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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is. a conspiracy to keep hillary clinton at the white house the democrats say yes and they are suing the democratic national committee today launching a lawsuit against the russian government trumps campaign leaders and with the party saying never before has a candidate conspired with the foreign enemy to become president we'll go to washington and ask what does this mean for. russia investigation also coming up students across the u.s. walk out of class to mark the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine high school
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massacre but congress and the white house still have not acted to tighten gun control so is anyone in the u.s. capitol listening this time around. and a blast that should have happened seventy years ago today experts diffuse an unexploded world war two bomb in the heart of berlin the danger was so high that tens of thousands were evacuated. plus the end. of arsenal announced that. will step down at the end of the season he's been in charge for more than twenty years. it's good to have you with us there have been three official investigations to still running into possible. campaign collusion between donald trump and the
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russians tonight a lawsuit to that list the democratic national committee is suing president donald trump's campaign leaders the russian government and we can leaks the democrats contend that all three conspired to help try to win the twenty sixteen presidential election in what the party calls unprecedented treachery and the brazen attack on american democracy trump has repeatedly denied any collusion between his campaign and russia but this lawsuit comes as trump's legal woes are melting his personal attorney michael cohen is now under criminal investigation. or i want to take this story now to washington our correspondent claire richards is standing by good evening to you clear well what a day why has the d.n.c. decided to do this now. high brand that's why this is happening as an aside to the investigation being carried out by robert
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muller into whether there was collusion between the trunk campaign and russia and slaying the twenty sixteen election the democrats now are hoping that this lawsuit could give them the opportunity to see more facts come forward through a separate legal channel aside from the miller probe that this could open a new avenue for information to come out so it's a new a legal assault on trump's team of course has called the miller investigation a witch hunt and they're hoping to see some new facts come forward in this process this is a wall super you sued basically the u.s. president and you allege a conspiracy i mean has this been done before is there any precedent. i think it's fair to say that we have not seen the d.n.c. do anything like this we of course saw the chair tom per say in a statement that this constituted an act of unprecedented treachery he said the campaign of a nominee for president of the united states in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the presidency so that's
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what we're talking about a multi million dollar lawsuit against the russian government to the trump campaign and wiki leaks as you said so this is quite clearly the biggest escalation that we've seen from the democratic party and trying to get to the bottom of this alleged russian meddling in the election clear who's the bringing the reaction from the white house to millions not as of yet of course trump is in florida at his resort in palm beach called mar-a lago he has been golfing for the day believe it's one hundred eighth day on the golf course so we're going to stay tuned to see if they have anything to say about this if we knew or not the day has gone by this week with flyers the f.b.i. director james colby making a media appearance the memos that he kept of his interactions with the u.s. president public be how compromised is the president's position. you know economy's been doing a media blitz of interviews alongside the release of his book that came out this
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week that the question of how compromised a trump is really comes down to whether you're speaking in political terms or legally politically views are so entrenched about the president and what people think about what might have happened with russia getting involved in the twenty six you know election to sway in favor of donald trump are so kind of hardened and set in stone that any kind of information that comes out now does not seem to have such a big effect however in terms of legally speaking komi could be a star witness if muller chooses to question obstruction of justice case against trump it's a very good point or corresponding clear richardson on the story for us tonight from washington clear thank you very much. well staying in the united states students across the country have walked out of class today to mark the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine school massacre the protest comes after continued gun violence at american schools including the recent mass killing in parkland florida control advocates have seen little change in the aftermath of school shooting
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sprees something a new generation of activists says it's der term and to change. their message couldn't be clearer. just a handful of the tens of thousands of students to have donned their boots to demand tougher gun control from new york. to michigan and even the white house they made their point basically we just want to see some type of preventative measures taken and you know the changes been powell was we can feel. security measures we feel that the onus should not be on the school to take security measures to prevent their students from being killed in gunfire there should be some type of preventive measure taken some change it was not all chanting thirteen seconds of silence were held to remember the thirteen victims of the columbine school massacre they were killed nineteen years ago to the
