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this is d w news live from now van pyles into pedestrians in toronto canada initial reports saying as many as ten people have been hit police haven't revealed details yet of the injuries police are saying that they've arrested the driver will be going live to toronto just as soon as we can also on this program amin is prime minister stepped down off the days of protests a group of soldiers even joined the demonstrations demanding his resignation after a power grab triggered an anti-government movement. and britain's
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duchess of cambridge shows off her third child with husband prince william the boy's name hasn't been revealed yet but he's already had his first public appearance. but i'm script of a spring and hello and welcome we begin with breaking news out of toronto canada this hour a van has run over a number of pedestrians in that city canada's largest city initial estimates say as many as ten people have been hit the police have tweeted they cannot yet confirm the number extent of the injuries authorities also saying they've apprehended the truck's driver following reports in local media that he fled the scene. and we will be. going live to toronto just as soon as we can to get the very latest
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on an ongoing situation in toronto canada moving on to other news now as prime minister said assad. has resigned after more than a week of anti-government protests those protests joined today by groups of soldiers. who was previously the country's president but sort to retain control of the country by becoming prime minister and extending the roles the role of the prime minister in terms of its executive powers that was a move that brought to the streets. celebrations on the streets of armenia's capital yeah of on. off to ten days of mass protests they got what they wanted the former president to became prime minister just days earlier was quitting. even
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serving soldiers had joined the demonstration against their prime minister. now they too were in jubilant mood. in a statement surge song c.n.n. admitted he'd got it wrong he became armenia's president in two thousand and eight and served ten years earlier this month he was elected prime minister by the country's parliament but this enraged many armenians who felt this latest move would secure his hold over the country indefinitely. the former soviet republic which is in the caucasus region was plunged into political crisis many of armenia's three million citizens are also struggling with economic turmoil . and there's been disquiet about zonks ian's close ties to russian president vladimir putin. back on the streets of yera van and it's the main opposition leader nicole passion he and he's received
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a hero's welcome medians are hoping it's the start of a new era. ok let's get more on this now from independent research and not a sufficient in yet of a not a good to have you with us again the last time we were talking on sunday arrests were being made prime minister was making veiled threats of a security crackdown and now suddenly he says i got it wrong role and stepped down how do you explain this turnaround it is difficult to give a full account of what might have happened doors but there are always a few factors that were what is security. or not or if you have much into really in fact movement of troops on the border and no i mean there are. next door say when tomorrow marks the annual grammar ations of the armenian genocide general we. bring together the whole nation this was
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very unfortunate we had there been serious domestic political turmoil in that entry is. now parliament has seven days as far as i understand to nominate a success at the sox who might that be and where might that new leader take all media from him. well the prime minister has resigned and the party you need is still the majority in parliament the opposition leader however legal question you have made this their squired clear he would like the candidate of the people to take over temporarily he did not explicitly name that candidate but he anyway and visions a transitional government that will receive it will have no confidence and that will precipitate fresh and fair elections within a reasonable time frame you say free and fair elections the tone of voice that
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you're using suggests to me that in the past they haven't been as free and fair as they could have been. more annoyed at this trio armenian transparent elections have not been a hallmark very often after elections there have been protests and rallies on the streets and political leaders in this country from a lot of legitimacy this is one of the reasons why there isn't so much of the nation and it is the kurdish authorities ok not at many thanks for that not exhibit he on. yet of. here. we're going to catch up now with some of the other stories making news around the world police in the u.s. state of tennessee have arrested a man suspected of killing four people at a restaurant in nashville a man hunt had been lucky who want strong off to the gunman fled the scene of the
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fatal shootings on something to noon police say the suspect is mentally unstable. french president has arrived in washington for a three day state visit seen as a test of his relationship with u.s. president donald trump trade ties the iran nuclear deal are expected to dominate the agenda on the state visit my call and his wife due to have a state dinner with president trump and his wife melania later today. nicaraguan president daniel ortega is still facing calls for his resignation despite backing away from a controversial pension reform that spot days of violent protest students say they will keep demonstrating until he resigns or is removed activists claim more than twenty protesters have been killed so far. now a course in belgium has sentenced the last surviving suspect from the twenty fifteen paris terror attacks to twenty years in prison but up there wasn't
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convicted for his alleged part in those attacks but for his part in a dramatic shootout that led to his arrest in belgium he's currently being held in a french prison where he's awaiting trial on charges in connection with the paris attacks. at belgium's palace of justice received the maximum twenty year jail sentence for his role in the police shootout just before his arrest in brussels two years ago and a compass was handed the same sentence but neither of them were present for the verdict the lawyer representing the police praised the judge's decision. to as all of our demands have been met i think we can be satisfied he said to say. but up to slump said he still had some doubts. i'm not convinced of anything in this verdict but i review it with my client it's a verdict so i respect it but i think there are things that need to be said it
