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tv   In Good Shape - Household Remedies  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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freedom of expression. of value that ways has to be defended and new. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com freedom. coming up in good shape. home gym work out with objects from your broom closet. and home remedies treat cones with items from the kitchen cupboard welcome to new episode of in good shape from
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billing my name is. did you recognize me i do and that's ok because it's many years and many kilos ago in good shape is having a celebration the tenth anniversary and re celebrating this together with you we ask you to send us your most favorite home remedy and you did it and today tell you who the winner is but before i will have a talk with professor and. here at the man who hospital in berlin welcome to a good shape. as a g.p. i can tell you you can catch a cold everywhere in the world and there's no. way home remedies that can ease your symptoms and different every reach.
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you has a terrible cold what can she do to alleviate the symptoms. she's decided to do a little research to find out what home remedies people in other countries use. forgotten and garlic too you need cayenne pepper three cloves of garlic honey and hot water. just peel and slice the garlic. boil it in the water and flavor it with a pinch of cayenne and a tablespoon of honey. two or three cups a day are said to help you recover fast what's your verdict giving us to take some getting used to the garlic and hot k. in pepper is really intense if it isn't expectorant and can help the congestion. a tip from india and all asian using coriander paste will need hot water palm sugar
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and coriander seeds. two hundred grams of the seeds are mixed with palm sugar shavings pour hot water over the mixture and inhale the steam. as well it was very nice the aroma is lovely and it's also pleasant to breathe it in and the. next a norwegian mustard poultice for coughs and sore throat it calls for flour a clean cut in tea towel warm water and mustard powder mix two tablespoons of the powder with four tablespoons of flour add a little water to make the paste and. spread it on to the towel. placed the compress on your chest for a maximum of fifteen minutes but remove immediately if it irritates the skin. one suggestion from the u.s. it is team made with cinnamon honey and hot water. mix one teaspoon of powdered cinnamon with a quarter of a teaspoon of honey take it straight or dissolve it in hot water this particular
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home remedy sounds promising drink two or three cups of it day. as it gets into an idiot cinnamon honey tea is quite tasty i think i'll make another copy. from mexico chili paste you lynne needs loads of chiles for this one eaten by the spoonful it's supposed to ease sore throats. do you place it safe and use this mild chilis they're cut up and boiled in pureed. but caution is advised you that can tell it's a bit too strong for her before she's even finished making it i definitely wouldn't eat it even just preparing it my nasal passages were burning and my eyes watering. chillies promote sweating and boost blood circulation that's thought to mobilize the body's defenses to ease the symptoms. and once the cold is out of the way it's best to stave off the next one by doing some physical exercise that strengthens the body's immune system and helps keep you fit.
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and let's say happy birthday to you i like your program it's informative it's entertaining and intelligent good luck for the future health promotion and health information is more and more important. and so. is part. of. that hope. plan a little bit healthier working with it was always a pleasure. broadcast was welcome and we always hit the pole. and i'm here at the berlin hospital in the department of complimenting medicine and meeting the second most famous dr germ the head of this department who put his
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other side of things ahead of you today we just saw that a port that they used chile against a sore throat is this a usual way to treat it if you need to on a regular basis it's. these two problem gratian of life less myocardial infarction but i would not suggest to. treat it. i doze is to pick your throat because it's very hot but it's very hot and it get infected can also use burning sensation or lesions off the skep thoughts off the mouth but how are we in need of those home remedies because we do have those big pharmaceutical companies what we are not in need to survive acute illness or a traumatic injury your myocardial infarction but we have a increasing rate of chronic diseases pain syndromes off things like that and there are folk remedies and home remedies really really are very useful.
