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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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they newsom's me too she's not seen the incident. can sign up to this time soon so by. playing. people who put big dreams on the big screen. play movie magazine on d w. hello and welcome to our high life edition with the best of pics of the week here is what we have got lined up for you today. first on the color of time design brand
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so let's see if the current meters on design week. capital city we spend a day in madrid spain. an automotive icon the volkswagen beetle turns eighty. the branson levy is known for its creative crazy and provocative designs like in finance and monkey lamps which we featured on the show a few weeks ago well now for the first time the company is this flying in a ray of trendy furniture and home accessories at milan's furniture fair now for creative director stuff and i will sell it to his a motto could very well be minimal is over so if that's any indication one can be sure that in time documents at least according to selebi is back in fashion. gaudy flashy and colorful it all has its place at the ceremony then moby led the
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milan furniture fair on show is not just furniture there are fixtures and decorations to. the more sculptural cillian showy the better. one attraction is the stand of italian design company sell it to the exuberant brand is exhibiting here for the first time. a chip that we're going to get you know if people want to regional inventive products things that have never been seen before that's a challenge that's why we give familia things to many because without it. on display our lighting solutions such as the banana lamp. and the monkey lamp which is currently one of selectees bestsellers new additions to its range include the lazy chairs design facility by the belgian design company studio. like it because it is a cannabis pot with a special optical a fact it's a deliberate provocation using it for
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a classic ground that everyone is familiar with creates of which he contrast. a few on its own way of reinventing a classic piece of furniture that all people in the developed world going on. to say that he had orders are outside parma. thanks to stefano so that the companies. founded by his father nine hundred sixty four has undergone a revamp it started out making household objects and now enjoys a reputation for edgy innovative design. company icons includes animal lamps and fast food furniture. and. i think the days are gone when people bought furniture and decorations for life these days interior design has to evolve to reflect where you are in life and how you feel and . for his designs cellette he has also borrowed visuals from the magazine toilet paper published by italian artists. and peer follow ferrari
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the results of the collaboration are making their debut at the salon a demo below a. just look at the office to go on a ship of the graphic which is exclusive but now anyone can afford a piece of them we worked together with the magazine to overcome this entry barrier to watch. celebrity isn't the only company taking this approach at milan design week there's a growing public appetite for original pieces like the kong lamp. and the rabbit chair made by keep who. anything goes so long as it's not boring. or saku what you're doing this is surface of objects in the world into the future we're on the lookout for things that have a strong identity for. design is becoming more and more likely
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to. be thought of a lot. this range is made of aluminum it's designed by alba forma which mainly manufactures chassis for companies like harare and rolls royce. bologna pop is a base this dressing table is. called bette davis eyes. and with that with customers with traditional tastes can jazz up their homes with pieces. designed to show stopping at the ironic and cheeky. do what they call an equally obviously on cue ball. parties are part of the lawn design week taking place at the trade fair but also in the city's streets and show rooms. here at so let's leave to the new core of lamp design by studio is a major talking point. in the base the dimensions on a keeley custody only famous code about going to. your speech from
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studio you're also puts it in the parents in a taurus leap playful product designer enjoys a visual gag more than most. take his golden toilet brush and toilet paper dispenser. our kids design from. the no more done this in nine modem is no more than is a large. rock coco. the legendary moritsugu a cut the lawn is also their artist inspiration and good friend to step on a celebrity. for insiders and visitors alike the lawn design week is a place that puts the fun in functionality. for talk of her front crew now likes to play with people's perceptions while aside from friends harbor frequent out likes to build miniature models of buildings streets bridges or
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various scenes then he photographs them to the viewer these look like real settings until upon closer observation that's when you notice that something is a bit off or out of the ordinary while his photographs are meant to make statements about society as he perceives it. a place to sit down with a good book become few reading in an underwater library calls it a diverse paradise the photo and its object. that. basic idea is that you immerse yourself in another world far away from your everyday problems it's like a page. this model served as the setting for a photo titled. an allusion to the carefully composed holiday snaps in travel magazines. illusions in the studio and they're supposed to local frantic and i always think that's fascinating it's
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a way of playing with reality. this card. chronicles his miniature bulls. characters and some are quirky. he calls this image into the blue yonder. downwards is aimed at escapist who refuse to see the abyss beside them. i want to show the whole spectrum of life from tragedy to comedy. before he reaches for the camera he constructs the settings in his studio. the bed the sink and the parts every detail gets the same attention he finds many of the miniatures on line he also uses modeling clay customized tools and paint. in this scale syringes are an essential tool a bottle of red wine he stands ready to welcome this apartment. the apartment listing probably reads like this
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a fully furnished one room apartment and upon arrival the prospective renter gets a surprise. cancun atros inspiration from the real world he lives in the west in germantown of pop art on the rhine river when he's on the road he looks. traces of time passing. he was born in france face in the one nine hundred sixty three and after leaving school trained to be a photographer. starting up professionally international photography he began constructing his little worlds as he calls them in the mid nine hundred ninety s. . does come from everyday life and i mix them up with impressions i get such as the way an old halves kind of varies the passage of time and the lives that were laid out. and i try to funnel all that into my image. i want to transitory nature of modern everyday life the people's worries and dreams
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these are the themes that recurring his work on this bridge provided the inspiration for this photograph under the bridge. once he's had an idea he stands to sketch for a model. that we haven't yet made and you can see this is my favorite alter bridge come this way and at one point the idea came china there's a housing shortage across germany especially in the city so what are the little house were built in the bridge pillars that are sort of tiny houses totally fashionable right now and. it will show a lot of problems. back in his studio he gets to work on his solution to the housing crisis. invests from two weeks to three months on his meticulously crafted three d. models.
