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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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has been coming in thick and fast former arsenal and england goalkeeper david seaman had this to say it's a sad day for arsenal can we now give him the sendoff he deserves and there are plenty meanwhile former manchester united defender gary neville wrote that the team arson bangar built was one of the best he had played against and he also urged fans to give him an incredible. but that you're up to date now on news i'm sarah cali and berlin after a short break first as more if it. takes recently. with wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all truth. more than. online. every journey begins with the first step
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and every living creature the first word published in the nikko he's in germany to furniture. why not live. it simple online on your own. stuff. the learning course. made easy. to. cross visit in is his vision of the future of europe sustainable a budget for the eurozone plus its own finance minister is the e.u. on the way it's become a new super state and who's going to foot the bill. the fight for survival how the deadly verona destructive might is threatening be populations around the
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world. but first this developing story german police have detained a top executive in a probe into the diesel emissions cheating scandal and who's agency here says porsche c.e.o. all of a bloomin phone the workforce of the arrest a number of german media have named the executive as the man in charge of portia's engine division when this scandal broke in twenty fifty earlier i discussed the arrest with our financial correspondent. yes indeed this is getting a really serious were that this week rates were taking place a different course she premises and bavarian also and biden verdun back and for the first time in the desert gate scandal also active board members who are part of the investigation now various german media outlets are reporting all of this and we have to say have not has not been yet court affirmed that the head of the porsche engine division here canada has been arrested and is currently in remand apparently
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he played a key role that's what we're hearing in this gate scandal and prosecutors are fearing that because of the latest accusations he could be leaving the country while we're waiting for more information let me tell you that this is now getting bigger as ever before so far never top managers were arrested or even put behind bars in the case of volkswagen for example only engineers was not a very high ranking person were facing those charges it was a busy week for french president. on tuesday he addressed the european parliament in strand's book outlining his plans for a reboot of the e.u. then it was on to berlin to seek some support for his plans from germany's chancellor angela merkel but in berlin the found little enthusiasm although he was warmly welcomed quite different from the reception he received on his return to france. french riot police raid a university in paris they're trying to force out dozens of students who shut down
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the campus for a month in protest over president emanuel calls higher education reforms. meanwhile radical labor unions have been letting their displeasure be known my call aims to cut some of their privileges that he says cost too much like early retirement and free train travel for train drivers. told but the president isn't fazed and his ambitions go beyond france he says he wants to save the e.u. and the eurozone the us he does it in the city. more solidarity in the currency union no currency union conserve convergence element that is social instruments of compensation and adaptations and see that. the union is part of it. but northern european countries especially germany aren't enthusiastic because my
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calls plans could end up costing them money he might be enjoying a warmer reception of broadband at home but emanuel mccall's reforms are running into resistance wherever he is. so because asking for will he yes it let's discuss this with hong she's an economist effort university specializing in the history of political ideas now is my call a european visionary oh is he just overly enthusiastic about a european superstate. that's a very nice question i think is both he is a visionary and we need visionaries we need people with a long view on what europe stands for what europe needs to achieve and how strongly he wants me must fight to keep this up but at the same time you're totally right he is very much a friend of the super state it's that's the typical french approach to matters they have the centrist model where the important thing is for france to have direct
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access to the european central core. and fats contrary to the reforms he's doing at home by the way where he tries to break up the structures and to introduce small competitiveness this centrist approach is not really favorable to a competitiveness and that's i think the mistakes of the diagnosis that he has that europe needs to get stronger and more efficient is right but the cure that he is giving us is not the right one ok one was on the prospect of what be the right cure what needs to be done well there are a couple of things that he is advising or that he has to fighting for that that are good like moving ahead with the banking union is a good idea have been outside the years down in general politics like migration policy is like foreign defense are all all these matters that extremely important especially right now what europe is becoming more and more important geopolitically
