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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2018 8:00pm-8:59pm CEST

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british royal the duchess of cambridge. with husband prince william. has not been revealed but he's already saying hello to the world we'll bring you an update correspondent in london also on the program. a media. after days of protests and even soldiers joins demonstrations demanding his resignation after a power grab triggered government movement. of course in belgium sentences
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the only surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris terror attacks. twenty years for his role in the police shootout that led to his arrest in brussels. goes public health crisis the west african country faces a desperate shortage of doctors bad equipment now medical workers are striking to demand change and bring in an exclusive report. in the. face an uphill battle against relegation to make matters worse they look at how they took in full. looking to qualify for the champions league thanks stop the inevitable. i'm feeling welcome to the program it's threatens duchess. cambridge was given to
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a baby boy kate's third child with husband prince so william had just over an hour ago royal watchers got the treat they'd been so eagerly awaiting kate's with i'm a new baby appeared outside the private lindo wing of st mary's hospital in london the queen's six great grandchild is fifth in line to the throne after prince charles his father and siblings george and shot his name has not been released. so let's cross our lot so our correspondent in london beg it to nasr joins us on the i welcome a big it how are people reacting to the news. well when than when it was announced that the baby boy was born there was really a cry of joy in front of the whole venue well we should. do well you know really quite a scene and people would just be kited to greedy good because we knew all the
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people need that we haven't had that much in the last weeks and months maybe in this country that suffering from corrective divide say that this was something that people could leave the celebrate and we had the dutch as well and the baby is well and we've seen them say you know it's something that they can hype a lot of people and some people have been really camping out there for days or even weeks royal well which is there are some that are really very very faithful to the royal family and they want the people that you know they will be the most happy people today the big taking bets on a possible new name for the royal baby boy where is fun upon the list. well soon it's not really very very high on the list as far as i know i feel speaking broke and they had. to talk to ron and then father by james but of course we don't know because of course prince philip. is somebody that the couple
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have very close to the hospital is yeah it would definitely be a good bet but what seems to be the case at least is what people are expecting is that they're going for a more traditional as a as they have done with george and charlotte without the two children soon wanting to compete is what we're expecting ok bigot's a mass in london thank you you're welcome which indeed when you fly from berlin let me bring you some breaking news reaching us here i was getting reports that a truck has run over several people in central tehran so a kind of a beast a live picture it's now. media reports that the driver fled the scene on foot police have tweeted that it's too early to confirm that the number of people who was struck although the nature of the injuries this is all we know at this stage and of course we'll bring you more as we get it here to detail when used in ballot
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. smooth i mean as prime minister sharon has resigned after more than a week of anti-government protests which what today he joined by groups of soldiers was previously the country's president but sought to retain control by becoming prime minister and extending the roles policy a move that brought amin eons onto the streets. celebrations on the streets of armenia's capital yet have on. after ten days of mass protest they got what they wanted the former president who became prime minister just days earlier was quitting. and even serving soldiers had joined the demonstration against their prime minister. now they too were in jubilant mood. in
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a statement serge suggs ian admitted he'd got it wrong he became armenia's president in two thousand and eight and served ten years earlier this month he was elected prime minister by the country's parliament but this enraged many armenians who felt this latest move would secure his hold over the country indefinitely. the former soviet republic which is in the caucasus region was plunged into political crisis many of armenians three million citizens are also struggling with economic turmoil. and there's been disquiet about zambians close ties to russian president vladimir putin. back on the streets of yera van and it's the main opposition leader nicole passion ian who's received a hero's welcome armenians are hoping it's the start of a new era. from independent research. to
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phineas varian who's in a welcome to day doubly so who replaces the prime minister in the short term immediately and indeed in the media. well there used to be both a legal constitutional as well as the political process so according to the constitution the prime minister has resigned but his party is still the majority in parliament and within a week a new prime minister has to be voted on the opposition leader an equal question on his evening said that on wednesday morning he will be holding negotiations with the acting prime minister is a small transition for work. prime minister will have to be voted on the present prime minister was voted in by palm and will this be a similar parliamentary vote so will this be an actual votes of the people well
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you know the opposition leader wants the people candidate to be the new prime minister has not specify we need exactly about that but in any case this will be a temporary transitional government according to his plan with fresh elections lated in a reasonable time frame fresh free and fair elections or is the implication. is. ready for free and fair elections does it have the infrastructure it's been ruled by one man. any number of years. indeed unfortunately i mean bill into life free and fair transparent elections are not a home mark it is that kind of frustration that has world over the past it's really difficult to say what this means for me and historic occurrence if a shift in political culture can move forward from here one that will involve free and fair elections that will in itself the victory for democracy in this country.