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sometimes i wonder why i do this to myself it would all be much easier if i use photoshop but by doing it this way i feel like i'm breathing life into things. once he's finished his three d. model photographs the result with an analog large format camera that's around thirty years old. his photographs depict scenes just like the real thing only not quite could it doesn't alter the images digitally before he publishes them. his most recent book is called life style. it's his third collection of photographs. it's like a stage that the view of the feels with his or her own imagination from the right to me that's more exciting than filling it with people. people might be absent from his images but some of the miniature models are indeed with the human presence
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funny. tell stories that linger in the mind. time not to take a trip and we're headed next to the spanish capital madrid which has really taken off as a top tourist destination over the last couple of years and this is due in part to relatively low prices for food and accommodation and a large variety of things to do from culture to sizing plus it's easy to get around the city thanks to an efficient public transport system while i recently travelled there to meet up with a local resident and blogger my fellow develop pena who offered some insider tips on how to best explore the city. muggeridge a sprawling metropolis with architecture representing several centuries a drive down the main brown v
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a boulevard gives visitors an impression of the energetic vibe of the spanish capital. located directly in the center of town the possum mine yours madrid's main square it's a popular gathering place filled with cafes public relations manager my fellow de la pena was born and raised here in her spare time she writes a blog giving tourists insider tips. that will be selling had a day i would definitely suggests a bit of a good turn one a visit to one of the three major museum we have in my days like the brad though that i'm just a few out of the distance and i would also suggest a shopping because opposite from the big and the well known as hot is grants that everybody knows we also have in this and i'm going to say the really nice shops the spanish grads and the third thing i would suggest medical is i mean. the macondo just time to get out is located just
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a few meters away from the possum high you are the structure dates back to nineteen sixteen unlike other spanish markets this is not a place to do ordinary grocery shopping but rather a venue to enjoy in a range of spanish delicacies. that doesn't need it is very interesting and as you can see there are a lot of people on at every hour of the day it was a million like it that they have it and we know they did and the good thing is that you have a like all the good choices of spanish guests right of me especially the a baker house. following marcello's second tip we had to the shopping district of salamanca this is madrid's most exclusive suburb with narrow tree lined streets and. small boutiques which offer unique items that are hard to find anywhere else. marcello's blog also outlines where tourists can go if they're in search of authentic spanish
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e-zine. management is very good for shopping and mass is a neighborhood for that and you would find like they existed with dicks like this one where they said very fashion leather backs with spanish leather of course. for tourists interested in taking in some culture the prada museum or the to sin born in me says private collection or the renaissance fia must be put on the list of places to go. to render sophia museum opened in one thousand nine hundred ninety two and houses contemporary art including icon of the twentieth century. kabul picasso's guernica depicting the nine hundred thirty seven bombing of the town in the basque country. we have five great collection of set of famous
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bodies had a piece like that he'd like you know or make fun goodies might he have allowed. the castle a collection of that beans without the sticky issues being sweet political with such i'm. sure that the school started coming in so what if we get passed but it has to do with a passion. for sports fans a tour of the brand of beer studio it is also a must. this is home to the champion soccer team madrid. steve you see i'm hauser's all of the teams trophies including the twelve european cups one zero feet of kabala this is where numerous the toughest bars are located the spanish typically eat top of the snack between meals and there are always so. served with a tree. in the way that was now days is very common yet i learned many people know that the original the word is because in the
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olden times when you when you use order of day they would serve it with a clover like this in which would be a bit of all these are nowadays when you ask for it that that's they can serve you something like this when we have a little bit of cheese we have turkey so i know we have bread sticks. madrid might have a big city feel to it but life here moves at a slow leisurely pace that is also would sure scale and enjoy when visiting this city. no other car has left a bigger mark on the german automotive history and vault volkswagen beetle now despite its shadowy beginnings as the people's car in nazi germany became one of the most popular means of transportation in the postwar world now a new coffee table book highlights the v.w. beetle in its golden years.
