. my dream was to have been laboring in the village for good. and now you see. the goods coming through the village. and even. they didn't put my name on it but their leadership was they without going through the level of know what. so it's a it's serious here i am happy because i have it he didn't go to because i was very
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angry. i didn't go to the view it was fun to watch little brother until. i heard of him but i was in my home in v.b. . and many muslim brothers and so i left the center for here and found that the people they were coming to greet me with the head. very very sticks. coming with sticks to meet me in my home in the in the village yeah. they will very much against me. because they were working with the government you know the muslim brothers and the seller was looking with the mobile i don't double . the money you know a lot of stuff. that the library was built for this girl what's your name. i had ears how do you know once i was this girl's age i lived in the village of coffee. what can i do you home i had
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a dream to read and write but did you feel a call to but we had no books and no library. i thought of us so for example i'd buy sunflower seeds eat them and read what it said on the package then the other or thoughts that none of us could tell because there were no books and that's why it became my dream to have a library here that's so know how dear has books to read. they need. the money that the. gave me are you in charge of that. what is it that have you read this. i think with that have you read this book or. what are you reading can you show me what is. it that the book of voices i yes i did get to have the i read dr no while his first
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book when i was fifteen or sixteen. i was in my first year of high school i had lots of questions about how to say why don't women have the same rights as men. why does my mother always tell me to come home early but my brother can come home when ever he wants with her why is my grandmother always checking up on me so yeah why does she always say girls have to guard their reputation why does she insist i look at the ground when i walk there were so many questions elect cdata lead that is only if she was if a lot of. put up now i'm in the car too and i would meet my girlfriends and discuss no while
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saddam these books of course they caused something of a revolution in our personal lives we all started thinking about our experiences in a different way the homeless of that's why they tell you to cover up your body so that's why your grandmother tells you to look at the ground you will see. my mother dreamt of playing the piano of galloping on a horse travelling in planes and discovering the world. she said if my father had not married me off i would have continued my education i used to love reading and writing i wanted to do something important in my life not just give birth to children like a litter of cats. she wanted to read and write and change the world. but her day was spent in the kitchen feeding nine children and their father. she was married at the age of fifteen
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and died at the age of forty five. she never fulfilled any of her dreams. my father's dreams were different. he wanted to liberate his country from colonial rule free himself from the bondage of his government job. become a poet a writer. people must wake up must rebel he would say. was i not one of the people my father was talking about. one of the people who had to wake up and rebel. my father often said it is god's wisdom or there are things in religion we believe with our hearts because the human mind is incapable of penetrating god's wisdom.
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but if guards wisdom could not be understood by human beings how could it be wisdom and to whom then was it directed. i decided to read the qur'an right through from beginning to end. was. only addressed eve through her spouse adam and the name of joe was not mentioned once although she was instrumental in the founding of islam. because she was the one who directed her husband onto the path that led him to become the prophet of islam why didn't god address women and if he did why was it always through men. why should a man's share be double that of a woman's. the you know he has said that the many men in the middle east believe a woman status is lower than a man's in reality this goes against god's word and against all sacred books
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in the middle east the queen of sheba is a well known figure in the qur'an the more your work will be she's the most prominent example. she was in charge she was a ruler and advised the man a little norm koger theo you are mad so in fact god on it women in the qur'an in the bible in the torah and in all the sacred books sit theme for how can we in the middle east claim today that a woman's body is shameful a law that a woman's voice is to believe to be ok these are foolish ideas this money are our sultan model are all those who believe such things only want a woman that. they like a piece of chocolate best c.l.u. cut at the chal call all the. the
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. the the. well and then it gives me the incentive is our culture tells me that as a woman my body is impure this car that as if my body wasn't clean. clear as if my body could make clean water dirty that my body can pollute the waters of the nile a lake a sea or an entire ocean. this is back into what then it could lead again though and i must say if i touch a man just brushing his clothing while he's preparing to pray he has to wash him self again or he is not permitted to pray that up just because he has had contact with me because my touch alone may be enough to rouse him sexually yes
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that's what our culture says culture of it all of that this off of it all. out. loud. in one nine hundred thirty seven when i was six it was common in egypt to circumcise girls before they started menstruating. not a single girl escaped this fate whether she was from the city or village from a rich family or a poor one. four women cornered me and pinned down my hands and feet as if they were going to crucify me like a messiah. this
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deep physical wound never healed but the deeper wound was the one left in my soul. i've never forgotten that day in the summer of one nine hundred thirty seven. i couldn't bear to see my naked body in the mirror especially the forbidden parts steeped in sin and guilt. i didn't know what other parts of my body might need to be cut off in the same way so at night i lay in bed my eyes wide open in the dark i had no idea what fate had in store for me only i could see the future a future that seemed full of danger.