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where we ask our viewers send us in your most favorite home remedies and one of you . had a mixture against a cold and this is quite typical of he's missed the same amount of colleague ginger with the juice of lemon a teaspoon of honey thing he does or says and water it and dreams it twice and times a day so the ingredients i just mentioned are in top of the list of the home remedies . ginger and on humans and they they share the property they are all. in effect viral and inflammatory what about. this year we've got some honey here in this is some solution and we put some what you need to yeah so this should help against cutting yeah on the end they are very strong and so tears come into
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our eyes and that's also the effect that we have here on the lungs that means secretion these increased. again we have an antibacterial that will effect and so every ingestion of audience is useful for a common cold. there's also the some people use it for your infection they wrote it on locally it's also a good idea so we can use it against any type of cold and what about the honey that well honey is really is a miracle is because it has a very potent bacteria property that's also the reason it is partly used against. milling but again we can use it for infection for any type and it's very you know mixed with the other substances what ginger have already yeah ginger there we have evidence for that it's very
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interesting ginger. was used for for centuries for thousands of years against. vomiting. so this is a very nice home and potentially closely related is turmeric ginger so why do you use jernigan. turmeric is. very powerful we don't we are not in need to ingest a lot of turmeric one teaspoon or two teaspoons a day already has effects as a medication for example canst osteo what try to ease that we can also use it. against high cholesterol or in diabetes and so there is no need to have it as a medication we just put it on our dishes if we like it what i absolutely like is
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garlic. so it should help against hypertension for their group that it's effective and what about her view from cyprus says that he always doing some kind of mountain tea yeah helpful yes yes small this is helpful yes it's very interesting because plants that are growing in high author if you would they protect themselves against the sun radiation by producing a very potent antioxidant substances and so if we prove a t.v. with a mountain the her we extract the substance we just focused all talk right now on fictious disease is a feeling sick but there's another thing that can make a c. which is stress and there are even some home remedies in stress noise hustle and bustle stress and worry they're all things most people experience on
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a daily basis and as a result some find it hard to wind down at the end of the day. remedies can help they work by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. sympathetic and parasympathetic are the two main divisions of the autonomic nervous system active sympathetic nervous system is more in charge here. the parasympathetic takes over when we're unwinding on. people have been aware of the soothing effect of lavender since the middle ages it's one thing that can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system. it's called lavender is well known for its scent for its essential oil. and that's probably responsible for the effect it has on for love and their oil is coming in soothing. fly ending weekend and there's even
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a recent scientific study that's confirmed that. the state just. taking a bath with lavender oil in the evening can help you sleep at fire drops of the pure essential oil to milk and then add that to your bathwater mixing the oil with milk creates an emulsion that disperses more easily in the water just lie back for twenty minutes breathing deeply and enjoy and musicians for about warm cozy paf in the evening is a great way to ensure data is being it's relaxing and comforting gives you a chance to unwind and helps if you have problems falling asleep alive when it's with us it's not been to laugh and to can enhance the effects it's beyond if you don't want to climb into the tub a foot bath would be just as good as bottle here falls more you can add a few drops of essential oil to best will boil and use that to massage or teach the calming gradients are absorbed quickly into the skin helping to reduce tension and
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feelings of anxiety. if on the other hand you feel depressed sad or listless st john's wart might help you have just caught a new challenge on sport blooms in summer and to speak than around st john's day which is june twenty fourth when the sun is at its zenith among the folklore has it that the leaf stored. some ice in summer and helped ward off evil spirits in the winter. and you just see on tuesday we know that it helps people affected by the winter blues. and i guess that's. a couple of st john's wart can help lift your spirits but you should be careful when taking it especially in the form of supplements. you have to bear in mind that st john's wart can interact with other drugs and reduce their efficacy in for example it can
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act on enzymes that are involved in the metabolism of oral contraceptives or blood thinners and have said just so please only takes in john's works in consultation with your doctor. i mean the lemon and pension flour can all have a calming effect you can use them to make a tea that can help you sleep it's particularly effective if you drink it regularly . you have a team mission she may have a lemon balm hops and passionflower is good for us because lemon balm tastes good encounters anxiety have a passion flower helps too and hops are calming they make you feel tired and relaxed felt like beer. did something for everyone and fresh fish even. best when you're warm and comfy so hot water bottle to warm milk with honey can also help sleep tight.
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in good shape is appealing people oriented presentation of german medicine with a smile the words of asians to the ten years in the verse three of the injured save magazine and the whole team i enjoyed working with everybody a lot we spoke about many interesting topics and stay curious and keep up the great work so. farm workers you know you're giving data remote from. those different diseases it's one where you actually you know worldwide it's not a farm you guys mark go on after the last interview i got so many moods it's unbelievable where in the world people watch in good shape but that has what do you do you are under a lot of stress personally i love running exercise maybe in the forest and if if there is a continuous stress load ok then it's the time for your go and meditation which i
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also practice speaking about meditation is what mucus from bolivia's he says that he's just daydreaming his way out of stress is this a way to cope with it yeah that's a very good idea i mean it's a little bit of visualisation they do remain and so circulation and and the body really can relax with that maybe it's not the optimal approach for the hustings stress reduction but at the moment it's very useful so what's the optimal approach that has to stress reduction from the scientific data we have it appears that meditation is the most powerful so if you've got problems falling asleep there's a great special sleeping potion it's milk if it was believed some some time some time ago that some substances in the milk were found sarah to meet. might
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be the reason for the sleep and hence in fact however we then found that it does not pass to the brain so this cannot be the reason for this effect and after all it it appears that it's just a nice ritual so what are the advantages of home remedies over chemical medications . well first of all we have less side effects no side effects but we have less side effects and i think a second very important point is that home remedies and hence our self efficacy and we know in medicine now for for two decades that self a kissy is very important in handling our health during life time but what about any harmful substances that might be in the near or in. the dangerous for not really it is a let's say
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a global problem that we have any creasing problem with pesticides. also in food and of course in every plant. in the dossier in the way we use it for medical purposes there is no risk we have we have to be aware that if we use medical plans in a high dose which maybe if we use cooma against osteoarthritis there might be into action with a medication so sometimes it's good to tell the doctor or to talk with that also there's still the need for a doctor there is still the need for the doctor. thinks we'll see each other in just a moment and if we didn't discuss your home remedy here don't be sad it is still a chance that we will discuss it on facebook. and now the big moment has arrived ten years of age and really giving away those backpacks to our winners and
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what's inside those backpacks. it's a toll free exercise. it's an exercise tape. f.s.e. a ball. and. a coup exercise watch congress relations to all winners and here they are. hector all summa from tanzania with his home remedy for stomach ulcers. everything cine from sudan with a treatment for coughs. caught here by me others from peru with a way to relieve half bone. and shit man from macedonia with a home remedy for infections. congratulations but honestly the real winner is me because i get mail from you every single week.