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remind us of the background what was it the prime minister. that moved the people to rise up against him. well he had already served his second and final term as president in the course of that initiated a new constitution which transformed the country into our imaginary republic he explicitly promised however that he would never aspired to lead the country again but at last we saw that his own political party made him from minister once more and so this was probably a step too far for the segment of the population. another concern of people with his close links to russia tell us about that well i mean yeah russia enjoyed a very strong historical a little culture and certainly economic relations no matter who is in power and yet on the links with moscow well be strong and they are usually seen that way around
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when actually the foreign ministry rather issued a statement that russia always dance with armenia so there does not seem to be any negative fallout from official circles from moscow at this point. thank you. take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world in france president emanuel macro is arrived in washington from a three day state visit and he's seen as a test of his relationship with the u.s. president to trump the thanks of the iran nuclear deal and trade ties likely to dominate the agenda as a pro on his wife refused to dine at the white house so. you could argue are some present value still facing calls for his resignation despite backing away from controversial pensions it's been days of violent protests students say they'll keep demonstrating until he resigns or is removed to first place with more than twenty
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people killed in protests that began last week. it was indeed news live from berlin still to come finding the funds to rebuild syria the e.u. hopes that lead and donor drive for the ruined country after eight years of civil. and about your winter is here and the women struggling to crush the chinese job market that's right human rights watch saying it's a sexist market a new report by humans rights watch rights watch shows chinese employers continue to discriminate against women and paints the chinese government as one of those not alone human rights watch found that some of the chinese job ads are openly sexist many of them pander to antiquated stereotypes openly calling for fashionable or even beautiful candidates and the positions are paid less the pay gap in china has widened the latest official government figures showed that women in urban areas and twenty ten we're only making sixty seven percent of what men made in ninety ninety
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they made seventy eight percent so unlike other countries the pay gap in china is actually widening well let's find out some more on this now china director of human rights watch sophie richardson joins us now so sophie some of the companies that you have cited such as alibaba and ten cent in directly accuse you of cherry picking in this report is your report focusing too much on the individual bad examples and not enough on the broader picture. well i think even one is too many and it's probably safe to say that it was not hard for us to find multiple versions of these ads from each of those companies over the span of about five years but equally problematic our government owned civil service job listings and we noted that in twenty seventeen about thirteen percent of those that. stipulated a preference or requirement for men only and in twenty eight thousand that actually
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went up to nineteen percent so almost one in every five government job that said it was for men only use both body due for example one of the companies that you cite says that almost home and senior mid-level managers are women so the progress although those ads that were mentioned terrible the progress also needs to be emphasized yet it's amazing how many of these companies have offered that up as some sort of credible explanation or justification for even going to another just growing that's already behavior which makes no sense right i mean it's it's good that they're employing people it's women that it's good that they've got limit on their boards but it's still illegal what is your problem it has stipulate a preference for one gender over the other and really frankly if they're interested in gender equality they ought to be talking broadly about the skills and qualifications that any applicant should have not at all about what gender they should be and from just being bad you mention in your poll that china is getting
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worse when it comes to women's representation why this negative trend. well i think there are a couple of different factors that play into that one is that you know it's not an accountable government it's not democratically elected. obviously the government itself is violating its own was so it's not been terribly aggressive in up all that making companies and here and those laws it doesn't have a free media and the president she's government has worked hard to crack down on the independent activists including women's rights activists who push hard precisely on issues like these and i think all of those are contributing to these problems getting worse rather than better ok so as you mentioned all of the anti gender discrimination laws in place seoul most of them at least but they're not being enforced how can you encourage the state to take a strong stand so what can be done to ensure that these laws are enforced right well the very first thing that the government needs to do is it unfold its own laws
