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enough leverage that the e.u. has regarding russia and forcing them back through negotiations and without that money the whole conflict would go entirely collapse and the country would be doomed guild not just in brussels thank you very much this is big get hot up next tuesday video. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa among. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and the continent of africa on the
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move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their long amps to double his new multimedia series. d.w. dot com africa on the move. it was a disaster that made the world aware of the gruesome working conditions in the garment industry the collapse of a factory in the run up plaza complex in bangladesh killed more than a thousand workers five years on half things changed for the better. and workers plan to eisenach germany face copts as the new owner in france tightens the belt. as this is the w.
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business five years ago today the collapse of a multi-story building killed more than eleven hundred garment workers in what since has become known as the wrong a plaza disaster it said a painful line on working conditions in the textile industry in bangladesh the accident so brands unions and the government set up initiatives to improve factory safety but despite some financial compensation many victims of the rana plaza disaster still feel left alone every step hurt she hasn't been able to walk without crutches for five years. new forbade was working as a seamstress at ronna plaza when the nine story building collapsed pinning her legs under the rubble for ten hours the compensation she received thirty five hundred euros wasn't enough to cover the multiple operations her family has had to scrimp and save. what i want compensation from the government none of the affected workers
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have been properly compensated they give us hardly anything what happened to all the aid money that came from abroad we need that money and. there was a powerful outcry from the international community after the disaster working conditions in bangladesh improved a bit for the garment workers the owners addressed safety issues and improve the structural integrity benton's man from in co to clean clothes campaign says that another round of plans a could happen at any time in bangladesh although there has been some progress kind of. there's no way all the factories in bangladesh are party to this agreement and not all the hazards have been sorted but there's been some serious progress on safety or if it's much safer than the year run a plaza collapsed it covers structural safety fire safety and it's partly due to the fact that the buyers had to fork out along with the suppliers to ensure the safety regulations aren't forced. the textile industry freely decides whether or
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not to produce sustainably or offer fair working conditions germany's development ministry set up the textile partnership following the run up plaza disaster but only fifty percent of german textile companies are members of the agreement on factory structural safety and seen a few days but one signature is missing from the follow up agreement that of the bangladeshi government. and activists also wanted to be obligatory for employers to. their employees accident insurance cover. so that people like needle for big don't have financial worries to add to their problems. time in france automobile group p.s.a. saw a soft increase in sales in the first quarter revenue was up more than forty percent thanks to additional sales coming coming in from the new brand new p.s.a.
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brand opel still the german comic itself it failed to make profits for more than fifteen years and its performance on the p.s.a. has not improved now p.s.a. plans cuts at all workers and city officials volleying to take it for . company transports continue to arrive at opal's factory in eisenach but that could change soon opals french owner p.s.a. is looking to cut ships and reduce its workforce by eight hundred employees about half the workforce here a potential disaster for eyes and the support of a complete q this will be catastrophic for the region because it affects not only opel but a number of suppliers sized those eight hundred jobs don't reflect the whole picture. it will also affect the city the central shopping district. the local economy will collapse because there won't be any money that
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will happen if they lay off those eight hundred people it's tragic. opel posted losses for two decades under its previous owner g.m. . new owner p.s.a. is looking to make opel more competitive that was the goal announced in two thousand and seventeen. is this our clear plan is to cut out forced redundancies we want to keep our existing plants in europe and modernize them. as well as develop a plan to make each location competitive. in. these commitments however don't seem to apply to eisenach for mayor of this about face from p.s.a. comes as a surprise. we expect p.s.a. to keep its promises to uphold the collective wage agreements and honor the investments they pledged to us and off. higher wage agreements negotiated between the metal workers union and g.m.
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coupled with recent salary hikes of three point seven percent make it harder to restructure opel industry experts fed in and didn't have opel plants could be in jeopardy human done. i don't see how the p.s.a. group which is used to working with large plants will be able to deal with the higher wage structures coming into place with these two plants and the threat for eisenach and loughton has never been as big as it is now. just the opal crisis in eisenach comes during a period of robust economic growth regionally there are some three thousand job they can seize perhaps one small consolation for opel employees here. the trade dispute between the u.s. and china is weighing on the minds of executives in germany europe's biggest economy with a methodology of data collection revised business confidence has now fallen for the fifth consecutive time according to economic research institute evil and the drop
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was also bigger than expected business leaders are less optimistic about their current situation and the outlook for the next six months many are concerned about how they could be affected by the trade spats between the u.s. and china. the evil index is watched intensely by economists and analysts alike so let's bring in team of almost all is a senior economist at the four institute which passes this index how significant is this should we be alarmed yes this is really quite a significant drop that we got today. expectations the outlook of firm managers for the next couple of months have been deteriorating and i think we have to take this seriously i mean what is the good thing about that is that the firm managers are still optimistic most of the firm and it just told us that they are business will still grow in the upcoming months but the number of those saying that it will
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grow is diminishing so we are not yet in a recession in germany or something like that but the high growth rates that we had last year in germany in the order of zero point six zero point seven percent of water on quarter are know something of the past where that evil index now dropped significantly for the fifth time in a row and that i always thought the german economy was doing pretty well why is everyone so pessimistic now. i mean i think there are two reasons for that on the one hand the level of order in the firms is still very high and what we see for that say one or two years now is that firms tell us that they're really operating on the full capacity utilization so having a lot of demand for their broad docs on the one hand and not being able to fill vacant position is of course a problem for the firms so this is one part of the story so if you are in
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a boom then in the end you run out of capacities and this then will lower the speed of expansion in the economy and the other thing is and this is also part of the results that we got in our today survey is that the new incoming orders are diminishing and this is something that we observe currently knowing all that say advanced economies in europe also in the u.s. so there's something going on in the international environment and this is of course something which is which is which is important for germany for german firms which i have any depending on exports and i think this has to do with this whole debate about protectionism about introduction of new trade barriers and so on so this is this is really weighing heavily on the on the same team and then the outlook of of the german firm managers which are used to operate on the environment of free trade do you think that the talk about protectionism that we hearing and
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the last couple of years is already weighing on the managers minds. yeah i think so this is this is what we observe so if you if you ask them for example about their export business the firm's manager telling us that they are getting more let's say uncertain about what is going on and uncertainty is something which is which is which is not good for for firms business because the only thing they do in terms of high uncertainty is that they just wait and see what is going on so if this trade conflict will be self one day on don't know what is going to happen by the end of this week my growing snow in washington and chancellor merkel will also go there so maybe this conflict will be solved and then i think this is a good chance for you know a new that's a revival of sentiment of german firm managers and it would be a good thing very good thank you very much she went on as
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a senior economist at the evil institute thank you you're welcome one of the u.s. state of colorado traveling home from paris has to pay five hundred dollars for free apple she received from an allen flight attendant crystal tough luck wasn't hungry at the time so she saw the fruit and have bach and plan to eat it later while being searched by customs tab lock says the agent asked her if the trip to france was expensive and when she said yes he told her it was about to get even more expensive and handed her a five hundred dollars fine for bringing fruits or vegetables into the country. i'm all from me thank you very much for watching of.
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