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through the iron bars of the window i could see my brother teller running and jumping through the green fields or riding a bicycle far across open spaces almost to the horizon. breathing the clean fresh air in the bright sunlight. while i stood in the dark kitchen swallowing the smoke rising from the gas stove. i was no longer allowed out of the house at the age of eleven i was virtually a spinster to use the words of my own name out. here my brother nor my father entered the kitchen or peeled onions or wash place. well. the kitchen was where i learned how humiliating it could be to be a woman. school
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was the only place that saved me from closed walls and kitchen chores in the early morning i would put on my uniform and shoot out of the house like a prisoner released from jail. my grades were excellent yet no one around me looked happy about it their lips remained pursed with dissatisfaction. my grandmother kept staring at my breasts that had now taken shape and whispered to my mother the girl is a grown up saying ab and i fear the day she will be barren. make god send your daughter know well a bridegroom so you can be happy. and marry all your daughters off while i'm still here on earth.
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it was the first wedding i attended in kafr charla. my cousin's in there was a little older than me. the bride's mother my aunt by here sat in a corner surrounded by other women coughing nervously. and dabbing her eyes with the edge of her shawl. behind the women smiles i could detect their sadness the tears that had dried over the years the gloom which envelops memories of their own wedding night. but here zainab as mother stood up tied her shawl around her hips and joined the girls as they danced. the bridegroom to began to dance lifting his long pointed staff high in the air. the bridegroom's stick was destined to lend unseen abs back later in the evening when others were preparing dinner. according to custom she would have to sample the sting of his stick before she could sample the food he brought home.
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russell bogle of converting. alexandria i've traveled the world yes i liked going out and learning to know i wanted to become a doctor so i would dress up and tell my mother lie down mama and i will examine you i am a doctor for gravity. they brought me to this village and left me here i would have liked to stay in the city. i am well educated here and lived like a farmer. back
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then when zainab was married off they started pressuring me to marry to. i was to share a similar fate by marrying the son of my uncle. he would have built me a red brick house next to his family shop his mother would have taught me how to need dole and bake bread how to milk the buffalo fill an earthenware jar with water from the river. and how to make straw with cattle dung for fuel. but his mother never had the opportunity to do that. every time she visited us and tried to get anywhere near me i behaved like a mad dog. so after a while my bridegroom evaporated into thin air like a summer cloud. and rumors began to spread about my mother's and father's families about the hasty disappearance of the would be bridegroom and he wasn't the last one .