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and delete its gender discriminatory job ads and if there is a certain public question back about these kinds of ads you know there has been something of a debate inside china about to look for example and greater gender equality i think of that if the company is really take down and don't repose these kinds of ads it sets a little bit of competition between the government and those private companies you know there's also a lot of scope for making more precise and was what constitutes discrimination that's very vague and last but not least chinese courts could easily accept a lot of the cases related to discrimination that come before them but that they reject i think having real precedent and rejecting these kinds of ads would be helpful so if you richardson trying to director of human rights watch thank you very much for talking to us on that. now when you grab your favorite sweet to the local shop child labor probably isn't on your mind but the participants in the full cocoa conference saying low cocoa prices encourage
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child labor in some parts of the well. and child labor in the chocolate industry that's what these german schoolchildren are demanding in berlin that's also the goal of german federal minister of food agriculture yulia cook know her ministry is hosting the fourth world cocoa conference in berlin in partnership with the international cocoa organization germany wants to introduce new production standards in the fight against child labor. but critics say that's not enough they claim cocoa producers in africa or latin america see too little of the profits from cocoa production and they argue that the price on the world market is just too low to provide them a sustainable living. through this on a fairly around six percent or six million dollars reaches the countries that produce cocoa from the one hundred billion that is earned each year with chocolate we can't talk about a sustainable industry. and
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a debate over higher cocoa prices is exactly what these demonstrators at the world cocoa conference hope to provoke. more business later but now a suspected terrorist facing decades behind boss felt that if i hear a yes a court in belgium a sentence the last surviving suspect from the twenty fifteen paris terror attacks to twenty years in prison but. was not convicted for his alleged pots in the attacks that killed one hundred thirty people but face part of the dramatic shootout that led to his arrest currently being held in a french prison he still awaiting trial on charges in connection with paris. at belgium's palace of justice to slum received the maximum twenty year jail sentence for his role in the police shootout just before his arrest in brussels two years ago and accomplice was handed the same sentence but neither of them were present for the verdict the lawyer representing the police praised the judge's decision.
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supposed to as all of our demands have been met i think we can be satisfied he said to say. but i've said he still had some doubts. i'm not convinced of anything in this verdict but i review it with my client it's a verdict so i respect it but i think there are things that need to be said it remains to be seen if our disallowing wishes to appeal and if he appeals then will decide the next steps. for today's verdict was just the first step in what could be years of proceedings against up to the twenty eight year old french citizen is believed to be the only surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks that left one hundred thirty people dead in november twenty fifth dean after four months on the run of the slum was arrested in brussels in march twenty sixth seen following the shootout with police for which
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he's been sentenced today i his role in planning and executing the paris attacks is not yet clear it's only at the much bigger trial set to take place in france isolated date that prosecutors will judge whether abt islam was one of the masterminds or just a low level follower. has been following this case and sent us this update from outside the courthouse in brussels. this conviction and twenty year prison sentence for attempted terrorist murder won't have much of an impact on solid to song's life in the near term if ever because of course he's facing much more serious charges related to the paris attacks of november two thousand and fifteen where one hundred twenty nine people were killed but what this trial has done is given us more insight into who is and what he believes because he had an outburst here on the first day of the trial in which he said that he believes muslims are always discriminated against that he doesn't even recognize the mandate of the court and he said he put it he put his faith in all his hands not the judges and so while the
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defense was trying to portray him as too stupid to have taken part in a complicated terror plots like the ones in paris and brussels he proved himself to be both articulate and angry so we'll see if that plays any role in his defense's strategy heading into the paris trial. reporting now the aftermath of the parser taka led to authorities in belgium to to back a neighborhood where several of the men involved in the attack hailed from including some of the slack after a four month manhunt this was where he was arrested in twenty sixteen in a hideout near his family home the neighborhood on the western edge of brussels so how do you know tara notoriety is a hotbed of islamic radicalization some even calling it the jihad just capital of europe and it's about me taking that moment back or residence or trying to shake. these ont ferrari cylinders that soofi on his repairing but that's exactly what he
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wants to do on a day ever since he was a child he's dreamed of becoming a mechanic. i love everything to do with mechanics. the twenty nine year old will finish his training in a few months and he'll have to find a job soon ffion feels ready but he's concerned about his background. i admit that i would say i'm from. a new what people would think i'm from tenney not. all of the chinese herit doing a one year apprenticeship many of them a school drop out so have been unemployed and now want to learn a trade this is the bond decent a social project that teaches young adults one hundred on profession it's in the heart of moreland back the neighborhood has struggled with a bad reputation since the attacks in france and belgium. its young confident
