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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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for a few hours today the center of berlin looked like a ghost shelled haunted by the past yet again a british ball from world war two discovered in diffused right in front of the central train station tonight a blast from the past ticking time bombs underneath our feet i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. you put it today on the highway the street by the central train station a world war two aerial bomb will do to feel. what we have here is a destination with the safety off so it's highly dangerous. an
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office is the kind of thing the streets bringing on people's houses and apartments knocking them salit that homes. away very. good though if you think about it. they not and now it goes like players. who get out. with the detonator from the bomb through to send to me says of steel the destination is that but hans destination on the bomb is defused. also coming up but was there a conspiracy to keep hillary clinton out of the white house the democrats say yes and they are suing and what does this mean for donald trump and for robert muller's russia investigation. we begin the day with a bomb explosion that was scheduled more than seventy years ago in the middle of
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berlin just across the river from where german chancellor i'm going to marry works construction workers yesterday bumped into a bomb from world war two it was dropped by british planes hit the mark but it failed to go wall or today weapons experts made sure there will never be a bang from that ball for german standards the defusing operation was a medium one more than two thousand tons of bombs and live ammunition are unearthed here every year yet ten thousand people within an eight hundred metre radius of the site were evacuated all trains destined for the nearby central train station were re round it extreme caution and with good reason with every passing year unexploded bombs become more not less dangerous more on that in just a moment but first here's a debriefing of today's defusing. yet. you form no one in them but. you are an unusual sight on central berlin
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straits police urging residents to evacuees and offices going door to door to make sure buildings were cleared. the biggest evacuation in the kids came as bomb disposal experts moved in to defuse an unexploded second world war bomb that had been on a construction site inside the exclusion zone an army hospital part of the german intelligence agencies headquarters a ministry building embassies and a number of hotels in the city that likes to wake up late somewhat quote by surprise. we have a case in from denmark and we were not informed by hotels dot com that we were going to be equated. frustrating. so you wayne carey.
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together with things like it out. for those with nowhere else to go emergency shelters were set up around the exclusion zone. but the biggest disruption perhaps came for the thousands of commuters travelling from one side of the city to the other. also located within the exclusion zone in central station went from buzzing travel hub to go station as it too was clean as a head of the destination. but by around one thirty pm local time it was mission accomplished for the disposal tame as authorities announced the world war two bomb had been made saif. this is the site where the bomb was discovered and successfully disposed of and was findings like this are quite common in germany so common in fact that eight state has its own bomb disposal unit the size of this bomb and its proximity to the city
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center meant a widespread police action. bill in central station was reopened within an hour of the diffuser all allowing the city to get back to business as usual. here quite a day here in berlin at the big table now i'm happy to welcome professor. he is a munitions expert from the university of technology professors good to have you on the show i mean well when you look at this this is an international news story but here in germany it happens all the time doesn't yes you're really right so but it is a very busy said he was usual and unusual events and today it was an extremely unusual event where the bomb. but has to diffuse a five hundred kilogram bomb unexploded bomb with british origin and i mean we've got a picture here of of the volume was there anything unusual or special about this bomb i mean we know that you know thousands of people were evacuated you know the
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special theory of this bomb is the location so just in the middle of the city and you have to evacuate people in the area of eight hundred meters radios and this means ten thousand people have to move on and on and on this area and this means handicapped people. you know everybody everybody professor you were telling me that there have been a little bit over a thousand bombs that have been defused here in berlin since the end of the second world war but you believe that there are maybe around three thousand that are still in the ground waiting for us to discover you know this number of these hausen is a number given by the authorities so i it's a huge number that's extremely huge but. you will have it and you can you can change it. but with time these bombs actually
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i read today these bombs become more dangerous the longer they remain under fuse is that correct that's correct because inside you have material which get under corrosion and the you can see if you see the bomb you don't see the reason why it doesn't work so you have to understand what happened inside so you have a security system and the corrosion will suffer the system so it can unexploded so we have in germany one or two bombs was tough they donation so. this is horrible. it is horrible we know that people's lives have been lost construction workers lives have been lost firemen for example and i don't want to get into the technicalities of what's inside these these bombs but it is interesting that so many bombs were dropped and they didn't explode i mean what does that tell you