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trusts. that i thought i thought i miss when a woman passes the age of thirty and she's an old maid they don't wait until she's forty the only men who will take her are divorced or already have a wife or they're an old man my life is older than you but if none of that happens they say oh the poor woman why did she get left out why didn't she marry what's wrong with her that she thought i be high enough the kid. i don't care oh i'm only indian if the koran or the bible or another religious text
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says men stand above women it means that the man is better and stronger that he always comes first and makes the decisions. that i was raised to believe there are many things i couldn't do lots that there must be a man in my life who does everything that man is a father or if it's not a father then it's a brother later it's a husband and i. or whoever. so i learned that there is always someone to take care of me and make decisions for me if you had to but then no one dolly comes along and says assume responsibility for yourself there is no husband or father or brother who will take care of you you can do that for yourself i don't think that made. all the other girls in my family have been married off and had become mothers by the time they reach the age of seventeen. i was admitted to medical school in the autumn of one nine hundred forty eight. the word university for years had
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a magic ring in my ears and here i was a student at the a while university in pisa. my heart beat with happiness whenever i pass through the university gates and saw students chanting slogans like down with the british down with the king. i was reminded of my childhood when i longed for the world to change and much of the old order to collapse. in july nine hundred fifty three the monarchy was overthrown and egypt declared a republic. one of the projects implemented by the revolutionary regime was the establishment of health units in rural areas. i was looking for a job that would take me back to the village. it was a warm september day in the year one nine hundred fifty six when i left cairo. the
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men and women of the village had gathered around the door of the health unit to which i had been posted. as soon as i got out of the car i heard the women you're leading and voices shouting a thousand greetings to our lady the doctor. and i different i'd like to see the old house i used to live in there it is dr it's been converted into offices. they turned into offices. hello how are you what have they done with it no one lives here know what it is only the police station would look cool and the doctor has he gone it's the office for food supply and the police station. and where's the doctor over there. you see doctor the health office is that there's accommodations for the doctor and a room. to arrest understand i used to work here i know that things have changed they don't announce spends the night here. also the doctor is here but you know hey
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let's go. over here. and i put the value seems to practice medicine here. this is the old building. there's an examination room. with mother and where's the school no it's an art school for girls. that i do you own and we built two new schools. primary and a secondary school. this is where i worked in this room when this was a nineteen. fifty seven. how many years ago when and for starting in one nine hundred fifty seven fifty six years and some. of the from since then. i was here since fifty six years i used. to
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examine one hundred. and they were all poor and you know and though there were no witnesses at that time and i was placing the have medicine for them. one day the story of must suit and her demon made the rounds in the village. i was eventually allowed to examine her. in my medical report i wrote the patient must go to is suffering from a psychological disorder in which she goes through fits similar in some ways to epilepsy and in which she loses consciousness. i recommend that she be separated from her husband she is the cause of her malady. he's fifty years older than she is beats her viciously every night and violates her sexually by forcing her to undergo anal intercourse when she bows down to do her prayers. he took her home to her
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husband. a week later they found her body floating on the waters of the nile somewhere between the village of around la and the provincial city of ben ha. look good on a well minute long time ago dr no while we're still young she was just finishing her studies a question came up in parliament who is the egyptian farmer. even the president are done not sell was present god bless him. talked in a while gave a very accurate surprising and astonishing response saul the. one was it was the plain truth. she said. the egyptian farmer is the one who you're unaids blind. obama for lesson was that he had no what we surely that.
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my great grandfather had bashed and his son we had both died of bilharzia on that day in parliament the minister of interior noted down my name on a sheet of paper in front of him. dr no while el saadawi the medical doctor in charge of the health unit of coffey tulla has exhibited a signal disrespect for the moral values and customs of our society and incited women to rebel against the divine laws of his law. this became the accusation that was leveled against me it followed me wherever i went step by step move through the corridors of government administrations year after year irrespective of who came to power. until the present day.
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yes i get seizures they knock me out for a half hour or longer i'll tell you what i'm selling if you've been having these seizures how long a long time i think i already had them when i was young at least for as long as i can remember. the more you were married yes then they married me off to a farmer and me. when i was as i do when you have these fits if so what does he do yes oh my life and it was my neighbor who brought me back to consciousness. and sadly he does nothing but know that if he beats me and then he takes off he just takes off. my neighbor tells me later what he's done yet.