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residents want things to return to normal this is a place that invests in its young people josh clearly is the project leader as well as a social worker and hospital director he explains that his trainees learn to become mechanics bricklayers which have a trait they choose it will help them get employment and become independent. is angry that people look down on his boys just because of their postcode. because when we get it. i don't care where mechanics from as long as he's enthusiastic and does a good job. whether he's belgian rocker norah talley and. a mechanic is a mechanic. group has even won national trade competitions that makes them proud but they all wish they didn't always have to prove themselves just because they're from moreland back. with the syria conflict into its eighth year aid for people displaced within the country and across the region is
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crucial united nations and the european union are holding a donor conference in belgium starting tomorrow hoping to raise the billions of dollars in relief aid for the syrian people brussels has invited more than eighty government time but not on the government agencies to raise funds for humanitarian aid limited reconstruction and the mining cities the hope is that it will also give possible attendees russia turkey and iran all chance to breathe new peace efforts. so what goes on at these conferences and won't succumb they hope to achieve well ralph soon health is the world food program's regional director for the crisis in syria a welcome to d w let's start with the similar conference that raised about six billion pledges last year six billion. pledged did the money arrive so sensible money arrives but always it's an issue with these conferences that it's
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a promise and you can see like series of lives just as you know because i just want to be clear six billion was pledged how much arrive well it's not very transparent and that's one of the key issues because donors pledge but not necessarily all donors are very transparent in what they did model donuts like germany which collections and you can commit to that and you can even borrow as we do funds to use the money straight away because you know it will come. soon after to your account same with the u.s. many western countries that's not necessarily always working like that so our appeal is make a promise and please stick to it be curious the people in the region need to reliability so they have a perspective to stay in the region so. i'm really glad i got here because i've often wondered at how this process works so when governments say we pledged. fifteen million. other pledging it's in the same way that when there's
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a disaster there's an appeal on television and we send money to a charity where governments sending this money that's up to the government and that's of course one of the issues they can say we do that with our own national eight engine c. agencies which is not necessarily always very transparent we don't talk only about democracies pledging so it's not always a system in place to make a transparent but to be totally clear we are very grateful for a lot of money pledged by key donors and i name the. some of them but of course the deal is that safe predictable reliable funding so we can serve only of peace of the world food for them on the ground up to seven million people who really rely on food assistance to survive. so you've just started to talk about it tell us more about where the money is used for. take the example of food assistance that's actually done these days in very different ways and region is kind of
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a left to to get an idea of that inside syria it's the very traditional food assistance you give possibles to people in monthly ration really what they need to eat month by month because markets don't function and you need to import the systems because agriculture is a function easy to run in the neighboring countries it's a totally very innovative story take the example of jordan where i'm based in the refugee camps there are refugees can go now into regular supermarkets they pay with the iris scan with our broad chain technology they pay their regular shopping and so it's a cash assistance in the very efficient way but still of course we need the funds to do this and that's one of our key causes to go to to this important conference because really have run out of funds inside syria one million internally displaced without funds and we you may run out of funds in
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a few weeks in the region to assist these millions of people so. even if the conference does raise the money are you actually able to get the aid to the people if we get the funds we are very fast able to get into the people that take the cash assistance i just named that's working like a bank account if you tell me i give you ten thousands. of today we can book it on the cots off the refugees for going shopping into these supermarkets tomorrow so it's a very very fast and we have access to the people to reach most regions by the way inside syria today and so that's very fast and quick but of course of the funds have to be delivered to us and our partners very interesting role for sort of from the world food program thank you for joining us thank you. you're watching the data still to come on going to medical tells israeli t.v. the german is facing the only way i see separatism but how will she respond with
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help from a political. political correspondent will have. world news in just a. heated discussions in germany and. at issue anti semitic lyrics. the arts section. for genuine hatred for. the dark side of. the dangerous battle for images five women. five exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing
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faithful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to. women war photographers starting may third on t.w. . the german scheme to gather information from show the money to chancellor also from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i swear always to bring my royal parts of the projects christianism divine truth. to play the enemy. courageous decisions code or master received. from god. we must keep peace.