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family member a second home and a means of transportation for generations of people the v.w. beetle was part of their world the photos remain. in photographer your claim and has been collecting them the car is special to him and a chance and it's him like no other. it's different from all the others it doesn't stand for luxury but maybe for simplicity. a simple affordable car was just what west germans needed in the post-war years to get rolling again and taste a little freedom it was also the first car your claim on ever rode in. the first memories in the photos of my mother for instance or of her carrying me when she got out of the hospital. i just been born and my father took pictures of
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us that's actually what started this collection. for the v.w. beetle has always been a part of his life as the driver's log book that his mother kept for so long a test. she chronicled what she'd experienced in this car with my father and where we'd gone to. your claim and has picked up over two thousand people photos at flea markets and auctions now he's collected the best of them in a book and caption them with texts by journalists. the images are of holidays and just daily living. off in the folds back and was like a part of the family and as such it appears in many wedding and birthday photos. as if you know any people posed in front of their cars when they got married or went on vacation in the car and you can also tell that they really like to. cars.
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you know. the nazis had told fernandez to design a low priced but reliable car for the average consumer to be presented the first series production model in one nine hundred thirty eight but production didn't begin until after world war two at the plants in full support by the time production ended in two thousand and three twenty one million vehicles have rolled off assembly lines the world over first in germany later in mexico as well. people were proud that not long after the country was left in ashes it could bring such a successful product to market a german product the land that just a few years before had left other countries incident and ashes came along with something that thrilled everyone. to connect beatle fans everywhere your claim on has founded the virtual beatle museum berlin here people can share experiences and recount fond memories of the bug. though the v.w.
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beetle production started eighty years ago some bugs are still on the road today your claim and is even planning a trip to new zealand with his people. you never lonely with a car like this when i go to new zealand i imagine i'll be invited somewhere every night with my car. i'd say a car like this is the best means of communication there as. with. many people be if they're beatles pathnames and who can forget herbie the love of all that makes the v.w. beetle much more than just one of the world's best selling cars. most artists draw or paint on paper but the russian born artist you earlier brought skya panes with paper she uses colorful pieces and cuts and folds them into strips into the shapes that she wants now her creations can currently be seen in the
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display window of a london larger a shop we met up with the artist in her studio. you have to look twice to really understand what this work of art is made of it's comprised of hundreds of little strips of paper which together form a picture but it's the combination of colors and shapes which gives the portrait its depth paper artist and illustrator uli a broad scale created these works she's been fashioning paper three d. pictures for a decade. the prayer is just amazing it's like simple it's versatile there is just so many things you can do to you can fold it it can cut. to. name it. like to use it. julia came up with the idea of creating three dimensional objects from paper
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when she was experimented with her signature after that are objects evolved to be more and more complex. the russian born artist works at her studio instant orbit north of london she uses a technique known as quick paper filigree it's achieved by rolling strips of paper into coils and folding or curving them into different shapes. when they're glued together it's painstaking and exacting work. the mental easing this technique and working with paper is just the time it's so time consuming it's labor intensive takes days and weeks to create primitive lists mall size art work there are lots of details to incorporate they have to be really patient and julia is often inspired by plants each of our artwork starts as a sketch then comes the d town work. she cuts the paper in strips for the hobby
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knife and then shapes them into individual elements. finally she posts images of the finished works on instagram she has more than thirty thousand followers. be advertising industry has also taken an interest in unity as paper she has created works for an american airline. a japanese design a fragrance. and a british car brand. really shoes even grace postage stamps. and not long ago one of her designs was reproduced in advance of formats in central london now serves as a window display in a clothing store her steps in the artist's next direction. my plan is to also try to work on the slightly larger view because this is a composite art form and it makes the impact when they get on the largest scale.
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my next goal is to try and find a way to just. make it blair is your. duty approach has no design to experiment with other materials she's already found her ideal medium with paper her ideas blossom. and that wraps up another week of your remarks here following us on social media facebook for example there you'll find lots of fun web videos and live posts from the hosts including me or you can always go to our website to see the reports again from all of us here at euro max as always thank you for tuning in and we're seeing and soon.
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to. la. la la. la la. la la. la. la. la la women love men they bet everything out of necessity and come some actually what we're fighting for survival. they carry loads of up to seventy heard from europe to africa. that's the weight limit for juju freehand. vibration who are. bearing the but thirty minutes want to stop the be. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful of the
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be challenging to ask questions. finding out. as conflicts intensifies i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the senses of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the fossil flux of conflicts out of. conflict zones confronting the powerful on g.w. . the dangerous battle for images five women. five exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing fateful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell her stories of people who ended up killing . women more photographers starting may third on t.w. . the first.
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players. play. touch.
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play. so this is t w news live from bali and i'm deepening political crisis in armenia the country's new prime minister walks out of talks with the man and in the opposition against him demonstrators have been protesting for days demanding a change in leadership they refuse to accept the former president as the new prime minister also on the program. if you're correct about the families of those killed during days of protests against government reforms bury their dead and now the president says he's considering a u. turn.


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