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remains to be seen if disallowing wishes to appeal and if you appeals and will decide the next steps. before today's verdict was just the first step in what could be years of proceedings against up to the twenty eight year old french citizen is believed to be the only surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks that left one hundred thirty people dead in november twenty fifth. after four months on the run up to slum was arrested in brussels in march twenty sixth seen following the shootout with belgian police for which he's been sentenced today i his role in planning and executing the paris attacks is not yet clear it's only at the much bigger trial set to take place in france at a later date that prosecutors will judge whether abt islam was one of the masterminds or just a low level follower. my colleague gary schultz has been following that case for she sent us this update from just outside the courthouse in brussels. this
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conviction and twenty year prison sentence for attempted terrorist murder won't have much of an impact on solid disarms life in the near term if ever because of course he's facing much more serious charges related to the paris attacks of november two thousand and fifteen where one hundred twenty nine people were killed but what this trial has done has given us more insight into who is and what he believes because he had an outburst here on the first day of the trial it was he said that he believes muslims are always discriminated against that he doesn't even recognize the mandate of the court and he said he put it he puts his fate in all his hands not the judges and so while the defense was trying to portray him as too stupid to have taken part in a complicated terror plots like the ones in paris and brussels he proved himself to be both articulate and angry so we'll see if that plays any role in his defense's strategy heading into the paris trial. to show use teri schultz that reporting from brussels britain's duchess of cambridge gave birth to
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a baby boy this morning kate's third child with her husband prince william and only the moment he found the treat they've been sent. kate william and the new baby appearing outside st mary's hospital in london the queen's sixth great grandchild is fifth in the line to the throne of the prince charles his father and his siblings george and charlotte his name hasn't been released yet. i'm going to come back to that breaking news from. canada the van that piled into pedestrians allegedly with as many as ten people hit by that i'm joined now by regular reporter moment correctly in toronto. bring us up to date what do we know so far. well so what we know is that just in the early parts of the afternoon here at an area near a young page sort of the north part of terranova still one of the busiest parts of
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the city i would say outside of the downtown core really one of the busiest part of the city. ban somebody driving a van drove onto the sidewalk and rolled down the area of about a couple of city blocks at this point the numbers that we have are from eight to ten people were hurt attention or had vital signs absent meaning. there are dead police to do have a driver in custody although he did try to flee the scene but eventually police to catch em now right now this entire two city block area is blocked off by police tape there are dozens of ambulances dozens of police cars dozens of fire trucks you can see some orange tarp covering some of the what we believe are the victims here and really people in this neighborhood are absolutely stunned and shocked this is while a busy area known to be a very calm very safe part of the city but people here are just absolutely stunned by what happened here today and. as they're being confirmation yet this was
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definitely a deliberate attack it certainly looks as though it was deliberate. there are many theories going at this point that a so far we have had no confirmation as to what exactly was the motive here what the driver was what was thinking or whether there was any sort of mechanical problems with the car we do know that we had a few eyewitnesses tell our station that initially some people thought that maybe there was some problem with the brakes of the van but then they clearly saw the man stop at one point and make a turn so it appears that that at least is on the case but a lot of people speculating that this was a deliberate attack but at this point police or no officials have made any sort of confirmation that it was deliberate. you mention the police said they have a rested i believe the driver of this van do we know anything about his identity. not at this point unfortunately at this point police have not said anything now i am standing on young street the place where police have told us the common where they will give us a media update shortly so we are hoping to get not only confirmation on the driver
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tench the you know the more details in the driver but also maybe some confirmation on the numbers in terms of the amount of people that have been hurt him out of people that have been killed and what the current status is you know everything is sort of in flux of the moment as not only is the road closed but the subway which goes right under the main subway system of drano has been closed in this area as well we are getting closer and closer to when people will be leaving work so this is usually a very very very busy intersection of the city so there's lots of questions left to be answered ok and just briefly. foreign ministers of the g seven group are meeting in toronto at the moment is there any suggestion this. possible attack has any link to that meeting. no i don't think so i'm not at this point there haven't been any suggesting that that essentially what the link up could be our prime minister did make a comment in the house of commons earlier just basically extending his condolences and thoughts to the victims and to the people of the city but no connections are
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made to whether it's any part of that summit that meeting or if there's any links to any terrorism at all at this point so i can get some confirmation from police soon ok momen correction in toronto many thanks for that background thank you. you're watching the news in berlin and we'll keep you updated with the ongoing situation in toronto to stay with as. we make up over a week watch as a focus on that the two pilots we all deserve the services. they want to shape the continent's future it's the heart of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the same seventy percent of these platforms for africa are in charge.


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