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the germans started may thirteenth on g.w. . this is due. news line from phil caylee's top stories out this hour media's prime minister has resigned after soldiers joined to protest against his appointment the opposition leaders the opposition has led to eleven days of protest for a change of system that gives increased powers to the prime minister. of the belgian courses found after slap you kill to the time to and sentence him to twenty years in prison is the only surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen terror attack so it was on trial over a police shootout in brussels that led to his arrest of islam is being held in france awaiting trial over his role in the paris the times. german chancellor
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merkel has used an interview with israeli t.v. to condemn the semitism in her country her words came after i recent high profile attack in berlin she had dollars the history of racist violence in germany but also conceded that the country faced new challenges due to the arrival of immigrants from the middle east. an israeli flag being burned to. palestinian protesters chanting anti semitic slogans during could stay twenty seventeen a protest march against israel and its settlement policy and just last week a refugee from syria talked to young men wearing a kippah hitting them with his belt while calling them yeah the arabic word for jews. in response chancellor angela merkel has told israeli television that a new form of anti semitism has emerged in germany. noir we have refugees now for example or people of arab origin who are bringing
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a different type of anti semitism into the country but unfortunately anti semitism existed before this it saddens us that many decades since the founding of the federal republic of germany still no jewish kindergartens no schools and no synagogues can go without police protection. but looked on. and earlier this month the scandal erupted over a music award for german rappers fahid buying and colleague or both repeatedly have used phrases and cliches seen as anti semitic in their lyrics. now let's get more from data lish if political correspondent melinda quite welcome melinda tell us more about what the chancellor meant when she was talking about germany's new form of anti semitism. well essentially she means imported anti-semitism and as you heard her say there certainly germany has had its own homegrown version of anti-semitism both on the far right of the political spectrum
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and sometimes also on the far left but now since the influx of refugees especially from the middle east is muslim and also arab refugees there is a new imported variant that is essentially a mix of anti-semitism and anti israeli sentiment and it is hard to say however to what degree that particular source of anti-semitism is now the cause of a lot of the rise and to semitic incidents that we're witnessing such incidents are on the rise but there aren't any really firm statistics as to how many of them are being perpetrated by migrants and how many of them are being perpetrated by members of the far right here in germany and if you look at the police's numbers it looks
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like the source from migrants would be perhaps under ten percent but other experts and critics say that that is undoubtedly an underestimate and that the numbers may be much higher one research project that looked into social media use said that as many as fifty percent of the hundreds of anti-semitic postings on social media in germany do appear to come from people who came to this country as immigrants. the chances that she was germany has not been able to eliminate i'm just i'm just good what has been the largest response well there's been a huge outpouring of dismay and anger are people calling for much harsher. measures by police and. by the courts by the authorities also possibly looking into the papers of people who perpetrate anti-semitic incidents to see whether they can
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and ought to be deported also you saw in the in the report there the story about. the music prize being awarded to two rappers who had some questionable anti-semitic references in the song well other people who had received that music prize which is germany's equivalent of the grammys have given their prizes back so that this particular prize may wind up ceasing to exist it's entirely lost its reputation according to many and then finally there's a groundswell saying that on the wednesday of this week there should be a widespread movement in many german cities for people to put on skullcaps in solidarity after that attack on a skullcap where here in berlin. thank you. let me take you back to the breaking news that i blushed a little but central toronto canada a truck has run out of
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a number of test trains initial estimates as many as ten people been hit police say they cannot yet to confirm the number or extent of the injuries police also say they have apprehended apprehended the truck's driver. and local media as he fled the scene all but. to toronto and we'll be joined by you before to i mean a prattling on the line a welcome i mean bring us up to date place. right so right now we know police say that they do have the driver in custody in terms of the number of injured police still sticking with the can but we've had witnesses say that they've seen is an empty twenty when you look at pictures from the scene multiple pictures of bodies covered in carbon happened about an hour ago around one thirty our time it's a warm sunny day in toronto after a long cold winter it's an area that would have been hacked if it was you know where where people would have gathered there's restaurants and cafes and witnesses
