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in their own hands staggers future at the club though a bit more uncertain. you're watching a business. news rather than business is coming up next we'll have more world news for you at the in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest updates from our website www dot com. accidentally shat some. trolls. time in the field to. get out. with. ellen see. this week on t.w. . freedom of expression. a value that a ways has to be defended a new. over the world. of freedom freedom
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of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom. the french president manuel mccall is touting something akin to a european union relaunch on tuesday he laid out his vision to the european parliament he wants the euro zone to have its own budget to be administered by its own finance minister he also wants higher taxes for internet companies and accelerate the introduction of e.u. wide intellectual property law. now i phone didn't use the reform of the economic and monetary union as an indispensable third front before the end of this european
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parliament's term the finding a roadmap for moving forward on the banking union a fiscal capacity to promotes the bill. in convergence in the euro area don't assume no. only last year mccollum was given a standing ovation for a similar speech at the sold on university in paris this time the applause was more modest because the netherlands island on six other northern countries reject his reform plans they don't want to vote as hard and taxes to be poured into any new fangled euro zone budget michael knows his plans only have any hope of success with germany's backing in berlin on thursday he repeated his hopes for euro zone reform . you see the city mon the city don't need more solidarity in the currency union. no currency union can survive without an element of convergence because it needs instruments of adjustment and alignment is it imprisons he that. told many in berlin think those harmless sounding words could become very expensive for german
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taxpayers chancellor angela merkel sounded a more cautious note. it's good not to miss him of course there are always differing perspectives between germany and france we need to bait people open debates and in the end we also need the ability to compromise. a compromise many people will be working hard on at all levels of government with the hope of reaching it by the next day you summit in june. check company based makes sales of forty million euros a year the family owned companies high pressure storage tanks do especially well almost eighty percent of output goes to other e.u. countries. rumblings in some quarters about check said the czech republic leaving the european union are a nightmare for a c.e.o. fragile me. his export oriented business model would collapse overnight. we are integrated within the collaborative network. and. this is
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a lot of benefit far more benefits to stay within the. but at the market place near the steel company's headquarters in bendish off the mood could hardly be more different. in rural areas as well the small provincial towns a lot of czechs don't like the e.u. . here we're in it i don't know what it's worth we're in it. ok maybe i'm fifty fifty. but it's and today. i don't think it's good for us it was better for us to leave the european union worries a bit of. a survey by the german czech chamber of industry and commerce says that eighty three percent of foreign owned companies here and a full two thirds of czech companies are worried about the current checks a debate some even said they'd leave. so long
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a view as long as the czech republic doesn't have a new government which is stable and which clearly stands by the european union and reaffirms czech membership this debate will drag on that's p.-o. poison for the local economy because it causes so much uncertainty. resurgent populist parties in the czech parliament are even demanding a referendum on e.u. membership and there's no clear indication of which way the vote would go. he is cheaper than ever for foreign tourists as the country's currency the lira continues to plumb new depths against major currencies. since twenty fifteen it's lost nearly half its value against the euro for example. but a low that might be great for foreign visitors it's a huge problem for turkey's economy because it has to import commodities like oil and gas. the country's central bank could apply the brakes by raising interest rates. but president tired of one has dismissed that notion he's betting on looser
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monetary policy wants to maintain low interest rates to help drive economic growth he accuses those who don't agree with being tools of western powers. one blames the fall of the lira on turkey suppose adenoma. they're playing games with our economy i say to all those who attack our economy that you will not succeed and you failed before and you will fail again. turkish companies are suffering the country's largest manufacturer of food products owes billions in hard currency but on its home market its revenues are in the weakening lira bilker has already warned it will soon be unable to meet its obligations all told turkish companies or their creditors around three hundred billion dollars some economists worry turkey could spark a new global financial crisis. china's trade dispute with
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the u.s. may be grabbing headlines but chinese consumers don't seem to be reading the papers they just keep our shopping. real estate buyers keep on buying china's efforts to boost its domestic economy are bearing fruit world bank figures suggest exports now account for only twenty percent of economic output. china is fully capable. and well positioned here to respond to whatever challenges may come along. that includes any trade friction with the united states . so you two will ensure you. can maintain a sustained and healthy development of our economy to make money. to control pollution. but if the us did fall the implement its threatened punitive tariffs
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that development might not be so healthy many companies are still heavily dependent upon exports china is now trying to deflect some of the accusations that it follows protectionist policies by opening up its markets on tuesday that addressed one of the biggest complaints by announcing that foreign auto companies would soon no longer have to take chinese partners on board. this handshake between japanese prime minister shinzo ave and chinese foreign minister wang ye could mark a turning point the two nations now aim to resume talks that were put on ice eight years ago the two appear to want to present a united front of to be u.s. imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on both countries. the u.s. accuses them of dumping excess steel production on u.s. markets until now their ties have been burdened by disputes over japanese forces crimes in china during the second world war and the sovereignty of islands lying between the two nations. there's no sign inside of an end to germany's
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economic boom in fact the outlook is getting even brighter the country's leading economic research institutes have upped their growth forecasts their spring report published this week said that growth should hit two point two percent this year and two percent in two thousand and nineteen both figures are a zero point two percent increase over their last forecast in the fall of two thousand and seventeen a spokesman for the evil institute said it expected the number of people in work to grow this year by more than half a million. there are some worrying signals coming from german car maker opel however that was taken over by french p.s.a. group last year only recently p.s.a. ended its contract with all european opel showrooms and it also went back on commitments made not to sack workers at opal's is enough and also sign plants management is probably responding to continually falling sales at opel the german
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company sales were twenty five thousand down in the first quarter. the ritz hotel in paris has optioned off many items with a history beds like this kept dreams of the likes of coco chanel ernest hemingway and the billionaire rockefeller family very sweet but smaller artifacts like chinese vases lamps and ashtrays were also up for grabs as well as the ritz first bath tub ten thousand items were up for sale. not all fabulously expensive. they were previewed in reconstructed hotel suites in the art curry auction house. mohammed al halabi from kuwait is in good shape but his mother who doesn't want to appear on t.v. needs back surgery. so they travel to germany for treatment. here we get progressive medicine professionalism and special treatment for some
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complicated surgery can only be done here the doctors are also better qualified will. be and his mother are no exception up to twelve thousand so-called medical tourists from arab speaking countries are treated in germany every. neurologist dr miller sees about two hundred of them as employer is the biggest hospital operator in berlin and is owned by the city but it also caters to patients from the gulf states by offering translators food for example. and. the. patients naturally pay their bills here and the money that they pay for treatments stays of course here in the clinics. where it is reinvestment health care providers in berlin the german arab health forum meets annually with the aim of cross promoting resources in the field of medical care and they go to the distance and we get the u.a.e.
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send between five thousand and six thousand patients every year to germany for medical treatment the total cost are over four hundred million euros a million euros in a week but the number of medical tourists in germany from arab countries is already stagnating and will probably drop sharply the emirates health care market for example is expected to grow by sixty percent over the next five years meaning that soon patients might opt against the long journey. if we are noticing that people from the gulf states are putting a lot of thought into priorities for their financial resources so naturally they are considering whether it is necessary to send patients to germany whether they can be treated home and save the expenses of the trip and that's good for the advice and i'm spawn. well hubby will have to stay in berlin for three more months for his mother's treatment. and he says he would recommend the experience of being a medical tourist in germany.
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legend is implying that i bring creasing dangerous stuff. made. a low and welcome to drive with the d w border magazine coming up a compact s.u.v. for most way the run. of franco german joint venture the opel grand land x. . was a muscle car with a make over the mustang cabriolet. default most of the mustang.


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