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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is the w.'s line from berlin a wartime gerlach shuts down a modern city experts with nerves of steel detonated an unexploded world war two bomb in the heart of berlin but not before thousands of people are forced to clear the area and the city's main railway station is brought to a standstill also coming up students across the u.s. and walk out of class to mark the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine high school massacre i'll ask our washington correspondent of lawmakers are paying any attention to their demands for gun control legislation plus the end of
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a sporting era premier league soccer club arsenal announced the departure of coach arson thing at the end of the season he's been in charge for over two decades. her rock thank you so much for your company everyone. germany's capital was brought to a standstill today by this a massive world war two bomb experts were able to use the bomb but the operation forced the shutdown of a large part of the city center in the seven decades after the war's end germany still finds more than two thousand tons of unexploded wartime ordinances every year but this was the most significant bomb disposal operation in the german capital in yours. yet. you.
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all on how you are an unusual sight on central berlin straits police urging residents to evacuate and offices going door to door to make sure buildings were cleared. the biggest evacuation in berlin in his came as bomb disposal experts moved in to diffuse an unexploded second world war bomb that had been on earth on a construction site inside the exclusion zone an army hospital part of the german intelligence agency's headquarters a ministry building embassies and a number of hotels in the city that likes to wake up late some were caught by surprise. we have a case in from denmark and we were not informed by hotels dot com that we were going to be created yet frustrating. so anyway very.
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together with the it out. for those with nowhere else to go emergency shelters were set up around the exclusion zone. but the biggest disruption perhaps came for the thousands of commuters travelling from one side of the city to the other. also located within the exclusion zone in central station went from buzzing travel hub to go station as it too was clean it ahead of the destination. but by around one thirty pm local time it was mission accomplished for the disposal team as authorities announced the world war two bomb had been made saif. this is the site where the bomb was discovered and successfully disposed of and was findings like this are quite common in germany so common in fact that eight state
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has its own bomb disposal unit the size of this bomb and its proximity to the city center meant a widespread police action. in central station was reopened within an hour of the diffuse ill allowing the city to get back to business as usual. right now to new developments coming out of the u.s. where the democratic party is suing top officials from president donald trump's campaign as well as russia and wiki leaks the democrats contend they all conspired to help when the twenty sixteen presidential election a lawsuit says they had relationships with russia that an able to creation of a trump russia conspiracy the democrats say russia quote mounted a brazen attack on american democracy which started with a cyber attack on his computers trump has repeatedly denied any collusion between his campaign and russia. and staying in the u.s. tens of thousands of students across the united states have walked out of their
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classrooms to protest and demi gun violence organizers say teenagers from more than two and a half thousand schools are taking part are demanding the government do more to prevent mass shootings a protest coincides with the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine school massacre in colorado thirteen seconds of silence were held in memory of those killed in that attack. i washington correspondent claire richardson is one of the protests in the u.s. capital clara what was the turnout like today. hi-lo we saw a couple hundred people here today which really pales in comparison to make kind of turnout that we've seen in the past from these national demonstrations remember this was the third nationwide effort to really draw attention to the issue of students demanding more gun control we saw the march for our lives protest in march
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and another national school walkout also earlier in march and those really drew much larger crowds in what we saw today and that being said it is an effort for people to walk out of their classrooms the people who made it out here to the u.s. capitol where just a small subsection however like i said it was not such a strong showing right so what does that mean does that mean that the movement is running out of steam. and certainly the national attention seems to be starting to shift away from this issue but not necessarily joe i don't think it necessarily means that the movement has run out of steam the real test is going to come in november's midterm elections to see whether these students can actually translate their anger into votes whether they can register and make it to the polls and send the message that they say they're going to lawmakers that they won't vote for a candidate that takes money from a gun lobbyist or that does not vote in favor of what they call commonsense gun legislation and also clear as you know of course today is the anniversary of the
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columbine high school shooting has it taken on a special significance this year. that's right it's the nineteenth anniversary today and they really tried to tie this date to the movement that's taken shape since the mass shooting at a park in florida high school they're saying a lot of these kids are not even old enough to remember columbine which at the time was the largest school shooting in the united states of course that's since become much more of the normal twelve people in a teacher were killed in columbine at the time and so these students who are thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen years old were not even around then they're saying that they're really upset with the fact that there haven't been big changes since columbine and even since this protest movement really began after parkland they've had fairly limited success at least on the national level it doesn't seem like congress has that really heard them yet there have been a minor minor reform passed or better school safety measures but nothing in terms