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say that a van just seemed to come out of nowhere drove up onto the sidewalk and then drove at a high rate of speed running down multiple people and some of the callers that we've had into the newsroom to report multiple bodies in the streets some hit so hard there was shoes knocked off their stuff scattered on the road but the driver is in custody we don't know the extent of the injuries from police but sadly it does look like there were some people who were killed and when we hear about an incident like this the first thing that goes from minds these days is was this a terror attack what is being said about whether this was deliberate. and so far nothing we have not heard about motive police were just making their way to the scene and they were going to be updating as to what they know the prime minister or has tweeted in the same. learning of the situation in that the hearts go out to everyone affected but no one has said as to you know was this deliberate was it an accident at this point we just don't know but of course after seeing what has
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happened around the world including in germany with the attacks and vehicles being used everyone speculated that the right now we don't know g seven foreign ministers are meeting in toronto at the moment is there any indication that that might have a bearing on this. happening heard and the area where this did happen it is not it's not in the downtown core it is in the outer area of the city it's still within the city of toronto but it's a northern suburb still a busy area and don young three weeks is that these three to the longest three in all of north america so it's highly congested ignored to the downtown core work meetings like that would normally take place i mean frankly in toronto we thank you thank you very much. business you with daniel winter and talking about how the business world is reacting to the recent trade turmoil yes
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and reacting they have been definitely fill us president on more times threats of tariffs and sparking cooperation among his rivals mexico and the european union taking a stand for free trade abolishing almost all timers between them and a new deal today while touring the world's biggest industrial fair in hanover mexican president and reconned penya nieto said he's also optimistic about a renewal of the north american free trade agreement which trump and threatens to tear up for german engineering companies like bush next what mexico is a very enticing prospect on the one hand as a market for production robots and other engineering equipment but also as a production location something german comic is in particular have capitalized on mexico's geographic location makes it a perfect platform for exports to the u.s. those factors have attracted over ten billion dollars of german investment. germany is now the country's third largest trade partner after the u.s. and china in the. middle of the last five years mexico has launched important
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structural reforms as a basis for future development. or your make it a center of opportunity. and above all to show investors that we are a trustworthy country. on their joint tour of the one of a massive trade for german chancellor angela merkel told mexico's president to trade ties between the two countries are also set to expand under the new e.u. mexico free trade agreement but security still poses a major problem along with corruption mexico is also in the midst of tough nafta free trade negotiations with the u.s. and the country elects a new president in july but those uncertainties are unlikely to scare off german investors. german companies find the strings in opportunities in mexico outweigh the risks of continuing to expand their mexican operations especially in the
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automobile industry and in the spirit of mechanical engineering and if the trade here between the e.u. and mexico goes through the partnership even stronger. and in hanover there we asked the chief economist of the world trade organization robert koopman if donald trump has a point when he says we should take another look at free trade if the average joe in countries like the u.s. is feeling the benefits from globalization. what's interesting is i think that ordinary people feel most of the benefits it's just that it's it's in their lower prices and the greater variety of goods that they get to buy every day it's very diffuse it's very spread out across many many people the people who complain more about it of the firms the feel like they're unable to compete with foreign imports and their workers and that's a much more concentrated group of people and they tend to be more vocal they
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organize because they're more concentrated they have their will organize and complain about the effects of trade our research has shown that the big much bigger effects on employment and competitiveness come about from technological change automation robot ties ation we face a i fish the intelligence going forward so i think there are a lot of challenges but most of those are domestically generated not necessarily generated across borders back to mexico which has developed into an industrial production hub for the car industry in particular german brands brought with them the nation's so-called dual system of on the job training combining academic courses with vocational work experience the system aims to quickly grow the skilled workforce male and female. today's lesson focuses on the bodywork every screw every wire if a car needs to be in the right place eighteen year old garrett gonzalez started
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training here seven months ago and because of that it's the third year in a row that audi mexico has taken on new apprentices when we it was the first week was really exciting especially the first day to see where you're going to working and learning and then i saw the q five which we training system structured the same way as in germany. eighteen months or spent it out he's training center the rest is hands on training in the production plant. or is mainly interested in auto electronics she wants to be an electro mechanical technician. but i think what it is it became an income below which i fell in love with a car as a child i think it's really fascinating just knowing how our car drives all the parts work together and why each individual screw is important when we want them. the instructor takes the students out to test the brakes.
