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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2018 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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i love as he wants solidarity she wants compromise will macular mccaw ever make up over the euro zone reform plans that have deeply dividing the continent. coming up power cashing in on gender stereotypes and big box for the toy industry now parents and research is a saying enough with the pink and blue. and south african farmers face bankruptcy the drought is drying up everything in sight. face is your business update on helena home free in berlin thanks for joining me bridging the deep divide over the euro zone or a former french president a minute in mccall paid a visit to burnet on thursday to convince his counterparts to overhaul the bloc giving it a finance minister and a common budget but it seems that angela merkel is holding on to those strings. germany's chancellor angela merkel received the french president on the
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reconstruction site of a famous prussian palace in the historic center of for live it is now called the humboldt forum after germany's humble brothers famous naturalists who also worked in france the site is an apt metaphor for the state of europe at the moment lots of noise and competing interests also between france and germany mccall wants more authority transferred to brussels but what he really needs is money. you see the city mon the city don't displease you have more solidarity in the currency union you can win it no currency union can survive without virgin sullivan this is a quote super instruments of compensation and out of the nation the. union is part of it under new and. by strengthening the e.u. banking union not whole hopes that german banks and savers would also be liable for bank failures across the union a commitment many germans are reluctant to make. it's good not to see him i hope we
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don't actually there are different starting positions being the explaining that in germany and france we need to debate we need open debates and find they really need the ability to compromise. but that will not be easy not call is also looking for a unified budget across the eurozone going to be presided over by a european finance minister. called wants to see germany more engaged in a new euro zone but there is considerable resistance among legislators to paying more in the process germany and france want to have a new eurozone reform plan drafted by june but at the moment that looks like you'd have bishes goal. all right now any parents grandparents or relatives of small children watching will likely not be surprised and then the toy industry is seriously big business in fact it brings in nineteen billion dollars in sales every year and get this company's end up making more if the toys they sell
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a targeted goals or voice i'm sure you know the switch will be about fashion dolls for go for example when it comes to the boys we're talking about fos cars how often do you hey boys encouraged to push a train for example around that railway sets or as goals might be told to play nicely with adults needless to say if you're the parents of boys and goals you might end up heading to the tail twice. good news for the toy industry but money is not the only issue here there's also the argument that giving children toys which other people have decided all befitting of their gender limits their dreams and their potential so little earlier i spoke to a professor at the center for interdisciplinary women's and gender studies at the technical university here in berlin and she's a member of a jury which is awarded to so-called negative price to a barbie chemistry set which the panel believes does nothing to help agenda equality i asked why using barbie to get goals into science was so problematic.
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this talk it was well intended by the company i think from their own point of view but that limits the activities that girls are drawn into a very much to clich├ęs as we know them for example they design a washing machine or a clothing or something that just turns around and you don't know exactly what it might be also in this last week you might recognize from chemistry you can just color a flower bud who can't do anything really experimental and the microscope that comes with the strike it is very small like this one so you can't even. use it as a microscope there is hardly you know revolutionary stuff it's not exactly fifteen yet and this is another one which you've actually got is out to show that to all of you is this is a a cuddly toy drill and on it it says close up and me me what's the problem with this it's a power drill it's a cuddly toy how is this problematic we think that this is problematic because it's
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aiming at the father's papa and the son's to me and it's portrayed in the spot in the commercial very much in the way that this is the wave to draw fathers or fathers to do work in the family and we believe that cuddly toys can be used any cuddly toy can of course be used also by fathers and it's also not addressed toward mothers mothers can also you know use additional can't yet and it's not exactly representative of all types of families these days either but is there research to back this up that children who play with gendered toys end up having a very limited view of what's available to them in terms of career choice future possibilities their own potential i actually i wish there would be a big amount of research to back this up i don't know of it yet but what we know of is that stereotype threat research has been done so if you confront
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a social group or individuals that belong. to a social group with a stereotype that does addressing this social group then this group for example. does not so good in testing like and abilities like math so example for example if you girls take a math test and are confronted before they take this test with a stereotype they perform lower than they would if they are not being confronted like that is the toy industry changing anytime soon and do you think that they profit from these gendered toys because that's the real concern here isn't it well obviously they profit because marketing is a new phenomenon that started to more after two thousand actually so it's increased yes it increased and if it wouldn't work we wouldn't have the possibility to buy these products of course you're right thank you very much. from the technically university here in but in speaking to me
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a little earlier now the house it lights are on at opel the german chancellor has been urging french owners to keep their promises and hinting at more states eight from berlin the p.s.a. group made a job scare in t. before buying opel last year but shops off of rejected wage concessions which were in exchange for investment in a production line for a new model the car maker continues to lose money here's our financial correspondent daniel cope. lots of uncertainty here germany's carmaker opel the company is having a really hard time to complete the homework off their new owner peers a their goal is very simple opal who has been reporting losses since one thousand nine hundred nine mostly under the ownership of general motors needs to be profitable again and that by twenty twenty p.s.a. has promised in the past that no jobs will be cut but the opel are now only have a job guarantee until the very end of this year if p.s.a. runs out of patients opel might have to fire up to one thousand people most likely
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in their smallest production location in the city of eisenhower german chancellor angela merkel has reminded peers in many times not to forget what they were promised to thousands of opel employees before taking over the company john hope that the frankfurt stock exchange now you're not allowed to water the garden you can forget about filling the pool for example or washing your car cape town's drought is a real pain but think about those farmers who've got whole fields to irrigate. martin use cholesky soros runs as he drives through citrus plantation it hasn't seen proper rain for quite some time all twenty seven thousand five hundred trees on his fields need water otherwise the dry off. if that happens cholesky will go bankrupt. that's why he's invested in new ideas to save water
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we've thrown chills below the trees so it. keeps the soil moisture you can see the in my fingers going in. it's nice in a way. but when i do it yet stuart that line with these very good underneath the chip sauce and then you save a lot of water you're going to have to create that much but that's not enough to spot more than two hundred kilometers of drip irrigation tips so that all of those trees can get at least some water a large citrus tree needs up to one hundred liters per day what you're going to lose is saudi's because there's not enough water so the. c.t.'s will be smaller and if if they smaller your volume be smaller and then your loses on profit so it makes a big difference the dam is up in the valley it supplies the whole region with water . it's only at the eleven percent mark now if it doesn't rain soon there won't be
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enough water for crops that would be a catastrophe mark ten years poleski carries on as well as he can for now he has not let go of any office farm where it is yet because those who work for him are the sole providers for their families it's harvest time at the moment but the packaging building is not busy we are you taking what we have when we couldn't blog anymore fiji's so we you know we start i don't even move the cheese this season he has lost fifty thousand u.s. dollars in revenues from vegetables alone he helps that the coming winter will finally bring rain. about that you're up today with the latest from the world of business for more find us on facebook follow us on twitter at d w underscore business on allen the c humphrey is my handle coming up now here's
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a look at the world markets.
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first was going to start right there and it's like it's hot here and i've been looking for bangladesh what is the true face of the country looks like. freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting has hindered progress and there's limits to extremists are gaining more influence just monosodium the rule of law are on shaky ground if just couldn't get in the ocean down love this should be. a bridge. and off the bangladesh the dawn of islamism and exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty fifth. first. the settling time for an eye as came from jurors or dealing with an event that i killed many civilians. communicating my father. sufficient i was
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a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge kind of. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world. here's what's coming up. on. the first series on a mission to chapter smart women smart drugs smart station. isn't buying missed out on brain creasing doing dangerous stuff. to make.


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