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as a weapons expert now i think this is quite normal if you understand the production facility and the pressure on the bombs has to be produced so they need that for the war and they produced and the quality control was not. that much what it should be ok so they were trying to do the fast food version of bombs back in the one nine hundred forty s. what about the bombs that we produce today they almost always explode if they are you know there long enough you know you have bombs of rockets which failed as well but the rate is much more less than that what we have in the world war two it's impossible to say that berlin hamburg cities across germany are are still minefields from the second world war it would be hard to say this way but as a truth. in the end the statement yes of course and how long do you think we will i
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mean using three thousand bombs just in berlin how long will it take is to find out what the i think the problem will be have for a lot of generation five for another hundred years at least yes of course well well managed that story about that yet this is fact of my point of view as it is the cruel reality of of war as well present joining us tonight from the couple's university of technology professor fascinating talking with you thank you very much thank you. will still to come on the day is the most extreme ism on the rise in bangladesh a new d.w. documentary investigates growing intolerance in the south asian country. and lot of . some people that incensed the news that once they're sounding. the end you brought it on themselves. well there have been three official
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investigations too are still running into possible campaign collusion between donald trump and the russians tonight add a lawsuit to the list the democratic national committee is suing president double trump's campaign leaders the russian government and we'll leaks the democrats contend that all three conspired to help trump when the twenty sixteen presidential election in what the party calls unprecedented treachery and a brazen attack on american democracy trump has repeatedly denied any collusion between his campaign and russia this lawsuit comes as traumas and legal woes melt his personal attorney michael cohen is now under criminal investigation. there's a lot going on what is going on with the help us decide for this i'm joined tonight by ethan behrman he is in los angeles he is a us political commentator and nationally syndicated talk radio host it's good to have you on the day when we look at what the democrats are doing now with this wall z.z. isn't this really what special prosecutor robert muller could be aiming for with
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his investigation. well interestingly enough this is a civil lawsuit and what people forget is even going back to watergate in one nine hundred seventy four with richard nixon the d.n.c. filed a civil suit against nixon as well and ended up settling in winning seven hundred fifty thousand dollars it's important to note the difference between a criminal investigation and a civil invest in a civil suit criminal investigation requires a level of evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury in a civil case it's just a preponderance of the evidence in the this is actually a monetary attack that is actually can be quite separate from the mall or investigation in what it means to trump's aides like roger stone oh man if we're rick gates and remember rick gates and george papadopoulos have already pled guilty on the moeller side of the investigation yeah i mean it sounds a little bit like the o.j. simpson case right he had a criminal investigation
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a criminal trial and then you had the civil lawsuit so i mean you know who knew that american politics could be a lot like the simpson case but what does this tell us about the state of u.s. politics you said that we saw something similar to this right after watergate is this as bad or is it worse. well in this case it's it would be conceived if everything bears to be true it's worse because we're talking about foreign entities that are involved in an attempt to interfere in a us election it's bad enough when political parties within the united states are attempting to interfere in a proper election cycle it's a whole nother thing one and a foreign state and foreign players like wiki leaks are alleged to be involved if these bear to be true at all then this is in effect much worse because now we have
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global players participating and one thing that is odd about this case and i'll explain why and why it is happening the way it is is normally like you brought up the o.j. case on wait for a criminal case to finish and then you bring the civil case against the defendants here they had to file the civil case now because in the united states we have laws you have a certain period of time it's called the statute of limitations that you have to you have to file the suit before those expire and the statute of limitations on some of these charges were about to expire or some of these allegations so they had to file the civil suit before the criminal suit was able to be completed right i mean how do you explain to our audience you know we've got people watching around the world and they're trying to get their head around the fact that you've got all these accusations about a president and yet the republican party his party does not seem to be up in arms by the fact that possibly wiki leaks could have been involved in his victory wiki
