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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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and i think we will have a great shot at doing a much bigger maybe deal maybe not to we're going to find out the wolf will go fairly said. mr president. to the press. question from the french press. a question from. france press on behalf of the french press as you mr president you were saying that there was no plan b. that the. iran deal was to be preserved no you were talking about a new deal with the band why did you change your mind did you join the strong go approach suggested by president trump is it because you could not convince him and in addition you think you know them who signed the agreement the deal who will follow you. when i say there was no plan b.
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are usually referred to the fact that there is no. plan that it was about climate rather than your own mother and not regarding the run of always being coherent and you can go back to what i say to the un general assembly in september i always say it was the j.c. feel way that we needed to do three piece caused twenty twenty five the ballistic issue and the regional influence are do not know what president trump will decide to go in there j.c.b. away and it is his responsibility the j.c.b. away is the first pillar of this framework hundreds describes so i'm not saying that we're moving from one deal to another i'm saying it is one aspect of the problem are hard and have never been as critical in the case of us president trim has because i believe that we can usefully add to it but no matter the decision that president truman will take i would like to work from no on it you deal with
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four pillars including what he's already voted by the grace period that is ongoing nuclear i mean the current nuclear activities. the longer and nuclear activities the ballistic activities and the regional influence so this is constant but over the past few weeks and ever and in particular today we have been able to go very much talking details about this topic including the situation in the region and i believe that we have converged on a common reading of what is happening in syria a new man in iraq in particular and on the fact that the nuclear issue is not the only one that indeed there is a problem with the political activity of iran and their presence in a number of countries in the region and that our willingness was indeed to set the conditions for the stability of the region once with a build the convergence of you the idea of moving on to
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a new deal that would include. the solution for syria i believe is a strong step forward thanks to the discussions we've had today so i very much would like us to work together with all of our partners and. the ministers afraid of. already gathered this small group and they will be doing it again anytime soon the purpose is to have. the allied har is and we are among them and of course also the regional powers to work at the level of this small group will soon shall have some pretty questions with russia and turkey on regional topics including syria so i was from no we will work using that method in favor of work for words. but if we can both combine. all common views and those differences because we are not in
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a think. break you always vacuum and i always said we should not partner j.c.b. away and have nothing else i think this would be i would not be the good solution but once we are placing ourselves in a momentum the purpose of which is jus put together a group agreement covering the four topics i just mentioned it's very different because first of all we can take on board the concerns and the criticism of president trying to golding this deal which like i said once again. it was. supported by former american administration and previous american administration bunky. we can work. and it is also about respecting the sovereignty of the states of the region it's
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not about intervening no matter what it is well about building a stable framework that will contribute to stability and to peace building and i think this is what we've been. bickering upon today it's not about turning upon an agreement and have nothing but it's about building something new that will cover all of our concerns and they're very modern day states and as i alluded to that countries that are in the area some of which are immensely wealthy would not be there except for the united states and to a lesser extent france but they would be there except for the united states they wouldn't last a week we are protecting them they have to now step up and pay for what's happening . because i don't think france or the united states should be liable for the tremendous cost the united states is embarrassingly into the middle east as of
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a few months ago as you've heard me say before and i don't take responsibility but i would be very embarrassed if i had to seven trillion dollars in one we want to build mr president our infrastructure everybody says oh we want to be careful with our money when we want to fix a highway or will want to build schools and lots of other things tunnels bridges they say oh let's be careful with our money and yet we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east and we've got nothing for it nothing less than nothing so far as i'm concerned that's over an eighteen year period the countries that are there that you all know very well are immensely wealthy they're going to have to pay for this and i think the president and i agree very much on that and they will pay for it they will pay for it we've spoken to and they will pay for it the united states will not continue to pay and they will also put soldiers on the ground