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on an upcoming show we'll be talking about weight loss long term success may require changing or using habits these dieting necessary and all their foods to avoid if you have questions send them to our set in good shape at g.w. dot com be sure supports healthy weight loss in the subject line we look forward to hearing from you. so we just learned with the right home remedy you don't always necessarily have to see you doctor and the same holds true in sports if you want to have muscles just stay at home. in the comfort of her own living room lisa starts off with five minutes of warm up exercises using equipment from a broom closet today's her first time working out at her makeshift jam that seems to contain. lisa's mother only is a sports therapist and she's
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a big believer in working out wherever and whenever possible when you've got a couple of dust rags who needs a cross trainer. just an ordinary just off the decks exercises designed to tackle fly the upper arm so-called bingo or back way. lisa use an improvised resistance band to strengthen their triceps they wrap around one hand hold the other arm over their head with the elbows turned away from the body. and i just like so you. can stretch your more arms so that you're flexing your triceps force. one yes. holmes holding here said amen sister and be sure not to arch your back that can happen easily here. the resistance band came out of lisa's bottom drawer. there's a minute i'm using my willy winter tights they're very elastic. nylon
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doesn't work you need them to be quite thick so. they got even more creative with their next move this exercise built around a kiddies push cart strengthens the upper arms fives and stomach from a standard push up position they place their feet on the car pull their knees to the chest and then stretch them again taking care once again not to arch their backs. and hard to work just when it's sure isn't so what you should start with just five repetitions. the next part of the workout calls for some proper do it yourself skills that is be dismissed by the barbell. which lisa also needs strong at he's of take and to six packs of bottled water beginners should start with fewer or smaller bottles she
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then improvises handles and make sure the bar is properly secured. it's. time for biceps curls lisa does five repetitions. and she can also use her homemade barbell to perform squash needs bands that strengthen the fines and glutes. make sure to spread your weight evenly and stretch your legs. and try to avoid arching your back. foot since i'm exhausted. and now i'm super tired muscles with a good old fashioned worldling pan. do it yourself fitness now you can't say you've got no time to go to the gym. it's
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right there in your living room. of success you reach the road would you do this with one face again congratulations my kong regulations on your reports automatic of topics which are extremely professional i've been enjoying working with you and wish you all the best i like to shoot because you talk about a lot of prevention medical preventions and not only about serious illness so good luck for the next two years i'm very happy that there is such a decent and informative health program being produced in germany that is being seen in all over the world in four languages and i hope that in future you will have the success at least that you had and passed all the best for you for in good
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shape. and supporting the exercise being seen as home remedies as well of course i mean it's a very nice home remedy it's simple it's effective if we can do it anytime so or exercise is good and what is your favorite household cure well maybe a little bit surprising but but i enjoy fennel tea ok why is that wealth and the penalty is very good for the digestion the warm feeling here in the valley and it makes you also alert enjoy it during the day and you know what i mean with it so this is why i got some family here and i make a nice. graze dominique and we can celebrate a bit on the home remedies and we can celebrate ten years of in good shape so things to all of you assume send us in the home remedies and sending in all those
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congress relations and just staying with in good shape and. we continue over and until it's all try to stay in good shape thanks so much stuff. the book. the book.
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. place to place. your max highlights of today's. extraordinary a russian artist conjures images pay for. extravagant visit to milan and the world's most important furniture and design. extra tourists discover madrid in twenty four hours. euro. doubles. the dangerous battle for images five women. some have exceptional stories claim one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing street full moments in time and even risking to escape she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up
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killing. women war photographers starting may third on t.w. . what unites. what divides. the comic books try to explore. what binds the continent to her answers and stories aplenty. spotlight on people her. focus on europe on g.w. . it's all been happening. pretty. sure link to use from africa and the world of. your link to inception stories and discussions continue and welcome student news after cutting programs night from the need to meet from the news of easy to our website d w to. much
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afrikaans joining some jewish good d.w. for good. player to play to. this is e w news lawyer from butting a deepening political crisis in on me at least arrest the authorization into this office of the country's new prime minister who walks out of talks with his government is fighting to calm days of unrest on the streets also coming up. the afghan capital kabul is rocks by a suicide bombing dozens of civilians are killed as they line up to register to
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vote in elections later this year. and germany's social demick.


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