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leaks which has released classified documents to the public before from the united states and you also have the russian government involved which is a foreign enemy of the united states and yet there's this silence from the republicans. yeah well this is the state of u.s. politics right now it is it is hyper politicized and we have two sides to view the other as the enemy team you know if your team of football it's my team versus their team and i'm going to cheer for my team no matter what it's an unpleasant state of affairs where we don't understand putting country over party right now where how to compromise and work together it's something that i am actively working for here in the united states is for us to have conversation and reach across the aisle but that is the current state of politics where no matter what my candidate does it's perfectly fine and if the other candidate does it it's the end of the world yeah
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let's all hope and work together to make the world a better place in terms of working together that we're all people who have common goals and that is something that would like to see happening far more in washington d.c. you mention the word of compromise how compromised is dull trump right now which is take a listen to what the attorney from of the port actress stormy day and what he said today. i very much look forward to placing mr trump under oath and ask him about the basis for those outbred outlandish outrageous baseless statements i mean i'm trying to explain to my viewers here every week with american politics how how the business of governing is being done in the united states how does the president how does he be presidential when he's facing lawsuits like this and you know he's got an attorney he wants to put him on the stand to talk about what he
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did with a porn star. well i mean there are two separate aspects there this isn't the first president to have charges filed against him while he's sitting in bill clinton was our most recent example and he lied under oath in perjured himself right is the term and was impeached and he was removed from office but was impeached because of it that's the similar situation that's happening right now with president trump you know michael have an audi is a phenomenal attorney he's advocating very strongly for his client he's going to he's doing his job it's usually well we have an adversarial legal system here in the united states that is very different from others and that's his job is to attack the other side and his president trumps attorneys to do their job and vigorously defend their client ok the issue really comes down to i mean it's hard to say if president trump is compromises of that's a big term to us but clearly many of his advisors were compromised and that is a big concern yeah and it begs the question you know are you guilty by the company
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you keep ethan berman is a good talking with you reshape your insights come back and talk with us again on the day thank you. thank you so much well in all fifty us states and in washington d.c. students are walking out of classes today it is part of the national school walkout and is a protest of what students say is political resistance to enact tougher gun laws the walkout is being staged today to mark the ninety then a verse or three of the colombine high school massacre shooting and as the horror and the outrage from the february parklane shooting begins to fade students are facing yet again a congress and a white house that have taken no significant steps regarding gun control. was there a message couldn't be clearer i had. just a handful of the tens of thousands of students to have donned their books to demand
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tougher gun controls from new york. to michigan and even the white house they made their point basically we just want to see some type of preventative measures taken you know the changes been powered was more we can feel. more secure security measures we feel that the onus should not be on the small to take security measures to prevent their students from being killed in gunfire there should be some type of preventive measure taken some time to change it was not all chanting thirteen seconds of silence were held to remember the thirteen victims of the columbine school massacre they were killed nineteen years ago to the day when two students opened fire on their classmates their slaughter entered school shootings into the global consciousness two decades gone and thousands of deaths later many of america's students have seen enough. at our
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school art teacher was shot and killed at the beginning of the year so this is something that we take very personally in the philippines to advocated for arrest people. organizers say teenagers from more than two thousand schools took part in the walkout the latest wave and a nationwide effort to end the killing and. they were tolerance that is the title of a new documentary series that shines a spotlight on religious fundamentalism and intolerance on the world's most populous continent asia one of the filmmakers sandra peters money is right here at the big table with me tonight it's always good to see you so under so here we are talking about iran is of extremism this time in asia yeah because you know it is the most populous country as you rightfully said it's a very young continent population increase new young undergoing a lot of changes in terms of urbanization industrialization and lots of issues they
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are and we thought why not take a closer look yes it's a global phenomenon the rise of intolerance but it's also happening in asia we want to take a look at a clip from the documentary. this student said. the had on the semester is over. just a few meters away is the spot where. in february two thousand and fifteen the atheist writer was paying a visit to a fair while walking home with his wife he was attacked by radical islamists wielding machetes. roy's father is heartbroken a.j. roy is a retired professor of physics his son of egypt was one of five sexual ablog us murdered in two thousand and fifteen three years later and none of his killers has been convicted average roy's father the greatest share of the blame with the government. who have or did he or did it. all.