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what if i ask for money sometimes he gives me some sometimes not which you don't have any money of your own. no i don't. so i didn't go to school and i don't have a job. at the main school it's true of my colleagues at work and of the people in the street the thing that man likes most is to beat his wife if somebody bothers him on the street he beats his wife his friend makes him angry he beats his wife only has no money or his children annoy him he beats his wife that's what's wrong with this country. hard every day is blamed on women everything. that's
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great isn't it. the medical profession seemed unable to do much in the face of the suffering imposed on people i realized how sickness and poverty are linked to politics to money and power that medical practice was removed from our everyday life. the written word for me became an act of rebellion against injustice exercised in the name of religion or morals or love. and i got in with us i one day i came home from school and saw that the front door was wrecked but the neighbors told me my mother had been arrested. so we went looking for her for several days we didn't know where she'd been taken or to where she had disappeared to a few more feet. it was the afternoon of sunday the sixth of september one thousand
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nine hundred one in front of the entrance to the building where a number of police vans and armed men rifles raised mouths gaping looking as though they were turned in my direction. what had happened had the world turned upside down or had my small being been transformed into a dangerous gang which was threatening the world. the hardest moment i'd ever known came just before i entered the cell. less than forty eight hours had passed before i saw a doctor or whatever coming into our cell. she too had been a friend for many years. i was happy to see her and i embraced her asking her with a laugh what kept you over to if you isolate. the s.l. would you feel my i was in germany when president sadat gave a speech he announced the arrests of one thousand five hundred thirty six citizens
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my name was among them and i flew home immediately although my colleagues in europe advised me to stay there but i rejected that idea and came back to egypt and the airport i saw my ex-husband waiting for me he took our child he shall live. she was no longer a little boy he was ten years old. my mother was also there but she stood apart from my ex-husband i went to the state security officers and was arrested right there at the airport. and the villa that mccall dolly if. such had accused us of instigating the sectarian rift and conspiring against the nation. alarm was widespread within the prison and outside. people were afraid to walk in the streets.
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her voice was clear and strong as direct in firmly unequivocal as a knife edge. her eyes shine and her laugh reverberates through the dirt enclosure . forty of the murderous was a poor miserable woman planting and harvesting with her own hands while her husband lounged around the house a lazy bum eating burping smoking the water pipe one day she came back from the field and found him on top of her daughter her nine year old daughter she struck him on the head with her hoe and got a life sentence. i look at her strong brown fingers and it occurs to me that they resemble my fingers my hand as it grips the pen is like her hand when she took hold of the hoe and struck the blow. if my fingers had not come to know the can perhaps they would have known the ho. this in syria were demands a courage akin to that needed to kill and perhaps more. i left them so that
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tell us when we heard the news that president sadat had died naturally the people went crazy religious veiled women removed their veils and danced for hours audibles and women like myself on the political left began praying the prayer of thanks. there was no hope of release as long as saddam was in power on the sixth of october one thousand nine hundred one said dot died by the bullet that was just one month after the date on which he had sent his policemen to break down the door to my home and take me off to prison. after set out to death our hope of leaving the prison began once again to dance before our eyes. doesn't know any side there i think in everything that happened to know while as saddam we she was always trying to convey a fundamental message keep going i'm
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a normal everyday woman from the country i have always kept going and i will continue fighting. i have been put under pressure threatened with imprisonment i have been do. famous we know well elsa dolly has been defamed very often and it continues even today but she stays true to her beliefs to her reports so. i would hear a voice shouting out from
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a microphone i wondered where it was coming from from the minaret of the mosque from the dome of the church from the disco club or maybe from mcdonald's. it said wherever they are kill them kill the enemies of allah. then came a list of names writers poets historians fill us affairs. thirty or forty names in a row why suddenly i hear my name. it goes through my head like a bullet. i was receiving telephone calls at all hours of the day and night hearing the voices of strange men insulting me in classical arabic in colloquial egyptian or in words pronounced in the dialects typical of saudi arabia of kuwait or even algeria. almost every day the bodyguard would ring the bell and tell us they had caught a stranger trying to come up to my flat. i
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had to leave egypt it was. i need to escape death to legitimate desire to defend my life. cairo means the triumphant. to me it remains the nightmare of being hunted down besieged imprisoned the pulsations of love the pain of defeat the acceleration of resistance. the falling down then standing up again and again and again. in a struggle that has no end. at occupy us that was a while ago saddam we strength is in her persistence. she has remained firm that said that has never changed her views or her words magnets and has never bow to
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pressure i have another throughout her life and while elsa dali has never tried to please anyone. now if she never tried to please any group when i'm alone elsa dali is guided soley by her principles her own principles and she is guided by her own conscience where now i decide well as santa we gave me the first key to revolution to rebel against society against tradition and even against the state to oppose injustice in our country and a policy that discriminates against women on the set. i. personally is of egyptian women and men muslims and christians people of all ideologies and beliefs the egyptian people have continued to unite under the banner
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of spontaneous popular revolution. they unite against the existing corrupt tyrannical system rotten from the head to the feet of the modern pharaoh. a childhood dream came true we've achieved a lot but the most important revolution takes place in the head. doctor no one wants everyone to be educated she wants them to read literature read novels read about religion and legal issues and we need in a revolution. the revolution on tahrir square is not enough she wants another revolution to take place on the inside and the government was. living together at the. ok.