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of serious gun control at the state level they've been a bit more lucky the states of florida and illinois have passed measures that have increased the age at which someone can buy a gun but overall it's been a rather a success all right claire richardson that reporting from washington d.c. thank you. art one bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. violent protests in south africa's northwest province have prompted the country's president saira ram opposer to cut short his visit to britain or testers are calling for the premier of the province to step down accusing him of corruption many businesses have been looted in the first major unarrest since from opposer took power in february. medics in the gaza strip say two palestinians have been shot dead by israeli forces and another day of protests along the border that's after the military dropped leaflets urging
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residents to stay away from the border fence at least thirty three palestinians have been killed by soldiers firing at the border in recent weeks. north and south korea have opened a telephone hotline ahead of next week's historic summit leaders of the countries plan to speak on the phone before meeting face to face in an effort to and the nuclear standoff with the north while technically the two nations are still at war they signed an armistice back in one nine hundred fifty three south korean president jay and is now hoping to replace that arms this with a lasting peace accord at the last summit back in two thousand and seven former leaders of north and south korea tried but failed to reach a peace agreement. earlier we had the opportunity to speak with journalist to bruce harrison in seoul about what the expectations are for this north south summit. president moon julian has made it clear that his focus is going to be on getting north korea to give up its nuclear weapons he hasn't said that directly but we know
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that because his administration has made it clear they're not going to focus on other things other issues that had was more korea such as human rights south korea's foreign minister recently said that that's something they're not going to touch on which is made many in south korea unhappy but like i said the focus is on getting north korea to give up its nuclear weapons this is different than previous summits however because unlike two thousand and seven as you mention and the previous summit with the former leader kim jong north korea didn't have a confirmed nuclear capability then it's pretty clear that they do now which gives north korea a lot more negotiating power they have a nuclear weapons capability they've proven that time and time again and they will certainly leverage that that is in kim jong un's mind a way for the regime to survive so moon in the south korean president has his work cut out for him. and we've got that
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major soccer news for you everybody's talking about it from the english premier league arsenal manager arsene of anger will be leaving the club at the end of the season and our very own mark matters from the sports is here with me is this a bolt out of the blue it is slightly yes he's been there twenty two years so it's a long time and actually quite a lot of the fans were a bit frustrated because of not an english league title since two thousand and four so there's been a kind of the great for quite a few seasons so in that way it's not a surprise but the timing is maybe a surprise we expected the announcement the end of the season they've suddenly come out with it today it might be to do with the success that actually i think the real reason of the do it now is to give the players a bit of a jolt and say hey let the guy go out in style go home win a trophy for him in the last few weeks of the europa league is a trophy they really want to win now. no pressure. what legacy whatever legacy is he leaving behind oh massively i mean look at the stats first of all three premier
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league titles the last one of those in two thousand and four it was the invincible season they went the whole season unbeaten in the premier league no premier league manager has done that before or since they won three probably titles and double seven f.a. cups you reach the champions league final in two thousand and six but his real legacy is how we revolutionized the game when he came in he looked at the diets you know before matches bad idea this isn't great anecdotes sol campbell the defender once told how things are told them all have to still have their teeth so the sugar granules will be completely dissolved it was that obsessive and the south of football as well i mean it completely changed how else will play it's great it's acting football lots of goals very very different to how it was and what are some of the reactions that you've been seeing yeah i mean explain both who play for him and against him i said look this guy is a great we should really really laud and veg out for what he has achieved and also some premier league managers have chimed in we can have
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a little listen listen now you always develop teams goes from test to players and. dominating guy mid ninety's maybe early two thousand when he was really winning pretty much everything played wonderful football so i'm i admired his work always it was always since i'm in england it's a bit different because now we have to challenge them of course but from germany he was always it was always a big big role model in all my respect who has. because he has done so. well now think a huge personality like arsene not only who the premier league is the public things with he has he has done. his vision. for the poor. wow some big big shoes to fill mark so who is being lined up as a potential successor thomas took is top of the betting at the moment. you don't
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win manager i'm not sure that's the likely because i think he may have got a deal with parish undermanned already so we'll see how that pans out outside bet you if you learn jimmy coach if you goes out on a high with germany all on a low but he has actually got a contract still a journey beyond the world cup he's not the sort of guy who would would leave a job like that i think carlo launch a lot of these free oversea left by munich this season but given he left by munich in a bit of a messy situation maybe not but a great little end to his c.v. there so it's a tough one x. players like. vieira not got the managerial experience of those of the guys so it's wide open to be honest really feel this wide open was just have to ring see who will succeed the greta van or thank you so very much mark meadows. you're watching the news with seven lot more to tell you about including for the first time a top executive of a major german carmaker has been arrested in the diesel gate scandal according to
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a news agency that had of course informed workers that a manager was taken into custody. and then we'll have the details on all of the day's business that lays coming up right after this. earth a home for saving googling to goes tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas the unbundling series of global three thousand on d w and online. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.


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