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but yara is not yet allowed to drive the test car herself and that doesn't is as much what universities teach mostly theory that's not hands on enough for me here we work on the cars and learn a lot on the job the practical training is what i'll need most if i want to get a job with the company. next it's time for lunch like most trainees here yara learned about the audi course through social media. the german car maker wants to attract more women to work in engineering professions . but i mean as in the business perfectly normal for me because i've always wanted this job. easy very easy. and if i do a good job then i do it well to them regardless of whether i'm a woman. these i'm sure there are more men here than women but i also feel
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as a woman that working here is a great opportunity the training center is only a short distance from the production line i already built the plant a few years ago to manufacture its q five s u v bike film now and the football action from germany. and thank you will start in the bundesliga that minds headed to i was burgled on sunday with the only goal difference keeping them out of the drop zone the hosts have been the previous match up and were looking to do the same again especially with the injured stuff forwards returning to the alcs but line up. alfred finn bogus in made his comeback you know explored starting lineup after three months out injured and he wasted no time showing how important he is to the team the icelandic case set up mikail grigori the open the scoring in the twenty ninth minute his twelfth goal of the season. one nil for sport at half time. and it was all out borg in the second half as well in bogus
8:46 pm
in-flow says can be but denied by defender danny lotsa. i but then in injury time minds were pushing for an equaliser and finn bogus and caught them on the break the captain capping an outstanding comeback i'm great to be back on the pitch again i didn't think i would quite last this long in his game but the adrenalin took me over the last thirty minutes from now secured another season in the top flight well mindset still in danger and have some tough games ahead of them. have had a catastrophic season. in the face but second place shalt have a historically poor record against them so would the royal blues clinch that coveted champions league spot that hosts upset. where there's life there's hope and cologne are still just about hanging on but in childcare they
8:47 pm
faced an opponent from whom they could expect a little messy as was proven in the fourth minute when dobby here are now though played a cutting through both say you haven't counted pancha whose cross to braille and buffalo made it impossible for this whisper a word to make. a rapid counter-attacking go of that doubt colona painful. and when konoplyanka found himself in acres of space once again he went through the challenge of georgia met a and sleek pos t. moho on the doubles shout his name. but cologne kept fighting and were rewarded in the twenty sixth minute when leon bitter court latched on to a fine through pull from your not to bring his side back into the game to school and stayed at three one until the eighty fourth minute when a swinging free kick from muscle rissa left right of famine with no chance suddenly cologne could begin to drain. but unfortunately for the billy goats the win wasn't
8:48 pm
to be the last serious chance of the game was squandered by a stumbling on court about. two to the final score a draw in the end a disappointing result for both coaches but was shy to stay in second place cologne look certain to be heading for the second division. in pictures for us president barack obama as we still remember him by a statesman serious and some but also a private man with his wife michelle our perception of america's forty fourth president has a lot to do with the person who took those photos as pete souza president obama's official white house a photographer has collected his most iconic photos into a best selling book and joining me to talk about the book on date about. scott ross
8:49 pm
welcome. so he was the official white house photographer and a bamma how free was his access almost unlimited i mean he could had access both the most confidential meetings as well as the most personal moments i mean this is a nice photo here that he took quite closely end of obama's second term as president this is of course and in germany the sort of sound of music shot with the on the american and you can just see i think how relaxed obama is he been around the fur for eight years he was accustomed to the guy and he really had complete access was interesting is that through that incredibly personal behind the scenes shots of obama which he's gathered into this new book that he's he's he's made obama a intimate portrait there's an exhibit of those photos on display right now in germany we caught up with him when he's on his book tour here and it's think it's really
8:50 pm
interesting to look at those and his is his pictures because he really does he's the guy who maybe when anyone else created our image of the obama presidency why don't we take a look. for eight years pete souza was barack obama's chief photographer and he was busy he shot two million pictures historical political and private he portrayed obama as a president with a sense of humor burdened by responsibility but often playful. he was the only photographer in a position to capture intimate shots like this one the presidential couple in a goods lift and then they're. kind of sharing this little. private moment and you have the staff and secret service trying not to look not to intercede if sort of see michelle through all the you know. her long breaths because the