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but. if this could get into which. should be. ready. for. the country has been governed by a prime minister shake. extends two thousand and nine once the ruling party stood for liberal values and a clear separation of state and religion nowadays it seems to show more sympathy to the murderous than the bloggers. which is a holy book and comment on the life of the prophet some people are incensed. they lose their balance their saudi. brought it on themselves the government claims to pursue a policy of zero tolerance against militancy while islamists are becoming
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increasingly assertive them address us are considered by many to be breeding grounds of fundamentalism mufti pfizer law teaches islamic sharia law to koran school and duck contests repeatedly been accused of hate speech in this video he calls for the death penalty off a politician who criticised pilgrimages to mecca talking to a t w he explains why it is that the motto be in his. allah and the prophet. if you insult or abuse that the whole be a hot spot. so what should you do if you are hurt be pick up a weapon with them but know that it is love does not permit the sword but when it comes to those who hurt you and make your heart. at least you can ask for their punishment. to have it. not only atheist bloggers but also artists and people of different faiths have been on depression bangladesh in early
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march there was yet another attack attack against a renowned writer and eminent scientist the motive of the young perpetrator he saw his victim as an enemy of islam. and then you know what struck me this stunning statement from of the political advisor to the prime minister the bloggers brought it upon them selves i mean this is not an isolated belief is no it's not i mean we have seen nothing between two thousand and thirteen and now roughly at least a dozen marriages of various and i'm not saying that people in bangladesh those funds that are really you know a strong believer agreed. these kind of merges but they do agree that it's not ok to criticize religion at large and islam in particular to us so that is you know almost common sense that religion is like a to. bangladesh professes to allow
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a harmonious mix of religions we we have religious minorities hindus in christians for example how do they figure in this mix well i think there has been created a climate of fear a climate of silence people was drawn into the private so what you don't have is you know a controversial public debate of what is happening in these. bloggers and not really spoken about a lot you know for this documentary shoot we met a young artist who said you know i own my living by drawing cartoons for the big newspapers and he was not a lot to touch upon this issue and he's not allow it you know to depict the prime minister of the country in any kind of way sort of. you know no satire is specially not when the political elite gets implicated you had the opportunity to visit one of these very conservative. which is a muslim school in the country i mean we've got about thirty seconds you i mean
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what did they say about what we see is this rising intolerance from islam well they think that it's the rise and intolerance on our side as they basically told me look it's good that we have this discussion but we think that there is an internet international conspiracy against islam and so that's when we debate them. you know the debate continues to and it's good to have reporting like this documentaries on repeaters and it's always good to have you here at the big table and look forward to seeing the entire documentary again the day is nearly over but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either use or write to me brant goff t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag the day every member of. ever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day it's the weekend so we'll see you here again on monday.
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oh won't inviting reachin cool. lima capitalist karim. a city with social divide some strong money. to make stream wells and extreme poverty mean anybody with bob while keeping the class is
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a promise of a three thousand. dollar. ones israel and germany seem divided by unbridgeable red. mosque a new generation is showing that the two nations can live in peace and friendship. a special relationship germans in israel israelis in germany. in forty five minutes on t.w. . because the germans came together in one nation from. the money to translate. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swell always to bring my royal college of christendom spread to the truth. and we get to the enemy.
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and steered by courageous decisions we must see. the journey starting may thirteenth. this week. we take a look at how people live around the well corrugated iron huts to an apartment or even a mansion when it comes to security and a sense of well being few things matter to us more than our end but there are many
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different living models around the globe join us as we head off to south america.


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