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which they're not doing and we will in fact bring lots of people home we will have a strong blockage to the mediterranean which to me is very important because if we don't you have iran going right to the mediterranean are going to have that but there is a chance and nobody knows what i'm going to do on the twelfth although mr president you have a pretty good idea but we'll see but we'll see also if i do what some people expect whether or not it will be possible to do a new deal with solid foundations because this is a deal with decayed foundations it's a bad deal. it's a bad structure it's falling down should have never ever been made
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i blame congress i blame a lot of people for it but it should have never been made and we're going to see what happens on the twelfth but i will say if iran threatens us in any way they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid ok yes john was so ill watching the cuff press conference that was very not us president to donald trump the french president emanuel micro on day two of them across the state visit to the united states watching about where this is accustomed from naaman and our washington studio washington vay iran nuclear deal how much time and time again what did you make of what the mr trump has been saying. well the phone quite remarkable. we could see here
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a real conflict in the substance even though both presidents reiterated once again the strong historical bond between the two countries it was clear that they have made a lot of headway here it was interesting to see that president mccall apparently tried to sell. the idea that there might be some additional agreements or one big additional agreements. as supplementary to the existing iran nuclear deal and they call it a new. agreement what he meant was. a supplemental agreement an addition of the agreement which was then based on the existing iran deal or connected to it he called it the four pillars so that in addition to the existing deal there should be more inspections of raney and nuclear military science there should be some agreements on long range missiles ballistic
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missiles which the iranian regime is developing and the increasing influence and the activities of iran and other countries like in syria like in yemen should be countered so basically the europeans in this agreement's the french the british the germans are trying to put together a kind of package of additional measures to address the concerns of donald trump and. called this a new deal but he was called on by the french press on this i asked him so does that mean you want to scrap the existing deal and have a new agreement and then. clarified that no the existing deal should stay in place but there should be additional measures other agreement or maybe several green. and with iran and also quite interestingly not only russia and china who were part of
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the existing iran there should be part of this but also turkey as a regional power and donald trump was once again talking about how bad the existing deal is and we'll see what happens and we don't know what's going to happen but it didn't sound like donald trump has been swayed by mccraw in the talks no mr crow by by don't jump into a just as you said that it was interesting that especially when we left the press conference mr trump tied up syria with the iran deal saying the rich regional powers will he said will not only pay but put soldiers on the ground. yeah. very often when mr trump makes these statements it's very difficult to see what he actually means so which countries are these saudi arabia maybe which is the big regional arrival of iran i'm not so sure if putting saudi soldiers on the
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ground that might at some point face of directly with iranian militia or soldiers is such a good idea because that could be the first step towards a major war in the region there. which other countries he was talking about also i don't know him a number of countries are already part of the anti isis coalition in the region so yeah it wasn't really clear what donald trump was talking about there. and that's how it is he keeps everybody guessing and then some of his statements are walked back by his spokespeople several gets so i wouldn't put too much into it until we see really a change of strategy by the u.s. or an announcement from some of the regional powers that they will do more or that they will pay more for any efforts there in the region it was also quite puzzling with donald trump saying he wanted to block iran from the mediterranean basically
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because the syrian regime which is an ally of iran has access to the mediterranean that is already there so very puzzling indeed because the phenomenon was just as ever we thank you that's we'll speak about this more and like that you're watching thing that will use a life from the lead role at the top of the. what's it like to languish in a brazilian prison. a mission for experience change and lived to tell the tale. today the twenty nine. older uses his experience to warn other young people. he shows in the harsh reality of hopelessly overcrowded institutions and helps teach them about the contributors to the global three thousand next g.w. . simply shed some.
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time in the field. how can you get out live with him because he would always see. this week on d w. what drives the economy. to see a cultural. made in germany always has its finger on the homes. of the market live in. germany. dublin. every journey begins with the first step and every living creature the first word american eagle nico he's in germany to learn german. physicists why not
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a little. in simple line on your role model and. stuff. t.w. zimmern in course. meeting c. play welcome to global street sounds and this week we're giving a voice to people who really have one too. many young men in brazil end up in jail what's the solution. in zambia small farmers are being resettled to make way for large scale agriculture what does this mean for them. and in india we look at the cost sister.


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