8:51 pm
cross would track on the floor. pete souza and barack obama had a very close relationship souza was like a shadow he never took a vacation he never allowed himself to be ill he became as close to a bomb as the president's most trusted advisors there wasn't a collaboration where we would talk about. you know what he was doing i would just follow him along all day on every day. the iconic short with the white house generator the big three farewell photos with employees leaving the white house like this with jacob's family the young boy. told the president that his friends had told him that his here looked just like the president and when jacob said that president obama bent over and told the little boy to go ahead and feel it is so that's very unusual moment i have one
8:52 pm
frame and i know it was over. pete souza is a freedom's photographer in washington is iconic pictures of barack obama already have the aura of a great legacy and increasingly in denial and. clearly some great photo but i don't know pete souza essentially just piano well he did work for obama obviously work for the white house and now people have accused him of being a bit too partisan and he's a private man he starts he started tweeting obama photos often response to negative tweets that come out of the trump white house but i don't think it's and i don't think you can really say he's he's truly partisan because before he worked for the obama white house he worked for the reagan white house and he took a lot of really iconic shots of ronald reagan and looking at these images now it's interesting because comparing them to the photos he took of obama very very similar i mean he shows reagan in very much the same way as
8:53 pm
a statesman in these in these sort of iconic poses. bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders and so forth and also quite private moments i mean silly stuff like with michael jackson and problems with his wife nancy but also the photos that we all know of reagan on the ranch the cowboy and so forth our image of reagan was very much of the in. that sosa gave us i think the what you can say is that sosa's image of obama is the public image that we that we know i mean we think we know obama we think you know he's a he's a funny guy sense of humor he's a very close intimate relationship with his wife we don't really know that but that's the image that sos has given us so that's what we believe it's interesting the big gap in between reagan and obama is what he did in the bush here bush to get here if you can to get a paper around. let's talk about one of his most famous photos is in the white house situation room where they were watching the operation to hunt down osama bin
8:54 pm
ladin yeah yeah that's very interesting because that had a huge impact on our public perception of obama remember the image went viral immediately and at that time people thought a lot of people criticizing obama for being soft on terrorism but when this image came out a lot of his supporters said look at look at him in this picture he looks determined he looks stern he looks like a man who would defend america against its enemies so i have strong. impact on his public perception interestingly though the public perception of hillary clinton was quite the opposite when she later here's the secretary of state when she later tried to run for president a number of people used that image of her with her hand covering over her mouth to suggest she's not strong enough that she was in shock or surprised at the killing of osama bin laden and therefore wasn't suitable to be secretary to be. a commander in chief of u.s. forces it's interesting one image two very different perceptions of millions of stupid people because there was. one yes there vs how do you think also this is
8:55 pm
what's going on get is about but you think so much of the presidency or these public perceptions is made of these single images i mean think of trump how many times we see that image of his hair blowing off making him look like a clown so we all think trump's a clown don't think it changes people's minds or does it with if you're strong supporter you go oh they've used that picture again and if you don't like trump you go use that to get out there that's true on their own bubbles. thank you very much more the website one web site and if you're really interested in sosa's images check out his instagram it's incredible and he posts a lot of the old shots from obama for people who are still missing i'll just go in fact you. just time to recap the top story out base out the prime minister a medium high street sign of the soldiers st patrick's above six point zero blizzard out of the opposition has led to eleven days of protests and for a change to the system and gave increased cost to the promise of the few updates of the talks in the meantime of course there's always the web site that's. going to.
8:56 pm
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a van pyles into pedestrians in toronto canada initial reports saying as many as ten people have been hit police haven't revealed details yet of their injuries the police are saying that they've arrested the driver will be going live to toronto just as soon as we can also on this program meaning as prime minister steps down off the days of protests a group of soldiers even joined the demonstrations demanding his resignation after a power grab triggered an.


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