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day when two students opened fire on their classmates their slaughter entered school shootings into the global consciousness two decades. later many of america's students have seen enough. i met our school art teacher who was shot and killed at the beginning of the year so this is something that we take very personally in the philippines to advocate it hard pressed people. argue nizer say teenagers from more than two thousand schools two pots in the walk the latest wave and a nationwide effort to end the cannons. so you can see this here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world medics in the gaza strip say that two palestinians have been shot dead by israeli forces in another day of protests along the border now that's after the military dropped leaflets urging residents to stay away from the border fence at least thirty three palestinians have been killed by soldiers firing at the border in recent weeks the basque
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separatist group has asked for forgiveness from its victims for the pain caused by its long campaign of violence as they killed around eight hundred fifty people over the course of four decades today the group said it should never have resorted to violence is due to formally disband next month. german chancellor angela merkel has held talks with india's prime minister narendra modi here in berlin india is looking for new partners in the european union now that britain is leaving the e.u. germany meanwhile is spearheading e.u. efforts to reach a free trade deal with india. or germany's capital was brought to a standstill today so experts could defuse a massive world war two bomb the operation forced the shutdown of a large part of the city center seven decades after the wars in germany still finds more than two thousand tons of unexploded wartime ordinances every year but this
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was the most significant bomb disposal operation that the german capital has seen in years. yet. you form one of the members all on how you have an unusual sight on central berlin straits police urging residents to evacuate and officers going door to door to make sure buildings were cleared. the biggest evacuation in berlin in his came as bomb disposal experts moved in to diffuse an unexploded second world war bomb that had been on earth on a construction site inside the exclusion zone an army hospital part of the german intelligence agency's headquarters a ministry building embassies and a number of hotels in the city that likes to wake up late some were caught by surprise. we have
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a case in from denmark and we were not informed by hotels dot com that we were going to be weighted. frustrating. so you wait hurry. to get on with things and get out. for those with nowhere else to go emergency shelters was set up around the exclusion zone. but the biggest disruption perhaps came for the thousands of commuters travelling from one side of the city to the other. also located within the exclusion zone in central station went from buzzing travel hub to go station as it too was clean it and head of the destination. but by around one thirty pm local time it was mission accomplished for the disposal tame as authorities announced the world war two bomb had been made saif. this is
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the site where the bomb was discovered and successfully disposed of and was findings like this are quite common in germany so common in fact that eight state has its own bomb disposal unit the size of this bomb and its proximity to the city center meant a widespread police action. in central station was reopened within an hour of the defuse ill allowing the city to get back to business as usual. all right it is the end of an error in the soccer world arsenal manager arsene ving there will step down at the end of the season after being in charge of the english premier league club for more than two decades the frenchman arrived as a soccer revolutionary but will leave having polarized face. after twenty two years and three premier league titles thank his departure from arsenal was announced with simple words nessie asin. the frenchman was appointed back in one thousand nine hundred ninety six when english football and fashions
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were very different then manchester united manager alex ferguson remarked that someone who just managed in japan had no right telling english football what to do but think a revolutionize the game radically changing diets and introducing a new brand of attacking football which prompted seven f.a. cups. his biggest achievement was when arsenal went the whole premier league season unbeaten in two thousand and three for the invincibles campaign would be design if the thing is career that in recent years fans began to demand his exit. asked by the likes of chelsea a manchester city. lover who are now the fans of their wish but also hope he is remembered for the good times. as he now makes the the step to the next phase of his life i think everybody is
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a little bit more reflective and i think it's a moment like this that you can really better appreciate what an extraordinary person that football club is because losing then you will hope to go out on a high by lifting the europa league next month but trophy are not this season his legacy will loom large he always develop teams from test the players and. dominating. mid ninety's maybe early two thousand when he was really winning pretty much everything played wonderful football i admired his work always possible replacements include x. by munich boss holly want to lottie and form a barouche your daughter and coach thomas took a look if he has not signed for. music
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. has been found dead in the twenty eight year old swede he was. his greatest hits included levels. and. allege that the.
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