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i think i need little use like what i think. how can you have democracy. in the in the parliament and no democracy atoll if you don't have democracy starting from birth that children are educated equality and justice and freedom and dignity from childhood you couldn't have democracy under the parliament because democracy is a way of life. so why if it's not this it in.
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a way. accent over the french thing the muslim brotherhood did when they assumed power was to initiate medical campaigns in the villages and poor regions of egypt and that's that and most of the bay is supposedly the goal was to provide medical care to underprivileged groups and it lay about them if yeah that's what i have heard on the flyers they distributed when there was a sentence in small print the doctors can provide free circumcision to women. that feels good that it when you succeed in taking control over women's bodies then you have already taken control of a society. every revolution in history has had its counter revolution during its rule of the muslim brotherhood tried to
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divide the people into believers and heretics but it failed. and the will of the people was and is more powerful than the military the police and any religious or economic weapons. here is the lesson of human history there is no principle higher than truth and sincerity in the quest for freedom justice and dignity. how did the fact there was no saddam we has tried hard to help the girls of our village she has tried to do a lot for them here in our village women are severely oppressed no matter what a woman achieves in life ultimately. the man is the master and she's the slave so we're trying to liberate ourselves just as no one would like us to know but we will never make it as far as she has a new soliloquy or something. but
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. we are very comfortable in this room we are the elite we are literally of course i came from my very poor family but i became part of the middle class by my education we are two percent of our societies but ninety percent are suffering and those people who made that renew should be in egypt with the ninety nine ninety percent we couldn't have removed more blood but we used them in that evolution and then we come here and we become the heroes of very real the heroes of the russian again they are in their graves or they are in prisons many of that in relation to young men and women in egypt now in militant prisons. managed to encapsulate not just politics but religion and not just politics and religion it is great agony yes it's everything it's what we hear from our i mean
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evocative of kabul it's a provocative act but they don't mean it i speak my mind. and they react to me. of course i will not everybody yes of course but then again many famous people many people who have been fighting for other people's rights haven't been there to please people in the first place and i think therefore of course in the end we face . we pay a lot of blood. and they're very high price to say what i'm saying you know it's such an easy.
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life that i'm not. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful twenty years ago the good friday agreement paved the way for the end of two decades of the conflict in the novel but the results have been mixed my guest this week here in dublin is first year. prime minister just how fragile is the process not. the first. thirty minutes. earth
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car on travolta. and the independence day ceremonies in jerusalem. israel seventeen years today on g.w. . the cuban caller mentioned selecting the candidate to succeed rally castro as president of the caribbean island nation we get yes come now must still be approved by cuba's national assembly but he is the only candidate and such votes are routinely unanimous in the communist country yes come now will be the first person from outside the castro family to run the country maybe six decades. in berlin police are investigating a suspected.


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