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and should be i mean kind of the threat from. china the u.s. moving out of many agreements that we've had so europe is important and it's important to get to work on these issues but in economic terms i don't think he needs he he dares to use their support for anything that is that involves transfers that involves more of what he called solidarity more convergence through redistribution all these other which would mean germans are. pay is paying for the call well that's the problem when you want to mutual lies wrists when you want to pull wrists and the wrist on not distributed evenly. it's clear that one group is going to be paying for the other group systematically then you won't find agreement on that and the problem is that agreement and two of the eurozone has been dropping and it's not a time for further deepening now. what about his fine for reforms at home you just
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mentioned it would be successful that if you could briefly if you can yes i do think so he is determined his firm it's only basically this is your take and one minor other trade union that is trying to defeat him i don't think they will be successful in the end in the end he has his transforming france in a historical way. we'll see the end of it will definitely will thank you very much come home thank you. a parasitic mites that's transmits a crippling virus to honey bees has been wiping out b. populations around the world for some years but these are essential to food production they pollinate seventy percent of global food crops bees contribute an estimated two billion euros to german g.d.p. alone and the french research institute of calculates these helpful insects are responsible for two hundred billion euros
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a year in worldwide economic output but in recent winters almost half of european b. colonies have died out the varo a destructor mites are largely responsible but other environmental factors also play a role in parts of china thousands of farm workers even have to polish pollinates trees and crops by hand. when the cherry blossoms are out it's time for wu ching you know to start work on something that's normally taken care of by nature the farmer pollinates her trees by hand it should be doing this work but here in the honey one region of southwest china there simply aren't enough of the beneficial insects to go around. so it's not been our year olds were simply too low the trees were flowering well but only produced a few fruit seed at the heart then we heard about hand pollination we checked it out and then started doing it ourselves. and pollination is
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a painstaking task first farmers have to find flowers which have only just opened the pollen dust has to be fresh and clean and removed very carefully. and her husband. colony each tree three times. nowadays it's really hard work being a fruit grower. we have to spend a lot of time tending our trees that you can see in the course of the. global b populations are on the decline and china is especially badly affected most regions no longer have any native varieties the main problem is the widespread use of chemicals in the district capital cinci farmers come to john long mouth store to stock up on fertilizers herbicides and insecticides you want to tell farmers not to spray during the flowering period because then the bees won't go on the blossoms. at all other times though the farmers happily spray away on average chinese farmers
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use twice as many pesticides as their european counterparts meanwhile beekeeping has become a profitable business here. leases his piece to local farmers on a daily basis he charges five euros per highlife per day. when pharmacy. pollinate by hand they only roughly distribute the pollen on the blossom like bees go right into the center of the flower and take the pollen exactly where it needs to go it sounds like easy cash but one beaulieu least need a lot of attention or the keeper has to know precisely what local farmers are up to at all times. next year they'll start spraying the apple trees so i will pack up my bees and take them to the forest otherwise they will die and. yellow and her husband don't want to spend money on renting bees so instead for the next three weeks they'll be in their orchard
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pollinating their trees by hand. george a bank is making headlines again for the wrong reasons as usual this time they made an accidental transfer happens to the best of us who. stumble over all those pesky pin numbers but mind you you've never accidentally transferred about twenty eight's billion euros have you well they figured it out after a few months if you minutes and no harm done but the incident sheds another harsh spotlight on the bank's control processes and its creaking i.t. system high time for a reboot that. and that's it from me and the business team here and. in the next hour before you go have a check on the global markets at this hour thank you very much for watching.
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takes to our saw a wonderful people in stories that make me feel so special. was from. the
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hour. international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week she's really celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the body of the jewish state in one nine hundred forty seven decade song in spain a remarkable story but it's also a troubled. find out shortly hundred. sixty. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers but official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many cameras and there are all those are all in the same fourteen social inequality
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a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption gone the far to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and seem right to fold who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jen paris and i work a d w. put up a. good set so there's. he's currently one of the hottest strikers in the going to sleep.


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