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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is. from berlin was there a conspiracy to keep hillary clinton to the white house the democrats say yes. the democratic national committee today launching a wall suit against the russian government donald trump's campaign leaders and. the party saying never before has a candidate conspired with a foreign enemy to become president we'll go to washington and we'll ask what does this mean for robert russia investigation also coming up a blast that should have happened seventy years ago today experts diffuse an
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unexploded. bomb in the heart of the danger was tens of thousands were evacuated. plus all the board for the ride of a lifetime in west africa take their work in the back of a bus we check in with the start of their ten thousand kilometer journey from nigeria to an arts festival in cynical. it's good to have you with there have been three official investigations to still running into possible campaign collusion between donald trump and the russians tonight and a lawsuit to the list the democratic national committee is suing president trump's campaign leaders the russian government and we. the democrats contend all three conspired to help when the twenty six team. as
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a digital lection in what the party calls unprecedented treachery and the brazen attack on american democracy trump has repeatedly did no need any collusion between his campaign and russia and this lawsuit comes as trump's legal woes are mills it is personal attorney michael cohen is no under criminal investigation. or reward as it used to washington a corresponding clear richardson is on the story for years tonight good evening to you clear the world looking at this story and asking why has the democratic national committee decided to do that now we already know the special prosecutor mr mole or he's still investigating allegations of collusion. this a lawsuit is the biggest escalation we've seen from the democratic party in trying to get to the bottom of a legit russian election meddling in the twenty six and elections and possible nation with the trump campaign so they're trying to remind voters of this issue now
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ahead of november's midterm elections which are coming up in just over six months the democrats are looking to take back control of congress from the republicans then and they're using this as a way to remind voters of the whole issue of russian meddling now as you say this lawsuit is happening as an aside it to robert miller's investigation into whether there was collusion between the trunk campaign and russia the democrats are hoping that this is separate lawsuit will give them an opportunity to see more facts come to light for a separate legal channel and that it's going to open a new avenue for information to come out as a new legal front against trump and his campaign and clear what about the risk to this is there any chance that this could backfire on that immigrants. logistically speaking the democrats could come up against some legal challenges in trying to ship to suit russia a foreign country but another perhaps more important question is whether this approach of focusing on russian meddling is really the kind of messaging they need to help them in the elections as
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a party they want to be able to offer something to voters other than just promising a return to the status quo to being the party that is and. then with those coming up in november it's not so clear what their messaging is yet i mean this may seem like new territory and it begs the question is there a precedent here well the washington post broke this story and they also pointed it to a previous incidents that has some parallels they said that the democratic party actually did something quite similar during the watergate scandal that was when the d.n.c. filed a lawsuit against then president nixon against his reelection committee and they were seeking damages for the break into the democratic headquarters ultimately that did work out for them and they won a settlement just as nixon was leaving office in one nine hundred seventy four you know it's amazing what we've been here before a little bit another day has gone by this week with the fire to james
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coleman making a media appearance where the memos that he kept of his interactions with the u.s. president the mail been made public. can we talk about the u.s. president being compromised. well as you say fired f.b.i. director james comey has been in the limelight this week doing interviews alongside the release of his book which says some very unflattering things about the president from commies conversations with him in terms of how much it's going to affect trump it depends how you look at it as a politically speaking it's hard to see how more how these allegations can really have much of an effect on what people believe views on this issue are so firmly entrenched when it comes to trump and possible russian election meddling whether you believe it's true or not on the other hand though you could see some kind of legal fallout from what we've seen coming out of coney's mouth he could end up being a really key witness in any possible obstruction of justice case that i'm aware
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might decide to bring forward our corresponding clear richardson on the story for us tonight in washington clear thank you very much germany's capital was brought to a standstill today so experts could defuse a massive world war two bomb the operation forced the shut down towards part of the city center seven decades after the wars in germany still finds more than two thousand tons of unexploded wartime ordinances every year but this was the most significant bomb disposal operation that the german capital has seen in years. yet . you form one of the members all on how you are an unusual sight on central berlin straits police urging residents to evacuate and offices going door to door to make sure buildings were cleared. the biggest evacuation in berlin in his came as bomb disposal experts moved in to diffuse an
