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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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prongs frys the united states over its trade tactics to mandate europe be permanently exempt from u.s. tariffs on steel imports. and picking up the slack where the big leave off a deadly might be populations around the world leading us to take care o. nature's work. this is your business update on headed home free in berlin thanks for joining me the countdown is on for the european union to secure a permanent exemption from u.s. tariffs on steel and allen medium amid rising trade tensions between washington and beijing well the current temporary exemption runs out on may the first germany's vice chancellor or live shot says he's optimistic a solution can be found all the same chancellor angela merkel will travel to
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washington next week to make the case with her own personal touch. all of shoals had to wait more than an hour to get accepted into the white house what else to do but take a stroll with the german ambassador in front of the famous building eventually the german finance minister met us vice president pence scholtz didn't disclose details of the chat not a good sign it seems there's been little to no progress on an exception for the e.u. one steel in alimony and tariffs which the. mine all i can say is that i think the officials here understand that we the european union speak with one voice when it comes to trade issues i believe that this is a good development it could lead to good results of the by talking with us to loosen common cause i knew at the spring meeting of the international monetary fund in washington free trade was on the agenda as well many also using the opportunity to tell schultz that germany needs to do more to prevent another financial crisis
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in europe meaning spending more money on ailing countries but schultz avoided giving assurances. feel if we've improved the stability of the entire european banking sector over the last couple of years now things are looking a lot better but of course there's still room for improvement to weather any new financial storm is a would give up little and it would fall but i don't see how of the shots opposes the swift introduction of an e.u. wide bank deposit guarantee scheme after all that could cost german savers a lot of money if a foreign lender goes bankrupt. and a brief while ago i spoke to a washington correspondent costs and fun nominee outside the i.m.f. where the spring meetings and taking place and i asked him how close the e.u. is to being granted that permanent tariff exemption. we're hearing it's still difficult yes to all of shoulders the german finance minister and vice chancellor
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said he was optimistic that a solution could be followed that there would be up. permanent exemption for the europeans from those tariffs today he sounded a bit more cautious again saying he didn't know if that would happen by the time the temporary exceptions run out at the end of april so we don't know simply what's going on talks on the way you mentioned the chance of the she would come to washington next week also french president mccrone will be here next week and what the europeans tried to point out all the time is this is an issue where europe is united of course because trade is the affair of the e.u. and they make this point to the american counterparts and all of shoals told us today he had the impression that his american counterparts were understanding that this was the case now at the i.m.f. chief christine that god has been speaking she's pointed to strong global growth but she has warned of course that trade tensions could hurt the global economy in
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the long ten all the u.s. and china heeding her warning do you think. i'm not so sure and they might be listening to what she has to say but for now it doesn't appear like they are following her advise neither side seems to be ready to back down at this point so it's completely unclear whether this conflict can be resolved. right washington correspondent coston phenomena at the international monetary fund for us thank you. the global has kept oil prices down appears to be over the conclusion of a panel made up of opec members and other oil producing countries a barrel of brant crude has recently hit a three year high of seventy four dollars the panel says an opec kinetic remained in place since january twenty seventeen has helped cut over supply all the same
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there have been fears that the recent buoyancy is spurring inflation and u.s. president donald trump also weighed in on twitter of course saying the cartel was keeping prices artificially high a wall street correspondent yens quarter small. investors on wall street are puzzled by the comments of u.s. president donald trump first of all opec is not the only reason why oil prices are increasing it's also global economic growth and therefore a higher demand and then if we think back about two years ago when oil prices were at around thirty dollars a barrel specially for us energy companies for fracking companies production was not profitable at all a lot of those companies actually were in jeopardy and even might have had to file for bankruptcy you then started to cut to production oil prices started to increase and old saw the u.s. energy companies were safe for the u.s.
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profited from higher oil prices but now obviously a donald trump has the opinion that. rises are too high and that could lead to higher prices for u.s. consumers then when donald trump is saying that the high oil prices are not acceptable what precisely is he going to do and change about it to production here in the u.s. is already at record levels and when we look at what happened was all the prizes and friday we started on a weaker note but then as trading continued turmoil prices pretty much recovered most of the losses. amount on wall street there of course yen scooter they are some numbers to turn you stomach activists say about forty percent of the food produced in america is never eaten and a third of all food perched in britain is ultimately thrown away and people in germany also end up getting rid of plenty of food which could still be eaten now conservation group w w f is calling for a nationwide scheme here in germany to address the problem. bakery products are
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often left over at closing time and so out they go along with fruits vegetables and meat. that w w f says the waste must stop he puts into for those to sixty percent of the waste comes from commercial sources and we have to talk with retailers with producers they can also make a contribution but you can't make consumers alone responsible. that's why w w f is demanding the german politicians create a by doing now tional framework for action at the moment each german state addresses the problem a little differently. but with eighteen million tons of wasted food each year answers are needed fast. deposit into a pocket we need more intelligent packaging for many consumers confused the best before date with the expiring date. because you can still eat products after their best before date and if they're not spoiled that is and germany's goal is to slash
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food waste by half by the year two thousand and thirty. spring has brought gem and gardens a life but there's actually a lot less buzzing this season experts well why continue to send to sound the alarm about declining honeybee populations bays of course are essential to food production many scientists blame a deadly little mite but farming mana coaches and loss of habitat also play a key role u.s. the population is shrinking by thirty percent a year have become so rare in parts of china that thousands of farm is on hand if thousands of farm hands all pollinating by hand. when the cherry blossoms are out it's time for. to start work on something that's normally taken care of by nature the farmer pollinates her trees by hand it should be bees doing
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this work but here in the honey one region of southwest china there simply aren't enough of the beneficial insects to go around. there's not been our yields were simply too low the trees were flowering well but only produced a few fruits yet at the heart then we heard about hand pollination we checked it out and then started doing it ourselves. and pollination is a painstaking task first farmers have to find flowers which have only just opened the pollen dust has to be fresh and clean and removed very carefully. and her husband. colony each tree three times. nowadays it's really hard work being a fruit grower. we have to spend a lot of time tending our trees that the course of the. global be populations are on the decline and china is especially badly affected most regions no longer have
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any native varieties the main problem is the widespread use of chemicals in the district capital farmers come to john stuart to stock up on fertilizers herbicides and insecticides. you want to tell farmers not to spray during the flowering period because then the piece won't go on the blossoms. at all other times though the farmers happily spray away on average chinese farmers use twice as many pesticides as their european counterparts meanwhile beekeeping has become a profitable business here. leases his these to local farmers on a daily basis he charges five euros per heinie per day they move when farmers pollinate by hand they only roughly distribute the pollen on the blossom like bees go right into the center of the flower and take the pollen exactly where it needs to go. no and her husband don't want to spend money on renting b.s.
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so instead for the next three weeks they'll be in their orchard pollinating their trees by hand. that's it you're up to date with the latest from the world of business for more find us on facebook follow us on twitter on the school business on that team hennessy humphrey is my handle thanks for your company and have a great weekend. the to. cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut.
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cut cut cut. it was. because the germans came together in one nation know from the minute to chancellor all telephone bismarck the for the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swell always to bring my own culture bashing protect christendom spread defiance truffaut and always a good bit of the enemy. oh and my ways and steered by courageous decisions we must beat the. odds. the a. lead the german starting may thirteenth.
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