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unexploded second world war bomb that had been on earth on a construction site inside the exclusion zone an army hospital part of the german intelligence agencies headquarters a ministry building embassies and a number of hotels in the city that likes to wake up late some were caught by surprise. we found a vacation from denmark and we were not informed by hotels dot com that we were going to be created yet frustrating because. so anyway kerry. to get out with things like it out. for those with nowhere else to go emergency shelters was set up around the exclusion zone. but the biggest disruption perhaps came for the thousands of commuters travelling from one side of the city to the other. also located within the exclusion zone in central station went
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from buzzing travel hub to go station as it too was cleaning it ahead of the day's night. but by around one thirty pm local time it was mission accomplished for the disposal tame as authorities announced the world war two bomb had been made saif. this is the site where the bomb was discovered and successfully disposed of and was findings like this are quite common in germany so common in fact that eight state has its own bomb disposal unit the size of this bomb and its proximity to the city center meant a widespread police action. in central station was reopened within an hour of the diffuse ill allowing the city to get back to business as usual. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the basque separatist group has asked for forgiveness from its victims for the pain caused by its long
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campaign of violence and they killed around eight hundred fifty people over the course of four decades today the group said that it should never have resorted to violence it's due to formally disband next month. leaders of the fifty three commonwealth countries have approved prince charles as their next head he will replace his mother queen elizabeth when he succeeds her on the throne violent protest in south africa's northwest province have prompted the country's president zero ramaphosa to cut short his visit to britain for that commonwealth gathering protesters are calling for the premier of the province to step down accusing him of corruption many businesses have been looted in the first major unrest since ramaphosa took power back in february students across the united states have staged a walkout to demand tougher gun legislation the protest comes on the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine high school shooting which killed thirteen people some
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students gathered outside the white house the walkouts are the latest in a wave of student activism since the florida school shooting back in february already in the bonus league boosted their european hopes with a three nil victory over relegation threatened both sport the hose scored all three of their goals in a dominant first half to victory puts within three points of a europa league spot though their immediate rivals are in action on saturday. well the english premier league club arsenal is looking for a new coach arse and they will be stepping down at the end of the season the frenchman has been at arsenal since one thousand nine hundred six and is the one the club's most successful manager he won three league titles including unbeaten for an entire season and seven f.a. cups despite taking arsenal to the champions league for twenty consecutive years his relationship with the club and its fans became increasingly fractious in recent
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seasons. or the d.j. and music producer known as a vici has been found dead in oman the twenty eight year old swede he was born tim burgling was a pioneer of the electric early tronic dance movement his greatest hits include in the levels wake me up and hey brother fellow superstar d.j. calvin harris tweeted devastating news about the beach a beautiful soul extremely talented while france's d.j. snake posted rest in peace the team we lost the legend. are going to take you to western africa now we're a bus full of artists has taken to the road to show off their work the bus started in lagers nigeria and will end up at an arts festival in senegal a ten thousand kilometer trip w.'s. should meet the artist and he takes a look at the challenges that they face trying to make their way in the art world.
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this modified school bus looks like a museum piece but it's actually the museum itself. for a curator amoco demba came up with the idea and just before departure he's nervous . problems with the tail lights. because we've broken the base since he was like become obama i'm somehow going to go to student mean about those you. are trying to do to avoid ledge because he's i wouldn't count on them this is just the beginning. when it's fixed they can get rolling from august nigeria into the continent. six artists are on board painters sculptors photographers they're meant to develop creative projects on the route which they'll showcase at various stops along the
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way. so having a museum of the stars bring sculptural right all the bodies. of the city just. so like it's ready to go where you how. serious are you to get it really comes through it doesn't look so she. would ask us is a church look at sydney big. so this move by platform makes it very practical to take its missions sounds newsy this was the way. three days to national borders and many police checkpoints later we catch up to the rolling museum in togo. the bus engine is done for. must go down but says it comes with the territory. so. it's part of the excitement and challenges that comes along we do something
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extraordinary you know. i didn't you know all is well. the group puts the extra time to good use a senegalese artist tinkers with his sound installation. an artist from but named rehearsals his performance. replacement engine is on the way but it doesn't matter the journey is the destination. and here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you the us democratic party has filed a lawsuit against key officials in election campaign they're also suing the russian government and wiki leaks the democrats allege that the three parties conspired to tilt the twenty six thousand presidential election in trump's favor experts here in berlin have defused a massive world war two. brought the center of the city to a standstill and closed the main railway station. thanks for the
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company have a very good weekend we'll be back at the top of the hour with more world to. look at. as you accidentally shed some trying to get. into trouble. time in the field. can you get out. with him because it always seems. this week on. the news on this day that she. will.


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